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Princess Sorrel Thrax

Lift your blades! Let them sing to the gods!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Dragon Bard
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 27
Birthday: 03/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: midnight blue-black
Eye Color: evergreen
Skintone: porcelain

Titles: Bladesong, Legendary Bard

Description: Standing a few inches taller than most women and some men, Sorrel is notable for her lean, shapely form and athletic build. Her long hair is so dark it shines with a hint of blue as it frames her pale face in a riot of curls and hangs in heavy waves down her back when left untamed. Her eyes are a bright, piercing evergreen color peeking out beneath dark lashes, while her smiles are gregarious and easily given. Like a collar at her throat is a pale pink burn scar in a curious pattern, as if someone once tried to choke her to death with a burning chain.

Personality: Sorrel is a charismatic woman with a large presence. Though she's athletically slender there's so much force of personality to her that she seems to fill up more space than she actually does. Gregarious, charming, and just a step away from being cavalier. Lady Sorrel is a woman full of laughter, smiles, and joy. But her temper burns just as bright as the rest of her. She's passionate and hot blooded. She's a fierce and almost foolishly brave woman who loves to perform; sing and act.

Background: Lady Sorrel Wyrmguard is the middle sibling of a cousin-branch of the Wyrmguards. A second cousin to the ruling Marquessa-- Dominique --but also related in this way to members of the Valardin royal family. Unlike many, she is not at all defined by middle sibling syndrome. She's vastly different from her siblings; vibrant of personality, but darker in coloring (taking after their father).

Born many years after Reiker and a scant few before Clover she's always been a bright, charismatic girl. Drawn to the performing arts-- in particular singing. Her next love has always been the blade and martial combat.

As a child she would go to sword practice and sing as she swung her blade, earning her the informal nickname/title of 'the Bladesong of Blancbier'. At first it was something of a teasing, almost mocking title. For she was no doubt considered strange as a child and young woman for how much she sang while practicing her martial skills.

That changed a year or two before the Siege of Arx when she lead a battalion of Blancbier soldiers against a force of raiders who were attempting to lay a mini-siege on a small farming village that fell within the border of the Blancbier March. They say the battle was turning against the Wyrmguard units due to overwhelming forces, but that Lady Sorrels voice cut through their despair and lifted them up, and they won the day inspired by her voice.

Since then she has honing her skill as a leader, and a commander.

Relationship Summary

  • Clover - The best sister a girl could have.
  • Name Summary
    Achard So gracious. I wonder if all Arx royalty is like her? Polite to a battered country knight. I will be sure to be there if she needs, Cristoph willing. I hope that will be so.
    Adalyn Courageous in the face of danger. She has a lovely voice and a quick wit.
    Adora A princess singer who married for love. More than I ever needed or wanted to know. I don't like her.
    Adrienne I've known Sorrel since we were both girls. It's been a long time. Too long. Could we have known, all those years ago, that she would become the Bladesong? Warm and bright and a leader to all. I'm glad she's in Arx.
    Aelgar A very approachable princess! Easy to like and warm enough. I am looking forward to getting to know this one.
    Aerandir One of the Wyrmguards that I have heard quite a bit of in recent memory, though regretfully our first meeting was a fleeting one. She seems cordial and pleasing, even so.
    Aethan If someone is going to interrupt a conversation, Princess Sorrel is better than most.
    Agatha My cousin's wife - she seems outgoing and friendly. Happy! The Mourning Isles are not allowed to make her dour!
    Ainsley She has a voice as clear and as sharp as a blade. I can see why she is the 'Bladesong of Blancbier'.
    Ainsley One of my princess' friends, and a someone I have already respected as a warrior and a leader.
    Ajax An interesting font of knowledge that one. I'll have to ask her questions when she's not being crowded, which, given how she handles herself I am assume is most of the time. Seems pleasant, though.
    Alaric At times people change, and then others, they remind you of exactly who they are and why you liked them in the first place.
    Alaric There are oft times that I fear for her; not that she isn't one of the most capable and talented figures within Arvum and capable of protecting herself. It's that I worry for the path she has beholden herself to. I just hopes she knows that, in the end, the choice of her fate will always be ultimately her own.
    Alarissa A lovely addition to the Wyrmguards.
