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Raymesin Ulbran

No, my parents weren't married.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Not-so-charming Enforcer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Ulbran
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 40
Birthday: 10/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: ice blue
Skintone: pale

Titles: The Queen's Blade, Paladin of Death, Legendary Knifeman

Description: Standing taller than six and a half feet, this man is as thin as the proverbial rake. The sharp angles of his pale-skinned face accentuate large eyes of cold, pale blue, and high cheekbones and hollow cheeks lend him a brooding air. His hair is jet black with receding temples and streaks of silver, kept long enough to touch his shoulderblades and often tied at the back of his neck with a thong. The rest of his body follows the elongated, slender and angular rule; his limbs are long, his fingers are dextrous, and there's little spare fat on him.

Personality: There's something just a little off about Raymesin, even for a Lower Boroughs man. His gaze is just a little too intense and his smile rarely reaches his eyes, leaving the impression of a man wearing a mask of flesh over his real face. A survivor, he adapts to suit the situation; his rage is quick to stir, but there's always loyalty at the core of him.

Background: The illegitimate son of a nobleman and a serving girl who was released from service when she became pregnant - at least, if you believe a word of anything he says - Raymesin's mother died when he was just a few years old, abandoning him to a life in the Lower Boroughs. At first he just about survived, but over time he started to thrive, taking to his new life as though he'd been born to it. Before he reached his teens he was recruited by the Ulbran family to serve as a lookout and thief; by the time he turned eighteen he'd learned how to use a knife, and how to kill. Since then he's been working as an enforcer for the family, doing the things that need to be done, and he's recently returned from a job that took him elsewhere for a little while.

Relationship Summary

  • Orathy - It's always nice to meet an old acquaintance again, a familiar face. His beard has gone to salt and pepper, but that just means he's seasoned.
  • Acacia - Intelligent, cunning and canny. Definitely worth knowing.
  • Evaristo - A very big mouth, but useful despite that.

  • Friend:
  • Tanith - It took us both a long time to realise how good we are together.
  • Austen - I don't know why or how he's become a paramour, but he has.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Ulbran. Too tall. Not so bad, but I don't like him.
    Aelgar A man of perhaps surprising wits, he seems to know his business. Good answers for every angle of the topic under discussion. Probably a lot to learn in there and I am looking forward to that little project. Pleasant, too, and Giada seems to trust him. As much as she does anyone. Good enough for me.
    Aethan Even if I do not know him well, seeing a smile on his countenance clashes greatly with the exterior of the man I see clad in black with a Lowers accent.
    Aethan Knows and trusts Ian. Ian trusts him. Don't know if that should be enough for me, but it is. And now I owe him something of a small favor.
    Ailys A slightly ominous presence at first, but he cares.
    Alexio A kind heart, with a soft spot for his loved ones, hides beneath the daunting appearance of this tall and clearly hardworking man. I suspect he'd be good to know.
    Alrec Never thought I see the death priest enforcer himself but here we are with an opportunity to work together. Always a pleasure when I get to work with the Ulbran family.
    Alrigo He's a big lad, huge even. I'd not want to turn the wrong alley and find that one at the other end of it. People like that are useful though. When you need them.
    Amund Big and pretty damn menacing. Definitely someone with potential as a soldier if he so chooses.
    Angelica Tall devoted to focus; I can appreciate that, especially if Harlequins are as they say they are. A pleasant experience and an afternoon well spent.
    Anisha I don't know if the humility is accidental, but from what I've know of Messere Raymesin, it is certainly not necessary. It is said brevity is the soul of wit. It is said that it is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and confirm it. Messere Raymesin have taken both of these sayings to heart.
    Apollo I can't argue with his taste in hats. Quite an accent! Friendly.
    Arcadia Not lowers scum from what I see.
    Arman Not big on ceremony, rough around the edges, but one might expect that from a Lowers man. Polite. Straight and to the point. Treat him fairly and he'll return the favor.
    Artur A knifeman through and through. Thing about knives is yes they're deadly, but they also can be useful for so many other things. The point is, never go on a quest or fight without a trusty knife, and you’d probably find yourself lucky if you had someone like Raymesin with you.
    Ashur This man seems like a rough sort. It's not bad to know the rough sort, wherever one might travel. And he sounds quite knowledgeable as well on matters of the Queen of Endings.
    Aslaug When one meets one of the large cats, it is easy to get caught up in its beauty and strength. The leanness of form and grace of movement. One can almost forget that it is a predator. One may also forget that it can hide in shadows, wait for its prey to be near, and then pounce. Sometimes, the threat is all that is needed for the prey to flee for its life. So it is with this Ulbran. Do not forget that he can kill. It oozes off him if you care to notice.
