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Lord Markos Proscipi

There's a dark beneath the mountain so deep that time stands still and fear becomes as real as any predator.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Shadow Hunter
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Leporidae
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 27
Birthday: 6/14
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Ranger
Height: tall
Hair Color: raven
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: bronzed

Description: Strong and wild would both be apt descriptions for this man. Long raven locks hang to his shoulders, oftentimes in a knotted mess when not tied back from his face with a length of cord. Piercing blue eyes peer from beneath a dark brow and as often as not a growth of stubble adorns a strong jaw marred only by four long scars that begin at the jawline and disappear down the collar, created by the taloned paw of some great beast. His build is athletic, hardened by a lifetime spent in the wilds.

Personality: Markos has a lust for life. Not a life spent piled upon pillows enjoying the creature comforts of fortune, but rather the unknown. Ever since a child, he would rather spend his time finding adventures beneath the shadow of Arakkos than within the confines of the city walls that may as well have been bars on a cage. This lust for life displays itself in his personality in a quickness to laugh, smiles that take in his eyes, and a penchant for mischief and jokes.

Background: Born the first son of a cadet branch of the Leporidae nobility, Markos always had a wild streak even as a child. Quick to get in trouble or to find himself in mischief, the young lord simply always had a penchant for finding himself beneath the disapproving gaze of his mother. But then again, the quiet chuckles and hair ruffles his father would give when his mother wasn't looking was hardly the disciplinary action to set him on the 'right' path.

Markos never had much care for academics or the finer points of etiquette. He would much rather spend his time watching the Arakkoan feats of strength and athletic competitions, often at the expense of his studies. It is perhaps little wonder then, that as he grew older he naturally gravitated toward such things. Archery, methods for surviving the wilds, and studies of the various animals that inhabit Dawnsend would all come to the young lord as easily as if they were ingrained within his flesh and bones.

In his late teens Markos would sneak out of the city for the first time, determined to find adventure since it wasn't obviously wasn't going to find him behind the city walls. He never did forget the rush of adrenaline as he crept past the city guard and out into the undergrowth surrounding the city... or the bruises he would have after a rather unfortunate misstep sent him tumbling and sliding down a steep hill to crash into a stony creek. He learned so much on that first trip, aided by the fact that he got lost in the jungle for four days and was forced to learn to survive amid predators and the other dangers that await around every corner in the untamed wilderness of Dawnsend. But that feeling that came to him, the feeling of belonging, is something that would light a fire beneath him, a fire that couldn't be quenched even beneath the lashing his father gave him when he would stumble back into Tremorus four days later, cut and bruised by alive with purpose.

And thus has Markos spent the last several years of his life, ranging the wilds beneath the shadow of the mountain, seeking adventure and the promise of danger wherever it might be found. Working as a liaison between the noble family Leporidae and the various barbarian tribes found in the region, a guide through the wilds, and as an animal handler for the family, Markos has lived a happy life of his own making. It is this thirst for adventure that brings him after his family members to Arx, seeking what new wonders might be found within a suddenly much wider world.

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