    Alecstazi Strong in spirit, skill and toughness. She knows the family she married into and does well to represent our ideals.
    Alessandro Very informative, not to mention a beautiful voice.
    Alexis Lady Sorrel Wyrmguard has always been someone I've felt a kinship with. She's tall and majestic-looking, and I love her temperament. And she's got a lovely voice, too!
    Alina She has a very beautiful voice. Her songs do not make a great deal of sense to me. I should study them more closely.
    Amari She seems very sharp and doesn't fuss around the edge of a topic, but plunges straight in concisely. I can respect that. I'm also sure I'd not be even half as coherent in her shoes, with such a shiny new baby.
    Amund Willing to entertain my request for help even though she doesn't know me. The Wyrmguards are truly outstanding in their display of sheer chivalry and prowess. Not to mention that she is quite the legend in her own way, and beloved by her people in the Islands as well.
    Andry A knight of a different kind, the sea is a road I've yet to master
    Anisha Gracious and stylish like one would expect. Decisive and focused. There is lot to admire in Princess Sorrel Thrax, even after a short chance meeting.
    Apollis I wouldn't accuse her of being lovely or charming.
    Apollo Pretty, and she brought in very interesting leathers - but she's so quiet. I wonder what's up with that.
    Appolonia It looks like we have a few things in common! But not bug related things, it would seem.
    Arcadia I have met with the princess at the ring and many parties, but this is the first time I have ever spoken at lengths and she is awe-inspiring. She is funny and smart, bright and charming. I know she is an amazing fighter and I bet a wonderful mother. I would kill for a pinky nail worth of her charm.
    Arianna She's a regular bad ass. I heard about her singing talents. My interest in the Arts is kind of well known but I have never ever heard of someone doing the things she did. Cool. Also she complimented me on my fighting skills, flattery gets the keys to my kingdom. So does beauty and she's lacking none of that.
    Arn A Wyrmguard singer who apparently does some fighting on the side. The first meeting didn't go well. What does, though?
    Arthen I had a real good, if unexpected meetin' with this woman out on the training sands, just sort of pokin' around in the dark. Seems like a smart woman, to me, and I got the sense that we are headin' in the same direction on a couple of things. Might be someone to sit down with, soon.
    Asha Princess Sorrel is everything a Champion ought to be and everything a noble ought to be. Courteous, generous, and so graceful on the training field that you could almost forget it's a training field and not a dance floor.
    Asriel That wink! Before I ever met her in person I have long heard tales of Princess Sorrel Thrax's talents as a bard and a warrior. I was never warned of how vibrant and engaging she can be outside of song and sword. I watch, and see that people flock to her.
    Astraea Yes! Another lady knight, my best friend the Bladesong. She's cool, collected, and gorgeous. Anyone who meets her knows she a powerful force of good. I can't wait to stand beside her and battle evil together. It's like a girl's dream come true.
    Aswin A Thraxian princess. She is good with her saber, that much is easy to admit. I've heard much of her and after sparring with her in the training center I can imagine that at least some of it must be true.
    Austen An incredibly knowledgeable princess, who has taught me much in a very short time. My eyes have been opened.
    Bahiya A princess of House Thrax who sang her prayers in the Shrine of Gloria.
    Beatrice I am no stranger to fear, and yet, nothing has frightened me so much as our Bladesong Princess. Bravissima.
    Berenice She sings. Totally normally! How delightful. Totally normal singing.
    Bhandn I thought that my circumstances were the same as with Her Highness. While I do not think so any more, she nevertheless lent an ear to my troubles but also interesting advice. I will not forget this, and I hope to one day repay her for it.
    Bianca My warrior of a cousin. She astounds me with her capabilities and the devotion of her faith. She is keen minded, beautiful beyond words and holds a warmth we are all blessed to bask in. A natural leader in any scenario I've seen her placed in. I could speak of her merits endlessly...
    Bianca One of my closest cousins. I have watched the princess rise from a bright eyed and determined youth into the esteemed member of both the Peerage and the Faith she is today. I feel my heart swell with pride.
    Braden A Princess of Thrax. She must be important to have lost her voice that way. I will help if I can and hope for the best.
    Brannen Princess Sorrel Thrax actually came down to the Training Center, in the middle of night, to watch the Knights of Solace fight the King's Own. This princess has a lot of fire, she obviously enjoyed the fight and she cheered. It was truly awe-inspiring to see how much energy this princess has.
