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Lady Miranda Mazetti

Second place is first loser.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Ambitious Knight
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Mazetti
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 21
Birthday: 6/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Mahogany
Eye Color: Golden brown
Skintone: Olive

Titles: Knight of Gemecitta, General of the IV Hydra Legion

Description: With gorgeous mahogany hair falling in graceful waves down to the backs of her knees, Miranda is unquestionably a lovely woman. Her well-defined cheekbones give her a classical beauty and, framed by the longest, lushest, dark lashes, her honey-gold brown eyes glitter sensuously and, often, with mirth. Her mouth is wide, and her smiles are generous and frequent. Built athletically, she nonetheless cuts a feminine figure.

(Her long mahogany hair has been pulled back over her ears, twisted, and then held in place with her hairpins. Tendrils of curls hang down to frame her face lightly. The mass of her hair has been pulled into a thick braid behind her that falls nearly to her knees.)

Personality: Miranda has a competitive streak a mile long. She was never spoiled the way her brother was, though she never resented him his good luck, and she's worked for every single scrap she got as the "extra baby." She's driven and very ambitious because she craves the idea of being recognized for her accomplishments, and the only way to win true praise is to actually do things. She wants to command troops as a knight, and she wants to work for the good of her people, not just for the sake of doing good but for the real recognition it brings. She's constantly compensating to be better, and while she wouldn't mind being popular, being valuable is more essential to her. She's also got a reasonably good sense of humor and can laugh at herself and the way her mother has dubbed her "extra."

Background: Miranda loves to tease her older brother Fecundo about his name, and he loves to tease her back about being the "extra" baby. Their mother named him thus because she had so much trouble getting pregnant that she was certain he would be her only child, and thus he would need to give her all of the grandchildren in the world. Naturally, Miranda came along not even two years later, but she was, in her mother's mind, unnecessary. Anything Fecundo wanted he could have, and Miranda quickly learned to manipulate her older brother's good nature since her mother refused to spoil her as well. It worked every time. Whether Fecundo knew and chose to spoil his little sister, or whether she was that good at pulling strings, that is up for debate.

As a young girl, she fell in love with a set of armor that a Gemecittan merchant had in his shop. It was, by far, not out of the family's price range, but her mother repeatedly refused to buy the set of armor for her. Crushed, Miranda worked tirelessly to put together the silver for it and finally bought it for herself. It was her most prized possession for many years and she wore it proudly as she trained to be a knight.

Miranda sought out the knighthood so that she could lead troops into battle. She was one of Gemecitta's youngest commanders at Setarco and she saw some very strange things. She's interested in continuing to command troops in the army and to be recognized for her efforts to rebuild it. She'd also like to join the Society of Explorers so that she can lead expeditions to strange and far-off places, to discover new situations and earn recognition for them. She might like to run a ministry for her House or even the Crown! That's one of the reasons she's come to Arx -- that and the opportunity to get away from her stifling crazy mother.

More of a military leader than a swordswoman, Miranda is fairly good-natured but competitive. She's counting every opportunity available in Arx as a potential win, and she's drawn to the endless possibilities.

Relationship Summary

  • Fecundo - The best of the best, Big Brother. Always.

  • Deceased:
  • Faruq - My Beloved. My heart was yours. I miss you.

  • Friend:
  • Reese - Sweet Ribbons. Follow your heart, always.
  • Harlex - The Dread Wolf I can count on.
  • Isabetta - Partner-in-crime. Mischief-maker. A hidden gem.
  • Salvatore - Quite the unexpected surprise
  • Pharamond - Fellow Sword, We are of the same mind on so many things...
  • Eddard - Beloved Bard.
  • Kincade - My Horse Whisperer
  • Ajax - Honest and forthright. I value what we're building.
  • Dariel - Forever your Floofykins!

