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Caspian Artiglio

Whatever it takes for that applause!

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Devil-May-Care Duelist
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Artiglio
Gender: male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Duellist
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Skintone: dusky

Titles: Grandmaster of the Champions Guild

Description: Clean, young athleticism defines Caspian: corded muscle thick and sculpted beneath the smooth dusky warmth of his skin, his broad, imposing frame might be a work of art to call to mind the sculptor's craft at statuary if you could get him to hold still for five minutes. He is dynamic and rarely still, driving motion through life at high speed. His wavy black hair is worn thick and long, his sloe-dark eyes often lit with an inner brilliance beneath the leaping arch of his active black eyebrows. His teeth flash white in ready grins, grinning challenge or fey humor in a fight as readily as he might grin delight and mirth at a festival.

Personality: Caspian is a cocktail of bright and dark, layer upon layer of glitter and glitz over a deeper uncertainty. His youth was forged uniquely in hardship, a stranger in a strange land in the Mourning Isles, punished for the sins -- literally -- of his parents. His new adulthood is a phoenix rise to a brilliant pinnacle of showmanship, grace, and basically glee. Caspian is quick: quick with words, deeds, weapons. But he's not hotheaded; he's mellow, bright-hearted, ready to defuse a situation with earnest-eyed hope as well as cause one with a badly-thought-out word. He loves jokes. He loves drama but pure melodrama, to throw himself into a performance with everything that he has. He loves attention. He laps it up. Give him more. More attention. He loves parties. He feeds off the energy of life and shines with it.

Background: Caspian was a thrall because his father was a thrall and his mother was also a thrall, and his father's war debt was a lot to pay. Yet the Thrax fealty has spent the last few years struggling towards what the rest of the Compact would call progress, and in an early push towards some of that progress, Donella Thrax freed some thralls who were thralls only by virtue of their parents' debts rather than their own. Caspian was freed at 19, with scattered memories of his tribe's honestly piratical raiding traditions mostly subverted by the day in and day out of long hours of hard labor with tenant farmers and ropemakers and sailors.

He found in his newfound freedom that what he was mainly good at was a.) hard labor and b.) knives! He took the surname 'Wild' because his parents didn't give him a better one, and became a mercenary and sword for hire, until he eventually tagged into being a duellist for the Champion's Guild in Arx on account of besting a few in combat and developing a reputation for being a real /showy/ sword for hire. Though he began as a kind of desperately hungry merc with an axe to grind, he blossomed into a delighted fighter at the opportunity to pitch his skills in the dueling ring to wealthy nobles. It was exactly the life for him. Money was suddenly easier to come by, and with money, delicious attention, heartwarming acclaim, and the love and affection of adoring crowds, at least as long as he was making a show of it. Turning to away from grim guts and leaping whole-heartedly into laughter and life, he shines with the brilliance of the bon vivant, and it's clear he's here to make a killing.

Relationship Summary

  • Ignacio - A friend who betrayed my trust
  • Grazai - The Duchess with a stick FAR up her butt
  • Brigida - way too much pride for my liking

  • Acquaintance:
  • Orathy - A man who seems like the very rough and tumble sort.
  • Cadenza - An Ex-Lover

  • Protege:
  • Mikani - My newest student. Hopefully I can turn her into a fine Champion!
  • Navi - my protege. Hopefully I can help her achieve success

  • Friend:
  • Zalika - A sexy little tailor who has caught my eye
  • Acacia - a pretty little barfly who is always fun to hang out with
  • Brady - Fellow Troublemaker
  • Nisaa - Charming Whisper
  • Derovai - A harmless guy who somehow oozes suspiciousness!
  • Borgan - A northerner who is a delight!
  • Luca - a good friend of mines who I love having matches with. Always entertaining!
  • Petal - best tailor around!
  • Isabetta - a fun troublemaker!
  • Alarissa - My fan? And a friend. I hope to work closely with her as a Liberator
  • Reese - My favorite teacher
  • Sparte - My war buddy!
  • Ian - At first I thought he hated me. But turns out he's just not expressive. But he's a good man

