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Lady Dora Malvici

Boredom is just life telling you to make things exciting again.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Rebellios Black Sheep
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malvici
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 22
Birthday: 05/01
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Noble
Height: taller than 6'6"
Hair Color: Blond?
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Skintone: Fair

Description: This may be one of the tallest women in Arvum. Standing at nearly seven feet tall she has to stoop to go through most doorways. Long of leg, obviously, and limb she has a litheness to her that is hard to hide. There is no hiding her figure either. She has broad shoulders and hips and is endowed to go with her height. Everything seems to be in nice proportion, with her having that slight thickness that tells of always having a full belly and then some. And maybe even a sweet tooth.

Blond hair falls thick and wavy well past her shoulders. Yet the dark roots perhaps tell a secret. Beneath the primped falls of her hair are icey blue eyes. Upturned slightly they are thick with dark lashes that make her eyes pop. Round and full lips fill out an oval face.

Personality: Stubborn to the point of her parents shipping her off to a tiny island for some sanity. From the get go she was given everything she wanted, and left to cause havoc and trouble. So it isn't a surprise she is often spoiled, sometimes stuck up, and almost always coy. The last reserved for when she wants something usually. Yet despite all this she isn't afraid of getting dirty. Literally. An exploring nature and inquisitive mind have led her into no few scrapes, and only made her the more bold. Or maybe it's the fact she simply thinks herself invincible that makes her feel that way.

Background: Her father was Darko Blackram and mother was one Wendy Malvici. A second cousin among a sea of cousins. She was raised going between Southport and the Cloudspine, her parents intent on exposing her to both of her heritage. When she was two the Southport-Tor war broke out and they were on their first trip to the Cloudspine. It was a lucky thing for the family and they managed to avoid some of the upset. During time spent in Cloudspine they were free to lavish attention on the girl. Being far from home, everyone went out of their way to make her happy. Perhaps that was a bad idea.

From a young age she was always wandering off. It terrified her parents and they did their best to have her under careful watch. After all, they had tried so very hard and struggled to have her. But it became a game to escape and run off on the governesses and nurses tasked with her. As she grew older she grew bored with just running off. The thrill less. And so she got into other trouble. Mostly pulling pranks on anyone who wasn't careful, or filling her little treasure chest with stolen knick knacks.

When they returned to Southport in 995 they hoped that, perhaps, the militant training would work. If anything it only made her rebel worse. Oh she took to the lessons, and was skilled as any Malvici might be expected to be, but she made it clear this was not what she wanted to do. And so she wouldn't, except when she did. It led to many headaches and pains for her parents. It was only when a group of explorers came through, hosted by her parents, that some hope of reining in the wild child came. They stayed for a month and promises of tales are all that got her going to the academy regularly. Yet it wasn't what he parents hoped. At 13 she stowed away on the explorers ship and managed to hide for nearly a month. There was no turning back, only apologies to be made.

True to her stubborn nature it took wile and three years before the crew were able to get her back to Southport. And her rather infuriated parents. But she was unrepentant, even bearing a tattoo hiden beneath her clothes, and all around behaving little like the lady they had hoped. It drove a huge gap between herself and her parents. During her travels she had picked up a fascination for alchemy, specifically in its use for body inks. When she returned they put her under house arrest. It started a battle of wills that drove her mother to drinking and ended with Darko sending her off a few years late. It was a desperate attempt to temper her.

In 07 she went to Caer Morien just after Artorius was made its Count. Little did they realize the delight Dora would find in the native people and their own traditions. Without meaning too she managed to learn something of their culture. In so doing she helped to bridge some of the gaps between House Magnotta and the prodigals.

Too bad she got bored again...

Name Summary
Artorius A young woman whom I've already grown extremely close to and who I've known for most of my life. A lovely woman, and a woman I can trust. Even if she's rebellious and a troublemaker. I look forward to our next meeting...
Bethany Goodness, that woman is tall.
Domonico My first cousin Dora. An impressively tall woman with an keen interest in the sea. Perhaps she will be a good asset in the future for the Raptors.
Prisila Never in my life have I /ever/ seen a woman of such stature. She was truly magnificent and the lusty maiden in me wants to climb her.