  • Family:
  • Silvio - Cousin-by-Marriage. Silken tongue. Favored above all others
  • Isidora - Sister-by-Marriage. Just the Peahen to manage our beloved Peacock.
  • Aiden - Duke-Cousin. Your faith in me is empowering.
  • Lysander - Cousin. Oh - to be as articulate as you.
  • Calypso - Second-Cousin. Dangerous, in the most spectacular of ways.
  • Samuele - Cousin. A giant in heart as well as in body.
  • Grazia - Duchess-Cousin. The Strength and Heart of our House. Respect and appreciation for all that you do.
  • Domonico - Second-Cousin. Footwork! Focus! Best-friend and confidant.
  • Martino - Second-Cousin. Sweet, Cousin. I'm onto you.
  • Thea - Second-Cousin. We younger sisters must stick together! Partner-in-crime! Adore you!

  • Protege:
  • Irisa - Pillow Forts! And other things...

  • Spouse:
  • Marzio - Beloved Husband. My Lord.

  • Enemy:
  • Ras - I'm an Evil Silk to this one, who seems okay with abusing my good nature.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Friendly and kind, she sounds willing to create mischief now and then. I hear she is preparing for upcoming nuptials and joining her future husband's family. I hope these life changes are pleasing to her.
    Adora She seemed to really like that prince. Easily impressed I guess. I don't like her.
    Aella I'm so glad she beat the smirk off that fellow. Except he did not have a smirk at all. So I guess I'm glad she beat the scowl off his face. Anyways. She seems lovely.
    Agostino As fetching as she is charming. It has been a great pleasure running into the Sword of Gemcitta so far.
    Aiden She sells herself as a capable leader, time will tell if she's able to produce the efforts in which her confidence seemed to promise.
    Aisha An entertaining noble. She would be fun to know more of.
    Ajax A proper seeming lady with a decent sense of humor. Good on er'
    Alarissa A lovely woman and one I hope does not remain a stranger.
    Alecstazi One of Gemecitta's finest, now turned to a Mazetti. She is bold, declarative, firm.
    Alessandro I do not know Lady Miranda personally, but Rodrigo remarked particularly on her excitement at the wedding of Mistress Isabelle and Master Milton. I would certainly like to meet her properly.
    Alessia She seems like a pleasant woman, polite to talk to and encouraging to others.
    Amari An explorer with a good, positive attitude and demeanor even in the face of danger and deprivation, like losing one's picnic lunch to pirates and crabs. She can also swim like a fish, so if we're ever shipwrecked together, I know who to cling to.
    Amund A pleasant Lady of House Rubino and their Sword. She has a strong swing of the blade.
    Apollo She's difficult to hold in mind all at once. Obviously fierce and delicate all the same. Serious and playful. I don't know what to think of her except that it's clear she cares very much about important things, cares about doing the right thing. Maybe I don't have to figure it out.
    Arcadia Boys are jerks. She may be my new best friend.
    Arthen Maybe all you need sometimes is just one small line to get a point across, even in poetry. She didn't seem to think much of her own work's length, but I know I saw a smile or three across the faces of gathered folks.
    Artorius Little Miry! Goodness, I feel old now. She's grown into such a beautiful young woman. I hear her military tactics are rather wonderful.
    Artur A lovely lady, more lovely than what the rumors make of her. She was in no mood for a game, but she told me the most fantastical story, so that more than makes up for her disinterest, understandably so considering what it is that she's found.
    Austen A thoughtful woman. Adept at studying others, and ever so polite. I suspect I would not wish to be on the sharp end of her tongue...
    Beatrice Undeniably lovely, Miranda exudes warmth, like the touch of wood warmed in the sun. Her brilliance is a pleasure to share in.
    Berenice Se makes quite a /splash/, doesn't she? Literally, I mean. There is splashing over there.
    Bhandn Lady Mazetti reached out at the behest of another, when she did not have to do so. While I could not indulge all of her questions, I am grateful for the aid nevertheless. I wonder if our talk was just the first of many? Time will tell.
    Bianca I so wish I had had time to better speak with the Lady Miranda on a personal level during our first meeting, but what I was able to gather of her in our unfortunately brief words shared is she is a diligent woman of faith and beauty. A leader.
