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Valarian Harrow

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Black Sheep Harrow
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Harrow
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Russet
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Disciple of Skald

Description: Tall and chiselled. There's a vulpine sharpness to his features that's not at all dispelled by the roguish glint of his honey-hued eyes or the frequent curve of his generous lips. The glory of his long hair; brown under most lighting but possessed of a tone of red in direct sunlight, is left loose, in contrast with the close and precise way in which his facial hair is trimmed. His pale skin is bronzed by time spent in the sun, body hardened by long practice with the sword. He still carries his youth in the fairness of his face and the cocky confidence with which he meets the world.

Personality: Scoundrel. Combine good looks, confidence, and more charm than is safe, package it with devil-may-care swagger and youthful insouciance, and you have Valarian. As long as things are going his way, he's everyone's best friend, generous friend, genial companion, but there's a certain cruelty to his temper. A pride in his public image that's intolerant of the idea of imperfection.

Background: Valarian is the fourth oldest of the seven Harrow siblings. Preceeded by sisters Felicia, Amantha and Cufre, followed by the twins Scipio and Skaldia and the baby of the family, Arion. Raised in the Lowers along with the rest of the kids by his grandfather after the death of their parents, Valarian was never satisfied with his family's lot in life. Though Valarian applied to join the Iron Guard as his oldest sisters Felicia and Amantha, he changed his mind at the comparisons drawn between the Harrow siblings, determined that he wasn't going to live in the shadow of the rest of the family when he could make his own fortune.

He struck out on his own from a young age, accepting work where he could find it among mercenary company's before landing himself a berth with the Crimson Blades. A fledgling member of the Society of Explorers, adventure and fame are the things Valarian seeks, one way or another.