    Cabrera Honoured to have been even near the Princess and one of the leads of the Order of the East. Bladed refinement I imagine.
    Cadenza My kind of woman! Hopefully I'll get to hang out with her more.....perhaps at the masque.
    Caith She is a knight! She is so brave and good and fierce and /true/! And she knows so much STUFF! Gosh, she is amazing. It's like she's something out of a storybook, come to life off the page. Incredible!
    Caprice She was singing a beautifully bawdy song about her husband. At least, we shall assume it was her husband. He's very clearly a lucky man.
    Carita A beautiful soul to go along with the beauty of her exterior, and like the sword she carries, has a carefully hewn sharp edge she might just use if you're not careful. She might use the sword if you're not careful, too.
    Caspian A woman with a brilliant plan. I hope it comes to fruition!
    Caspian One of the greatest entertainers of Arx.
    Cassima Cousin-by-marriage, toting causes too worthy to decline and too lofty to take on lightly. Still, I'm grateful to her for the opportunity to get out of my own head.
    Celeste Princess Sorrel is a woman of dedication and beautiful voice, conviction and determination. I quite like her.
    Cerdensulathara An amazing voice, and beautiful face. I understand her iron fist is her tongue, and our enemies fear it.
    Christine A dear with a good expertise in using pointy thingies. She seems fun and amiable.
    Cirroch A Oathlands Lady from the mountains! Like myself she feels pride in the rugged lands she has come from. I could see a friendship quickly forming with her.
    Clover My vibrant, joyous older sister. I love her so dearly and we have so much fun together. There's no one else in the world as uplifting as Sorrel Wyrmguard!
    Clover Sorrel has always been my hero! She's always uplifted and encouraged me-- never once putting me down or mocking me when I tripped, wasn't tall enough, or had troubles. She always encouraged me to find what I was good at, or to find another way to do something. Being around her is like being bathed in sunlight.
    Coraline Well and truly family, she never ceases to amaze me the skills she shows be it singing, fighting, or organizing.
    Cristoph Sorrel, Clover's sister! A bit taller than her. She seems like a bright and cheerful sort, likes to hit things, likes puppies, really can't find anything to argue with there. I'm sure we'll be dragging her down to the house soon enough.
    Cullen I don't think I've met her before today, but she's got strength to match her lovely singing voice! Truly have I not run into her before? I imagine I shall again though, given that we...were not successful. Quite the asset to any team, to be sure.
    Darren I like you, you got moxy and optimism. And you'd tell me if I was losing my hair.
    Delfina A Mourning Isles princess who is well-versed in diplomacy as well as skilled with the sword. My favorite sort of ally. I hope we will have the chance to work together in the future.
    Delia What a dancer! Absolutely enchanting to watch, though I shouldn't be surprised.
    Delilah Brilliant. Knowledgeable. Absolutely inspirational. I find myself wondering how she knows all the information she does, and all this galvanizes me to find more ways to work with her to further her efforts. She's phenomenal.
    Denica Saw her holding Astrid, she has quite a way with children and seems kind. I hope she finds the time to bring herself around the Thrax Estate more often in the future.
    Denica One of my favorite models I've ever had the pleasure to paint. She's married into the family now. Family portrait next? Either way, I'm so excited to have her in the family.
    Derovai She was given a good idea; I hope she realizes it.
    Dominique Why is she going to war while pregnant? I guess it's the Wyrmguard in her, but it doesn't surprise me one bit. Sorrel has always been strong and has done an admirable job representing our house in my absence from the city of Arx.
    Domonico A tall woman, worthy of hailing from the City of Swords! I can only pray to the Gods that I only meet her on the battlefield as an ally, not a foe, as I doubt I'd survive the experience.
    Drake Sorrel's skill and fame as a bard is self-evident. Her song was there for us when we needed it most.
    Dustin I feel bad for the princess, she lost her voice to clowns in - Arx? No, wh- oh she erased it, lost her voice to drinking with clowns in Darkwater I think its what it said.
    Echo There's a certain charm to Lady Sorrel that is almost immediately recognized. She's so incredibly warm, friendly, and encouraging. Much like you'd expect from close family.