  • Sibling:
  • Bashira - Sister!
  • Name Summary
    Aahana Quite wonderful company to converse with while watching tournaments. I look forward to sharing more of his company in the future.
    Adalyn Shared a drink and an amusing conversation with him. I look forward to sparring with him sometime soon.
    Adora Likes weapon racks over bookcases. Typical. I don't like him.
    Aella A sensitive thing. He may be good at poking holes in bodies with his knives or whatever but not so good with his tongue. A shame really, but I'm sure he'll be pleasant enough if I rub his tummy and say nice things to him.
    Aerandir A capable fighter, if the first bout I have seen him in is any indication; the young man stood his ground admirably against the Knight of Pridehall in a duel. The man accepted his loss humbly, no less.
    Aethan Met him on his birthday. Very smiley. And encouraging, so that was nice.
    Agatha Apparently he fights while covered in oil and tries to make women swoon, and he won! And the Princess that was a little tipsy the other night seems to really, REALLY like him. He must be very good at what he ddoes!
    Aiden He came out to the event to honor Lady Aislin and Lord Killian Ashford. I sense just by that, he knows what is right in the world. While most would think one person doesn't matter, it's what we do together that does. I think he sees that.
    Ainsley I didn't get a chance to speak with him very much, but he seems to be very much what you would expect of a Champion.
    Ajax A guy with flair, seems like he can handle himself. I am sure we'll get along just fine.
    Alarissa A champion, a commoner Thrax who seems to understand respect, and in truth, for the moment, quite enjoyable.
    Alban A rogue. A rake. Not everything is about being a Champion. You could be much more to the Compact but... I will admit that Champions do have their place. If only to limit true bloodshed. That alone I can respect.
    Aleksei What a fighter! Exhilarating duel.
    Alessandro //The// Caspian Wild -- who has taught me how not to slit my own throat with a knife.
    Alessia Grandmaster Wild is highly talented as both a warrior and a teacher, the lessons were certainly worth the price.
    Alexandre The Grandmaster of the Champions is appreciated for not only his skill with the sword and his ability to teach, but also for his discretion.
    Alexis The Grandmaster is at once more laid back than you'd expect and every bit as wild as his name. Flamboyant and flourishing.
    Amari It was interesting to finally meet and see another side of Grandmaster Champion Wild. I knew he was a performer and fighter of some skill, but didn't realize he was so musically gifted as well.
    Andry He seems to have a sensible head on his shoulder, maybe he didn't earn the adoration of the crowd just by his looks.
    Apollis A bold affable fellow. Duelist by trade and an entertainer by nature? Intriguing. I like his hair.
    Appolonia Not sure what to make of this one quite yet but what I have gathered so far is that this man is a Champion who likes to find himself in the center of mischief. Worse things I suppose as at least mischief can lead perhaps to curiosity and curiosity to learning something. Time shall tell all.
    Arianna He's a Champion and as I was taught by Champions...I'm kind of biased. I won't lie. The kid's got swag and he has a sense of humor. My kinda guy. I mean...that he's....easy on the eyes is just a plus. Bit of a jerk to my Liege lady but I think he meant well.
    Aric A very skilled knife fighter, just as his reputation says. It was a pleasure having him train me, which is a mild way of saying trounce me thoroughly!
    Ariella The boss. A little less pretty than he used to be.
    Arik Clever fellow. Wise to stop at one drink. And glib. I wonder if I will like Southern man? We will see.
    Armani He seems like a decent folk. He might be good at seafairing. He claims usefulness.
    Artorius A mighty swordsman from what I hear....I wouldn't mind testing myself in the sands against him.
    Artur A fighter I met in the Hall of Heroes. Interested in stories of the past, though more focused on the future. We laughed at the story of Rathlander Redrain, my great grandfather.
    Astraea The Champion came in and danced around his foes like it was just for fun. He put on a good show and I think in time he'll be something fierce. In the meantime I hope to see him again, before he gets famous and forgets about the likes of me! Good show and kind smile serrah!
    Atherton Friendly sort. Likely has many connections, though I'd expect many of them would like to see him stabbed as much as paid.
    Auda An impressive figure who's happy to spar with someone like me. Would like to meet again.
    Austen The Grandmaster of the Champions Guild. A knife man, by his own words. Would be interesting to go up against him at some point.
