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Lady Pepper Crovane

The words scrolled on parchment and stone hold the wisdom of the ancients and are the keys to our future.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Investigative Researcher/Historian
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Crovane
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 5/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Investigator/historian
Height: average height
Hair Color: cold black
Eye Color: honey hazel
Skintone: natural tan

Description: Pepper's most alluring qualities are her long silky black hair that reaches down passed her rear and her honey colored eyes that seem to draw attention right to them. Though she is quiet she is adorable and carries herself like the noble woman she is. But though she is clearly of noble birth she very rarely seems to be looking down on those born lower than herself and is often a charitable soul that is almost always wearing a smile.

Personality: Books are Pepper's number one friends and while they can never replace her family she may very well feel they are easier to engage. The young woman is often quiet until she has something worth saying. This may be a stream of facts and useless information or a due witty remark but Pepper was also raised right and polite.

Background: Pepper was born in Southport and like much of her family she raised around the Saik and Malvici youth. As a girl her family could not get her to leave their library and get her nose out of books. She was an eagar student that was quickly able to take what she learned and apply the information to every day life. She grew to love teaching anyone who was willing to show her the respect of overcoming her young age and listen to the wisdom she had to impart.

In time Pepper had to complete her mandatory time in the Malvici army and though this displeased her at first she grew to enjoy her time among the other soldiers. She was out of her element in the military but Pepper was able to become a fine enough archer and eventually was put to work chronicling a variety of information.

Once Pepper was out of the Malvici military she chose to go out exploring and attempting to learn more about the world. She would occassionally return home when she was called to assist the family but then she was gone again until they called on her once again.

Name Summary
Arcadia Quiet. Not very Malvici like at all. Still, I look forward to getting to know her better. I hope she finds a home in Crovane.
Artorius Great seeing the cousin again and enjoying good conversation whilst looking for a lost quill!
Clara New family. Always nice ta have more of that. I sure hope she can handle her whiskey. Elsewise she might not survive.
Mabelle Beautiful woman, seems shy. Understands the importance of cake. So that's good.
Mikani She called Ford a Peacock! Damn this woman is a riot!
Mikani My scholar friend, not only back in my life but married into the same house. I get to call her Auntie now!
Mirk Lycene-turned-Crovane and a researcher to boot? Interesting. Very interesting.
Svana A pleasant Crovane noble who I would like to get to know better under much happier circumstances.
Zoey Polite and very concerned with propriety, despite being comfortable both with those of higher and lower rank.