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Prince Theo Velenosa

Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Dangerous Courtier
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: male
Age: 31
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Skintone: Tan

Description: Tall and classically handsome in the Lycene fashion, Theo Velenosa cuts quite a figure. He sports one thin scar on his eyebrow, but it only gives the ruggedly handsome prince a sense of soft danger. His eyes are large and vivid, hair unkempt, and he always seems to have just a hint of a beard. He has an intelligent demeanor, but a stern one. Theo exudes confidence and a studied poise.

Personality: Responsible. Dedicated. Theo Velenosa is a calm man and easily swings between social groups. That does not mean he is particularly gregarious. To the contrary: Theo is prone to quiet contemplation. But he is able to get along with whoever he needs to get along with. Provided there is something to be gained, of course.

Background: Theo Velenosa is his father's son... and rightly so, for Armando spent nearly every day of Theo's life molding him into who he is today. Responsible. Dedicated. And classically trained in every way that one of the Southern Foxes of House Velenosa should be. Charming, practiced in social games and forever looking to improve the standing of his family at court and to never allow his family to be caught unawares by impending danger. It is his duty, and he has a talent for it.

Theo had several brothers - but not one of them made it to adulthood. Theo himself was the only child of Armando's branch of the Velenosa family for quite some time ... until his younger sister Saoirse was born. The age gap is quite large and Theo took his father's lead in how he treated his sibling: distantly.

Saoirse's birth itself brought about the death of their mother Miranda, but Theo was already a teenager and had long since grown out of clinging to his mother's skirts. Truth be told, his father never allowed that - and Theo has been pretty independent his whole life. Armando himself took his son under his wing; together, they are responsible for keeping a gentle pulse on all of the Lycene houses. If conflict is brewing, Theo will know. It means he has to keep generally calm relations with all of the Lycene and courtly 'informants' ('spies' is such an ugly word) in different houses. He is Armando's "boots on the ground" and he's good at his job.

