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Princess Macda Grayson

Kiss your knuckles before you punch. It's how you show 'em they're appreciated!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Princess Sparklefists, Sucker for Bad Ideas
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: dark golden blonde
Eye Color: blue-green
Skintone: fair

Description: Wiry strength and sturdy muscle are the keynotes of Macda's short, compact frame. Athleticism defines the angle and curve of her body, and though she'll never be tall, that won't stop her from striking like a hammer. Her hair, down, is a wild fluff somewhere between deep gold and light brown; up, it sweeps back from her heart-shaped face but is never tamed enough to entirely avoid flyaways. Dimples enliven her smile, and her eyes, a vivid blue-green like a glimmer of cut turquoise, are wide and electric with mischief beneath her brows.

(An umbra ribbon wraps her forearm, perhaps in some symbolic gesture. Despite the swelling of bruised fists, the wildcat suffers the confines of her large, extravagant rings. Most signs of her unorthodox training, against armed opponents, remain concealed by her clothing.)

Personality: Macda loves to feel alive, and will go to almost any length to own that for herself. She's a fun-lover and a brawler, who loves nothing better than bare-fist, barefoot fighting or running around having adventures. She has a weakness for fine drink and fine jewelry that she uses to balance her rougher tendencies. Reckless, with a bluff vigor that makes her a nearly irresistible force, still her desire to be a trouble is less than her desire not to cut herself off from the family and the family fortune. It's a balance that she has learned well over the years, even if it did require a few close calls. Who doesn't love a good throwdown now and again? Well, lots of people, and Macda won't judge (much) -- she hurls herself at life full speed, no holds barred, and would prefer to let nothing at all stand in her way. Her favorite evening? Go out, drink whiskey, break a table over some guy's head, make a general mess of things -- then get herself cleaned up the next day with brightly colored outfits and rings of champagne silver to go out dancing. If there's anything she never learned, it's to pace herself. Life is just too damned short not to embrace with everything you have.

Background: So here is the thing about growing up in Bastion, as a daughter of Grayson, in the House of Grayson. Everything around you has a great deal of weight to it. The weight of expectation. The weight of history. The weight of legend. Especially for a little girl who has been named so obviously for a Hero of Yore, as Macda was: Macdon's tale being a favorite of her father's, she grew up hearing ever more elaborate ballads of it, around the table and among the others.

And here is the thing about growing up under all that weight. You either bend, twist into the shape that they want you to mold into, or you don't. Macda was pressed, shaped, and folded -- until she could be pressed, shaped, and folded no more, and burst into her teen years like a geyser of rebellion. Skinned knees, scored knuckles, on one memorable occasion a lord's son's broken teeth, mud tracked everywhere: these are aspects of childhood, maybe, but aspects of childhood that most young people leave behind eventually. At 16, Macda was living out loud, recklessly making more scrapes for herself than ever. Ride hell for leather, start brawls in the pub, dangle your little sister over a brook by her feet, sing bawdy songs in the street at the top of your voice at two o'clock in the morning: life is too short to be well-behaved.

With age came temperance because if it hadn't, she might've driven her family to throw her out. Love is the tie that binds duty even to the least dutiful daughter of a house, and Macda was never short love. She loved fiercely, just sometimes stupidly and without as much guilt as most people develop over the course of their young lives. Acting without thinking was second nature. Thinking... took time to develop.

Macda is sure she'll never stop being a hellion. It is not in her to grow into a lady of dignity. But there's a way to be a grown adult person about it. A way to recognize boundaries and limits. Sometimes she is still working on it, but she really does mean well.

Relationship Summary

  • Delilah - Her wit is sharper any sword, her words sweeter than honey
  • Harlex - Knows how to throw a punch and take a few.
  • Talwyn - The man I entered into a decade-long period originally recorded incorrectly as 'six months' in a proclamation, I heard.

  • Family:
  • Tikva - Role model.
  • Sabella - Mannerism Model

  • Sibling:
  • Liara - Younger sister, but I can't say little. Opposites in everything but our beauty.

  • Frenemy:
  • Jeffeth - If I have to rewrite his legend to be better than him at something, I just might.

  • Friend:
  • Terese - Oldest friend, moral compass, and unwilling accomplice- allegedly.
  • Andry - We aren't scared of disappointing the same people. Sounds like we've got all the angles covered, right?

  • Ally:
  • Lucita - A wellspring.