    Astrid I've known him most of my life. Never seen him the leat bit scared.
    Aswin A cousin of the Ulbran line. He is a good sort. Thoughtful. Doesn't seem inclined to rush into anything half assed. Should keep him alive.
    Auda Super tall. Taller even than the tall tales made him out to be.
    Audgrim Glad to see him still kicking around. Must be really hard to find someone selling a coffin that long.
    Austen Tall and mysterious. He's also very pointy, I get the feeling that I would not want to get on the wrong side of him. Still, he is a Harlequin, and I trust that the Gods have seen fit for him to be such. Still, will keep an eye on him, just in case.
    Avary It is often the case that one approaches to find justification rather than reflection, but claims to seek the latter. I am not sure which he is, but in either case I'm certain I didn't do well in answering his question.
    Bethany Well mannered and wise, seems to have the right idea of good contacts.
    Braelynn A knifeman and Harlequin with a strong lowers accent who earned the title of Queens Blade.
    Brigida Tall. Very tall indeed. I can't imagine him being for any other God other than death looking like that.
    Calypso Hope next time he's thinking about pulling a knife on a duchess in a room filled with her family he'll remember what I said to him. Being hotheaded shouldn't be a death sentence.
    Cambria A chance encounter. He might just prove to be a diamond in the rough, if I have anything to do with it.
    Caspian The guardian of Jayus' left nostril. Or was it his armpit? I don't remember. He's pretty funny though.
    Cassimir A stoic sort, inquisitive, if I may be so bold to suggest. It is not every day one is connected with the right person in possession of all the right information at precisely the right time. He is that man to me, and perhaps will never understand how relieved I am to have met him.
    Catalana The man has much more control than I expected. Quiet though. Bet he'd be a great sailor.
    Celine A Harlequin. Seems to have a lot of knowledge about the darker things in Arx, and is keen not to have them disturbed. As much as he tells, I wonder how much he holds back.
    Cerys I tested my mettle against him in the training grounds, and I was found lacking. A humbling and a thrilling moment in equal measure.
    Cesare A perfect example of why one ought not judge a book by its cover, and a tome I am glad I had the time to take a peek inside.
    Cirroch stubborn. uptight. bullish. He'd fit in the mountains well.
    Corrigan Yet another gravelly longshanks who leaps menacingly to the defense of a maiden's virtue. Ten a penny in Arx, each more nauseating than the last.
    Corrigan Still as intimidating as fucking ever. I'd be more appreciative of him marrying in if I wasn't kicked out of the family but, life is life. Maybe they'll all get it someday, maybe not. But Tanith is all the better for him.
    Cullen I generally get along well with people from the Lowers, and count a number among my friends, but this fellow seems to think that all problems that have befallen him and his neighbors down below - literally all problems - are the fault of the nobility.
    Dantaria I never thought he'd become the bedrock of the family, but here we are. Strange how things work out, yeah? I'm glad we didn't kill him all those years ago.
    Darren An interesting man. Seems to keep himself to himself, and has a *lot* of knives. I suspect he knows a lot more than he lets on.
    Delilah I have the impression he can get up to the most interesting of trouble, and it's been lovely to see how his mind works!
    Denica He's gruff, direct and doesn't seem to like me. This means we can be friends. Lucky for him, I suppose.
    Deoiridh This one has the reek and air of death about him, and it feels as though something else boils below the surface, waiting to be unravelled. A giant of a man, too, somehow a strange trait to find amongst cityfolk. Still, he's not glared daggers at me or spat by my feet, that alone earns consideration - if only a measure of it.
    Dianna It is good to find people willing to go into dark places with good intents. I shall welcome him again.
    Domonico A tall dangerous man. Long reach. Very skilled with a short blade. Not one to encounter in a dark alley.
    Dycard 'Third Lowers scum from the left,' apparently. A man who wants to be a closed book, from the sounds of it - or at least a closed book to me. ..That, or simple deadpan humour. I'm likely overthinking this.
    Elora The Queen's Blade sounds quite important, though I'm not sure what it means. He's a quiet man; I can identify.
    Elsbetta An unsettling presence, though I haven't a clue why. Probably a fitting attribute for a Queen's Blade to be.
    Ember I think that Messere Ulbran and I would likely find quite a few points in common if we were ever to sit and speak. However, one thing that we have in common is that we're not likely to sit and speak.
    Erik While tall - or even taller as I - that man is reed thin. I worry if he gets enough to eat! When you get through through his thick brogue, he speaks with a knowledge about death and pain that makes me understand why the Harlequins are giving counsel to those in grief and mourning. Yet equally how they can embrace new life.