    Barric Sometimes I think he is too full of himself, but then I remember that he is not just a Champion, but the Grandmaster. I also hear he is an excellent teacher. Hopefully sometime in the future we could trade some lessons.
    Bastien Some sort of loud duelist.
    Berenice Does _not_ appreciate the need for spontaneous color coordination. Tsk!
    Bethany He seems to make up in enthusiasm what he lacks in strategy.
    Bliss Charming and roguish. Some small part of me thinks that he might be my male equivalent. Let's see if I can't talk him into carving that figurine for me.
    Brigida Clearly the Champions Guild is a shadow of its former glory if this is their grandmaster.
    Cadenza Almost too handsome and too charming. Perhaps I should watch myself around him....or perhaps not.
    Caith He sings songs of adventures and chooses roads untravelled. I approve!
    Calandra A very athletic man, with a good deal of bravado. He participated in the log rolling contest at the Seliki event, and I could not help but ogle a bit.
    Calarian He's a bit crass and informal but I must admit that I enjoyed his company. Perhaps if I keep offering to pay for his meals, he might consider taking an etiquette class.
    Calaudrin Ran a very nice archery contest but... did he call me an old man?!
    Cambria I like handsome men. I like handsome men that know their way around a blade. He also claims to be an entertainer and Champion. I hope my protege won't mind if I hire him for some events.
    Catalana He is sweet and eager. I hope that he goes far in life.
    Clara A brief encounter but I am curious to get ta know him a bit better later. I'm curious about the Champions... though I don't know about joinin' but watchin' or gettin' in a good spar on the side might be fun.
    Coraline He definitely knows how to fight, and he said he could teach me sheet fighting. Maybe one day he will tell me how to do it without a thinger.
    Cristoph Quick as a whip this one! He put me through my paces and really had me working for the match. I imagine that he knocks out plenty of fighters in the training center on a regular basis!
    Cullen A dashing showman of a Champion that I've seen twice now, once for Countess Keaton - which speaks to his character. Win or lose, he puts on a marvelous show and his manners are quite good.
    Daemon A fine fighter with a fine sense of manners. May I be fortunate enough to cross paths with him again.
    Dante This champion is one I'd die to have fight by my side. Yes. I see the irony of saying that.
    Darrow A duellist who's eager to find a place.
    Delilah I had the pleasure of watching Caspian perform in the Rite of Gloria, a challenge between him and my dearest Lady Joslyn. What a wonderful event.
    Delilah He's such a cheerful person who fearlessly wades into conversational points where others may fear to tread. And he has no lack of courage to cross words if it is called for.
    Denica A duelist of sorts, aiming to be the best ever. Well he certainly doesn't lack for confidence, I daresay he may very well capture that title someday. Time will just have to tell.
    Dominique Handsome. Confident bordering on cocky. He is a champion true and true. He definitely made me hot and sweaty. (FROM SPARRING PEOPLE, get your mind out of the gutter)
    Donaldo Champion and entertainer I heard him say, and with such a fitting name for both aspects. I don't doubt that he puts on a good show in either venue.
    Draven He hurts people! It's okay though! I bet he is nice! I like him! He likes fighting. I don't know why, but he does!
    Echo He's a good duelist and seems to enjoy himself as he's sparring. One day I'll challenge him and give him a good show.
    Ectorion A skilled fighter, he could not break through the armor I wear, but were it not for the armor that battle would have gone far, far differently indeed.
    Elgana Charming. One may even say dashing, but I'm still firmly on the fence. He is willing to play along with silly games, so that makes him absolutely fun in my book.
    Ember Seems like a puffed up man who thinks a lot of himself. I kind of like a healthy ego on a man, so good on him. He has to be somewhat worth it if he's the Grandmaster of that Champion's Guild.
    Emilia Someone who seems to be on the right path.
    Emily Self assured and rogueish, he is likely a cad but a fun one and would most likely be able to show me to parts of Arx I would otherwise not know about. How interesting.
    Enoch A Champion, it would seem. Extremely friendly and curious about the King's Own and royalty. Perhaps a future member of the Hundred is in the making?
    Evaristo I want to party with this man, properly. I am sure he has some amazing stories to tell!
    Fairen An explorer of an interesting mind. Bold and full of adventure, curious and inquisitive. I should very much look forward to our next meeting.
    Faruq From what I am told one of the most skilled fighters in all of Arvum. As Grandmaster to the Champions I don't doubt it. He is good company and very tolerant of the exciteable. More so than I in point of fact.