    Bliss There is boundless enthusiasm and desire for life in this one. Some certain similarities to myself, though very protective of those near her - even when, perhaps, they might not deserve it. Time will be an excellent instructor for her, I believe.
    Braden She looks very imposing and dangerous, and every bit of that is amazing.
    Brigida She seems to know what she wants. I hope she makes people fear to get between her and whatever it is.
    Brigida Seems like a smart young woman with a lot of responsibility. That's good now if she stop whispering like a naughty child that'd be better.
    Cadenza She's actually....super great. I want to get to know her more.
    Cambria A fierce presence, with a good sense of humor. I look forward to speaking with her more. Hopefully she will find the Salon a worthwhile investment of her time.
    Caspian It's been ages since I've been out adventuring with her. She's someone I can trust in a pinch. Also, I know plenty of other uses for my mouth. You just gotta be brave enough to discover them!
    Catalana Loud and Lycene. I feel like any close may be a fly in her web.
    Cerdensulathara Peaceloving. Bold. Not Vain. I like her.
    Cirroch A woman who takes fighting seriously. My kind of person, hope to see her on the battlefield some day.
    Clara I got ta meet her on an explortion with the Society of Explorers in the Pearlspire. I look forward to more explorations with her in the future.
    Cristoph Ah, yes. The young lady that needed rescuing from Lord Eddard. Don't they all?
    Cullen An adventurous sort! I'm quite glad she made it to the dinner, being new in town and all. I can understand that completely, given my own relentless curiosity in such things and the love for exploration. She should find no end of opportunities here.
    Cullen Friendly with a good nature, I really ought to talk to her more. She seems like she'd have stories to tell, and an adventurer to boot. One of those people that would be a good friend.
    Daniella She has a keen wit and very pretty swords, really if you absolutely have to be stabbed to death I recommend having one of her blades be the weapon that does it.
    Dante My kind of Sword - enjoys a princess in her lap and a good time, a glass of wine and a hearty laugh. I will definitely make a friend of her.
    Dariel Someone else with the occasional pasttime of winding someone up! While I know nothing of the life of a being a Sword she seems friendly and someone who could be interesting.
    Denica A polite and well spoken woman. Seems her attendant is a trouble maker. Or she is and uses him as cover. I need to be careful, don't want that side of me to get encouraged to come out too much.
    Dianna Lovely, purely lovely; I think my cousin is quite blessed to have her. Now, if only she can assist him with taming The Hat (tm), I think this lady and I shall get along quite well.
    Domonico Another second cousin. Friendly seeming and has a good rapport with her brother Fecundo. Hopefully I'll get to know them better soon.
    Donato Oh, this Lady of Rubino! Charming without effort, a sense of humor that will lay one low - right upon a couch! A clear eye for the beautiful things in life, like me. Which is fitting, for she is quite beautiful herself, and takes my behavior quite in stride!
    Draven She's very pretty! And doesn't take Stuff too seriously! I met her at a tavern!
    Duarte All too happy for snow. I think she's been misplaced in the Lyceum. Snow is a not want.
    Dycard An amusing foil to Lord Domonico's... nature. While I appreciate the Lord's no-nonsense approach to training, it's good to see that he has people in his life who take life - and him - less seriously.
    Edain She is young and already an accomplished warleader. Much because she just had to be during dark times. But when forced into command by all accounts she has soared. She reminds me greatly of my sister Princess Alis, and that is some of the highest praise I can offer.
    Eddard A gorgeous woman, by the Gods, to make a man bite his knuckle. I wouldn't stand a chance, alas. Lovely to watch from afar.
    Eddard Darling lithe little minx. A fox in a hammock and a dame upon thy arm.
    Eleanor I admire anyone who is so dedicated to their skill. I look forward to seeing how she likes running the Tower!
    Elsa Would that our own Sword comported herself with the grace and dignity that this one does. She is a credit to her House and the offer to steal her away was -very- tempting despite her clear desire to stay.
    Emilia A positively charming and warm person.
    Emily She's competent and sure of herself. Qualities I greatly admire in others. A woman of action and that is someone I can appreciate.
