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Lord Eurion Ashford

Is there anything that feels more free than being aboard a ship on the open sea? Hey, wait, was that a rhyme? I rhymed!

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Sunny Sea Captain
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ashford
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 8/10
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: golden blonde
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: deep tan

Description: The sun has baked Eurion golden, soaking deep tan into his skin and sturdy muscle and having paled his dark blonde long wavy hair to a golden hue, the hair tied back in a haphazard manner most days and always half looking like he just woke up, tousled and windswept. His features are handsome and symmetrical with a darker shade of stubble that he just can't keep in check. His eyes are blue, a bright, laughing sky-blue beneath the high sweep of active eyebrows. Tall and muscular he's got that fitness of someone who has worked physically to get fit, and he moves with a carefree attitude through the world, bright-eyed and curious.

Personality: Windblown charm and easy cheer are the rule of the day for Eurion Ashford. Pleasant and empathetic, he'd prefer to defuse personal conflict than to engage in it, and generally speaking believes that if people are being uptight about something, they should walk it off and take a few deep breaths and mellow out rather than call for champions. Life is precious and also way too short for most of what people spend it worrying about. He loves to run free beneath the summer sun and to sail fast on salt winds. He loves to dance, to ride, to hunt and drink and embrace everything that life has to offer. His core desire is to be free of constraint and commitment, but he is tethered to commitment by duty: he is a ship captain with a love of family and a love of loyalty that lends him a constant nagging feeling of /ought/, and that without him around, someone else might get it wrong.

Background: Eurion, as a child, was kind of a troublemaker, but the kind of troublemaker who is so cute about it that he only rarely actually faces consequences for his evildoing. Whenever he hurt someone's feelings, he was always so genuinely surprised -- and genuinely apologetic -- that his spontaneous gestures to fix it were generally accepted. It was not until he was a much older boy and his grandfather -- first of his close and beloved relatives to die -- died in front of him that he began to understand that there are powers in the world that one cannot out-charm or de-consequence.

Still, he was a happy child, all told, so it was mind-boggling to most of his family when he suddenly -- after reaching the stubborn-jawed age of 15 -- ran away. It's not actually that unusual for young men and women of Ashford blood to think that adventure is their birthright and that they need to charge out into the world and take it, but it is a little unusual for them to do so while still too young to actually make a bank draw on their own. An Ashford cousin rescued him from himself, pulling him out of a fix that was almost entirely of his own making, and he was brought home and put to work as a scribe and squire, learning from Ashford's knights as best he could. It was during this period of time, where he was trying to prove to anyone at all that he could be well-behaved even for short periods, that Eurion spent half a summer learning what he could from the then-admiral of Ashford's navy. He was assigned as adjutant and gopher, and then as summer became autumn, he wheedled, begged and persuaded as best he could to take a position as a sailor. He was only 17, and no one would let him formally join a ship's crew until he was 18 and an adult, but he managed to earn himself an "apprenticeship" aboard a ship in the family that was, apparently, exactly the same as being a sailor aboard the ship except that he had to be supervised pretty much at all times.

The open sea was Eurion's favorite, and although the hard, hard labor of a man aboardship was a huge eye-opener for the privileged son of generations of nobles, it did him good in terms of his personal growth and the strength of his muscles. Though it was a few years coming, eventually one of the ships that House Ashford commissioned was granted to his command - the STAR KNIGHT - and he has been sailing for the Ashfords' navy ever since.

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