    Fatima Charming, a little daring, and a delightful storyteller. I'd enjoy another night of drinking and picking his brain for all the interesting tales it holds.
    Faye Interesting explorer. I hope we will have a chance to talk more soon.
    Fecundo If I had any doubts about the skill of the Grandmaster with his small blades, the sparring session proved me wrong. Ending up an my arse at the end of the first meeting was...interesting.
    Felicia Have seen him a few times before, but not really spoken. Duelist. Likes knives, and rum, and a good fight. Speaking of which... he owes me one.
    Fiora He shows himself off but he's not a stripper. So probably that act is really boring.
    Fiora A pretty face but he doesn't seem to be a master of critical thinking.
    Gareth One of these commoners who likes to pretend there is no difference in class. Equals and all that. I'm sure his tongue is as sharp as his blade, if his mind was as sharp as either of those he would truly be a force to be reckoned with. I suppose we'll have to wait and see. I'm sure I'll be disappointed.
    Gianna A man with a love of performance, it seems, who does his best to seize all he can enjoy from life.
    Gilroy Seems to know everyone.
    Giulio A more than a fair hand at the blade, an incorrigible flirt, with a glib tongue. How I do enjoy dangerous men.
    Grazia Rude. Crass. Obnoxious. This commoner is the lover of a princess and is crude enough to expose that fact in public. Just shameful, really. And, what's worse, he thinks he's funny!
    Gwenna A rather charming Champion that I met at The Fountain of Triumph. A very interesting man, to say the least! Funny as well as friendly, I hope to see him champion someone sometime soon.
    Harlex Bashira's brother and the famed duelist of Arx. Chevalier and good humored.
    Helia Fun fun fun! A friendly and charming duelist. I hope to see him again!
    Holt A man after my own heart. He's got swagger and confidence and the skill with a knife to back it up. I look forward to a real fight for once.
    Ian It's not easy to watch that kind of eager optimism. I know what's going to happen to it.
    Ignacio While Caspian is loud and lewd, he has a certain charm about him as he goes on as he carried on with Felix. While Caspian left a vague threat of stabbing someone over a cookie, it was clearly good natured.
    Imane A rather imposing gentleman who seems to be very important. I haven't been able to learn much about him yet, but there is always time to get to know someone better in the future. It's nice to see people valued, even if they aren't noble.
    Isidora I enjoyed the game we played of making up a story for the garden gnome! Our chance meeting was much fun and, next time, you will have to show me that you are the best champion in all the lands Caspian Wild.
    Jace Mistaken for a lord, but looking for troublemakers all the same. Interesting gentleman to get to know better.
    Jacque I've seen him about a few times, including attending the Rite of Gloria. He's not afraid to take a risk and seems very enterprising for a champion, something that I can appreciate. Maybe I'll hire him if I take exception with another noble's foibles.
    Jaenelle An inquisitive man who wishes to show others his point of view...from his shoulders. There is certainly more to him than meets the eye.
    Jeffeth A skilled duelist. I hope I didn't accidentally hurt his business!
    Jennyva The first Champion I've ever met and had drinks with. Really charismatic guy with a sparkling personality!
    Jordan Champion, former thrall. Seems to hold on to the misfortune of his past but seems to be making his living nevertheless. Good person to know.
    Joscelin A duelist, charming, more charm than I'm ever used to ever ever ever, and how does a man kiss a person's hand without ever meeting them? I'm certain this is a nobility thing but unless I'm missing something, there's nothing of that in him. I mean. I'm assuming. I've only just met him. Also, too pretty.
    Josephine A man in love. Josephine does quite like helping those who are in love. She's a sucker for them. So little surprise that Caspian, who is both polite, excited and in love, has become the focus of her skills and her attention.
    Kaede Man named Wild. A champion, I hear. Seems eager to fight, but not stupidly so like that other man the other night. Good that Wild isn't too wild.
    Karina Gotta love a fella that can make you laugh. Also, that hair... has so much potential.
    Katarina Like his namesake, he is a rather forward and free in his demeanor that I've not entirely grown used to in my interactions amongst newcomers. I suppose that isn't an entirely terrible trait, depending on one's point of view. He seems humorous and means well.
    Kenna I watched him fight at a Rite of Gloria. GOOD HEAVENS.
    Klaus I sense a kindard spirit and a wry dry humor like myself. I hope he likes brown nut ale.
