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Lady Kaia Bisland

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Rational Diplomat
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Bisland
Gender: female
Age: 21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Dark Brown (Long and Wavy)
Eye Color: Blue/Grey
Skintone: Rosy/fair

Titles: Lady of Pridehall, Minister of Histories for House Bisland

Description: Petite and lovely; this young lady possesses a fair complexion and a slender curvy body. She inherited her flawless rosy fair skin from her mother’s side; and, a beautiful mane of long, soft and silky wavy tresses of a dark brown shade - which are usually adorned by luxurious and exotic ornaments that hint a glimpse of her personality. Her gentle mouth is doted with heavy lower lips, that blend well with her fine dainty nose and striking big blue-grey eyes. Overall, she’s a simple beauty; and, her stride and movements as supple and elegant as it’s expected from a noble of her class.

(Kaia is wearing her long hair in a bit of a messy stylized bun, adorned by a sliver and sapphire ornament, and a few wavy strands of hair falling naturally by her ears. She seems well rested, and cheerful as ever. She also smells quite nice!)

Personality: Kaia takes after her mother in many ways: particularly in the aspects of organization and a sharp eye for aesthetics and all that requires being creative. At her young age she is found to be a very competent and insightful intellectual that relies mostly on reason, knowledge and intuition when it is time to act. One would agree that she would make a reliable subject to take care of diplomatic affairs - if guided properly through the upcoming years. She has come to be known by many for her devotion and generosity; and, though sometimes she may appear to be a bit self-centered, in truth she's a kind-hearted and frisky spirit that looks up to the world and everything around her as an opportunity for gaining knowledge and adventure. She values honesty and is often very courteous to those around her - yet, she's not afraid to speak her mind and be straight-forward and feisty with her retorts if needed. However, as daring and witty as she may be, her flaws are laid empty when it comes down to the matters of the heart. She's a naive sucker for love; and therefore, a victim of it and the perils it brings with it -especially if she's against the compelling bad-boy sort of type.

Background: The youngest daughter of Samael and Sabitha Bisland. Showered in wealth and a long military heritage, Lady Kaia Bisland --just like her eldest sister, had the finest education growing up. Her father was one of the finest lawyers in the Compact, which does, of course, mean that he wasn't around very much. For her mother, life was a constant flurry of social occasion and diplomacy. She spent most of her younger years in Pridehall, apart from the occasional trip, with Sabitha and Zoey, to the Oathlands to visit their Laurent cousins.

Her chatty spirited nature contrasted to that of her quiet and soft-spoken sister. Who -unlike her- would spend long hours of study in the library, along with their cousin Lailah –in hopes to toss aside her fears of not measuring up to the Bisland firstborn standards and expectations.

The sister’s relationship was a good and healthy one. If Kaia was ever in trouble, she knew she could confidently trust on Zoey to have her back and protect her. Nonetheless, she’d suffer her sister’s occasional exasperation and _’THE LOOK’_ if she followed her for far too long. Leading her to keep her distance as well as trying to give her sister as much privacy as her frisky nature would allow her --in hopes of avoiding being a constant nuisance. Overall, Zoey was the perfect role-model for Kaia -who loved and admired her deeply. Still, there were times in which she would toss all that aside, only to become her cousin Michael’s partner in crime, when it came to pranks.

Not pressured at all by the weight of being a Bisland firstborn; and, caring too little for the family’s long list of formalities, she would often sneak out into the Pridehall gardens where she would find herself daydreaming about the: adventures, fabled romances and faraway places she had only read about in the less scholarly books.

When she was 16, her sister Zoey moved to the city of Arx. The distance made it hard to communicate; still, they made it work. It wasn’t long before she got word of her sister’s engagement to one of the Kennex’s. She was happy for her sister; but also, reasonably and genuinely apprehensive with the recent development. Having her parents, horrible, marriage as a direct example; she had grown to be a bit apathetic regarding the concept and nature of the noble’s wedlock –and yet, she hoped that when the time came for her and her sister to take part on the dreadful -but necessary- ceremony, they might get lucky enough to correspond their respective suitors.

Two years passed, before she was finally summoned to the city of Arx. In the aftermath of the Lodge, duty to the family called: securing economical and financial positions, assisting to the minor tasks offloaded onto the rest of the family, etc.; she was instructed to journey fast and settle in the Bisland Manor located in the Grayson’s district. It was a fact, she had already come of age and was old enough to take part on the dreaded marriage market. Now that she was in Arx, she expected to be of use to the family; but more than so, she hoped to find more about herself and her inner desires. The Society of Explorers certainly seemed like a good start.

Other Facts:

She used to have a secret crush for Killian Ashford since the first time she saw him during his stay in Bisland as a squire; although, he never learned of it. Naturally, when she arrived to Arx and news of his death reached her she was a little overwhelmed; but she got over it quickly.

Relationship Summary

  • Niklas - one of the Grayson Princes - Zoey is his protege.
  • Sabella - one of the Grayson Princesses - has exquisite fashion taste, my inspiration.

