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Lady Mikani Crovane

I'm not your mama but I'll give you some advice anyways... If you want to be happy you need to strive to be realistic but optimistic, leave fear behind and take risks. Have fun and reach for the sky because tomorrow might never come and I am not going to search for a way to bring your sorry ass back from the dead. If you die, you have done earned that shit.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Adventurous Anthropologist
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Crovane
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 24
Birthday: 8/8
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Field anthropologist
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Sun Bleached Brown
Eye Color: Mahogany Brown
Skintone: Medium Bronze

Titles: Ambassador of the Marin'alfar, Minister of Income for House Crovane

Description: Mika Tideborne is a tall woman with an athletic but curvy body. She has a small nose and full pink lips that hide a row of healthy white teeth.

Her eyes are a window to her depth and mystery and, to most, clearly reflect the intelligence behind her pretty face. Long brown hair reaches down to the middle of her back and has been bleached lighter by constant exposure to sunlight.

Mika can be a quiet woman at times but when she does speak her voice tends to be calm and somewhat soothing much like a gentle breeze. Though seemingly laid back she also carries herself with nearly tangible confidence in a way that tells people she is not their prey.

(Mika's body is a book of scars that tells of injuries long past and recent once thattell of her life at present. The scars show a history of risky behavior; they are scattered over her skin and most of them hardly visible but there are a couple the suggest she may have nearly died a couple of times. The most noticible are the criss crossing old scars on her back. They are old and faded, more like a memory of a past than of current history.

She has five tattoos on her body. The first is on her left forearm. A compass with a needle that doesn't quite point north and two swallows flying around it. It colored with blues and purples and it reminds her that she knows the way north but she can always follow her own path. Another is on her side, under her left arm. It is a geometric bow and arrow. She would never confess the meaning behind this one beyond saying it is for the trials in her life; it has a Saffron feel to it, the art style typical of that region. Right below the hairline on the back of her neck is a pair of outlined wings with the number 20 between them. Her right shoulder blade holds a geometric dolphin jumping out of a wave in colors of the water. Finally there is a tattoo of a firebird with a tree behind it on her right forearm, for House Byrne and House Crovane.)

Personality: Mikani "Mika" loves the novelty of a good experience and is not afraid to throw caution to the wind and venture forward on the paths less taken. She needs a challenge set before her, a goal she can work towards, and an adventure to keep her life on the edge.

Mika is direct but optimistic and often friendly. She is not afraid to help others explore their own passions so long as they are bold and exciting.

She rarely feels guilty or anxious, avoiding a life in the past and living in the present. Failure is a word that simply means "try another way" to Mika and she rarely lets herself rest for long when at first she falls.

Witty, Independent, and driven are great ways to describe this young Isle's commoner. She is brave and willing to prove herself when people tell her she can't because she is a woman. She is not a man and she doesn't try to be but Mika will make damn sure people know she is a woman of strength and resolve and can stand shoulder to shoulder with any man.

Background: Mikani Tideborne was born to a couple of thralls within the grasp of the Redreef House and by the time she was five years old her parents had been killed for trying to conceal the child's existence. In a show of 'mercy' and 'kindness' the family did not kill the child and took her into their own household as a thrall. The girl was tasked with being a friend to Ember and Marina, making sure they kept out of trouble, and reporting back to their parents when the girls did wrong. Naturally, she got into a lot of trouble herself because the two girls were quite an adventurous handful on their own.

Eventually the twins left and Mika was given some freedom to explore life on her own. She worked herself nearly to death, doing any work possible to pay off her inherited debt to her family. By the time Mika was 20 she had paid off her own debt. However, she stuck with the Redreef House and continued to serve them, finding the twins again and working for them rather than being owned by them.

Relationship Summary

  • Lou - An Explorer and Adventurer. I am so blessed to have her as my Patron and my Guide.

  • Family:
  • Ember - Like the little sister I never knew ... I always wanted to protect and maim for; too bad she's just as stubborn as I am.
  • Caspian - New found cousin. Ru-Taul through my father.
  • Scythia - The gem of Redreef.
  • Jace - Quiet. Yet still a great man to share a drink with.

