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Lord Pharamond Ashford

Some talented men and women have been praised as warriors for their ability to fight all day and then love and drink all night. I think I'll skip the former and go straight to the latter whenever possible.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Epicurean Champion
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ashford
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 43
Birthday: 09/23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Deep blue
Skintone: Weathered

Titles: Sword of Ashford Keep

Description: The Ashford Lord would be unremarkable if not for his presence that results from his mannerisms. It's rare to catch Pharamond without one of his bright smiles of infectious good humor that make the man seem far younger than he is. Not particularly tall, he moves with the driven energy that he devotes to anything that catches his fancy, possessing a vibrancy that helps explains his toned athleticism as well as making him seem larger than he actually is. His short brown hair alternates between popular styles and a state of being perpetually unkempt, of a man too caught up by indolent pursuits to manage it, and his rough hewn, somewhat weathered features speaks of more than a decade of hard living that shows no sign of abating anytime soon. His deep blue eyes are almost perpetually glimmering in amusement, as if he's always reflecting upon a joke, or seeking out another form of entertainment.

Personality: Some have accused Pharamond of being lazy. That's not even remotely true. He's downright energetic and driven, it just happens to all be devoted to having a good time and trying to not be saddled with anything that could prevent that. He's quick to laugh, even at himself, and his infectious sense of humor is far removed from the prickly knights that might take offense at any slights upon their honor. Despite his single minded devotion to enjoying himself, he is reluctantly (but grimly) aware of the scope of his responsibilities, which owes to why even now he remains the Sword of Ashford Keep. He might try his best to keep it from coming to a fight, but once it starts, family and friends know he can be relied upon to the end. He just can't be relied upon to be sober, of course.

Background: It's not so much that Pharamond hates responsibility, as almost everyone imagines. The older, unmarried Sword of Ashford Keep has borne the duty of acting as the champion for House Ashford for years without complaint, and he takes the obligation seriously, but it wasn't exactly his first choice compared to a life of indolent luxury pursuing whatever happened to catch his fancy at any time. Of course he trained at arms like most nobles, but it was just one of a hundred different passtimes he pursued along with art and dealings at court, and he never imagined it would completely define him. It's not as if slashing his fellow man with sharp instruments while they tried to do the same to him was Pharamond's idea of fun, but it very unfortunately happened to be the one he seems to be very good at after he distinguished himself repeatedly on the field of battle. Pharamond of course doesn't -regret- saving the life of Duke Barton Ashford in a desperate battle with shavs a decade ago, but he sometimes wishes he had did it in a less spectacular manner that's flamboyance owed more than a little to Pharamond's habit of not being a strict adherent of Grayson rules forbidding going into battle intoxicated. Or he could have wished that his older brother Duke Barton had just rewarded him by letting Lord Pharamond embrace a life of doing absolutely, glorious nothing, but it was not to be.

Perhaps it was some insight by the duke into Pharamond's character that the younger man was able to escape any sort of command for House Ashford's troops and instead only be called when he needs to represent House Ashford in a matter of honor. It's rare enough that there's no great obstacle to spending his days in an intoxicated haze and moving from one social event to the next, and he would just be as happy if he was never actually called in an official capacity. Ever. The more warlike houses might be surprised at Pharamond doing his best to defuse any sort of tensions that could ever lead to him being called to serve as the Sword of Ashford Keep in a duel, and he can more than live with the disapproval it sometimes gets him. Life is too short to not spend it in an alcoholic haze while laughing with courtiers, and it is -considerably- shorter if someone takes offense to every damned trivial thing.