    Edain The Bladesong of the Wyrmguard is the dramatic presence you would expect her to be. I did not get to speak to her long, but she congradulated me on my wife and I expecting our first, and she said she was going to compose a song. I'm entirely certain I am not diserving of a song, but it was an entirely kind gesture. I hope to get the chance not to just hear her sing songs of others adventures, but her own one day.
    Eddard A lovely singer, and /goodness me/ very pregnant.
    Elloise Kind of an uppity know it all who doesn't know ANYTHING because obviously I'm working FOR SCIENCE, my GOSH.
    Emilia She is a very good fighter! Her sense of fashion and movement are the definition of beauty and grace!
    Emily With such devotion to the people of the compact it is no wonder she is thus gifted by the Gods.
    Enoch A beautiful Thraxian Princess whom I sparred and sadly lost to at the Training Center. A remarkable and kind woman with a friendly demeanor. I'd happily spend mor etime with her.
    Erik Princess Sorrel has made many contributions to the Scholars before, I admire her sense of duty and vast knowledge. She seems like the type of people that can withstand my babbling.
    Erik I am glad to learn of her name without having to admit to the blunder of not recognizing a Princess of Thrax. I just have to make sure I hide my lute from her, or she might get the idea that I know how to play and that would embarrass me before Thrax.
    Esme She is amazing on a boat and would not expect anything less from Thrax. Obviously, she's a blessing to her family.
    Estil Somehow she manages to maintain a certain degree of mystery despite being rather open and blunt. Our personalities seem to mesh very well. She is exceedingly admirable, and I have the profoundest respects for her.
    Eurion All charming and lovely - I am honored and humbled.
    Evander Though she was unable to speak, the Princess proved her bravery and commitment in the very act of losing her voice. Her knowledge is enviable and I am richer for having met her.
    Evangeline So lovely! It is always a pleasure to meet another statuesque woman, though I was saddened to hear of her current affliction. She seems to take it in stride and does not appear to seek sympathy. A strong and noble woman indeed!
    Evaristo We met quite awhile ago, when she taught me the songs of Copper and told her things about her. Her music has inspired me ever since, and her information has helped me a lot.
    Evelynn She's sacrificed a lot to free others from their bindings. The Compact is lucky.
    Everett Saw Princess Sorrel at the Seeds 'o Change party, 'cept as I didn't know it was her, nor she be a Princess, on account of everyone's mask and all. I wore a pumpkin. Still, mighty fine shindig, with much fancy goings on! Wish I'd a knowed which one her mask be a mite earlier, as all the masks made things downright confounding.
    Fairen To note that Lady Sorrel hardly seems dissuaded from her faith in the Gods speaks volumes of her.
    Fairen Princess Sorrel is clearly a brave sort, anyone to bring together so many to fight something so terrible is a woman to regard with much respect.
    Faye An interesting woman with fascinating obsessions. I believe she would be an excellent research partner, and I hope we can work together on mutual interests in the future.
    Fiora She started to set me off at first, but she's Clover's sister so she must be halfway decent.
    Fredrik The singing Princess, another brave soul. I think I would like to deepen our friendship, it was good seeing her again.
    Galatea A woman of confidence and forthright erudition, the former Oathlander cuts an inspiring figure in her role as a Princess of Thrax. She may be the most knowledgeable Scholar on the subject of the Metallic Order, and I hope to learn half as much as she clearly has.
    Galen My beautiful wife, love of my life and mother of my child. Is there anything else to say about her? Oh, yeah, she sings beautifully, and it wreaks havoc in our enemies' ranks. It's pretty badass.
    Galen I am the luckiest man in the entire Compact, and lest I forget she will remind me frequently.
    Gareth Quite possibly the founding member of the Friendly Guard. The tireless men and women of Arx who ensure that all nobles are not too grumpy. She threatened me with Tikva once. For just the time alone that might be eaten by such a consequence, I shall endeavor to try to smile a little harder in her presence.
    Georgine She has a lovely sense of humour.
    Giada Galen's wife. This one -has- to have stories.
    Gianna A legendary bard. One hopes to aspire to her level of fame.
    Gilroy I don't know music, but I know she did some and it was pretty good!
    Giorgio A Princess of House Thrax. She seems to be a competent and helpful sort. I don't know overly much of her, but I'd imagine she and my brother might get along well enough.