  • Family:
  • Michael - my mischievous cousin.
  • Lailah - my clever and intellectual cousin.
  • Samael - my hardworking father.
  • Sabitha - my socialite mother.
  • Duke Gabriel - my busy uncle.
  • Zoey - my dear sister.
  • Ian - my brave but introvert brother in-law.
  • Samantha - my beloved foster cousin -I love her and respect her as if we were of the same blood.
  • Dariel - my famous cousin and friend.
  • Jophiel - my charming, humanitarian and diplomatic cousin.
  • Cristoph - the Laurent Duke, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Eiran - a Laurent lord, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Jael - a Laurent lady, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Naka - a Laurent lord, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Klaus - a Laurent lord (now Thrax), and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Calista - a Fidante lady, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Cassandra - a Laurent lady, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Artur - a prince of Redrain, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Gwenna - a princess of Redrain, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Mabelle - a Laurent lady, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Elsa - a Laurent lady (now Shepherd), and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!
  • Uriel Kennex - my adorable nephew!

  • Patron:
  • Lorna - my favorite perfumer.

  • The crown:
  • Domonico - a friend and teacher in the arts of the sword.
  • Neilda - a friend and fellow student. Someone I look up to.
  • Martino - the handsome fashionable devil and a tease of the Lyceum. I adore him~
  • Isobella - a princess of Velenosa, quite lovely to chat with.
  • Saverio - a lord from House Inverno; handsome and full of mischief; nonetheless, he makes for pleasant company.
  • Videl - a somewhat serious lady from House Igniseri, or maybe I met her at an odd time?

  • Friend:
  • Maddox - my trusted confidant.
  • Sophie - a lovely and charming Valardin princess; and one of my best friends!

  • Ally:
  • Delilah - Bisland Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs
  • Peri - the wild-haired Lady of Seliki, she has an adorable kitten named Surprise; I think Duchess is quite fond of them both. Hopefully we'll become good friends!

  • Deceased:
  • Killian - my youthful infatuation.
  • Leo - the Fidante Duke, and one of my mother's many second cousins. Therefore; quite a distant cousin of mine!

  • Crownlands:
  • Liara - the legendary hostess of Grayson; I admire her! Hopefully we'll become great friends.
  • Venturo - the charming, famous owner and brewer of Raconteur Enterprises.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Goes out in the snow without a cloak. Typical silks. I don't like her.
    Aiden A cousin of mine from the House of Bisland. It's been a while since I've seen her and I really hope she doesn't prove me wrong about shooting herself in the foot with an arrow. It's good to see yet another of the Bisland family coming to the city to become more active in the Compact. I do admire her humor and her understanding of responsibility.
    Ajax A lady full of zeal and energy. With beauty and charm to match, she however makes this habit of making me tired watching her.
    Brigida Expressive.
    Dariel My lovely and also sympathetic cousin who most certainly deserves a more enjoyable nights out!
    Delilah Bisland has its many lions, but not all roar. Kaia is perhaps the gentlest and quietest of them, but enthusiasm glittering in her eyes shows a keen interest in the world.
    Domonico Kaia Bisland. Cousin to the scholarly Lailah. Attractive, diplomatic and rather easily embaressed it seems.
    Evonleigh Lady Bisland is sweet and quick on her feet, and a good person to have at your side in a spot of trouble.
    Fiora It was cute how she screamed when she won. I was like that once I think, maybe. Probably not.
    Gilroy Nice Bisland Lady! Appreciates a good chicken!
    Gretchen She seems sweet and rather quiet. Surely she's going to be a repeat customer!
    Jasher Lady Zoey's sister, with the spirit to match. I wonder what will happen should they choose to commit to a task together.
    Jeffeth What a lovely little lady. She doesn't say much, but she seems awful pleasant.
    Jyri Kind and cheerful, apparently a big fan of my art. An artist herself, I look forward to seeing her work.
    Kaldur A lovely daughter of Bisland, full of mischief and verve.
    Kenna She seems so sweet! Strange that she's related to Michael and Lailah.
    Liara She knows her own mind and she's certainly confident about speaking it.
    Maddox A young and somewhat starstruck lass, new to the city. She is a bit bright eyed, and young at heart, but refreshing. I am hoping that we will become close friends.
    Malcolm She's a very bright and friendly sort. Seems like Bisland's got a lot of folk like that - which I appreciate. Good folk.
    Meriah A sweet little lark. I bet she can sing.
    Niklas Not a bad dance! Not clunky at all!
    Nuala Owl: quiet and watchful, keeping a perch on a stray branch. May never see her come or go. But when she speaks up it's hard not to notice her.
    Petal Kind, welcoming and approachable
    Reese She seems friendly and comes from quit the family. I am curious to learn more about her.
    Sabella She seems a bit lost but very nice! I'm sure Zoey will sort her quickly!
    Sanya A lovely lady I met at the Queensrest. We had an interesting disussion, I hope for another opportunity to do so.
    Saverio Very familiar, though never be mislead that the familiar can not also be dangerous.
    Sparte A curious mind and, one day, an able explorer. I gave her a challenge she didn't pass on the first attempt, but I have the confidence she'll rise to it and surpass it. Because I can see she has the confidence.
    Thesarin The young Bisland girl all grown up. Sweet girl, and kind, how I seen.
    Venturo Warm, cheerful and charming, one can see the reason others are pulled into her orbit like ships into a whirpool, and with a request for a drink that I look forward to making sure strikes just he right note.