    Esme He's lovely. I'm sure we are about to become the best of friends. We will learn things together.
    Evaristo A familiar face, one I'd rather not get on the bad side. How odd we meet at a shrine because of an interest in the Queen of Endings, suddenly. Interesting man!
    Evelynn A mysterious man I met in the Lower Boroughs. He doesn't seem to share information about himself too easily although he was more polite than someone would expect.
    Ezra Kindness rooted in truth, wisdom rooted in experience. I am grateful he took the time to speak with me.
    Fairen A man of action from the Lowers if I got his accent right. Definitely was handy to have around, especially since - well, we won't talk about what I did during that whole incident.
    Faruq Needs to stop complaining about his life and do something to change it if that is his wish.
    Faye Rude? Paranoid? Nosy? Unhelpful? He didn't even give his name, but I'll likely remember him all the same. Odd, I usually find Harlequins to be easier to talk to.
    Gaspar Beware that Common lilt because there is nothing common about the man. He's surely dangerous in all of the best ways and shrewd besides, if not most of all.
    Gaston A man that stands taller than me, a definite rarity. He moves even faster with blades with his hands, much to my surprise. A formidable opponent that I hope not to face against in the future but fight alongside with if I had to choose.
    Gerrick An interesting means of using what is on their person as a weapon. Also good at spotting other's weapons.
    Giada Decent guy, seems like. Knows what's important.
    Gilroy Tough guy. Always handy. Doesn't want to do crimes with me. Must hate money!
    Grady A harlequin who seems most attentive to his duties as such, which is something to be admired in anyone.
    Haakon Bodyguard to the Harlequins. Funny fucker.
    Hamish Rough around the edges, but devoted nonetheless.
    Harlex Steady. Honest. Unblinded by the gregarious elite. Good man.
    Harper Man was he easy to piss off! But after we came to terms, he seemed alright. Just gotta remember to make sure he knows when I'm joking or not!
    Holt A little tense at first, but friendly enough. Seems like there's a lot more to him than meets the eye.
    Ian Don't let him get behind you.
    Icelyn He shared few words when we met at the ceremony. But we certainly share a wish to observe without being observed.
    Ida Raymesin Ulbran is an imposing figure, without doubt. Tall, dark, and dangerous from first appearances at the least. Looks, as they say, can sometimes be deceiving. This isn't the case necessarily with Raymesin, but his close friendship with my brother gave us an easy common-ground from which to have a real conversation. A man of admirable convictions, his passions to duty and to the Lowers marks him as a fine person in my book, and like kin.
    Ignacio An interesting man seemingly doing well making his way in this world. I would like to get a chance to test his blade someday to see just how well he handles himself, but only on the sparring field.
    Ilira Cutting eyes, quiet smile, serene in brutality--this is one I'd like at my side, not my back.
    Imi If he's half as devoted as he claims, this one's a boon for the Queen of Endings.
    Jacali Come into my shop'n threaten me like a bloody Grayhope. He'll learn in time just how filthy my bite may be, he will. The asp's but a whip of a thing, it is, but it don't make it timid, nor is it gentle. We'll see how close he gets his boot to my mouth in the time to come, ey?
    Jaenelle A man who takes his duties duties seriously. Though I do not know him well, I have been impressed on every occassion we have had to meet.
    Jasper A deadly force with very sharp knives and a most apt teacher of lessons.
    Jeffeth Not very friendly. A little taller than me which doesn't happen often. I thought we could be tall friends, but he's an Ulbran. And. Well. You know. I don't remember seeing him on the streets of the Lowers when I was a boy, or maybe I did and he just grew so tall I don't recognize him. Either way, he fell in with the Ulbrans and that's generally a Bad Choice.
    Jennyva I met him in the Shrine of the Queen and it seems like we may be starting a journey together towards the service of the Queen! How exciting!
    Jyri Raymesin Ulbran, a name that has made its way to the Iron Guard, not only cause of his family name. Heard he's a respectable member of the Faith these days, a disciple of the Harlequins. Follower of Death - somehow that seems entirely fitting for the man. I hope we won't have reason to have conflict.
    Katarina He's too tall. My neck hurts from craning up to look at him too much. Though the world requires the tall just as much as it requires the short like myself.
    Katarzyna He has a way with spiders and knows how to deftly remove them from pant legs. I appreciate his assistance and hope to visit the Shrine again some day, only next time I will be much more careful where I choose to sit.
    Keely He is surprisingly kind, and quite knowledgeable on several fascinating topics.