    Giulio A delightful exchange of knowledge. It is rare that I stumble upon such knowledge in casual form. I see the start of a lovely scholarly exchange.
    Grady Colorful songbird, beautiful soprano, singer of shanties.
    Gretchen The singer of the Metallics songs, a Princess, and probably going to be a very good customer
    Gwenna Princess Sorrel Thrax is somehow both somewhat intimidating yet exceptionally warm. The Bladesong, a woman of near-legend for her singing and tales of the Metallics, she is inspiring on so many levels. I've had the fortune to get to know her over the years and consider her a friend I can sincerely trust. Whether we speak of fashion or weightier things, I am always glad.
    Haakon Odd one. Talks like a Mainlander, and I get the feeling she's having a different conversation than me. Still, she beat the shit out of a Churchman, which was funny to see.
    Hamish The Singer of Freedom has a temper, but it takes longer to raise than mine would. She lives up to all of her titles.
    Harald Said to be a Warsong. Perhaps she will drive back the blood madness and help us toward victory, or perhaps she will be seasick and drown in her own vomit.
    Harlex She fights with the grace of the finest dancers I've seen and is as fierce a foe as she is beautiful to behold. One of those rare pleasures a man don't soon forget.
    Harper She can fight, so that's a real good start. Reckon if she's got a good enough sense of humor to make jokes about being tossed overboard on a ship, then there's also that in her favor. She's one that might be worth getting to know better I reckon.
    Helia I'm totally in awe. She has a fantastic fighting style and all the showmanship you'd expect of a Champion. Amazing jouster too, as well as a very pleasant person! I like her a lot.
    Ian Never a dull moment.
    Iliana Bright and lively, she is the perfect mix of warrior and lady.
    Ilira Tall and flush with the grace of a warrior, she reminds me somewhat of Cerys. Hers is a warmth I sense rarely from noble to commoner.
    Isolde I hope she's going to be alright. That seems like a hell of a headache, but she does tell me that the crow was rather unsavory. I don't blame her. Despite needing a nap, she was still in good spirits and very informative.
    Ivy Its not often I meet a woman outside my family that's nearly as tall as we are. She comes from good family, and I don't envy her new family the task ahead of them. It sounds like a struggle. Still, she's very outspoken and charming, things that I aspire to be someday.
    Jacque Lady Sorrel is a Bladesong, which is very interesting, because I enjoy the prospect of the combination of a warrior who composes songs. It is rousing, it helps morale, and most certainly, I think she and I can work together as I aspire to become a chronicler of battles, and she composes her songs.
    Jaenelle My brother's wife. His eyes light up when he sees her, his smile goes on forever as he speaks of her. She is a strong and capable woman who will certainly keep him on his toes. I am proud to call her my sister.
    Jamie I have so many questions on the experiences you shared.
    Jan A lady and a warrior. Usually those two don't mix. Guess that is why she bears that 'Princess' title before her name.
    Jarel The beautiful Princess Sorrel Thrax has told me of a gift she and some others possess called the spellsinging. It's quite clearly an incredible gift. No wonder they call her the Bladesong! Not only can she spellsing, she can also fight!
    Jasher A good warrior and better singer. Though a woman, I am confident she will be a fine Champion, or anything else she puts her ambitions towards.
    Jeffeth She seems a very good Princess. Married to Galen who is a good man. I respect her deeply. EXCEPT SHE TOLD ME I COULDNT HAVE A DRAGON IN THE QUESTION GAME AND THEN I SAID NO ONE ELSE COULD CHOOSE DRAGONS AND SHE CHOSE DRAGONS. Someday my heart will recover. Just not right now.
    Jev She seems very friendly and smiled at me a lot. That was nice.
    Jordan A very happy Princess of Thrax who seems to accept her husband's habits and find them endearing to her. Love is an interesting thing to watch, sometimes. All the same, she is earnest and sincere, and that's an appreciable quality, always.
    Joscelin Young. Was I ever that young? Energetic and excited, eager to be pleased and easy to please as well. I'm hoping I've a life-long customer here, she's a delight to work with.
    Jules She's able to be intimidating as she thought you were trying to change a friend of hers and she didn't seem amused. When it was cleared up she seemed more agreeable. You think she is kind to the needy and worth helping out when you can.
