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Lord Ashur Sanna

The answers are out there. And I'm going to find them all.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Anomalous Adventurer
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Sanna
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 24
Birthday: 05/25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 6'1
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Dusty

Description: Strong, lean and built for speed. Ashur had spent so much of his life slipping through cracks in caves, ducking beneath fallen timbers. He had no time to get fat and no need to get muscular. He was rugged in some ways. He looked a little more aged beyond his years from so much time in the sun and from winds on the seas, but there was a spark within him; a light fueled by curiosity, determination and possibility that could be seen through his eyes, darkened some personal haunting.

(Ashur has grown out a short beard.)

Personality: It's not that Ashur has no social graces. He simply doesn't have time for them. He worked on his impatience, truly he did. But it was hard sitting around and sipping alcohol when there was a world to uncover and understand.

Determined. That was Ashur. Determined in all things; to tinker with a gadget, to find a new path, to seek a lost artifact. It was a madness, almost. A consuming thirst that would never be quenched so long as the lure of something new existed just beyond the horizon.

Background: Born to a distant cousin of the then Count of Seliki, Ashur was raised with a bow in his hand and an adventure in his heart. And even when there was no true adventure to be had, he made up his own. An independent boy, he explored the woods outside his home, the beaches and caves along the coast. He found treasures everyday: long abandoned chests that surely held goblets of ancient, though none were ever found inside, books with pages torn out that undoubtedly once contained mystical spells.

At the age of 18, Ashur's father, a minor lord, brokered a deal to have him married into the Sanna family. He didn't want to, but was talked into it with language like 'duty' and 'family needs'. A trip was organized not long after the nuptials and he was dragged to a distant-relation's estate; some aunt's cousin's third husband's grandfather's sister's niece. It was revelatory. His exploration, up until that point, had been external, always looking for answers elsewhere. But this young girl, with her brilliant mind sought answers to things inside her laboratory, inside her mind. He showed her some of the weaponry he used, some of the tools that he believed could detect spirits, which they both believe in! He told her of his wild stories that most people never believed, of the places he went that were not marked on any map. And she showed him her inventions and experiments, things he didn't necessarily understand all of the time. But she explained her need of things. Rare flowers, fancy metals. Who better to find those things than him?! Ashur would chase things for Elloise and bring them back to her. Together, they worked on new ways to create things that had made this way for generations. They grew fond of each other and were inseparable in that limited time they were able to spend together. But the trip had to end sometime and he returned home.

Within a year of his marriage, a strange, undiagnosed disease struck his wife. He heard legend of someone that would have been able to save his wife, that had never failed to heal any sick person. He lost himself in the search. He was away from his wife and home for months, but each clue led to another hint and eventually, he found the person; a 'witch' in the deepest, darkest part of the woods. He brings the 'witch' to their estate after another week's journey home and is told upon arrival that his wife had passed away the night before.

Grief overwhelmed him. He fled from his home, from those that knew him and he lost himself in travels until a letter from Elloise recently arrived...

Name Summary
Alessia A northern adventurer and all around enjoyable companion.
Amund Sincere with his opinions and seems to enjoy life. A good adventurer's spirit, hence.
Anisha Lord Ashur Sanna strikes me as an enthusiastic man with a taste for the unusual, which he faces with a very cheerful demeanour. Very much the Northerner, I should think. And I mean that in a good way.
Brigida Rather too enthusiastic for my liking but learns quickly. Perhaps there is hope for him yet to not annoy me.
Dianna An adventurer, an archer - and somehow related to Braith. Quite charming in his affectations, as well, and enticing in his intrigues. I do believe I've found a hobby that I had not considered before.
Domonico Stands his ground and risks his life to rid Arvum of true evil. A good person.
Hamish A man with a story to tell, though perhaps not to me. I see someone with great adventure ahead of him.
Ian I don't want to dampen his enthusiasm. But Kennex is fielding a team.
Korka I liked him better as a baker. Never boring with this one though.
Lucene Pleasant. Fairly upbeat, but seems predisposed to overthinking. Clearly needs more liquor in his life.
Mabelle A warm man with affections for dog and appreciation to beauty. I hope his sense of adventure won't get him in trouble or perhaps for his sake I should hope it does?
Martino Sought out cold beer in the Lyceum. A bit lost but I am certain he shall find his feet fast in the city. Fashionable wide-brimmed hat
Mikani It is good to meet another Sanna. Like the rest I have enjoyed his company and hope to speak of adventures later.
Mirk A man with a lust for life, it seems, unafraid of seeming silly or unserious, while having the knack of taking things seriously when the moment calls for it.
Nadir Entertaining from the moment he stepped into the Black Fox. I think Faruq would have enjoyed his company and whatever adventures they could have had.
Ophelia An explorer, an adventurer, and a fellow hunter for the Lodge of Petrichor. He is pleasant enough, although his awareness could be sharpened just a bit more. Or else he risks another lesson with Blessed Brigida's staff!
Orelia Lost without his hat.
Raja Seems a nice enough fellow. He taught me how to play stones! It was nice to have a laid back conversation without worrying about watching my back.
Reese Lord Sanna. Seems favored by Dianna which speaks well of him. He seems to be making the most of the party as well. I hope to learn more about him.
Roran A good man, a delight to meet.
Rukhnis He seems the sort of man to whom the pair of words "bluff" and "hearty" are naturally applied.
Sunaia An excellent shot, and a good sense of humor.
Sydney He's Ash! And 'Lord' though he may be, he seems to have skipped his etiquette lessons. I rather relate.
Thea A northern adventurer whom I feel like would know quite a bit. I should pick his brain sometime. Figuratively, not physically.
Thomas Energetic, and thoughtful. The Shrine of Death is one of the best places to meet interesting people, I think.
Zoey Prefers to live on the bright side, and these days I wouldn't blame anyone who did.