    Kenna There's just something about people that prickly that makes me want to touch them. You'd think I'd learn after bleeding enough.
    Korka An Ulbran harlequin that's friends with a Grayhope. A man of few words and interesting scars.
    Lasha Pretty closed off, doesn't like Anyone to do with Pravus.
    Lena A genial denizen of the Lower Burroughs.
    Lore Funnily, I would have expected to run into him for other reasons. But I'm glad that I came across him at the Shrine. He accepted my views and still offered help. I couldn't ask for more.
    Lou He was a great help to me when I was struggling with grief, and I took his advice to heart. I think he makes a fine member of Death's clergy.' is not available. Type "help" for help.
    Lys As quiet and taciturn as they come, but I have a feeling he's an unmoveable object underneath all that silence. As steady as a tree.
    Mabelle A strong, seriously tall man. I owe him my life. Or at least cake.
    Magpie Magpie thought he was all bullshit and bitterness at first, but once they got to talking a bit more the Ulbran seemed solid enough for future correspondence. Always good to know who's who around the Lowers.
    Marena Honestly, he reminds me of me a little.
    Margerie The man clearly has a lot on his mind, and he has thought deeply about the circumstances around him. I imagine there are layers I cannot see, ones which would reveal someone capable and worthy of the things he claims he cannot or should not have.
    Martino He is SO useful! Has a bit of everything to keep us all safe when we went on an adventure and, for that, I am thankful. Good man!
    Marzio There's something about the man that seems familiar, but I can't quite place my finger on it... In any case, he seems to be a good sort. One I could maybe understand with a bit more time. Hopefully on good terms.
    Medeia The flipside of Tanith's coin. One need look past the disdain to see the wisdom, but it's there.
    Mikani The Queen's Blade. Harlequin. I am impressed. I'm not sure he is.
    Miranda He's a trooper! Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin', just like me! Under better circumstances, he might be fun to fight alongside. Good to know he can handle himself!
    Monique Lowers as Lowers gets. He's got the sharp knife-edge of danger about him that I shouldn't like. But I do.
    Narcissa Savior and herder of spiders, protector of webs up most high.
    Nico He seems like a grizzled man, but with warmth to him. I only spoke with him briefly before the area became crowded with other individuals, but I wouldn't mind his company another day.
    Nina I don't think he's much for speeches, but it was great to meet him at his wedding as he was quite cheerful! He and Tanith seem to make such a lovely couple!
    Noah He does look like the Duke. I might not be overly annoyed by this one either. Take that as one will.
    Nottie Long time friend. Seems pretty grumpy. He's family too.
    Ophne Quite boorish when I met him. Perhaps his day was going badly.
    Orathy Reckon as similar we are, we ain't.
    Oriana I *swear* I've seen his face before. SWEAR IT. Hmmh. I'll keep an eye out. For eyes out.
    Orland He thinks there's joy to be found in life, even if that joy is sticking shivs into cultists.
    Pasquale Our first meeting was a lesson on how best to avoid being murdered. For someone with a somewhat shady reputation i've always found him both reasonable and pleasant.
    Petal He seems okay. Seems to be a sellsword who might like to find another trade. Crafting is where it is at, so I hope that goes well for him. Seems like a man of the lower boroughs. Is probably a survivor.
    Piccola A swift-and-steady soldier, based on what I've seen. Also, someone who has little faith in the wisdom of nobility, which is both reasonable and prudent.
    Porter Certainly one of the silent-ish types and definitely intimidating at first. But there's something to that old saying about still waters running deep. He does good for this city, even if he claims to not be all good. Either way, he's someone I'm growing to like.
    Qadira Suddenly, I find myself surrounded by men such as these. Weighed, purposeful, and not hiding their nature behind lies. I appreciate such men.
    Quintin A fellow Harlequin. Excellent taste in hats.
    Raimon Raymesin seems to be the type of person who knows how to use a shovel. Perhaps on account of burying bodies. Perhaps fresh bodies. Perhaps freshly - stabbed ones. Doesn't much like uppity types; This is fine.
    Raja He is an Ulbran enforcer. It's good to have the enforcers, but if he thinks I am scared of him, he has something to learn.
    Ras A cold guy, but he ain't mean. Got Lowers wisdom. Serves Death... in a lot of ways.
    Reese He seems to have had a hard a life, its a vibe I get from him.
    Revell Dunno what to think of him. Lowers type, obviously, but gets as easily offended as a silk. Maybe it's the new fancy cloak of his?
    Rinel A man who is familiar with violence, and perhaps even likes it. But I think, at his core, he is a good man.