    Julian A thrax princess and a knight. Likely a force to be reckoned with.
    Juliana Compassionate, level headed and in love with my favorite cousin. Is there anything else that needs said?
    Kaia A Thraxian princess; she sings outstandingly well! She is also one of Zoey's best friends it seems.
    Karadoc A Thrax Princess as passionate about social justice as she is about the arts. A true gem.
    Killian The voice of an angel, when I thought I was going to die, she lifted my spirits. I am so sorry that she was wounded, but she showed incredible skill, definitely a force to be reckoned upon.
    Klaus A voice which rivials the devine when she sings.
    Klaus Relation through marriage, but still bonds of family are strong in Thrax, and it is good to see family once more.
    Kritr She is earnest in her desire to be honest and straightforward, that is commendable. Like a horse though, she seems skittish around things with which she has no experience.
    Kutazer It is amazing how incredibly Sorrel grew up. I remember all the fun we had as children, but my she has become a warrior. I can't wait to see what we get up to now.
    Laric While we haven't had the opportunity to work together (and Gods know I only speak with people I'm working with), she's shown a predisposition towards spoiling Salvadore, and she's Tikva's friend, and she's Leona's sister in law. We're about as close to being acquaintances as you can possibly be without actually being acquaintances.
    Lark A perfectly tolerable drinking and dining companion. She should definitely fire her nanny, but that's not for me to say!
    Leola The Bladesinger. She has stood with my lady before, and will do so again. I envy her gift, though I have nothing but awe for the beauty and truth she brings to this world with every breath
    Leonidas Cute son she got there. Apparently wedded to my cousin, Galen. Not a bad lass at all.
    Lianne Bold enough to ask after blood magic, to speak of its ease in a public gathering. Curious.
    Liesel Seems very kind. I think I may have been rude?
    Lilia A gracious lady. The Telmarch's loss is Thrax's gain, one preeminently poised to aide the Compact in a most peculiar manner.
    Lora She possesses a most remarkable talent for organizing information for memorable delivery; I look forward to hearing the rest of her songs.
    Lorenzo Of course princesses are charming, as a rule. She promised to teach me how to dance. I wonder if one day I ask her to, will she remember me at all?
    Luca It takes one heck of a woman to put up with a man like that. Shave that thing off his upper lip, already!
    Lys She seems like the kind of woman suited for motherhood. All aglow with new life and shit... She's also got a really pretty voice.
    Mabelle When I first met the Princess, she lost her voice. Now that she has found it, she spins lovely tales!
    Macda Fellow lover of verse and song, she is larger than life and happy to play along.
    Mailys A charismatic and sociable woman who is impressive all around, may we meet again.
    Mailys She's just as beautiful, and just as educational, as her songs.
    Maja She will be taking the prayers that Sir Jeffy collects and making them into a song -- this is for Lady Arianna's tournament boon. I met her when I got lost in the Thrax ward. She's so nice! And her outfit was so pretty. I feel that she upholds the expectations of royalty; I like that.
    Malcolm She's got a voice like gold - or some other high-value metal. Iridescite, maybe? Sang all those songs about the Metallics. Seemed like real good folk.
    Margerie Reigna's oousin? Well that is a good first impression in and of itself. But she is charming and a chatterbox and I look forward to hearing her sing, to picking her brain about bits of lore she might have hidden in all the old songs she must know. So warm and welcoming!
    Marisol A poised and beautiful Princess of Thrax. From what I understand is also a true singer. Something I have yet to understand and define.
    Mattheu A meeting of one that remembers of Riva, or knows of my lovely home. Either direction, many winds since our last meeting have passed. Something quiet and yet riveting there, possibly another meeting?
    Medeia A woman of strong feelings and a good heart, able to see when she needs to reflect inward and improve herself.
    Merek I met her along with Astraea near the Ambassador Salon. A nice person, and seems to be respectful enough. Don't know too much about them, but definitely someone that I would not mind having more conversations with sometime.
    Meriah A singing magical princess. But maybe I dreamed her up. Seems like the kind of fairytale I'd dream up!
    Michael A smart sort of woman. Perhaps I'll remember her name next time. Sorrei. Sorrid....Sorr.....Something.