  • Ally:
  • Emrys - Brave soul teaching me the finer points of being a noble. Brave soul indeed.

  • Sibling:
  • Arcadia - We adopted each other. It feels good to have a sister and one as wild as me.

  • Deceased:
  • Max - Partner in crime until the end.
  • Halsim - Good friend. Will be missed.
  • Bashira - My Cousin ... I wish I knew you better.
  • Ford - You'll never know and now I'll never be able to tell you. But we had some laughs .... that will have to be enough.
  • Gailin - There could have been adventures. Yet you left unexpectedly leaving many pieces to pick up.

  • Northlands:
  • Rysen - Fellow believer in True Love and Adventure. My partner on the great adventure of life.

  • Friend:
  • Carmen - A dear friend that I wish I would have met sooner in my life. Maybe I will even get her out of town for an adventure.
  • Brianna - A woman who is a pea in the pod to me. If we were both peas.
  • Baltus - Never have I ever met a man so much like me. Salt and Rum.
  • Elise - My dueling partner. We are evenly matched but she does like to get me into trouble.
  • Maru - Good for a celebratory drink and a shoulder. Glad you are a friend.
  • Peri - Fellow Explorer. Fellow water lover. Fellow wonderer of the unique and possible. With much cooler hair.
  • Zoey - Woman from Kennex who is fast becoming a close friend. She is into the pursuit of knowledge something I can respect and cherish our talks.

