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Society Of Explorers

Words: "Not all who wander are lost."
Sigil: A map.

Description: Founded in 1005 AR, the Society of Explorers exists to allow those interested in the mysteries of the past, and of foreign lands, to come together in a single place, to share information and organize expeditions. The Society's primary role, other a gathering place, is to faciliate exploration and discovery. If a noble house discovers ruins on their land, and needs an archaeologist, they can turn to the Society to find a trustworthy one. If someone needs a coastline mapped, the Society can help provide a cartographer. Or if an explorer needs funding, military escort, or some other resource for their expedition, the Society can help them provide it. All that's asked in return is that anything new lore or history found on such expeditions is shared with the Society.


Name Rank Title Description
Lou 1 Pathfinder Explorer Leader
Delilah 2 First Seeker
Calista 3 Seeker Explorer Officer
Aiden 3 Seeker Explorer Voice with Expertise in Falconry
Vitalis 3 Seeker Expertise in Stealth
Sparte 3 Seeker Expertise in Cartography
Miranda 3 Seeker Fighter
Mason 4 Explorer
Cadenza 4 Explorer Explorer Voice
Jhond 5 Excavator
Ianna 5 Excavator Healer
Giulio 5 Excavator
Felicia 5 Excavator Fighting - Ghosts - The Necropolis - General History
Lucita 5 Excavator Expertise in Singing
Faye 5 Excavator
Harlan 6 Journeyman
Sophie 6 Journeyman Lead Healer
Sina 6 Journeyman
Jasher 6 Journeyman
Turo 6 Journeyman Expertise in Sailing
Oriana 6 Journeyman
Skye 6 Journeyman
Rhiannon 6 Journeyman
Emily 6 Journeyman Pathfinding & Scouting
Luis 6 Journeyman
Derovai 6 Journeyman Expertise in Urban Investigations
Theron 6 Journeyman
Valarian 6 Journeyman
Merek 6 Journeyman
Rosalie 6 Journeyman
Mikani 6 Journeyman
Arcadia 6 Journeyman
Shae 6 Journeyman Expertise in Animals & Archery & Survival & Teaching and Tracking
Lisebet 6 Journeyman
Tarik 6 Journeyman
Ansel 7 Initiate
Tristan 7 Initiate
Peri 7 Initiate Expertise in Leadership & Sailing & War
Dion 7 Initiate
Siobhan 7 Initiate
Triton 7 Initiate
Teela 7 Initiate
Aaron 7 Initiate
Armani 7 Initiate
Macda 7 Initiate
Ingrid 7 Initiate
Signe 7 Initiate
Clara 7 Initiate
Neilda 7 Initiate
Hali 7 Initiate
Ronja 7 Initiate
Fairen 7 Initiate
Dycard 7 Initiate
Sunaia 7 Initiate
Ronan 7 Initiate
Breidaia 7 Initiate
Cosimo 7 Initiate
Malcolm 7 Initiate
Lilia 7 Initiate
Ysbail 7 Initiate Expertise in Research - Theology - Occult & Linguistics
Kaia 7 Initiate
Kanean 7 Initiate
Quintin 7 Initiate
Pharamond 7 Initiate
Waldemai 7 Initiate
Brianna 7 Initiate
Artur 7 Initiate
Amari 7 Initiate
Kedehern 7 Initiate
Ciaran 7 Initiate
Colette 7 Initiate
Erik 7 Initiate
Rhue 7 Initiate
Eurion 7 Initiate
Dio 7 Initiate
Ashur 7 Initiate
Kieran 9 Supporter
Sylvie 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Explorer Emeritus
Cara 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Explorer Emeritus
Cordelia 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Explorer Emeritus
Viktarkim 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Explorer Emeritus
Donaldo 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Supporter Emeritus
Hannah 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Initiate Emeritus
Oswyn 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Journeyman Emeritus
Snow 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Initiate Emeritus
Dora 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Initiate Emeritus
Zeriax 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Initiate Emeritus
Cerdensulathara 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Initiate Emeritus
Flynt 10 RIP/Missing/Inactive Initiate Emeritus