    Miranda The first time I met this woman, she'd been singing about the Metallics. Fantastic voice! Gorgeous spirit! And then.... she offered to teach me. Poor thing.
    Mirari Princess Sorrel Thrax is a fashionable, smart, and martially renowned. She's everything that one would expect from someone titled 'Bladesong'.
    Mirk A singer and warrior, Sorrel is someone who applies all of her talents - no matter how minor - to the threats that face the Compact. That drive is needed, at times like these.
    Naomi She's a lady and she knows Lord Ian. She has a tiny, ridiculous goat. Does it give milk, or fleece of some sort? It's a creature with no purpose. I hope she has someone to clean up after it when it messes all over her floors.
    Nijah A very serious seeming woman but very bright and helpful, could be a good source of advice in the future, should I ever require it.
    Niklas A truly gifted singer with a tremendous talent for teaching. Helped make me the banjo player I am today.
    Niklas The Singer of Heroes. A brilliant performer who respects those who came before us, while never failing to look to the future. A good friend.
    Nina A singer of a powerful reputation who gave an amazing concert. She's terribly brave in battle as well! I can only imagine what grand adventures she's had that I haven't even heard of... and I've heard of many!
    Noah I'm not sure about this one yet. She seems to be protective of Jaenelle, so that's a point in her favor, but we shall have to see.
    Noelle She Of Many Hats knows which one to wear when visiting. A perfect guest.
    Nuala A seahawk: sharp to close her wings and strike on an opportunity. She is impossible to miss and a sight to behold in action.
    Olivia One of those who aided Princess Tikva at the goop-covered statue, succeeding where my prior efforts with the Archlector had failed. It proved very interesting speaking with her, and it would seem prudent to do so more often, along with her friend Lady Lucita and the Princess.
    Orazio A lover of music and of the gods. Very much a Wyrmguard lady, complete with the weaponry. She seems pleasant and thoughtful, and Orazio enjoys talking to her.
    Orelia An impressive fighter, but that's only the first glance. Anyone that would share haze left by a deceased loved one is worth knowing.
    Orland Gulp. That was regrettable. Her furrowed brown and arched eyebrow will forever haunt me.
    Orrin It's nice to meet anyone anymore that has nice things to say about their family - speaks well of her priorities.
    Oswyn Princess Sorrel seems very curious. Er, not odd - she seems like she possesses a fair amount of curiosity. For learning. And research. She's very knowledgeable! And not odd.
    Parisa A kind and warm princess. One who has an interest in learning the Ravashari style of dance, whether or not it's considered proper! She seems nice.
    Pasquale She does have a rather impressive singing voice.
    Petal Very beautiful in face, voice and mannerisms. She is quite welcoming and so self-confident.
    Pharamond Watching her move is far from watching dance - it is pure art. The only way to describe the first impression would be awe.
    Piccola The word 'majestic' is applicable here. I know she sings; I've heard how she sounds. But it's how she fights that attracts the eye and mind, a memory that distracts.
    Porter Princess Sorrel really is one of the finest beard inspectors in all of the Compact. Also a very talented singer. And a fighter. And funny, whipsmart et... And an all around good person. Really those other things are MORE important than being a beard inspector, if we're being honest.
    Quenia Lady Sorrel Wyrmguard seems like a good woman who doesn't turn away from a challenge, and doesn't easily embarrass. These are both good qualities to have. It will be nice to get to know her a bit better.
    Quinley The princess is skilled in the arts of interaction and strategy. She is an asset to the Compact.
    Raimon I have never seen someone without a voice be so expressive
    Raimon The tall bladesong arrives just in time to catch the end of a poetic improvisation at the Shrine of Jayus
    Ras Never talked straight to her. She's a Thrax princess after all. Heard about her a lot of times, though. Watched her train. Guess she's a good one, or at least tries.
    Reese Lots of energy which I consider a good thing. She has a lovely voice. A dragonknight and a bard!
    Rinel A Lady with a gorgeous singing voice--and she's offered to teach me how to sing! And to research songs with her! I wonder what her opinions are on dancing...
    Rohran A Princess of Thrax, and apparently a cousin to my Countess, Reigna. I know little of Thrax, save for what the scholars teach, but that she is family to dear Reigna helps to endear her to me in no small way. Through conversation, I've come to learn her husband also has a sense of humor. Perhaps I'll have occasion to run into him as well, next time. If not, I can't say running into this Princess a second time would be anything but a pleasure.