    Leif Captain of the Champions, but a good natured man
    Leola A duellist, recently freed from thralldom. I wonder what he did there, and what he plans. I'm not reassured.
    Lianne Capable of wrangling an unruly lot of gamblers and keeping us all on task, and all of it for a good cause. Deft and generous.
    Liara Rogueish sort. Common, certainly, and that doesn't appear to trouble him in the slightest. Worth keeping an eye on if he does indeed do performances.
    Lora A gregarious, colorful fellow. As one expects a Grandmaster of Champions to be, I suppose.
    Lore What started out as a little fun has turned into something I never thought I'd wanted. Gonna chase this fantasy as far as I can.
    Lorenzo Nice guy, interesting to talk to. I'd enjoy talking to him more, once his other responsibilities have lightened up for him.
    Lottie Bashira's brother! My-oh-my, isn't he fun to be around? I ain't had no one run around like that with me without a care for anyone lookin' in a real long time. Gotta' appreciate a man who's willing to drop off some decorum for a good ol' fashioned snowball fight. He's got good carryin' arms too. Nearly killed myself hefting my bag and he didn't seem to have any trouble at all holding mine and his.
    Lou Caspian is another eager recruit to join the Explorers. He seemed to get more excited about the prospect the more danger I mentioned. He's someone to look after, but if he keeps his spirit, he may be a good addition.
    Luca Even if the man weren't a fellow Champion and one of the best knife fighters in Arx, he'd still be one of my favorite people. Charming, with a natural flair for showmanship. There's never a dull moment around Caspian Wild. Rare have been the times when I've left his side less entertained than when I came to sit at it. Very rare.
    Lucita A newcomer to Arx who uses small weapons like me. We had a spar and seemed evenly matched, lasting round after round till both tired and finally he overcame me. It was a good spar and he displayed good sportsmanship, an amicable disposition. Will be interesting to see how he gets along in months to come.
    Lydia Anyone who can keep The Champions organized should be very, very good at also herding cats.
    Lys He's so very, very nice, and he fights like water. He's all fluid grace and furious power.
    Mailys Devil may care is the first phrase that comes to mind which often makes for the best intrigues.
    Malcolm Grandmaster Champion of the Champion's Guild. He's got personality - he does. Seems like the kind I'd easily call a friend one day. Good folk.
    Malesh he preformed a Rite to Gloria against my own Lady Joslyn. His spirits remained high, despite his defeat. Still, he is a man of some noteworthy moves in combat!
    Marcas A very interesting, jovial man. A champion and an explorer? His life must be filled with adventure. I admit, I would very much like to take part in that, I look forward to talking to him more soon.
    Margerie If we're talking true first impressions? I mean, the man oiled himself up to fight Prince Luca in torchlight. I'm just glad neither of those boys caught themselves on fire! Risky business, that.
    Melody Grandmaster of the Champions and working on becoming the grandest of models too. I think.
    Merek Merek has met the man a few times, but never really got around to chatting with him. Combat speaks much better either way, and he thinks he knows the man better now. Showy, but an amiable kind of man, quite kind.
    Meriah A friendly man but more importantly, he fought to help the Lowers in its time of need. Even at the cost of his health. Commendable.
    Mikani I have a mentor. Good. Though am I going to have to learn the lute to fight?
    Miranda This Grandmaster of the Champions is certainly not shy about joining conversations. Refreshing! And an actor to boot!
    Mirari A deep well, what you see on the surface isn't always what you'll find underneath.
    Mirk Boisterous and friendly. But perhaps he should work on the euphemisms.
    Monique Inpsiring and charming! I know he will give Nature's Fury a good home and loving care.
    Morrighan Not sure what tae make o' this one yet, this Thraxsworn. Claims tae be a fightin' sort, though I s'pose tha'll be found out soon enough. Will need tae converse more tae get a better assessment o' him. Seems easy goin' enough, amicable.
    Mydas He was worried. I helped. He should understand the situation a bit more, and thus be even more worried. To his credit, he didn't panic.
    Navi He sang to me, he spoke of weapons and warfare, he thought to replace that which was lost... all this, and a former prodigal. Ah, what could have been, once upon a time, far far away.
    Nierzen He thinks seeing Bastien upset would be funny. I liked that. That was about it.
    Nijah Has a good humor and is pleasant. I am not sure if he is ever serious of if this is how he is all the time. Should be a fun bit of company in Arvum, and does not understand Arvani but is okay if I speak it. Strange but delightful.
