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Lady Miranda Mazetti

Second place is first loser.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Ambitious Knight
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Mazetti
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 6/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: mahogany
Eye Color: golden brown
Skintone: olive

Titles: Knight of Gemecitta, General of the IV Hydra Legion

Description: With gorgeous mahogany hair falling in graceful waves down to the backs of her knees, Miranda is unquestionably a lovely woman. Her well-defined cheekbones give her a classical beauty and, framed by the longest, lushest, dark lashes, her honey-gold brown eyes glitter sensuously and, often, with mirth. Her mouth is wide, and her smiles are generous and frequent. Built athletically, she nonetheless cuts a feminine figure.

Personality: Miranda has a competitive streak a mile long. She was never spoiled the way her brother was, though she never resented him his good luck, and she's worked for every single scrap she got as the "extra baby." She's driven and very ambitious because she craves the idea of being recognized for her accomplishments, and the only way to win true praise is to actually do things. She wants to command troops as a knight, and she wants to work for the good of her people, not just for the sake of doing good but for the real recognition it brings. She's constantly compensating to be better, and while she wouldn't mind being popular, being valuable is more essential to her. She's also got a reasonably good sense of humor and can laugh at herself and the way her mother has dubbed her "extra."

Background: Miranda loves to tease her older brother Fecundo about his name, and he loves to tease her back about being the "extra" baby. Their mother named him thus because she had so much trouble getting pregnant that she was certain he would be her only child, and thus he would need to give her all of the grandchildren in the world. Naturally, Miranda came along not even two years later, but she was, in her mother's mind, unnecessary. Anything Fecundo wanted he could have, and Miranda quickly learned to manipulate her older brother's good nature since her mother refused to spoil her as well. It worked every time. Whether Fecundo knew and chose to spoil his little sister, or whether she was that good at pulling strings, that is up for debate.

As a young girl, she fell in love with a set of armor that a Gemecittan merchant had in his shop. It was, by far, not out of the family's price range, but her mother repeatedly refused to buy the set of armor for her. Crushed, Miranda worked tirelessly to put together the silver for it and finally bought it for herself. It was her most prized possession for many years and she wore it proudly as she trained to be a knight.

Miranda sought out the knighthood so that she could lead troops into battle. She was one of Gemecitta's youngest commanders at Setarco and she saw some very strange things. She's interested in continuing to command troops in the army and to be recognized for her efforts to rebuild it. She'd also like to join the Society of Explorers so that she can lead expeditions to strange and far-off places, to discover new situations and earn recognition for them. She might like to run a ministry for her House or even the Crown! That's one of the reasons she's come to Arx -- that and the opportunity to get away from her stifling crazy mother.

More of a military leader than a swordswoman, Miranda is fairly good-natured but competitive. She's counting every opportunity available in Arx as a potential win, and she's drawn to the endless possibilities.

Relationship Summary

  • Fecundo - The best of the best, Big Brother. Always.

  • Deceased:
  • Faruq - My Beloved. My heart was yours. I miss you.

  • Friend:
  • Reese - Sweet Ribbons. Follow your heart, always.
  • Harlex - The Dread Wolf I can count on.
  • Isabetta - Partner-in-crime. Mischief-maker. A hidden gem.
  • Salvatore - Quite the unexpected surprise
  • Pharamond - Fellow Sword, We are of the same mind on so many things...
  • Eddard - Beloved Bard.
  • Kincade - My Horse Whisperer
  • Ajax - Honest and forthright. I value what we're building.
  • Dariel - Forever your Floofykins!

  • Family:
  • Silvio - Cousin-by-Marriage. Silken tongue. Favored above all others
  • Isidora - Sister-by-Marriage. Just the Peahen to manage our beloved Peacock.
  • Aiden - Duke-Cousin. Your faith in me is empowering.
  • Lysander - Cousin. Oh - to be as articulate as you.
  • Calypso - Second-Cousin. Dangerous, in the most spectacular of ways.
  • Samuele - Cousin. A giant in heart as well as in body.
  • Grazia - Duchess-Cousin. The Strength and Heart of our House. Respect and appreciation for all that you do.
  • Domonico - Second-Cousin. Footwork! Focus! Best-friend and confidant.
  • Martino - Second-Cousin. Sweet, Cousin. I'm onto you.
  • Thea - Second-Cousin. We younger sisters must stick together! Partner-in-crime! Adore you!

  • Protege:
  • Irisa - Pillow Forts! And other things...

  • Spouse:
  • Marzio - Beloved Husband. My Lord.

  • Enemy:
  • Ras - I'm an Evil Silk to this one, who seems okay with abusing my good nature.
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