  • Crownlands:
  • Pharamond - A Lord. I think he thinks I'm sneaking around. I don't sneak. Clearly- if he's seen me twice now, I don't sneak.
  • Name Summary
    Adora All nobility are loud, but she's extra loud. I don't like her.
    Aella She looks like a little spark-starter. We should be friends. Or I should just drink a little more and forget who she was. Whatever comes first.
    Ajax Bar hijinks with a hyperactive princess. Part of me is extremely wary over teaching her how to swing a sword better. I hope she doesn't just kill everyone I know.
    Amari I was a bit worried when I first saw her, but a little argument and warm food certainly reanimated her. She was keen and her argument very eloquently spoken.
    Amund Lucid. Smart. Behind the calloused knuckles, the mind of a thinker. Rare treat. Welcome.
    Andry Wouldn't have guessed she was a princess from the look of her. I judge her good company.
    Arianna A Grayson Princess with perspective. Not quite what I expected, which is good. I look forward to future encounters.
    Beatrice A people's princess I can appreciate. Excellent taste in drink and betrotheds. Fierce yet sweet, candid yet reserved. It is something to see her balance all of these.
    Brigida Being a cousin to the king gives one much leeway. Except for when one is speaking with the spokeswoman for a god.
    Calandra A beautiful princess of Grayson, and modest, too! The House motto is very applicable here.
    Cullen A princess of a different stripe. Petite but built, not self-conscious, and bold. Drinks heartily, and has a fine wit to match her beauty and strength. Someone I definitely want to see more of, and who would blame me?
    Daniella She definitely has a magic ship.
    Dominique A Princess of surprising frankness. With refreshing honesty, she speaks the truth at great volume.
    Domonico Who can blame her for admiring Samuele Rubino's sword. It is a thing of beauty.
    Duarte A very worthy opponent in mental acuity.
    Evaristo Not shy to visit the Murder of crows, this one. Good to see she showed up. And a good head on her shoulders, it seems.
    Fatima Evidently, I was a post-script. I shall try not to be offended! Of course, none of that is her fault, and the Princess seemed energetic with a mind on adventure.
    Faye A quirky but interesting woman, apparently willing to go all sorts of lengths to track down a bottle of booze which may or may not exist. Fascinating conversation, I'd definitely have a drink with her again.
    Galen She's pretty cool under fire...or at least, when standing in front of the fear of a foreign invader.
    Harlex Still feisty. Lookin' forward to that rematch.
    Helena I've admired her poetic journals for a time so it was lovely to meet her in person, and to spy something of a kindred spirit in the princess, I think.
    Jasher A curious woman. Somebody I would pity, but she seems to recognize the value of duty.
    Jeffeth She's a fiery little thing. She's mostly like most of the Graysons I hear about with some distinct differences. She is definitely incredibly entertaining.
    Jyri Energetic and lively, and most importantly - friendly. I haven't met a Grayson I didn't like yet and she's no exception. I hope we got reason to meet again. Perhaps we'll spar?
    Kaldur We still haven't been properly introduced. That's twice now. Third time's the charm - next time will have to be proper. And memorable.
    Kenna Strong, but sharp as a TACK. I'm barely following this conversation about Aion.
    Liara She /can/ dress up nicely, when she wants. Wonderful to have my sister at any party.
    Lilia Wit to match grace. An enviable pairing, and one I believe I shall enjoy every opportunity to encounter.
    Lisebet Looking forward to working together in future.
    Lore Seen her out and about, she always looks like she's having fun! That's someone I should stop and chat with more!
    Lou My cousin has surprised me. Never before has she wanted to delve into taking the lead on something, and now she's delving into investigations with gusto. I'm very proud of her, and hope to help wherever I can.
    Meesha A bit of a prying silk who appreciates good labor; she's quite amicable and a most pleasant chatterbox with some interesting and humorous points of views. Wouldn't mind running into her from time to time.
    Michael One of the few Grayson Princesses I'd invite regularly over to the Bisland Manor. Except she wants to live there for some reason.
    Miranda We meet at last in person! Missive exchanges are so impersonal! I may owe her a debt for drawing my attention to an ancestor of mine.. time will tell!
    Mirk More interested in relaxing than in work, on the surface, but a thinker underneath it, and very opinionated. Not a bad trait.
    Modi This Princess walks with confidence. Her gaze is hard. She knows precisely where she belongs in life and she's carried it with her everywhere. Respectable.
    Monique An honorable Grayson Princess with a keen mind and a drive to learn.
    Niklas Punchy princess and beginner bard. There aren't a lot of people who fill up a space quite like Macda Grayson.
    Norwood She ssems... to have a good sense of humor. Perhaps not a proper sense. I feet the feeling we are very different.
    Ophelia So very athletic and can do a handstand better than anyone I know! Perhaps she'll show me her technique the next time we bump into each other at the training center.
    Reese A spunky blonde warrior Grayson Princess who will some day defeat Harlex!
    Rinel A Princess of uncommon intellect and interest--interest that extends into a dangerous realm. If she has as muh wisdom as she does intelligence, there is little to fear. I hope she has such wisdom.
    Sabella It is so wonderful to have a family member that talks as quickly and cheerfully as me! I have a feeling we are going to be fast and wonderful friends! It's so nice to have a kindred spirit in the house!
    Samuele A rather elegant noblewoman.
    Simone A lovely princess. I admire the grace with which she handled my Father. He is a test that not all can pass well.
    Sparte A mind that makes me leap with joy. I could talk to her for hours. I did, in fact, talk to her for hours. Oh biscuits, what time is it?
    Talwyn She was brusque and cold, having waited upon me. Her eyes flashed with some unknown emotion, almost a resignation to something, like reluctant and intangible attraction. She was beaten like a drum, and recently, and despite all that she possessed a certain lively zest that I found intriguing.
    Terese has no sense of boundaries. May be redeemed later.
    Thorley Princess Punchsparkles, or so I'm told. The Macda I met was a delightful woman that was nice to Tala when she was scared. A good impression and a good heart.
    Torian A potential customer, which is always a good thing. Not so good to hear that I didn't have what they needed in stock, but anything can be made custom!
    Valdemar An inquisitive sort. Answering her questions would likely be more enjoyable under other circumstances, but it was a pleasure to meet her anyway.
    Valenzo Lovely Lady who can handle her drink better than I, and perhaps the Terrapin's first charterer of the year? Fantastic!
    Venturo A woman who will be hard to impress, not for spite, but for high standards in her alcohol. She at least didn't punch me for my pun, and thus must posess charm and humor in spades. A welcome companion at the Raconteur.
    Vercyn The Graysons are an interesting and varied people and Princess Macda is no different. Where some may explore vast reaches of the land, she seems to want to also explore vast reaches of knowledge and I will not begrudge her that. It is the fact that she seems to have sought me out to do so that I find curious indeed.
    Vincenzo Agate and cotton. She is nothing what I would have thought of as a Grayson Princess. She is curious and seems far more light hearted and mischievous. Fascinating.