Name Summary
Aethan Looked happy. Good for him.
Ajax A talented fighter who seems leveled headed, and a Lord. He seems decent. Time will tell the rest I suppose.
Aleksei A fun kind of guy! Sounds like he could just use a drink. And he likes my kid, so.
Amari A man of wit and good humor (a very rare find in Arx), one meant surely to lie in artful repose among the stars for all to admire and send wedding proposals to.
Apollo It's strange to put the word practical with extravagances like snakeskin (and those that have the coin for it), but he seems very practical anyway.
Arcadia The man is a beast! He took out a whole tree. Kinda funny. In a dad joke way.
Ardee A kind, gentle heart. He has a love of adventure that I can truly get behind.
Belladonna I know many tales of sages seeking the secret for eternal youth, and a drunken knight has them all beat. That is why those are my favorite knights.
Berenice He always seems to know exactly where the drinks are in any given location! Quite a talent.
Berto A kind lord, who has good and proper appreciation for the works of a humble brewer
Bianca A pleasant man, though it seemed he felt a bit out of place within the hallowed walls of the Cathedral. He is good-humored and maintains a level of respectful charm. Fond of children, or at least knows how to speak with them. Bearing the Sword of his House, I assume he is also a superb combatant.
Bliss The House Sword of House Ashford. This gives me some pause for obvious reasons, but mostly what I noticed about Lord Pharamond is a man who lives in a world of assumptions. He is not a bad man, certainly, and it is not a unique trait to him. There is potential hidden away in all of that, of course, and he seems to have a good heart and a willingness to learn, but a little patience can go an awful long way.
Braden Anyone who Norwood gives that face too can't be all that bad.
Brigida Oh, if I were ten years younger.
Carmen Incredible fighter and maybe a bit cocky because of it. Good teacher, though.
Catriona I should probably be more careful about strange, drunk men I meet in the street at that time of night. But this one had a gentleness about him that I wouldn't expect from a House Sword.
Cullen A diligent and serious Sword, but not too much - a good thing, especially wearing two such weights upon his hip. I know what that feels like. Hopefully it won't lead him down a bitter path.
Delia I can tell he has a wicked sense of humour already. I hope his sailing tour doesn't kill him, I would hate to miss out on seeing him again.
Denica Seems to think I am a delicate little princess.... Perfect.
Domonico Sword of Ashford and a lover of games apparently. He seems to be fond of my cousin Miranda and I can't blame him.
Elora Quite a spirit in that one. Loud, boisterous. He seems like a man who knows how to have fun, and does so.
Elsa The most interesting dichotomy of duty and fun that I've ever seen. I wish him luck in his search.
Emily The lord is a delightful dancer, if not sneaky in how he goes about it. He can easily lead anyone around the dance floor and stands the test for conversation. A great pleasure to share company with.
Evonleigh A house sword full of good humor and laughter, quite the life of the party.
Faruq Gregarious and outgoing. Verbose and loquatious. I am certain he will make many friends in this city and beyond.
Faye A friendly man, quick with a jest. Seems to be a fine drinking companion, but I won't know for sure until we share a couple more rounds.
Gaston Amazing tenacity and speed, especially since he'd been drinking already. A great warrior, and one I hope I can face again.
Gianna The Sword of Ashford Keep. Necessity seems to have required his taking on more responsibility. Hopefully he remains at least somewhat playful.
Harlex I like this one. Good swordsman. Look forward to testing him myself sometime.
Helena Friendly, warmhearted, complimentary, and can hold his northern whiskey, so he's quite all right by me.
Ian Wonder if I could get him to pay me for all the times I've brought Lady Olivia back in one piece?
Iliana A good fighter and an easygoing man in the ring. He's a credit to Ashford and a man I'd like to know better.
Imi Sometimes you meet another at a shrine and say nothing, just nodding in passing. Sometimes there is a connection, and you strike up a conversation and know that there will be more later. Lord Pharamond falls squarely into the latter category and I am interested to see what he makes of himself.
Iseulet Handsome, charming, and intelligent. Watch out Ladies of Arx!
Jan He seems good with Olivia. I like him. She needs a bit of teasing to tougher her up.
Jasher A man with a flair for the dramatic, but a taste in alcohol that would challenge any sailor. Not bad. For a Grayson.
Jordan Bon vivant and carefree. Pharamond's pretty much the embodiment of the light side of Ashford adventurousness and that's why it's good to count him among my friends.
Josephine The poor boy is doomed. Lost his heart to a lovely girl. Of no doubt, they will have a long life together.
Juliana What else do I need to know then he is friends with my brother? I can see why and it has so very little to do with the reputation that proceeds him.