Name Summary
Aahana This Velenosa Prince and I think may have a similar heart when it comes to the idea of fun. I believe we will become quite fast friends
Aella Bad at cards?! BAD AT CARDS!?!? Who does this trumped up Velenosan think he is?!? I'll teach him a thing or two about... Yeah I'm probably bad at cards.
Alarissa A very polite Velenosian, even offered to share his rolled up dust. Or haze. Or whatever it was. He will be a far easier student than Talen was. Though I fear the outcome might just be the same. This shall be interesting.
Alrec A fun prince and, I hope, a useful friend. It never hurts to have friends in high places. I think he understands the benefits of having them in low places as well.
Ariella Seems typical for a Lycene prince. Handsome, charming, deadly and easily distracted.
Austen He is certainly a Lycene, with a particularly wicked sense of humour. He knows what he wants and will certainly do what it takes to get it.
Avaline Friendly cousin, we enjoyed whiskey at the Black Fox and shared secrets.
Barric I like him. Thinks before he speaks and doesn't blather on like some people do. No illusions about what his greatest tools and weapons are either. That's to be commended.
Berenice Oh, so very near and dear to my heart! He always says the most delightful things, such as, 'Buy me pretty things,' and then I say, 'No, Theo, I have to buy myself pretty things because I am prettier than you.' Marvelous!
Bethany The ones who claim their lives are all parties are never the ones who do nothing but party.
Coraline He seems very polite, and one of those smart sorts, I think he and Tomwell would be good friends.
Duarte Unabashed lycene gentleman; some say with the magic power to restore virginity.
Echo He's really sweet and understanding, even though I feel he had every reason to be upset with me. I can't tell if he's teasing me...
Haizea Composed, charming, and every bit the polished Velenosan prince. I should be wary of whatever that lies beneath, but for now I will gladly content myself with finding delight in his company.
Harlex A good card player. Lucky me the stakes were low.
Harper Well we're off to a bad start. Gonna have to work on fixing this one. He just took it all wrong, or I said it all wrong. Probably the last, given the way this day has gone.
Helena A rake. A scoundrel. First he offers me drugs and drink and then tries to trick me. If my head wasn't swimming I'd try to deck him right in the midst of his face so he gets a nice florid bruise. Of all the ways to treat someone..
Ingvar A Lyceum Prince, Sweet and Debauched as he claims, the later I believe, and I have heard that many poisons can be sickly sweet. It is hard to get the make of a Lycene, however.
Jarel I don't feel like I have a pulse on him, he preplexes me. But that is to be expected due to the House's fame of cunning. And I have no doubt Theo has that cunning.
Jeffeth A Velenosan prince who seems quite kind and generous with his wine. Much nicer than some of the other Velenosan Princes I've met. A good man!
Jordan A celebrant kind of royal. He seems to enjoy life's small comforts and relishes in the fact he can readily access them. Nobody should really fault the wealthy for their enjoyment of leisure and comfort; it is their birthright, after all.
Karadoc Velenosa. Prince of Haze and Dust. Collector of amusing persons. Sly-eyed and predatory-smiling, perhaps he is the titular black fox. This ought to be the start of an interesting friendship.
Kenna So very chill and charming. I appreciate how he said he'd cheer for me despite my assurances of a fast fight.
Luca He has good taste, I'll give him that. In drink, in haze, in women as well.
Lucita Mature, trail weary, new arrival to Arx. Reluctant to talk about himself and insists he is boring though I do not find him so. Hospitable, a wry sense of humor. Will look forward to learning more about him.
Lys A self declared unyieldingly boring man. I'm quite certain there's some excitement lurking under the surface, he just doesn't want to share it.
Mailys Prince Theo is quite the charmer, he is interested in being my Patron, and appearently I shall be helping with a party?
Melody What a disappointment. I wonder, what is it that 'Doc sees in him? I've been told that 'he grows on you', but I've seen very little of the such.
Mirari This one certainly isn't boring. He smokes, drinks and has miraculously found a way to remove the stick from his ass. Most nobles never manage that.
Monique Tall, dark and handsome, with the illusion of danger... but is it really an illusion?
Niklas An exceptionally witty prince. In the scholars lexicography a drawing of him could go in next to the entry for Lycene.
Orelia Luca's cousin. This comes as absolutely no surprise, once one knows it. Hard drinking, heavy smoking and adept in flirtation. All told, potential for a firm friend.
Oswyn Sometimes, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.
Petal He is a prince of Velenosa who seems polite and friendly, but doesn't seem to be the type to give too much away at first meeting. It just makes me more curious though!
Quenia I see that he is a quiet sort, and also seeking entrance to the Mirrorguard. It will be good to get to know him, as we train together.
Reese He seems to be a decent guy and is good at parties and social stuff.
Riagnon A very popular Lycene prince, with lots of proteges. And you KNOW what they say about a man with lots of proteges! ...that he's nice to people.
River I can't tell if he's flirting, and or just being assessing of others. But he's sharp witted.
Sabella A charming Velenosan Prince who seems to have a delightful sense of humor! I could see us becoming fast friends!
Saoirse My brother. Obviously we've "met" long ago, but I can't say Theo ever really paid me much attention -- he was Father's son, and older. We drifted in the same house and little more. I'd be amazed if he knew anything about me at all.
Talen Prince Theo is son to Arman Velenosa, brother to Saoirse Velenosa, and cousin to Eleyna Velenosa. The dude's a lush, the dude's a nutter, he poisons himself for immunity. I have high hopes.
Tynan A very Velenosa Velenosian. Something with the south makes people hard to read, wonder if it's the upbringing or the environment.
Valarian Not sure who he is, seemed alright enough, but apparently he wasn't supposed to be drinking Lys' special bottle of wine and sparked off a ragestorm. I imagine he's probably used to it by now, either that or has a lot of stab wounds.