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One should know their limits, then dare to push them.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Tribesman Scout
Fealty: Grayson
Family: None
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 32
Birthday: 06/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Skintone: bronze

Description:     This is a man with dusky-bronze skin and body tattoos. Clearly a prodigal tribesman, he is broad shouldered in a lean woodman's way. Dark eyes are watchful and yet he is easy of movement, relaxed and quietly confident. Tattoos and small scarification marks adorn his face with tribal patterns that may give clues to his past - to those who know how to read them. Similar adornments mark his arms and legs when they are bared to the sun, and probably his torso also if it were not covered.

    Not a timid man, his gaze is direct and assessing. His face is well shaped with defined cheekbones and a wide jaw. Dark brows are balanced by a strong nose that is most notable in profile. His calloused hands are long fingered and supple with strength. Mid back length black hair is kept tied back with a leather thong.

Personality: Viktarkim is often a silent, vigilant man well aware of his status as a former member of one of the Abandoned tribes. He is not quick to trust and apt to be bold or reserved by turns, but not timid. He is capable of good humor and being at his ease though not with strangers. Quietly proud and stubborn, he has courage and may be loyal. Yet, he is a man of many layers, keeping much private.

There isn't much known about Viktarkim other than he was born a member of one of the tribes of the Abandoned. By his body tattoos, one might suspect he is of the fierce warrior clans of the far west, though a few other Abandoned tribes use similar body decoration. Certain of those tribes are demon worshippers who were a formidable threat in the western woods and mountains between Telmarch and Farhaven, and the sea. The Compact came hard against those Abandoned and the tribes suffered heavy losses, becoming wary and reclusive. Or perhaps he is of the Eastern Shav, from the Deepwoods area and northlands, seeking fame and fortune to serve a Great House.

Whichever, Viktarkim has shown up selling his sword and services as a scout, sometimes hunter and tanner. He is a man who does not readily speak of himself or his past, yet he bares the markings of his tribe if anyone knew enough to identify them. It is the Grayson Princess herself, Lou, who thought to lure him back with her. She seems to think she has use for the woodsman turned soldier. Or maybe to simply care for her horse - if he can be trusted. Whatever the case, Viktarkim seems intent to tie himself to House Grayson. He has a few letters of reference from those whom have hired him in recent seasons and spoke well of his service.

Relationship Summary

  • Victus - Thrax Lord, Fugly

  • Acquaintance:
  • Rook - Courtier in service to Lady Dawn.
  • Barric - Prince & Sword of House Grayson.
  • Darren - Head of House Redrain.
  • Ida - Weaponsmith
  • Gareth - Inquisitor Prince, Grayson
  • Freja - Redrain Princess
  • Aislin - Lady Ashford
  • Samantha - Deepwood Marquessa
  • Silas - Grayson Knight
  • Tobias - Lord Telmar, Crimson Blades Commander
  • Hammar - Grayson's Hammer
  • Augustus - Crusty Old Prince
  • Nadia - RedRain Duchess (Woodswise)
  • Fergus - Redrain Prince, hard soldier.
  • Natalia - Grayson Princess
  • Gabriel - Duke Bisland (Grayson)
  • Calypso - Lady General Malvici
  • Sophie - Solace Healer & Valardin Princess
  • Eithne - Armorer
  • Ianthe - Joscelin's sister
  • Saedrus - Courtisan Whisperer
  • Serafine - Velenosa Princess, Half-Shav.
  • Anze - Redrain Prince
  • Edain - Valardian Prince
  • Morrighan - clothier. Redrain Redhead.
  • Lark - Grayson Princess

  • Friend:
  • Joscelin - Jeweler
  • Mason - Prince of Ahj'on, Grayson
  • Salazar - Fun to have around!
  • Lou - Grayson Princess
  • Dawn - Regent (House Grayson)
  • Name Summary