    Enoch I can feel mischief on her. She seems very nice though, and I'm happy to converse with her.
    Esme She is an interesting mix of sweet and firm. We got to meet at the tower meeting and I'm excited to call her friend as we move forward in this area. One of the true born of the Cities is always a good person to know.
    Evander A lady keen to welcome and introduce her family and others. She seems to have the sort of effortless social comfort to which I will never grow accustomed.
    Evaristo Impressive fighter. Best not get on her BAD side.
    Evonleigh Anyone who introduces themselves as a lady of mischief is someone I like. She's lovely and accomplished, to boot.
    Fairen A skilled and exceptional scout. Certainly someone to have on hand for fending off the enemies of the Compact.
    Fairen A high-spirited warrior! I'm glad she's with because I'd stab myself in the face if I had to try to swing a sword at a bunch of evil bees. I don't know her but she seems to be a friend of Lady Thea, which says a lot.
    Faruq Beautiful and charming even if her choice in alcohol is questionable. New to the city as I am, perhaps we will explore the city together sometime. It would be hard to find more pleasant company.
    Faye An Interesting woman, cheerful and personable. Enjoyable company in a crowded bar. I wouldn't mind a quiet conversation with her as well, though.
    Fecundo It is good to have my sister here, finally. Feels more like home now.
    Fiora A distant cousin. Calypso speaks highly of her. She, however, is among the group that believes the Compact more powerful than we are. She seems a good woman, hopefully she will listen to me.
    Gaspar Sharp, lovely and I can only assume deadly. I'm glad she's on my side.
    Gaston She's an excellent woman to watch fight, full of verve and life and wit. That makes any duel far more entertaining. And in loss, rather good natured about it. Team Miranda over Team Fecundo any day!
    Gaston Warm, seemingly friendly to all she knows and encounters. If the song we sang tonight is to come to pass, we need more people like her.
    Gawain Beautiful and clearly deadly with the blade. Her future husband had better think twice before talking back to her.
    Gilroy Competitive sword. Always up for a challenge.
    Giuliano Well, well. Some people don't live up to their reputation, but I was pleased to see Lady Miranda was no story. Sexy, beautiful, dashing - bold. I need to cross swords and wits with her soon, because that's a good and likely excuse to get some personal time...
    Grazia Charming and capable, the true difficulty that Lady Miranda may have here in Arx is the teasing of her elder brother. Still, she is eager to be useful and we shall certainly use her help.
    Gretchen Oh, she's got it bad. Poor thing.
    Gwenna Lady Miranda Rubino is an absolute delight! We met at The Gala and surely should attempt to meet up again soon to, at the very least, compare brother plots. I suspect we may have more than just that in common and sincerely hope our paths cross again before too long.
    Hamish A strong-hearted lady with a proper respect for the gods. I see her going far.
    Harlex A playfulness in her sword-work but no less serious or deadly, like the diving peregrine across the waves, elegant and swift and purposeful. It was a pleasure to meet in the sands.
    Helena A thoughtful mind, a brave spirit, and a way with words. I quite like her.
    Ian Welcome to the nut house.
    Insaya A gracious woman, a credit to her family and, if she succeeds in her aims, a great boon to the Compact.
    Iseulet Astute and gentle spirited woman. I hope she catches me on a better day so I may make a better impression sometime.
    Jace Very welcoming to what lookd, at first blush, to be a more family oriented event. Decidely not an introvert.
    Jasher A new Explorer and enthusiastic with her work. Promising, I suppose.
    Jeffeth She was nice. I certainly hope anyone doesn't start thinking about pranking me or something like that. Wouldn't that be unfortunate.
    Jennyva Seemed highly amused at my joke about Bon-Bons at the Black Fox. I didn't get to spend much time with her but I'd love to buy her a drink sometime to celebrate her new appointment!
    Jophiel Beautiful and talented, she continues to try. There is no quit in her, and I am refreshed to see that after seeing the give up in the eyes of so many. She seems to be in relations with Lord Faruq, and they make a fine couple indeed.
    Jordan Lord Fecundo's sister. Seems like a good Lady, maybe a knight as her brother. Definitely athleticism there.
