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Lord Erik Grimhall

"Ponder and deliberate before you make a move."

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Intellectual Sailor
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: Male
Marital Status: single
Age: 29
Birthday: 5/27
Religion: Pantheon (Vellichor)
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Stormy Grey
Skintone: Suntanned

Titles: Scholar of Vellichor

Description: This man's large frame often sets him apart, tall and muscled as one would expect of a warrior of the Isles. His skin is lightly tanned from excursions in the sun, yet his hands are not calloused from holding weapons so much as ink-stained from books. Stormy grey eyes capture the color of the sea when clouds collect overhead, and his sandy hair is a shade between blonde and brown, kept long and often tied back with a bit of leather. He's undeniably handsome, for those who like the rugged type.

(Erik's sandy locks are currently pulled back into a clean tail, and his beard is neatly trimmed to accent the curve of squared jaw.)

Personality: Erik Grimhall has a somewhat reserved personality for one born and raised in the Isles. He is a thoughtful man, an intellectual despite pressure from the family to put his books aside and focus on sailing and fighting. It is likely that fact, that among his kin his true interests were often mocked in his youth, which makes him careful to open up to new people. Once one gets him talking on a topic of interest however, he can go on for hours and hours on end. He believes that House Grimhall, and perhaps the Islanders in general, would benefit from education that goes beyond the basics. He does not hide these interests any longer but embraces them, associating with intellectual and scholarly pursuits whenever possible. He's also a charming man and well aware of it, flirtatious at times when someone captures his interest, though beauty alone never seems to do so.

Background: Erik Grimhall is the eldest son of Abram Grimhall and his wife Alina Darkwater. In his youth he saw the many changes that Islander nobility went through, including the transfer of power in his own family several times over, as well as the issues of succession in Thrax. He was a studious young man, observing the ways of the world not with the usual fire and fury that his family often appeared to expect, but with a measured consideration. He understood that war and violence were the way of the Mourning Isles and he had a role to play in that as an eldest son, yet he also wanted more.

It was no easy task to persuade his parents to allow him the opportunity to leave Grihem's Point in order to study among mainland academies, yet he did so. On the condition that he also continued to practice daily with a skilled arms master and spent half the year in the Mourning Isles in order to make sure that he maintained his 'sea legs' (and was not overly influenced by mainlander ways of thinking) he convinced his parents to allow him to study. And study he did.

Erik put his mind to all sorts of topics. War was one of them, but not the details of battle and war craft alone, it was philosophy he was interested in as well. What was the purpose of violence between nations and how often was it served. What other means could be used to attain those desired ends? These were but a few of the things he put his mind to, and yet he did well with those studies. As he grew older and his education continued, he was invited to take a place among the Scholars of Vellichor. It was not ideal according to his parents, and more than a few heated arguments resulted from this invitation. Yet somehow he convinced them, and so it was he began studying in more depth in the city of Arx.

Which is not to say that he did not take his proper place during battles where Grimhall was called to arms. Too young to fight in the Tyde rebellion he nevertheless heard about it, and was motivated by the stories. He has joined countless expeditions to quash pirate activity throughout the Isles, often placed as advisers to Admirals and Generals and considered for such positions himself. It was the war in Setarco that most recently brought him back from his studies with the Scholars, and has him seeking to reconnect with his family in Arx and serve as he may.

Relationship Summary

  • Esme - Close Friend
  • Name Summary
    Aedin His sense of humor sounds to be a joy! I regret I had not long to spend at the coffee shop after he arrived.
    Aethan Returned to Arx a philosopher, it seems, but an interesting one.
    Alessia A wonderful conversationalist. There is a depth to his insights that offers both amusement and something thought provoking.
    Amaranth Life without a little madness is a dull thing. I'm already a fan.
    Anisha A lord of Grimhall, a self-professed reclusive scholar. Though in my experience, reclusive scholars do not pontificate on philosophy in inns and taverns, so I suspect that is a mask -he- wears.
    Catalana A charming man with a terribly wild beard.
    Delia As fun and charming a companion as I could ever have hoped for - and a quite passable dancer to boot! The Grimhalls have a treasure here.
    Delilah He's a mystery, that one, rife with dear enthusiasm for his kin and smart as a whip. What he aims to achieve in taking the city by storm remains to be seen, and I expect the tales will last a very long time indeed.
    Dianna Gods bless you; they crafted you well. I think you might be perfect.
    Elloise ....stair user.
    Esme He shared his blanket cloak, his cloak blanket. His blankcloak, his cloaket? He seems like a nice guy. I'm sure we will be the best of friends.
    Korka Lord Erik Grimhall is not what he first seems or what his name would have you think. I'm surprised to find he's not a devotee of the Queen of Endings. So many puns.
    Liesel Lord Grimhall, what a great name. Sounds like something from those tales I used to hear.
    Mabelle A pleasant Lord Grimhall, I'm not surprised though. An aspiring healer, hopefully I can assist.
    Niklas A bookish sailor and perfectly good company, even if you occasionally catch him crawling around under tables.
    Reese He is very intelligent and clever, good to speak with. An interesting Lord who seems like he would be fun at any gathering, debate or dinner.
    Rysen An interesting lord of House Grimhall who seems at ease in the social world of Arx.
    Sanya My brother can be relied on to brighten my day.
    Valdemar If only I'd seen the wisdom in my cousin's intellectual pursuits earlier. His presence in Arx is always a welcome one.
    Vicente Seems like an all right guy if a touch too bookish and missing some decent hints to get some pleasant interaction with the fairer sex.
    Zoey Laid back and personable.