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Lady Jan Kennex

Hold on to your butts, boots, and bottles. This is gonna get weird.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: General Corsair
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: General
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Dark Gold
Eye Color: Steel blue
Skintone: Sunkissed Fair

Description: Jan Kennex commands the space around her with dramatic height and physical strength, broad-shouldered, compactly muscled, and strong-jawed. Her voice - clarion and clipped - is purpose-built to cut through layers of bullshit. Her large, arresting eyes are a dark gray, fierce and stormy beneath fine, stark brows. Her hair is a short cap of dark gold waves, cut sensibly to stay out of her face, which accentuates the strong bones of her features. A white scar runs down her neck in a remnant of an unforgotten close call. While she has tattoos - a sea bird, a tidal wave, a running wolf - they are generally not visible.

Personality: Crisp, no-nonsense, and aggressive, Jan Kennex takes no shit from anyone, thanks. She has the rough edges one might expect of a long term military commander despite her youth, and little adherence to the classical qualities of a noblewoman. Her sense of humor is altogether dry. Bluff, fierce, and direct, Jan's exterior crust obscures ... mostly, layers upon layers of inner crust. Only at her deepest inner core is there any of an idealistic little girl who first picked up a blade because she wanted to go on adventures and fight dragons.

Background: The niece to the prior marquis, Denholm Kennex, Jan was quite content with her association to the family outside the main line of succession, and attempting to keep a lower profile so she could pursue a calling: the calling of Gloria, the sword, and the shield. Though House Kennex was one of, if not the most, progressive house of the Mourning Isles, she still avoided the spotlight while quietly pursuing a calling that would have seen swift condemnation by the rest of the Isles houses if they knew.

As a young soldier with natural leadership potential, it wasn't hard for Jan to find a post once she left the territory of her home fealty. She served with a sellsword army supplementing the troops of Southport for four years, and then embarked on her own as the captain of a mercenary troop made up primarily of disaffected Thrax, former thralls looking to buy out other enthralled family members or friends, and Crownsworn ruffians. She served gallantly and with derring-do and distinction.

When House Thrax formally announced that women would be able to serve in the armies of the Mourning Isles, Jan promptly returned home with as many of her troops that would follow her - which was most of them - and joined the Kennex Corsairs. She had more practical military experience than any officer in the army, and was quickly elevated over them by a combination of competence and bloodline, to be their General.

It was a position she took to like a fish takes to water. Now at the head of oathsworn troops personally loyal to her as well as sworn to protect her family, she is a primarily military asset of House Kennex and of the Thrax military.

Relationship Summary

  • Olivia - (A bit soft, but there is something about her. I like her.)
  • Gunter - Teaching me some unarmed combat, most entertaining Crownsworn I think I've ever met

  • Family:
  • Catalana - My sister, the perfect lady. She's warm, feminine, and likeable enough for the both of us. Lets me off the hook! Still, I'm protective of her.
  • Ian - Cousin and friend. Swordsman.
  • Niklas - Cousin. Silly?
  • Wash - Brother-in-law. Catalana's husband. Likeable.
  • Ford - Cousin and friend.
  • Aethan - Cousin. Keep trying, you can do this.
  • Porter - Cousin. Can't help but enjoy his enthusiasm.
  • Name Summary
    Amund Nimble blade, willing mind. Good footwork and attention to detail. She fights well.