    Josephine Often flitting through my shop, she is a delightful woman, one of my favourite nobles within the city.
    Jules She's a most delightful lady! She spent time with you and found you might be able to help her. As well, she may be in need of some assistance with buying and selling things if I am able to have the opportunity.
    Juniper She's a woman of deep passions and certain action.
    Jyri Made it look like she danced, fighting that wild dog.
    Kaia Fabulous! Another Malvici that makes me blush. She seems like an interesting woman.~ Dariel speaks fondly of her, so she must be a good one.
    Kaldur A southern Lady who seemed as at home with Northerners as anyone. Happy to meet anyone who'd leap from a cliff with such gusto.
    Karadoc A typical, shining example of the kind of nobility expected from the Rubino House. A falcon's focus and directness to conquer any obstacle in her way. At least -- in the sparring ring.
    Kedehern A Dame of the Lyceum. She proved rather helpful, with the Fournier incident, and it seems she has something of an adventurous streak as well.
    Kenna She simply swept me up into the conversation and made me feel quite welcome in all the confusion.
    Kincade A daring hunter and a heck of a story teller.
    Leola She seemed suspiciously off-put when we met. Then again, I had been riding. It's warm in summer. And perfumes make Brier sneeze
    Liara She's immediately delightful company. Quick to laugh and friendly, too, and amply chatty. She has the look of a warrior about her, perhaps, but didn't mention that at first, anyway.
    Lilia A clever woman. A fine companion, and one I look forward to having many more picnics with in the future.
    Lora Brave, facing her fear to come out among so many. Strange, for her to be afraid of it.
    Lore Exactly the sort of noble that I like the most. She's down to earth without expecting me to treat her like 'one of us'. I would love to speak with her again.
    Lorenzo A lovely woman and delightful companion to speak with at the Gala. I hope we will be able to speak again soon under quieter circumstances.
    Lou Lady Miranda Rubino is quite active in the adventuring community, taking on anything that nearly anyone requests of her. She's an asset to the Explorers.
    Luca She seems to do her weapon justice. I was impressed to watch her stand so well with a dagger against a larger blade. What's the point of winning or losing without grace though? She has that. The rest can be taught.
    Lucita Lord Fecundo's lovely sister who is focused on warrior type training and skills. She has a sense of style and won a costume contest. Best of all, she is witty, one of her retorts toward my brother was priceless!
    Mabelle Curious this one. She looks sad and I wonder who could hurt such a beauty. Great taste in clothes, I think theres a good chance of friendship there.
    Macda At last, the Lady has made it through this maddening crowd and I happened to be beside the beacon that is Prince Talwyn. He was very useful and she is very lovely to have done some digging for me.
    Malcolm Lady Miranda's a Sword - and all of that fire kinda reminds me of Bonnie. Bet she'd be a good friend to have fighting beside you. Good folk.
    Malika A friend of my brother I met at the Hart. A younger sister as I am, so she is woman who is used the special abuse brothers give little sisters.
    Martino A lovley and charming knight to be sure. Splendant to look upon in such green brocades, with rubicund sabre resting at her hip.
    Martino So there's my cousin. Well second-cousin. Forget if it is father or mother with her. She was coming by to visit my brother. Did I catch her up to no good?
    Marzio The Lady Miranda seems to be a bold sort, and quite amusing to be around. She does not seem to be overly hung up on herself, but rather seems to just enjoy living and a good bit of amusement.
    Mercedes Lady Miranda has the sort of ease in good humor that likely serves her well in all things. Strange that she'd be shy, but she is yet young. Motherhood will temper her. She will make a good mother, I'm sure; we had best make sure Arvum is safe enough for her to have that opportunity.
    Merek A noblewoman that is doing her best to assist people. I think she is worrying about family, and I know that feeling also as well.
    Meriah The Knight of Irritation and other fun titles. Delightful young thing with sharp eyes. Could gobble her up, I could.
    Michael A nice young Lady. Pretty, but aren't Velenosa always? Well Not always....this one is though.