    Niklas Grandmaster of the Champions. A seraph with a blade. Doesn't enjoy formal debate.
    Norwood Every time this man fights I am in awe!
    Nuala A man who fights that well in a bedsheet is a civic treasure.
    Nurie The Grandmaster of the Champions? Be still my heart. Between him and Master Morgan it is less a vision of ladies' gowns swirling in my head, but how to best befit all these handsome and beautiful sword-wielders to best show off their glory, both inside the grounds and away from them! And he also was so very kind and gently spoken. He must be awfully fierce if he saves it all up for the dueling grounds!
    Ophelia A friend of my brother's and now a friend of mine! I look forward to cheering for him during his next duel. And perhaps the next. Maybe the one after that, too.
    Orathy Dog lover... them poor animals. Some champion eh. Good humor though, at least.
    Orelia He's arrogant. He's cocky. He actually believes he's -prettier- than me. Still, I like him. And one day, I'll make him eat his words. While wearing naught but a silk sheet, probably.
    Oriana We utterly failed at getting him picked on his birthday. We'll just have to try again!
    Oswyn Please try to keep your guts on the inside. You need them there.
    Otakar What a friendly and flamboyant gentleman! Although, he did introduce himself as a master Champion, I shouldn't be surprised. I ought to hear his stories sometime, I would wager he has more than a few.
    Perronne Confident, with impressive progress so quickly! Definitely a good person to know, and he's even funny!
    Petal He is friendly and likes birds and likes attention. He seems like a good champion and one who will have lots of friends.
    Petra Charming and quick, he flows like the swiftest of river currents. An excellent teacher, he is lightening with the small blade.
    Preston A man who needed help, and for whom help was given. That he asked is actually to his credit - many seem to bypass us or presume our co-operation.
    Quenia This Liberator is very passionate about the work that he does, and it shows. If all people could be as passionate with the things they were involved with, much good could be done.
    Reese He seems playful and meeting him today has cheered me up some.
    Reigna He has the soul of a performer, and he clearly has a sharp mind. He is an adept student and has grown considerably since I have begun to train him. One cannot help but watch him to see what he will do next.
    Renato From all reports a master duelist, one of my would be rivals, eventually. He seems affable and entertaining, this is good, we shall have proper performances!
    Rhea Polite enough not to interrupt A Moment, rude enough to watch A Moment. Can't blame him! (If he ever brings it up, I will blame him very, very hard.)
    Rinel He's remarkably friendly, and his jokes are less biting and more kind than those of most in Arx.
    Rosalie A comedy of errors to ridiculous extremes! But still, I can't fault him, he didn't ask to come across us like that. Still a charming man despite all the embarassment.
    Roxana I came across the man while watching him in a sparring match, certainly noticing him before he did me (excusable only because he was sparring at the time). He held his own, and it was great fun to watch!
    Ruslan The Grandmaster is more friendly then I would expect of a professional duelist; perhaps that is my ignorance of the Compact life speaking.
    Sabella Master Wild is a hilarious person to have a conversation with and I quite enjoy all of our talks. If he can live down being beaten by a bedsheets, he can best anything!
    Sabella Caspian Wild is always, well, a wild person to be around! His conversation is delightful and I always enjoy our back and forth!
    Sable Exuberant and enthusiastic. A man who loves an audience, to be sure.
    Samael A man who loves dogs must be a good man. And he's brave enough to fight Joslyn, the Silken Knight of Pridehall. He is brave.
    Sanya Not only a brilliant warrior, but one of the most entertaining people I've encountered. I hope to hear of more of his tales soon.
    Saoirse Caspian Wild. Cadenza's ...paramour. Saoirse is quite cautious of this man. Quite indeed.
    Sasha I know he is the Grandmaster but I can help someone's dreams come true as well
    Sebastian I've seen the Grandmaster fight many a duel from a distance. Having met him now and seen him fight I can definitely say he's an honorable man in addition to being great with a blade.
    Selene An amusing fellow who I met at the commoner's council. I suppose he might be some kind of minstrel or bard or other sort of entertainer in the making, since he was making jokes in the middle of it. That takes me back! It was cute how he was first clueless, and then quite surprised to realize who I was.
    Shae Playful sort. Fun. A lot of fun. I would like to have more people around like him.