Jyri Interested in the dogs, so he can't be that bad. If he comes around, he'll get a tour.
Kaia A goof! Surely a great warrior; I look forward to learning from him. I like him, and his sense of humor! *sniffles* He seems to have inherited Killian's sword. Oh...the memories.~
Kenna Such a charming young man who let me bash right into him.
Leonidas A nice lookin' fellow. Seems to know how to drink and tear up the dance floor. I like it!
Liara He's quite a serious fellow, more so than people tend to be when they get chatting with me, anyway. Conversational and friendly all the same. Fairly inquisitive in a way.
Lys There is something to be said for experience and wisdom. Lord Pharamond shows a keen mind for fashion, but better right a keen insight into the minds of others.
Mabelle I expected him to be rough and unkind, but he's funny.
Macda Why do we keep meeting in dimly lit places where I'm sneaking out with stolen boots? Booze, not boots this time. Boots last time, right. Right...
Mailys A darling man with a thirst for life. Quite a thirst. He has a taste for the good stuff. I can respect that.
Malcolm Lord Pharamond - I think - is as Ashford lord. He seemed quiet and attentive. After all, it was the Assembly of Peers.
Merek A nice noble that I met before. I do know that he's pretty kind and seems to be interesting in a way also!
Mikani Impressive blade. More impressive finishing move.
Miranda This Sword's sense of humor has wit! It was a joy to watch him spar!
Mirella I think he was the one was doing archery at the festival grounds and being chatty. I feel he might be better at hitting the target with jokes than he is at hitting the target with arrows.
Mirk Warrior and...storyteller? I suppose they have all sorts in the Explorers.
Monique He flew like the wind! He ate the cake! Such speed, such little willpower, but who can blame him, really?
Morgan Nice older chap, Olivia's uncle and a Sword. Has a tricksy sense of humor! I think he likes ships. Maybe? Perhaps plants? Jesting, he lies jesting for sure.
Niklas A lord with a finely tuned sense of humor. Probably great for a round of drinks.
Niklas The Sword of Ashford Keep. Spry for an older fellow! And his wit may be the Crownlands' best kept secret.
Norwood He showed up to the training rink drunk. I cannot condone this.
Orathy Reckon he be some sort of student boy type of this Highness warrior.
Orrin He would do well in Pearlspire - I like his easygoing attitude, but when hells come, he is ready.
Petal He has a noble with big words and lots of personality!
Quintin Exactly as I remember him, except for the 'finally getting married' part.
Reese He seems to be friendly, empathic, experienced and well spoken. He carries himself well too.
River I think at one point I would've seen if I could've twisted him around my finger, but he seems bright and intelligent, maybe there's more to him too. We'll need to see what the future brings. But in any case, I should know him better.
Roxana Lord Ashford seems kind and deeply generous. I am almost moved.
Rukhnis An uncomplaining if somewhat mysterious patient, and one who can take the necessary pain of a physician's services with humour and stoicism. Admirable.
Sabella The Voice of house Ashford is one of my favorite people to banter with! He has a wonderful sense of humor and a conversation is made all the better when he joins it!
Sabella Lord Pharamond is brave, strong, generous, and a perfect match for my dear Tabitha! Although I shall never forgive him for taking her away from me, a patron must always be happy to see her protege rise to the occasion and find herself with such a wonderful new life! So, perhaps I can forgive him a little!
Sanya An impressive warrior, it was a joy to watch him in action
Sebastian Before we were even introduced, he was offering me wine. That speaks well of him, and further conversation only strengthened that opinion.
Selene I am unconvinced he is inexperienced jousting. The libertine front is exactly that, a front. Possibly others fall for it, but I see much more underneath. Well-played, my lord!
Sorrel He dances pretty impressively, especially when given a pretty partner and the opportunity to imbibe some liquid courage. He seems like a cheerful sort, ideal for parties.
Tabitha I've only ever heard people say nice things about him, and after spending some time with him I can see why he's so well liked. His company is like sunshine -- warm and cheerful and uplifting. I really need more of that light in my life.
Tatienne Well-meaning, it seems, and a decent enough customer. At least to start with, hope it stays that way.
Verity I met Lord Pharamond at the Badger, and found him to be more delightful than the Boardinghouse's name might imply. Impeccable taste in drinks and witty company? I would definitely seek him out for more.
Vitalis A delightful guest, we spoke for hours on a number of topics, from mockingbirds to memory techniques. He is welcome any time.
Wash He can't take anything seriously. That was me among the Graysons. Perhaps we are alike in this. Hopefully he finds his place one day.
Willow Always so neatly put together. Respect.