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Prince Mason Grayson

People ask me so much about Ahj'on and Pyre. It is, how do you say it in Arvani...? Ah yes, a "shit show".

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Exiled Prince
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Al'Ajionij
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 34
Birthday: 12/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: coffee
Skintone: medium brown

Description: Lanky and angular in the most sculptural way, Mason's complexion has been darkened further than it's natural brown hue by time spent outdoors. That time has also layered his bony frame with some natural muscle, and even dusted some slightly darker freckles across his chiseled cheekbones and the bridge of his nose. The scholarly noble has flourished in the wilds of Arvum; handsome, healthy and finally possessed of an ease of bearing that speaks to happiness.

More recently, however, time seems to be rapidly taking it's toll. The man always wears a silk strip wrapped around his face, covering the loss of his right eye. Premature gray seems to be rapidly sprinkling into his black hair, and there are lines of stress across his face that mingle with faint scars of healed scratches on his right cheek and brow.

Personality: Mason's face is most often painted with either a hopeful smile or a worried expression, and these are his default states. He remains, despite whatever happens to him, an optimist. How could he not, when luck has favored him nearly as often as it has smacked him into the dirt? Able to feel concern over the well-being of most anyone and anything, he nevertheless refuses to be paralyzed by it. If Mason is a man who feels things deeply, he is also a man with very impressive coping skills, able to shrug things off and keep moving forward.

Background: Masun'al'ajionij, from the Dune Kingdom of Ahj'on, has always been dubious of those that claimed that their poor lots in life were due to some unknown offense to the gods taking terrible retribution upon them, but he has to admit it would be a convenient explanation for the various misfortunes he's suffered. It would make a lot of sense, actually. Not that he -thinks- he offended the gods. Well, hopefully not. But before his current straits, he enjoyed a life of idle luxury as a distant extended member of the royal family Al'Ajionij in the Dune Kingdom of Ahj'on, having a boring but lavish existence as one who had the rare privilege of being in line to throne (34 places down, practically next of kin!). But unlike the multitude of his royal siblings, he had a vague sense of unease as he walked the streets of Ahj'on that made him question the way things were and all of Ahj'on's traditions. He was uneasy seeing the incredible suffering of the slaves, or how commoners were subject to the whims of the Magisters of the Mirror, or the senselessness of the fighting pits and popular blood sports, or the extreme indifference of the high families jockeying for position below Al'Ajionij and the bloodshed that followed. But maybe he shouldn't have -said- so, and just taken the easy path and remained silent.

Instead, he found himself as a noble observer on an expedition to the lands of Pyre, then a noble observer fleeing a spectacular failure of an expedition, then a noble observer deciding he needed to get the hell out of Eurus and be anywhere in the world but Ahj'on or anywhere even remotely close to Pyre. Being an explorer wasn't his first choice, but it's something he fell into. Quite literally, in fact.

As a noble representative of al'ajionij exploring the distant continent of Arvum, he feels much more comfortable away from Eurus. Technically he didn't -ask- his family if he could be the representative, but the king never told him no, so he feels it's close enough. He would have had his exploring the great western land of Arvum come to a suddenly premature end at the hands of a warband of bloodthirsty shavs (which looked like any Arvani!), if he hadn't tumbled off a cliff fleeing from them and literally fell into a party led by Princess Loucia Grayson, who promptly saved his life in a terrifyingly energetic battle. While his Arvani is relatively terrible and they settled on calling Masun'al'ajionij 'Mason', he wasn't about to quibble over his name by the Graysons who saved his life and then took him - as the very noble, very official (sort of) representative of the Dune Kingdom of Ahj'on - as a ward of house Grayson.

While he's noticably vague on details about his Eurusi background to the many, many curious Arvani, he has since taken to his status as a ward of the royal family and a constant exploration companion to Princess Lou Grayson. And it's nice to serve a house that at least -tries- to do some good.

Relationship Summary

  • Lou - Wife and eternal companion

  • Family:
  • Dawn - Friend and Regent

  • Friend:
  • Aldwin - Wise elder
  • Viktarkim - Stoic Warrior
  • Aislin - Kindred spirit
  • Juliet - Unofficial Aunt to Safi
  • Calypso - Stern trainer
  • Eirene - Medic with a mouth

  • Acquaintance:
  • Edain - Curry lover
  • Darren - Curry thrower
  • Nadia - Does not like curry.
  • Silas - Prefers lobster over curry
  • Name Summary
    Mabelle A well versed and polite prince, who is friend of the family. Very enjoyable and social, and seems to be someone to learn from.