Name Summary
Adora I don't like him.
Agatha I am not above certain simple, shallow pleasures. Being Big Red is one of them. He is the Bigger Red, though. I will try very hard not to resent him for it. He has a little swagger. Very different from his sister, but seems to be alright company so far.
Amari He knows the unique pain of having a thickly skulled and violent relation to contend with. He's also friendly, handsome, sturdily shinned, and most importantly, fun to drink rum on the beach with.
Aurora He is the completely opposite of everything I am.
Austen An opinionated mercenary, seemed to take pleasure in jumping down my throat at the smallest slight. Still, I cannot necessarily disagree with all of his points.
Barik A rogue quick to smile, and quick to frown, too. The perfect sellsword, but is he really? I don't know. Some things are better left unknown.
Barric A big man! Maybe even taller than Jeffeth, he certainly could make a statement if he chooses to apply himself for certain! Seems a good man, I would like to drink with him later.
Bliss A bit confusing in his use of pronouns, but overall he seems pleasant enough. He's blunt, though. Needs to learn the art of making the chase for information fun instead of just staring.
Caith What ...assets! He has such an amazing singing voice that could shake the stars from the heavens. And by amazing, I mean amazingly awful. But so many points for enthusiasm! Hooray! A charmer through and through, he looks like trouble with a capital T.
Clara I'm not sure what ta think about 'im really. He's a bit of a ham but I can get on with him, I think. Just might have ta get him ta spar sometime. Too pretty not ta see all sweaty and movin' about.
Cleo Seems to know much of city. Dislikes wearing leather in summer. Do not blame him for that! It is to hot here for clothes at /all/ in the summer!
Coraline I wish him luck with the Crimson Blades and the Explorers! Both wonderful groups.
Cybele Valarian Harrow. Petal's Maybe Boyfriend, Crimson Blade. Knows Violet and Briar. Seems nice, protective. Good quality in a mercenary.
Edelma Classy! Well, compared to some I've seen. I should get him on his home ground sometime. Certainly hope to see him again.
Emily The Harrow reminds me of a more wild version of his sister. The same red hair but an adventurer at heart. He exemplifies his family name and glad to have met him.
Enoch A nice fellow, it would seem. Though he does seem rather sweet on his lady friend. I'd like to learn more about him, despite what he says about his rather friendly sister.
Faye An interesting man, seems a bit careless and reckless at first. But perhaps that is just a front, letting him keep his eyes and ears open. I'd appreciate talking to him more.
Fianna He was kind to me when he spoke of Stormwall and suggested that I join the Society of Explorers. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested. I'm sure we will cross paths again in the near future!
Gareth A large man all about adventure, it seems. Low born, but fitting to his position enough, it seems. However he does have a quality about him that makes me think at some point in my career we will be speaking on a more professional basis.
Genevieve In the sellsword's line of work, there's a place for men like Harrow. We can't all be hard-faced and humourless. A bit of cheer is good for us all, because without it we'd all probably go mad. It remains to be seen if the trade will scour the mirth out of him. I hope it doesn't.
Gianna He appreciates a song and he keeps his word.
Haizea Extremely verbose and larger-than-life. Sharp-minded, too, I think, though he hid the fact under many layers of banter and that horrific crimson outfit of his. In any case. Valarian seemed eager that we will know each other better in time. I'm inclined to think he says something of the sort to anyone who can bear his chatter for more than a few minutes. But I do admit, he intrigues me.
Harper Mister Bighead seems quite happy to make sure everyone knows who he is and who his family is, even if he isn't as smart as them.
Ingrid This mercenary from the Lowers was my test giver for my mock Explorer's Exam (I've already been accepted for my scholarly assistance). He is quite the imaginative taskmaster. Aside from him making me jump through figurative hoops in order to pass the test, he seems a decent, duty-bound sort. He knew very little of Thraxians when we first met.
Iseulet Interesting man with interesting motives. A good man to know, I think - a giant, if nothing else. Took everything on the chin, considering....
Jacali Pff. 'Belong' in the Lowers. Bet he thinks him better'n ol' Jac, I bet bold. Drape a mongrel in silken thread, still a mange-ridden mutt under it all, innit? Hmph. ... still... s'posin' his silver's clean enough. ... s'posin' he's fine enough, him and all. He just don't know ol' Jac, don't know well enough her silk's on the inners, at that. I'll forgive him this once, so gracious am I, and so fair.
Jaenelle Despite catching me off guard, Master Harrow was pleasant company and an amusing conversationalist. His quick wit certainly made up for him being where he was not meant to be, and for that he is forgiven. I can only hope each further interaction is just as charming.
Jarel This man can dance under any condition it seems. Seeing him and Rowenova dance was quite inspiring to me. I wonder if he has other artistic talents:
Jeffeth A big man. Almost as big as me. Welcome to the town, little guy! Just kidding. But welcome to the city, I hope we can be friends. No one ever understands huge guy problems.
Joscelin Oh, he's funny! And likes to drink my money. Nothing but good things from that, I know it.
Josephine My first opponent for the darts tournament. Lovely young man.
Kenna A cheerful sellsword, the kind that seems to not have a care in the world beyond the ability to peddle his strength at arms. Friendly enough and someone worth spending time with.
Leola What a ... strange man. Laughing to hide something, but that's his choice. A sellsword, so there's that to consider. Probably no worse than the rest of his lines.
Lottie He has so much energy! Even more than me! It's insanity! Nice too. Seems to say the first thing that comes to his mind. Not a bad thing in my book. Real honest-like.
Lou A rather adventurous sort, and a newer member of the Society of Explorers. So far, he's conducted himself well in the Stormwall expeditions, and will be joining me in another task. I'll be glad to have his militant skills at my back.
Luca The Bard of the Baths, I hear he is called. I suppose it must be so. I have run across Valarian Harrow in several places now. Each time I can say, he is a lot of fun. I think given the chance, we would get along. I can sense a troublemaker from a mile down the streets of Arx.
Lucita Brother of Dame Felicia, a Crimspn Blade and explorer who is going his own way, a determined man, amicable, perhaps a hint of mischief from some of the things he has said. Will enjoy talking more with him.
Lys Oh, Valley. He doesn't want to let me that I'm a silk now, but we all need someone to keep us grounded.
Melody Meeting people at the Soup Kitchen is definitely not one of my favorite ways to meet people, but I did bump into Valarian who was warm enough to suggest I take a few things for myself. Generous and kind all the same.
Mercedes Smirking. Smug. Nothing but trouble. He strikes me as someone infatuated with his own cleverness. I suspect that it will all catch up with him someday -- breaking his neck while drunk or done in by a lover's angry husband if I had to wager. He is not as smart as he thinks he is, not by half.
Mirari I've met a lot of Harrow's lately, but this is the only one that made me pause and rethink my words. Fiesty, fiery and full of some very plain and blunt words - he seems to know exactly what he wants and doesn't seem shy about getting it. You have to appreciate someone who doesn't mince words.
Orelia He seems quite affable. Charming even, in a rough around the edges sort of way. Though who am I to talk? He seems to know a fair bit about the strange goings-on in the city... yes, I think I'd like to get to know this one a little better.
Oriana A giant seeking giants among giant-blooded Oathlanders. We all want somewhere to belong! In truth, an engaging conversationalist.
Petal He seems friendly and is quite big!
Reese He seems like a night guy and a big warrior of some sort!
Renato A huge man, no doubt a capable warrior. He also seems very eager to please, at least, in regards to the fairer sex. I do not blame him for this, there is every reason to try.
Rinel A sellsword under Violet's command. Definitely from the Lowers--that particular distrust of nobles doesn't come from anywhere else.
Sabella Always a pleasure running into Valarian Harrow, who people will one day turn to Felicia and say, "Aren't you Valarian's sister?" I mean, probably. It seems to be a goal! I like his sense of humor and our conversations are always fun!
Sasha He claims to like organization as much as I do, but I know not many who like it to my extents. But he is quite lovely to talk with over hot chocolate and tasty pie crust cookies.
Scipio My broter. The black sheep.
Seth Someone from the Lowers who does not know what a true noble looks like when one is standing right before his eyes. He's as large and as much a brute as my father is, which is even more grating.
Skye He's a bit rough around the edges but pleasant to talk to. Although I do imagine our lives are very different. However, that's the wonderful part is getting to meet all kinds of people.
Snow Is a unique individual, intelligent in his own way, but it's sad he thinks hurting others is the answer to things.
Theo A friend of Lys'; he seemed quiet when I met him, but the meeting was cut off rather abruptly.
Thorley One of Violet's Blades. Not sure what to make of him yet.
Tynan A sellsword with a good head on his shoulders, it seems. Friendly sort. A Harrow, as he stated.
Vera A worthwhile drinking companion. I'm certain that he hides a wealth of stories behind that handsome smile, as mercenaries often do. It's just a matter of teasing and tempting them out.
Vercyn Curious man, this Master Harrow. He has the casual demeanor of a sellsword, and the confidence of a warrior. If he is indeed as skilled as I presume he is.... I would like to speak to him again. Soon.
Veronica Another sellsword of the Crimson Blades. I am increasingly surprised by the individuals within the Blades; before I came to Arx I have always questioned the lack of loyalty of mercenaries, but Master Valarian continues the trend of introducing me to Blades who seem like genuinely good people.
Violet Felicia's younger brother who ran away to be a mercenary. Would up coming back to Arx after getting some experience and winds up in the Company as I take lead. He has a lot of potential, now if I can temper that brashness...