    Simone A champion through and through. I have seen him fight a few times through the years and he is always the consummate showman.
    Skapti Grandmaster of the Champions guild, apparently. Lofty indeed for a former Thrall. Sociable fellow, and his lover is free with her rum, so that's always a plus in my book.
    Snow He stabs things, mostly himself? an interesting one though.
    Sophie He's a flirt, but a harmless one I think. I would like to get to know him better, especially if Lottie teaches him sweets-making.
    Sorrel A performer and musician whom I can send out into the streets just as soon as I write the right song!
    Sparte A duelist with a quick wit and an admirable sense of humor.
    Stefano A duelist and champion as well as entertainer. He should have plenty of work once people turn from war preparation back to whatever they normally do to annoy each other.
    Tabitha He was kind to me when I was nervous at the tavern. I just hope I didn't make him feel too awkward.
    Talen Duelist. Young, carefree, probably needs to be hired. A Champion. Worth a few silver for a fun challenge sometime, maybe.
    Talwyn He is a man of the people, easy to talk to and forthright as they get. A sure grin and full of ideas. I need to find a reason yet for the Champions and Bard's College to work together.
    Thena A dagger-wielding Champion; it would have been interesting to fight him though I didn't have the time.
    Theodoric It doesn't take a lot to see why he is the champion
    Theron Good sleight-of-hand, some cheekiness and the ability to poke holes with a dagger so quickly that you get dazzled is always a good show. I like it!
    Thesarin The man has a... flair to him. Young, clean, vibrant and eager. My mirror image, eh?
    Thorley I know that there is a good man beneath the show he puts on as the Grandmaster of Champions. I would hope that all of his Champions would be so sure of his example.
    Tomwell Always nice to meet a fellow musician! I'll have to show him my violin some day.
    Torian There's a man who can through some darts, though he might have blown his luck early. Had enough left in the barrel to get him passed High Lord Victus though. A talent.
    Turo Entirely too flirty for me. There's something... unsettling about a man who has so many titles when none of them are related to his peerage or military service. Still, he seems nice enough.
    Tynan Charming man, not the best at Stones but everything gets better with practice, right?
    Valdemar He seems more down to earth than I would have imagined after witnessing one of his duels.
    Valery He is a Champion. And he seems nice. Looking for a fun patron. He can't get a better than mine, though.
    Vanora Champion Caspian is witty and friendly, and knows far more about dueling and duelists than I. He presents himself well and offered assistance should I ever require any for an honor duel or for entertainment purposes. It's good to have an option just in case....
    Verity An expert duelist, he said. Might as well go see for myself if I can. Didn't strike me as interested in politics and all that, for all that he might be exposed to such things by way of his work.
    Veronica Although he lost the duel on behalf of Countess Reigna, he still proved himself a highly skilled duellist and a professional Champion. Despite the defeat I feel Reigna still made the right choice in selecting Caspian Wild as her champion.
    Victus Look at him spin those blades. Spin spin, juggle juggle. He needs to hit something with him before I'm completely impressed, but he's got my attention.
    Violet A man of great skill with a small blade and some of the best footwork I've seen in awhile. I'll have a few bruises, maybe even a scar, to take home from my first meet, and spar, with him. But he also gave me a beautiful dagger and I gave him a promise in turn. Pass it on when the time comes and I find a person in need. I like this man. I hope to have a drink with him sometime.
    Vitalis I expect no less than a bold opinion from Arx's Grandmaster of Champions - such things are his stock in trade and he has the skill at arms that few could gainsay him if anything came to an exchange of blades.
    Wylla A humorous young man and a duelist. He seems very eager in all things! Coltish, like young Fatchforth. I woner if they're somehow related, as they seem similar in nature. 'Wild' is very much the right surname for this fellow.
    Zaina I still have so much to learn.
    Zalika He is a former thrall just as I am and a champion. I find so much comfort in his familiarity with my own past and his strength.
    Zebulon Okay, he's kind of like my hero. Not going to lie. I've wanted to be a Champion all my life and this guy is the real thing and the top of the stack! I am going to learn a lot from him!
    Zoey A crass and crude commoner with little sense not to flirt with a noblewoman. Especially when it is unwanted.