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Baron Kedehern Fortier

It's what you give that makes the man you are, not what you get back.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Weathered Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Fortier
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 29
Birthday: 1/6
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Knight of Artshall, Baron-Consort of Mistward

Description: A taller individual, if not a giant, Kedehern has a powerful, athletic build carved out from long hours in the salle. His dark brown hair is typically of medium length, over a trimmed beard and piercing blue eyes. The man's movements are sure, and calculated, an economy of primal motion. When he speaks, it's in a smooth baritone that seems perfectly suited for carrying over the din of battle, or extolling the virtues of his comrades at camp.

Personality: At first glance, many people might assume Kedehern's a rather serious individual. Frankly, those people would be right. Those who take the time to know him however, soon realize that underneath the somewhat dour demeanor is a sense of humor that's just waiting to come out at the strangest times, as well as a warmth of spirit even if it's not often shown to just anyone.

Background: Kedehern was born the youngest son of the now deceased Duke Acel Laurent. When his father died, his brother Edmund, sent him to the Redmarches to be fostered with the Telmar.

The boy was considered a sweet, shy youth by most of his family when he left Artshall for the Telmarch. Duke Arn's armsmen spent much of his formative years training it out of the boy, at least on the surface.

Once he was old enough, he earned his knighthood in the Red Mountains, fighting against the Abandoned.

When the Silent War came, he was in the field taking arms against Brand's forces. Later, he spent his time in the Oathlands, rooting out insurgents when the call to arms sounded for the Gyre War, and he found himself on the walls in Setarco. And then again in the thick of things during the troubling affair with the Lodge of Petrichor.

When rumors of an insurgent house making war on his family's duchy began to surface, he found himself in Arx looking to make himself useful once more.

Relationship Summary

  • Cristoph - My nephew, but he feels more like a cousin, with our ages. A good man.
  • Nicia - Duke Cristoph's wife. A logical, shrewd woman, and an asset to the house.
  • Jael - My dear niece. I should spend more time with her, really.
  • Mabelle - My charitable cousin with the healing hands. I've grown fond of her, even if I do disapprove of her attire.
  • Norwood - Shae's step-father and a stalwart ally of House Laurent. I respect the man immensely.
  • Amari - Shae's cousin. She certainly made the first dinner with the family an interesting one.

  • Deceased:
  • Edmund - My brother, the previous duke. We were never really close, sadly.

  • Friend:
  • Acel - My father. I never really knew him, before he passed.
  • Miriam - My mother. She passed away while I was in the Red Marches. I never got to really say good bye.

  • Spouse:
  • Shae - My closest friend and companion. I'm lucky to have her.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Shae's husband, my new step-brother-in-law. Two truths I know: he makes Shae happy, and he knows how to take command during moments of chaos and danger. I look forward to learning more about him, especially now that he's family.
    Amari Tough as a Telmar and sweet as a Laurent? A potentially curious combination in one man. He was nice enough to return a pilfered hair clasp.
    Braden A skilled fighter I think? Sounded like a hell of a fight...
    Brigida Well he seems to be able to put on a good show of running around in that armour of his. Still he has just the right amount of dedication to his House.
    Cristoph A loyal and supportive member of the Laurent family, working hard to protect the family. While it's amusing to call him 'uncle', Kedehern is probably more in line with a distant cousin that I've always liked more than some of my other cousins because he was infinitely cooler than them.
    Fiora A level headed man that apparently can be trusted with much. He seems well suited to his position.
    Gawain He's a leader and a solider out there. Very well done.
    Geralt Seems the baron's a rather serious Oathlands type? Didn't drink more than glasses of wine! Don't think he cared for the way I was looking at that buxom wife of his.
    Ian Strong leader. Keeps his head. Glad he was here.
    Jael Dear Uncle Kedehern, though I know it makes him uncomfortable when I call him that. A fine man, like Papa. I will likely never forgive myself for trying to kill him, even if I was out of my mind at the time.
    Jules He's related to Belle, you're sure. They both have the same scary eyes and you may just try to avoid anything that might be mildly humorous when you're around him.
    Kastelon A good man who cares for his family and protects his wife. He fights with an indomitable spirit against monstrosities that would cripple lesser souls.
    Kritr Not an irritating encounter. Despite the disparity between Duchy and Barony, Lord Laurent put on no airs and seemed inclined toward an objective viewpoint. He's insightful and actually uses that insight before he speaks.
    Mabelle Is he my cousin or my uncle? Well he's evidentally a Laurent, look how handsome he is.
    Margerie Dutiful yet charming, he complement's my daughter's energy and is clearly a devoted father to my grandchildren. I am pleased to welcome him to my family.
    Miranda Traveled with him before, once, and he's a great guy to have around. I mean, the other Oathlanders used him like a workhorse, I hear. Knocking things down, butting heads with goats. It is all very much in a chivalrous manner.
    Mirk Stern, stoic, and a little reserved compared to his companions. Where do I recognize that? I suppose I see a little of myself there, and it warmed my heart to see him learn a little more about his world.
    Norwood He seems an earnest man, who truely wishes to do the best that he might.
    Petal The Lord seems to carry himself well. This words suggest she is easy to help his fealty. He is welcoming and well spoken.
    Rane Any fellow my dear cousin Shae chooses is one that cannot be all bad. But I can say that he is wholly unique. There's an interesting individuality to him, a rarity in some ways among those of the Oathlanders. I hope to see more of him.
    Reese A calm and thoughtful man who has a wisdom about him. I am sure there is much more to know about him though.
    Reigna He seems a quiet sort. Stoic. He loves Shae and is a Laurent, so those are two marks in his favor.
    Shae He seemed so closed off and stoic when I first met him, and now, he is more dear to me then even my own hounds. Which perhaps to some might seem weird, but to those that truly know me, well, I am sure you can imagine. To me he is the best of what the world could, and should be.
    Signe Some knight of the Oathlands. A bit stuffy and formal, but at least he likes dogs, so he can't be all bad.
    Veronica Fearless, dedicated to his wife and a very able and reliable knight that I am lucky to call an ally.
    Wash A good-humored fellow who fought alongside Ian at the Agricenter.