    Ripley Tanith's man. A good man. I mean he says he's maybe not a good man, and the both of them look at each other when I mention there's a good knife at his belt. But then you know, she also brings him bacon with his oatmeal and then has this smile on her face when around him, so the skinny man with the sharp knife has probably got to be at least half decent. That and he's a Harlequin so.
    River Well, I mean at least he can have a conversation and ignore absolutely everything around it, including social blunders? That or he really just doesn't care. let's hope it's the seconD? I don't know He's good folk though, I think.
    Rowenova I like the way this guy thinks. We empathized through thoughts of violence! Or at least I think so.
    Roxana There is something strikingly familiar and entirely foreign about Raymesin of No House (that's what he said!) I wonder if there's a story someone hasn't told me? But I am so good at keeping secrets!
    Rukhnis A hard man, perhaps, but not so hard that he can look upon true evil without hatred clear in his eyes. For this if nothing else, he has my respect.
    Samira Exactly what one would expect of an Ulbran, tall and intimidating with an air of hardness and restraint. I suspect there's more to him, probably reserved for a select few to see. He has the Lowers' interests in mind and he's loyal to those he cares about. Two things I can get behind.
    Sanya He seems polite, respectful. I appreciate his willingness to admit error and move forward amicably.
    Savio An imposing man in appearance and demeanor, one who clearly knows the ways of the world. Not someone I would want as an enemy!
    Serena Raymesin is an interesting figure from the Lowers. He holds a special role in the service of the Queen of Endings. And he's...not what I get in Whisper House. It's good for us to remember that just because we don't see it daily doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Raymesin is that reminder for me.
    Sira A Harlequin of some renown, and clearly quite dangerous if he wants to be.
    Sirius A man whose silhouette gleams like light reflects on a knife's edge in the dark, betiding danger. Perhaps he's just protective of those close to him, how can I know?
    Sonnet I wonder if he knows how to oil a spider?
    Sophie The Queen's Blade. There is much respect not just for the title but for the man who holds it.
    Starling Sir Brooder, a very good lookout and quite adept and skulking and looking dangerous. A bit standoffish, for good reasons, I think, but I rather find him amusing.
    Sunaia Protector of Spiders; Harlequin. I'm sure the Queen of Endings blesses him for his hard work. I'm sure I appreciate him - and his ability to sweep better than we do.
    Sunniva He seems to sincerely care about his work as a Harlequin. He soothed my fears and did so in a wonderfully respectful manner.
    Svana He's tall, and he's Tanith's husband. He's nice for such an intimidating figure. I get the feeling that others might not see it the same.
    Sydney Isn't often I meet someone more'n a few inches taller than me, so when someone stands half a fucking head or more above me, I take notice. Or at least, I take notice the second time around. He's Lowers material, which means I respect him immediately, but trust him no further than I can throw him. Yet.
    Talia An intimidating, reserved man that nevertheless seems very happy with his bride, which I am glad for.
    Tanith Knows better than most not to piss off the bartender.
    Terramie He's a good boy. Strong and dutiful and serious. Maybe not warm and cuddly, but I'm glad to have him as part of my family.
    Thea There is something there. Familiar maybe? I can't place it. Something tells me though I could call upon him in a bind.
    Theo I'm grateful to have met the Queen's Blade and for his outlook on the city's other inhabitants. Perhaps his impending visit to the Lyceum ward will yield answers to many questions.
    Theodoric A trusted man of action, ready with a sharp blade and sharper observations.
    Triton Calm and competent air about him. I like his tendency to watch what is happening as though studying everyone--it speaks of self assurance and training.
    Tynan I always appreciate the bruisers of the Lowers that has some common sense to them. The ones that can put together more than two words and a grunt in succession. They're valuable assets, and good to know at times.
    Valarian A real bruiser I remember from the days I was more active with the Ulbrans. Worked under him a few times. Pretty sure I threw a couple people in the Pit afterwards. Intimidating and just the sort of person you want in that role.
    Valenzo A grim, competent killer...who helps his friends when they're in need! Bosom buddies forever!!
    Vayne Courageous. I was pleased to see him lead the way into the defense of others.
    Verity Don't let the tough act fool you: he's much friendlier than he seems! But just to be clear he will also stab you if need be.
    Vitalis Sharp eyes, sharp knives. A good man to have on your side.
    Vittorio Not judgemental of daydrinkers. I appreciate that.
    Volcica still as the grave, and not really one for small talk. Perfect.
    Wagner From whelp to now rake, he's grown in more ways than one.
    Wash I love that a commoner is embarassed tby my antics. My work here is done.
    Zoey Wisdom can come from anywhere, as long as we are willing to listen.