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Lady Adalyn Clement

Lets do that /again/!

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Sprightly Swashbuckler
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Clement
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 21
Birthday: 5/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'5
Hair Color: Honeyed-blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Creamy

Description: Adalyn moves with the grace and energy of someone who seems to almost never be tired, there's bounce in each and every one of her steps. She's of average height and weight, with a build that lends itself towards athleticism while retaining some soft feminine curves. Her face is cute, heart-shaped and with a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her straight nose. She possesses expressive green eyes, with flecks of gold just around the pupil. Her mouth is all too often pulled into bright, quirky smile that deepens her dimples. Long hair that is a lustrous honey-blonde is prone to cascading in soft waves over shoulders, when it's not plaited into two long braids.

Personality: Bright, cheery and desperate for a crowd. Adalyn loves fighting with her swords as much as she loves telling stories about the tale afterwards. There's almost no limit to the kind of grandiose showboating that she's inclined towards. Her journey on horseback from Artshall to Arx in particular is full of wild stories of the people (and creatures, if you would believe her) that she met along the way. Treasures found! Damsels saved! Maybe even some princes saved, wink wink. Many would say this isn't very Oathlander of her and some would even say she's making these things up. And she might be, it's hard to tell. She's so enthusiastic about it all.

She's the first to jump in to champion others in honor duels, eager to display how quick and light she is on her feet. How she can be the one to get in the first blood. She's also the first to volunteer herself for crazy expeditions and adventures, the more dangerous, the better. It's possible that this is all a bid to prove herself or perhaps she's just an adrenaline junky that loves the rush. Either way, if you're looking for a companion on the road, pick Adalyn. Or she'll just come along anyway, how would you stop her?

Background: Adalyn was the one child born of the marriage between Sir Norwood Clement and his late wife. She was treasured and adored by her father and didn't lack for love in the slightest in those regards. An argument could be made that he shouldn't have gone carting her around to /quite/ so many of his knightly duties however. She spent hours watching him train Jael and Klaus Laurent, picking up bits and pieces of swordsmanship from observation alone. Yet he was reluctant to give his own daughter the same instruction, despite her pleas. She was too young! It was too soon! He didn't want her learning the blade

.But Adalyn would have her own way about this. Because all that adoration and time spent indulging her, it had made her a little spoiled and all too stubborn. So at ten years old, she began 'training' on her own. With a heavy stick and some pots worn for helmets she sparred against one of the other children in Artshall. It was all going fine until she brained him nice and good and knocked him unconscious. Thankfully, he was fine. But poor Norwood was forced to admit that wasn't going to be able to deter her from her wishes, so he might as well train her. Before someone /really/ got hurt.

Over time, she has grown into quite the talented warrior. She has more swish and swagger than her father might care for and her showmanship truly grates on his nerves sometimes. She often makes grandiose remarks of how she'll take that sword from him someday! Before laughing brightly and jumping into a tale of her latest escapade. And there are many, many escapades.

Her current plot to cause her family distress has been to runaway from the Oathlands and appear in Arx, unprompted. She's decided she wants to join the Champions Guild! And that mercenary group, but no, not the one run by Duke Telmar's son! The one by that Lycene Baron! The Valorous Few! He seems like fun.

Name Summary
Alessia An amicable woman, for sure. Though I am curious about the mid-air sparring...
Alexis Every bit as bold as I remember. Makes me glad to be back in Arx.
Apollo I can tell she's got every bit the good heart of her father, and likelier to smile as well.
Blacktongue Clever enough to ask the right question. Too bad I didn't have much of an answer.
Brigida Either gawp at those punching each other or focus on serious matters. Don't try to do both!
Dariel Hard not like someone who can appreciate both absurd hats and warmer weather. Not so sure about all that sword work though.
Dianna Gorgeous; absolutely gorgeous - inside and out. And a mischief, she says? Why, I'm sure I like her /more/ now.
Domonico She definitely shows the right amount of respect and awe to the right things. A good attitude to have.
Dorian Champion and adventurer. I would say kindred spirit, but I reckon she's a whole lot more into the adventure thing than me, probably less fond on the sedate wandering between inns.
Eddard My dearest cousin. I love her unconditionally and without reserve. A woman I would die for.
Esme A woman of honor and a great champion too. It was an honor to have you fight in my duel. I'm sure that we shall be friends soon.
Eurion Saw her spar with Tescelina, great skill at evasion and standing on her feet. Some times that is all you need, especially when fighting a heavily armored foe.
Harlex She can hold her own and has the air of trouble about her, the good kind of trouble. Talented swordswoman, I hope she keeps to her intention.
Kedehern Shae's step-sister. I don't really know her well as of yet, but she seems congenial and with her head in the right place.
Macda She stood against layers of steelsilk for far longer than anyone has a right to! What an impressive fighter!
Mercedes She holds herself well, and by all accounts put up a fine performance against Sir Jeffeth. I left the Champions for good reason, but there is valor amongst them - and a path beyond, for those who want it. I wonder where Lady Adalyn will land in the end?
Mikani A fiesty woman. I can appreciate that. Lots of fun!
Miranda Ahh, Norwood's daughter! ... I've heard a few things. Clements are quirky, to be sure. I wonder if she's all her father's promised or if it's just him lamenting...
Monique Some might say 'oh, she's Baron Norwood's daughter' and in fact, I said that, upon first meeting the Lady Adalyn. But she is ever so much more than that. Wild and clever and game for anything, she's got a spirit like fire and a beauty I could stare at in appreciation for hours.
Norwood Ah Adalyn. My wildchild and free spirit. She has her own mind and will always march to her own drum. Vivian would laugh to see the woman that she has become.
Petal Cheerful, lovely, a warrior Lady of Clement and good company!
Ras Fightin invisible monsters - fake ones, not real ones, and havin tea parties afterward. Pisses me off and I dunno why.
Reese Solves things with stabbing and shouting, sounds fiesty! I hope to see her spar one day.
Reigna Bright, lively and vivacious. It seems as though she must have absorbed all of those qualities of her father.
Richard Another woman of particular energy. At times I envy the extroverts and their apparent ease of maneuvering through the world.
Shae She might be my step-sister, but I consider her my sister. And I'm thankful to have her by my side through anything. Even burning docks and scared cows. Best sister!
Sydney She fights like a woman possessed. If only I'd been able to stay in the Rite of Gloria longer! I hope to cross paths with her again.
Tescelina Adalyn Clement is a boon to her House. Determination of steel and keen in her observations during every dance. An Oathlander tried and true. I am glad to know her.
Verity A feel such a kindred spirit in her! Except that she's a dashing duelist. If I were born noble perhaps I would have been the same, but breathlessly following her exploits seems like a stimulating consolation.
Vitalis It is ever a delight when I go to teach and learn instead. My encounter with Lady Adalyn was just such a delight.
Zoey Trousers. She gets it.