  • Mourning isles:
  • Carita - My delightful liege and Countess.
  • Edward - We grew up together. Yet life is having us walk different paths. I will always remember our childhood.
  • Name Summary
    Adora An unlikely and uncomfortable hostess. I thought nobles pretended better. I don't like her.
    Aella What an energetic little Thraxian. She seems an entertaining sort, I think. At least not like some of these Thraxians I've been meeting. I assume she's Thraxians. Grayson vassals don't have 'reefs' in there names now, do they?
    Alarissa A former thrall, elevated to lady in Redreef. These were things that I did not know but I find her well spoken, eager to learn and while her skills were not where we needed them to be, it provided an opportunity none the less. I look forward to speaking and working with her regardless.
    Aleksei She had a good showing at the Unrivaled Tournament! A good competitor who took a loss on the chin.
    Alessia An intriguing woman who has surely gone far in life.
    Amund Pleasant lady. Very proud of her Islander origins. Member of House Redreef.
    Anisha I met Lady Mikani shortly after the birth of her first child. Mother and child were - are - both quite charming, and she has recovered well from the vagaries of childbirth, near as I can tell.
    Ann A new and welcome face to Arx but any family to Edward is family to me.
    Apollo Gods, if all my clientele were so well-prepared, I might actually get a night's sleep now and again.
    Appolonia You have a higher tolerance for..... certain things than I do.
    Aslaug Isn't she one of those neonobles? Whatever. For one with her talents, her tongue is the best. Better yet, the pleasure in being taught how to properly use my own tongue is such that I would happily make myself her student for life! Or, at least, until it is no longer needed and I can practice what I've learned on my own.
    Athaur The Lady Redreef dances wonderfully. I wonder what sort of boat she sails?
    Austen An ex-thrall who seems to care very much about her family. An important quality to have in a Voice, I believe.
    Azova Good-natured, friendly, and refreshing. Perfectly accompanied by a nice cup of rum.
    Behtuk She is very complicated, but not unkind. Asks too many questions though.
    Berenice Very protective of the modesty of Thraxian princes.
    Braden A shining jewel of the isles. Perhaps I need to go sailing...
    Brady A charming and intelligent woman, easy on the eyes and becoming a good friend.
    Brigida Former thrall, now seemingly running a domain in the Islands. Lagoma at work.
    Cahal One of the most graceful people i've ever had the pleasure to watch dancing.
    Caspian My very first apprentice. I hope to help her achieve greatness!
    Caspian Married twice and widowed once since I last saw her? Damn I've been gone a while. Missed you cousin.
    Cirroch A nice woman who has a fun relationship with her cousin?
    Clara Though she came from nothin' she seems ta have made herself inta someone. There is much to be said about someone who can climb the ladder so quickly. I'll be watching her closely.
    Coraline We started off on a rough patch, but with the fire she holds for change, as well as the strength to lead Redreef, I think she is definitely someone who will make a good solid friend.
    Denica An interesting Lady that is now working with Alarissa and I on Thursday's Child, I am really looking forward to continuing to work alongside her, and do great things for Thrax.
    Domonico Tough. Good fighter. Can take a hit and keep going. Pays attention to advice. I approve.
    Donato I remember women like her - dangerous and rough like the sea we traveled and explored. A fascinating person, probably has a story or two I wager.
    Dustin Mikani is a lady who is trying to learn how to be nobler, probably as a duty to her house. It ain't my business to say how she is doing but I wish her luck on her final test.
    Emrys I suppose the only way she might have crossed a greater chasm might have been if she had gone from Thrall to Princess. Yet, she has enough self-awareness to know what she lacks for her new station, and the bravery to seek the means to change it.
    Evaristo Sociable adventurer who makes rum?! Perfect!
    Fairen I appreciate that she is naturally a skeptic. She pays proper tribute to the Thirteenth with how she inquistively finds any contrary arguement she can intelligently defend, in some regards. I admire such a trait.
    Faruq An easy smile. A beautiful laugh. I am quite certain she'd be able to distract people rather easily with her wiles in a knife fight. Maybe we'll spar some day just to see where we end up.
    Faye A quiet woman, but clever to add the punchline to a joke. I'd enjoy speaking with her again.
    Gaston What a fascinating go from Thrall to noble to Voice, to bear the scars and tattoos of a life of adventure. Pretty, intelligent, humble...a rarity anywhere, noble or common.
    Gianna An adventurer with a nicer voice than I expected.
    Gretchen I certainly would never, ever, ever, ever want to go up against her in anything. Tenacious doesn't even begin to describe it. Not knowing when to quit might.
    Harlex A Redreef knife-fighter with potential and sharp eyes.
    Ian Might do better with a sword than with a dagger, the way she was parrying. Footwork was a little heavy.
    Iliana Well-spoken and thoughtful. More scholarly than I might have expected, but then, you can never judge a woman by her house. She's good company.
    Ingrid A former thrall who is now a Lady of Redreef. She seems to know her job very well and is making Redreef Shores flourish. There is something slightly haunted about her, but she is a kind woman who is helping people who need it. We need more of those in the city.
    Jace She has been holding down the fort with my cousins gone. Still don’t think water is a hazard.
