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Jhond Langst

I'm not dead or broken... let's do that again only higher next time!

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Daredevil Adventuring Courtier
Fealty: Crown
Family: Langst
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 10/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: None

Description: Brawny and broad shouldered, the man here is an excellent example of the athletic male. His form is muscular and trim with hard lines and edges, but with a build meant for strength, speed and economy of motion instead of simply raw power that is more gymnast than weight lifter. Brown hair is kept tusseled and long to allow its natural tendency to stay up off his forehead to take hold while a well-maintained layer of dark stubble coats his chin and above his mouth. His features are undeniably masculine with a strong jaw and high cheeks set to the side of a stern mouth. Striking eyes the dark brown of good coffee burn with intensity that give his visage the ability to form an intimidating scowl to or light up with a mirthful smile full of laughter and zest.

Personality: Jhond is charming, nearly always smiling and quick to make a joke or terrible, groan inducing pun. He is a daredevil that always seeks that next adrenaline rush. If Arx had Jack Ass, he'd be on it.

Background: Forty years ago Ser Ameli Langst was a proud member of the King's Own. An expert rider and terror in the ring with a spear she had a promising future ahead of her... until a training accident cost her her leg. A wooden waster broke and the splintered wood stabbed into her leg. The would never healed properly, it festered and her leg was lost just above the knee. No longer able to serve she disappeared to the Lower Boroughs to drink her sorrows away.
Ameli ended up as a clerk for a disreputable shipping company along the docks and so came to the attention of one of the rare Eurusi that served on a smugger's crew. Their romance was brief and fiery and resulted in the birth of Jhond before his father one day took sail and the ship he served on never returned, presumed lost at sea. And so Jhond grew up in the Lower Boroughs of Arx, raised along by his mother with tales of her past glory filtered through the hard truth of their current existence.
It was not a terrible childhood. He had food most of the time and was well liked as a child. He proved to have no fear of heights, excellent balance and a terrible sense of self-preservation so could often be found climbing and leaping from things that would make most peoples stomach turn. There may have been some rumors about him being a second story man, but he was never caught at it.
A decade ago he left Arx for adventure, joining with caravan guards and explorers in search of the next thrill. Clambering up ruins or spelunking into caves, he grew to have something of a reputation as a man willing to take chances for the thrill of it (a maybe a little silver). He was good at what he did, loved it, but two years ago his desire for challenge caught up with him and he fell from a crumbling tower and broke his leg.
He was lucky the group he was with included a Mercy that tended to him and made it so that his wound healed fully, if slowly, but while he was recovering he was forced to remain stationary in the nearest city. Soon after he was able to walk again, though aided by crutches, his natural charm earned him the friendship of a local Whisper who then had him introduced to the others of the House. By the time he was fully recovered he was a courtesan in truth and some months later a Whisper in title. Now he has come home to Arx to serve in the Whisper House he had only walked by as a child.

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