    Miella A woman who seems to speak her mind, which is not all that surprising considering she's a sword. It inspires interesting conversation.
    Mikani A sailor from a Land person ... a woman I could enjoy hanging around.
    Mirella Personable Sword of Gemecitta. Pleasant company, outgoing without being grating.
    Mirk A skilled warrior who knows her trade, and as fearless and aggressive as a Northern warrior. Still, she makes it work for her.
    Monique Her poetry was very moving, a wonderful ode to love, and she delivered it with skilfull performance. I'm envious.
    Narcissa The woman is brazen, that much is for certain.
    Niklas Threw herself into the fray to protect citizens from mad dogs without a second's thought. Admirable. Also, Isabelle says she was a delight at her wedding!
    Niklas The former Sword of Gemecitta swings her blade for Ostria now. Always a delightful person to encounter with no lack of stories to tell. Maybe one day I'll write a play about her.
    Norwood I wish that our first conversation had not such a serious tone to it. I do not know if this match with my Nephew is one which I can throw my feelings behind. However, she seems sincere. She also understand her position as sword and what it entails. A mark in her favor.
    Nuala Like a dolphin, she leaps through life with joy and so much vigor. I rarely see her alone, surrounded in a cloud of acquaintances. But she is competent and steady, an able combatant. Impossible not to like someone who is down to earth and utterly amiable.
    Olivia Both a dangerous blade and a dangerous beauty. An inspiration for all the women of Arvum
    Ophelia So very lovely and friendly! Her words of encouragement will not be forgotten. Perhaps we will bump into each other at the training center again very soon!
    Orelia Oh, my dear, we're going to have so much fun that they're going to have to separate us.
    Oswyn Sword of Gemecitta; a knight who watches over those under her care and pushes them to excel. Friendly-seeming.
    Pasquale It's rare that someone makes as strong a first impression as Miranda does. I already know she is strong, compassionate and brave. I also suspect she might be a touch impulsive.
    Petal She is gracious client. I think a warrior, but still wears dresses well.
    Pharamond If everyone had this Lady's sheer gumption and perseverance, the Crown would be unstoppable.
    Porter I'm a giant standing up TOO. Anyway. She's currently a pretty pregnant woman that apparently fights really scary things so I'm just going to try and stay on her good side. Though, they all SEEM good. Well, I'm not pelting her with any snowballs that's for sure.
    Prisila Sharp young Lady with the kind of appreciation for Seraceni antics that will take her far. I love dangerous women and she's no exception to the rule.
    Quenia An adventurer who is sharp of wit, and might give Luis a run for his money for all the pranks he does. I like her.
    Quintin Knight, Sword, commander, explorer, Lady Miranda is many things. She seems to be quite the formidable woman.
    Ras She knew more than she let on. Was she toying with me?
    Raven She was speaking of a loss, it's something I can understand intimately. I hope her heart finds peace in the future
    Reese Polite, curious about other people, has an energy for life and a brightness about her path. She will go far.
    Reigna I have not met many of House Rubino, though if they are all like her, they are a blessed House indeed. She is vibrant, quick with a smile, brave in teh face of injury and staunch in her defense of her chosen people.
    Renata Friendly, and good with introductions. Good with encouragement from the sidelines.
    Roran One who doesn't take failure as an option, despite that it is an option. One should embrace change in all it's iterations, even if it's stumbling and learning from the stumble.
    Roxana The Rubino sword seems like a very sweet young woman, though if there weren't more to her than that I don't think she'd have the privilege. I'm curious to see who she will grow up to be. Perhaps I'll get to know her along the way.
    Rysen A reflective, insightful Lady of deep feeling with the courage to express it.
    Sabella She's a lovely young woman who I was surprised to learn was a Rubino! I'm glad to know that my cousin the Duke will be surrounded with such wonderful family members!
    Sabella I am told her melancholy state was due to a misplaced good deed. However, I'd like to think that someone who could think up a good deed, even it were not well received, is a quite wonderful person just in general! And I think that Lady Miranda definitely has all the qualities of a quite wonderful person!
