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Cerdensulathara Ferrier

The Wheel never changes, every aspect symmetrical, but the road it travels? That is the real mystery, the question, the goal to understand.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Eccentric Academic
Fealty: Crown
Family: Ferrier
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commoner
Height: average height
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: very pale

Description: Razor cut blonde hair ends in a bob around her chin, framing her cherubic face. She has an aquiline nose beneath cerulean blue eyes, her lips a very pale, pale pink. Everything about her palette seems blanched and washed out. She has a lanky, boyish figure, even for not being very tall. Her mininal bust and small hips are nondescript, but scattered across her form, rarely exposed, are myriad scars from a melange of sources.

Personality: Cerdensulathara is a very mild type of savage. As a child, she threw horrible tantrums, would get violently sick, or lapse into periods of catatonia. She can find pleasure in most any activity because she easily retreats into her mind. There is a deep and strong love for animals inside her, and nature has earned her infinite respect. This is balanced with her infatuation for the learning, art, and reading. Despite her varied gifts, interacting with people is not one of them. Her jokes are not often understood, and she has difficulty determining others' motivation.

Background: Born in area called Rivermuth, far south of Pridehall, Cerdensulathara was one among a litter of children. Her father was a butcher and a warrior, her mother a tanner. For five long and tiresome years, they lived a simple existence. The worst of their troubles were occasional raids, and the strife caused by Cerden's peculiar fits. Rumors held her to be plagued by evil spirits, and she was subject to many, many attempts to cure her. When the neighboring tribe invaded fully, her mother managed to escape with her and two of her siblings into the woods. Traveling northeast into the woods, they were able to assimilate into another group, but it wasn't long before they her mother was presented with a choice to leave with the disabled young girl, or the tribe would sell her off. Unwilling to put her other two living children under such stress, she simply abandoned Cerden in the woods.

It was a miracle of some kind that she survived to the age of thirteen. And despite the harsh realities of living in the wild, there was a peace to the daily struggle. Her fits lessened, she learned how to hunt, what to eat and what not to, (through great trial and error), and was quite happy in her life. Unfortunately, fighting between two villages drove more people into her neck of the woods, and eventually she was captured by Abandoned warriors. Who knows where should would be now if she had not been saved by the Knights of Solace. It was a short trip to the city of Arx.

She swore her allegiance to the Crown, and was placed in the care of an aloof horse trader, a cousin to the very Knight who rescued her, and his wife, a well to do poet and seamstress, both childless and grateful for an opportunity to care for and teach someone less fortunate. She flourished in the Upper Boroughs, and it was a good time for the young woman. She was taught the wonders of reading and numbers, which she excelled at. She was given simple chores, and taught prayers, which she excelled at. She discovered the many different libraries and temples, and spent the majority of her time there when not helping out at home. Before she left to strike out on her own, she made a bit of silver tutoring the younger children of her adopted mother's social circle, possessing a talent for making complicated subjects simpler. Using her modest income, she's rented a small place in the upper boroughs, and few who ever met her would realize she's a Prodigal.

She plans on becoming an explorer, writing books on obscure knowledge and history, and becoming a renowned scholar. Perhaps one day she can own a place of her own, with a bookcase of titles she's written herself detailing grand adventurers, treatises on lost lore and profound essays on rare phenomena.

Relationship Summary

  • Olivia - This is my best friend.
  • Olivia - Second best friend
  • Rinel - Best friend
  • Charlaine - I am losing count and track. It's been suggested I don't understand how 'friends' work.
  • Name Summary
    Athaur She is certainly a strange one...
    Duarte A dutiful teacher of proper solemnity. I hope to see results with the student I gave her.
    Gretchen She seems very grateful to the King, which is always nice to see. That hair though. I think someone needs a makeover!
    Jasher One whose waking life is plagued by fits and flights of thought. I pity her, yet perhaps she will make something of it. We shall see.
    Jyri Curious one, this one - in more ways than one. Seems nice and friendly, and she bought something from the charity shop, which is a definite good thing in my book.
    Niklas I suppose that's why they call them commoners.
    Rinel I do not know where she comes from, but she is matter-of-fact and grounded. Arx needs more people as forthright as she.
    Sabella A woman that does not seem to be afraid to speak her mind! Although I found her thoughts on names creative...I think maybe we shall steer clear of the ones she suggested for now. And forever.
    Sparte Miss, ah, Ferrier seems to be an energetic and friendly soul. I'll always remember she found my name funny. Yeah.
    Vitalis Quite self-possessed. She'll do well in the Explorers, where we don't much stand on propriety.
    Willow Thoughtful though. Quiet and thoughtful. Like a little blonde spider.