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Lady Cassiopeia Proscipi

You cannot be great without first recognizing what greatness is. It can be said that greatness is not a destination that one arrives to, it is a journey that one undertakes which never ends. Even then a woman is not great because of the things she has done, but because of the opposition and obstacles she has overcome despite the odds arrayed against her.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Atavist Heiress
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Proscipi
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: golden blonde
Eye Color: azure
Skintone: honey

Titles: Enchantress of Tremorus

Description: Many wise women say that a beautiful woman feels beautiful within, from the love she gives to her ideas and the creative ways in which she expresses her soul to those who love her and those who need love most. Cassiopeia is classically Proscipi in apperance with high cheekbones, angular, symetrical features, smooth golden tinted skin and bright azure colored eyes. She lacks the auburn that her cousins have and favors her father in coloring. On the island she would be considered average height for a woman but in the city of Arx she is easily one of the tallest women around but her lisson figure makes her seem delicate. She does not often wear makeup but when she does she tends towards a darker palette with rich cardinal shades of red for her heart shaped lips.

Personality: Being on the level of local legends and myths despite your own reservations can lead one to develop a most interesting assortment of traits. Ambivalent to the ways of the nobility and her own reputation, Cassiopeia has done her best to redeem herself in the eyes of her peers as a wanderer with no sense of responsibility. Her intellect is hard to rival and many times she walks circles around those who try verbally sparring with her or otherwise attempting to impress or overawe. She is sensible and gracious despite her initial reluctance to engage in social environments. Her balance of humor, wit, charisma, approachability and attentiveness all seem quite counter to the expected shallowness that most come to expect of a woman so renowned which lead many to describe her as magnetic.

Background: Cassiopeia of Tremorus, said to be the most beautiful woman in the far Southern city-state hidden away in the Saffron Chain. A woman who has inspired bards to sing of her allure and whom great artists of her time beg to portray her with their craft, as she is frequently spoken of as the personification of ideal human beauty. Paintings of her sell for quite a lot of money and motifs are jealously guarded but in truth, the woman who has sparked the myth is no more attractive than her sister Andromeda nor her cousins. She possesses a special quality, a presence, that many have a difficult time reconciling with gravitas and while their father enjoys the reputation his eldest daughter has begotten, Cassiopeia finds it somewhat exhausting.

Ever since she was a young girl it was as if her only lot in life was to be something sought after and obtained but never appreciated for who she truly is - an indelible truth she couldn't shake no matter how hard she tried. This led to years in which she would constantly find herself going from one adventure to another in order to escape the reality of feeling put upon a pedestal and gawked at. Oftentimes this was counter productive for when she was discovered to be /the/ Cassiopeia the ship's crew or some random sellword accompanying her at the time would become fixated to the point of obsessed and she'd need to abandon ship, quite literally, and find some new bout of adventure aboard another vessel.

While she traveled the Saffron Chains she learned many useful skills and her experiences tempered her into a very capable woman but no matter how far she ran, Cassiopeia simply could not escape her woes. Since she could not escape her reality she chose instead to do the next best thing and sequester herself away from it all -- retreating into solitude and privacy within the walls of the Sky Palace. Year after year her 'Pa-Pa' would receive countless offers of marriage from a myriad of places and while most of them were trash, some were immense opportunities in his eyes. Even though his daughter would sometimes give him the vapors somehow she was, politically, worth a great deal. He never forced her to marry however and so she did not. After some months squirreled away in the city-state she began to grow restless. Hearing that her siblings had gone to the capital of the Compact, she decided it was time to follow. If not to get away from all the clingers on, then at least to explore this new city. With the reclusive young Lady's recent reemergence into the forefront of politics and goings on in Tremorus there is a bustle of excitement and hushed whispers about why she has -really- chosen to rejoin society proper after being gone for almost a decade.

She didn't really expect as much to change as it did, however. Following the destruction of the palace in Tremorus, the deaths of much of her extended family, the fall of her liege, and the ennoblement of Giorgio and naming him as Ezmeralda's successor, Cassiopeia wasn't seen for weeks afterwards. When she finally was, it was announced she had formally joined very distant family in the city-state of Sangris, House Vaevici, and would not be returning to Tremorus- not now, and possibly not ever, which has caused a great deal of gossip among the peerage as to her reasons.

Relationship Summary

  • Ezmeralda - The Praefecta has been good to us since she ascended. Although we haven't gotten to know each other very much she has always seemed more than willing, although not in that creepy, far too eager manner that I am overly familiar with. Which I very much appreciate. She also seems to respect my desire to pursue my own agenda and has relied on me to explore the unexplored.
  • Remus - I love my brother very dearly. He is sometimes overly protective but I have never once not appreciated it. Whenever I am struggling or feeling particularly overwhelmed I go to him and he sets me straight again. There's been times when I confide in him when I should be confiding in Pa-Pa but he is more level headed and usually much more understanding. Heavens bless his little soul for having to deal with my ceaseless pranks.
  • Andromeda - My sister has always made me proud to bear the family name but it's her ability to hear me out without judgement that makes her easy to talk to. Whenever I need someone to give me unorthodox advice on how to proceed with an issue of mine, she's the one I can confide in knowing that no matter what I say she will be there for me. From time to time when I need someone's teeth smashed into the back of their throats she is also very reliable for that. Maybe this is why I don't prank her nearly as much as Remus.

  • Friend:
  • Tyche - The Flourishing One they call her. We may have only recently begun our friendship but she has proven herself to be a great mentor in the Suspires. I've learned a fair bit from her in the way of learning how to embrace my feminine wiles even if I have been reluctant to do so. She has so much more to teach me, I can tell.

  • Ally:
  • Giorgio - The Pontelaeus have been good to me. My grandmother was from their family and thus we are bonded by blood. My cousin enjoys spoiling me and introducing me to new wares when they come into his possession. He has a head for numbers but he shares my passion for exploration, even if his motives are a bit different than mine. In the future whenever I plan to fund an expedition on behalf of Tremorus I know that we will work closely together to figure it out.
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