    Samuele She is witty as she is confident in her skill. I am sure a great conversationalist.
    Sanya Courageous and a fine warrior to have by your side when danger looms.
    Saoirse Bright. Optimistic. Not really anything like Miranda-my-mother, curiously. So I think. Based on things I've read.
    Scipio Lady Miranda seems to be a kind woman. And on the cusp of bringing new life into the world. I spoke with her at the Ceremony of Renewal, and it is undoubtedly no coincidence that she was there to listen to the words the Legate had to say regarding the gods and the creation of new life.
    Sebastian A surprising lady -- I would not have picked her as an explorer, and yet she demonstrates a has a steady head and thoughtfulness that gives me confidence in her abilities.
    Selene She's bright and amiable and quite entertaining to have about. Quick to smile and laugh.
    Silas A Rubino! And an ambitious one at that. Her skill and determination will undoubtedly be a great merit to her House. Haven't sold her on the Iron Guard yet, though.
    Sophie She led us well, and brought out of the caves whole. Exactly what a leader is meant to do.
    Sorrel After hearing me in concert, she asked me to teach her to perform. She's not spectacular at it, but she's an eager student with a friendly attitude and a clever mind.
    Sparte She is just brilliant. Did you know she is a Dame too? Apparently not everyone does, I didn't, so I suggested he become a knight since I thought she was well suited to it. Ha, I guess I was right! I look forward to getting to know her.
    Sven It's the first time I walk into someone quite so green but she seems to be in good spirits nonetheless. I'll keep up hope this southern beauty doesn't actually blow up like a whale, I've heard that's messy.
    Svoli Her hair is longer than Alban's tail and she flirts a lot.
    Tabitha If I was a knight, I'd want to be like her. Despite the seriousness of our last encounter, she was warm and personable, but also dignified and focused on the task at hand.
    Talwyn My lady cousin is a credit to the Rubinos, a resplendent run of notes on a crescendo. Her presence is an allegro in the world, promising at a swift reaction, restrained for others to follow.
    Talwyn Delightfully easy to tease, she came in late and accepted my chiding for it, not realizing I only made the comment for having done the same.
    Tatienne This noblewoman's cat seems to be attracted to bells.
    Teireno New voice for Rubino-Zaffria, and she definitely seems to fit the position. Very nice and sociable.
    Tescelina She appears to have a dependency, I shan't judge. She was very nice.
    Thea A cousin! She is full of positive energy, I can see me becoming close to her. I can't wait to see!
    Thesarin Another young thing, spirit and eager. The sort fits an Explorer.
    Tomwell She has some turbulent waters beneath her placid exterior. I hope she finds the answers she's looking for.
    Tovell We met in a hard moment for her, but she seems to have a sound backbone. I hope we can meet again.
    Turo A good sport, sailing in a regatta despite not being the sailing type.
    Valdemar She has the eyes of an eagle, and keeps her head under pressure. I would be happy to fight at her side again.
    Valenzo A bold knight, with a fascinating tell to tell. Hope we can swap others some day!
    Vanora The Sword of Gemcitta seems a lovely young woman, in both bearing and appearance and in nature as well. I should like to know her better I am sure.
    Venturo A warm and welcoming woman met at the Hundreds Inn. Attentive and interested, without fear of putting in her own thoughts. The perfect companion for stories.
    Verity She stood up decently well to Harlex. Girl has moxie!
    Vincenzo Ruby and silk. Playful, joyous. Most Swords seem so serious. She is clearly not like anyone but herself. Intriguing. I should get to know her better.
    Vittorio As comfortable with babies as she apparently is with weapons, she was friendly and welcoming upon a chance encounter.
    Willow I loved her story at the poetry reading. One of the few Ladies with hair longer than mine, and I absolutely adore her cloak.
    Zara The sister of a friend who just arrived in the city. She is slightly younger than I but I scene a kindred spirit for one who seems to already know her mind and willing to share it. I look forward to seeing where she goes.
    Zoey She seems quite polite, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's an impish side as well.
    Zoey A lady who appreciates a party!