    Jasher Lady of Redreef. Eager to get her knuckles dirty. Tireless in her pursuit for improvement. Doubtless she will become a formidable warrior if she kept the path.
    Jeffeth The Voice of Sandreef! She seems a good sort. She is connected with many I know though it seems we've not really run into each other much.
    Joscelin A lovely young woman, eager to help, sweet.
    Juniper She's quite plain spoken! I have no doubt that's an advantage in some circles.
    Jyri A quick meeting - but she seems interesting, and I'm sure we'll meet again sometime.
    Kaia Social; funny; beautiful; and approachable. I like her!
    Lisebet Likes mischief and seems to be willing to work hard to grow a County that needs good strong help.
    Lorenzo An interesting woman with a clear passion for House projects. I would enjoy working with her on something, should the opportunity ever come up.
    Lou This young woman is my protege, and while we might have gotten off to a somewhat rocky start, I'm looking forward to her potential.
    Lucita An adventurous sort from the conversations shared between us, one who does not shock easily. She has a sense of humor and expresses it well in a manner to produce smiles. It is fun getting to know Lady Redreef better.
    Macda Still beautiful, still full of life and love. It's so good to see her happy.
    Marisol The Countness is one of a generous heart and free spirit I do believe. She would make a rather lovely friend if I am not mistaken.
    Martino Has turned a House around upon being anointed a Countess. Rare do I approve of Neo-Nobles as strong as this one.
    Maru A former thrall the Voice of a Thrax house? My assumptions have not been more challenged since I arrived in Arx. Certainly worth getting to know better.
    Melody Something of a wonderful duelist; even though she fights with daggers, her opponent was sweating the entire time despite his long reach. Definitely got that fire of a warrior, that's for sure.
    Michael A lovely Redreef woman. Thraxian women make me less nervous than Velenosan, no smokey eyeshadow or what not. She varies between seeming too beautiful and...looking like she is scheming. I should be careful around here.
    Miranda This Redreef has a bit of dry humor I can appreciate.
    Mirk An earnest young woman. Not Northern, but she can appreciate a good whiskey and still smile so soon after a loss. I like that.
    Monique Seems somewhat quiet, but polite and with an adventurous streak. I do like a good adventurer!
    Nuala Intrepid, fleet-footed northern fox. She takes bravely to new things without hesitation. Not for an instant did she fail in a fun exercise. I like her.
    Orrin What a curious lady, that marks her life's events on her skin as the Abandoned do.
    Perronne She also likes finding old things, and seems reasonably nice!
    Pharamond A pleasure to cross blades with one as friendly and skilled as she is. Hopefully we will have more time to practice!
    Porter She seemed like a nice enough sort, she had dogs! And I do like people that like dogs.
    Raimon A linguist of some sort. Interesting
    Ras She's a weird sorta silk. Not uptight. Saw her puke in the street once. Stormbird's lord seems to really love her.
    Ronja I believe the first time I encountered her, she was being asked to give someone a tattoo. She certainly seems like she could do it without someone getting a horrible infection from their new art, which puts her squarely above most of the sailors I've ever entrusted my skin with.
    Sabella She's always so warm and welcoming no matter what or where I find her! Definitely someone I could be close friends with!
    Sabella Lady Mikani always seems to know what's best for those around her and lands on her feet even in the most dire of circumstances. I greatly respect her wisdom and sense of responsibility!
    Salvador A Countess and something of a hunter, it seems. She also is quite the fan of sailing from the sound of it, I shall look forward to more conversations with her!
    Samuele Very inquisitive person
    Sasha A lovely lady of Redreef. I think she will help her people grow and thrive with her as voice and I am excited to see what mark she makes for herself.
    Selene Her quick wit to the light jests I threw out reveals a dimension I never expected. Such a delight to see a Thraxian lady as able and willing to have a good laugh with some smart, vibrant wordplay.
    Sheena A childhood friend. She was a THrall in the Redreef Barony. Although, unlike me she stayed with them and I went with Baron Edward.
    Sorrel An excellent knife fighter and a very good champion. She beat me in a duel with skill, grace, and fine sportsmanship.
    Sparte Oh, right, Mikani. Yes, we met. She is Lou Grayson's protege, did you know that? I expect she is impressive on that alone, but we met in sort of a, well... I hope to meet her again for different reasons.
    Thea Curious and likes books. Not completely my things but at least she asks things if she doesn't know them.
    Valdemar She is an optimist, I will give her that much, though I am not sure how well she understands the challenges ahead of the Mourning Isles at the moment.
    Venturo A thoughtful woman, one who is willing to see layers and give provoking conversation, rather than just be content with what is seen on the surface.
    Vercyn A wonderful woman, capable of elegence of form and the suitability of function. I look forward to more time spent getting to know her and I am eager to watch and see what she can do.
    Vitalis Such determination, to earn her freedom on her own. Admirable. I want to know the story, but she carries enough scars that it may not be one she likes to revisit.
    Wash Not a pirate, but a sailor with a long history and an ally among the Redrain.
    Willow She seems like she knows how to go hard in the moment. I would not want to tangle with her, but she can pull off some black leather.
    Zoey Certainly not one to put up with attitude.