    Rook Lady Sorrel's name has of course been spoken more often than not during the call of banners in advance of war, what with her efforts to rouse troops through the medium of song. A long history of audible inspiration exists, especially for the Faithful, so it is only to be admired. Now, of course, there's a rumour with good backing indicating she'll be leaving House Valardin's fealty for House Thrax's. A shame, truly. Nonetheless, perhaps the Serpents will be taught a few extra manners with further good influencers in their midst.
    Rook Met just after her voice was given back so the Princess had quite the opinion. Beautiful really... opinions are. That will be my excuse when someone sees this.
    Rosalie We've met a few times now, she still can't remember my name, but its alright. I forget things too sometimes, so I can hardly complain. Still, she's very kind and I hope that we can be friends! Gods know I could use a few friends in the Thrax fealty now.
    Roxana A duelist as it appears, and a dreadfully beautiful one at that. Watching her makes it rather like watching dancing, only there are blades involved.
    Rukhnis I had long ago given up hope of meeting someone with such gifts here in Arvum. I envy her.
    Ryhalt Clover's sister and someone of talent, both in the field with our excursions to the Ile de Canneberges and also in performance, and quite prone to making a room brighter. She is going to be an aunt.
    Rysen A master of songs and swords, and an excellent mentor.
    Sabella Princess Sorrel is one of those women that others inspire to be like with a singing voice that could make even Mistress Gianna jealous! She's not only amazingly talented, but extremely knowledgable and always willing to share that knowledge with others. She is altogether wonderful and I am happy to call her my friend!
    Sabella A Champion of songs! A singer of Champions? As gifted with her voice as with her blade, in any case. And a good friend.
    Samael The new Thrax Princess. She's glowing.
    Samael A bright, emphatic, happy and untamed Thrax Princess.
    Sanya The princess is warm and easy to get along with and I'm grateful for the knowledge and skill I've acquired while knowing her.
    Saoirse My god, she knows a lot of things.
    Sasha A very helpful Princess who I am quite glad reached out to me. I look forward to future investigations with her.
    Savio Her advice was a kindness to me, both musically and otherwise -- a thoughtful princess who took her time to help and understand a stranger. We'll make music again, in better times!
    Sebastian My cousin's wife. I don't have much opportunity to spend time with my Thrax cousins and family. I should seek to fix that.
    Shard Reliable, sometimes frustrating, usually well meaning, wields chairs with terrifying skill, according to rumor. And we're both in the shit now.
    Sigurd She knows how to enjoy the night and has a good taste in alcohol. Went right for whiskey first.
    Sirius A strict regiment is paramount, if one is to master the brutal arithmetic of combat. This is taught by Dame Sorrel, whose means of violence come through dance and effortlessness — she's alike what all the tales say, and most likely more. I still haven't heard her sing.
    Sophie My cousin - Brave, perhaps foolishly so!
    Sparte Not sure if she was ignoring me because I'm common or because she was that caught up in things. Wish her well I guess.
    Stygia Level headed, a bit full of herself, so I mean - your regular run o' the mill Silk! But I mean, tolerable and seemingly a good mum so she has more than her fair share of redeemable qualities
    Sunaia I'm thrilled to have finally met my cousin and to find she's as much in love with adventuring as we Ashfords! No wonder Mother married in. Wyrmguards are wonderful, and Sorrel is intoxicating.
    Talwyn Hope. Perhaps the most powerful weapon in Arvum. Or anywhere. And she gave that to me tonight, after telling me the worst news of my life. It may cost me everything... but I will help her.
    Teagan Not just lovely compositions, but also voice, and the ability to command the attention of an entire crowd. It is a topic that could be terribly dull if presented in mere word and tome, but instead has been given dramatic life by this woman in a way to draw full crowds.
    Tescelina It has been so long since I've seen my dear cousin. She looks wonderful, strong even in the face of such a tragic loss. An inspiration.
    Thea A princess of surprises. She's knowledgeable and an amazing fighting. I think one can learn much from her.
    Theron I like Lady Sorrel. She's merry, especially when she fights, and I enjoy double entendres whether or not they are intentional. She's got a way with words!
    Thorley The Soungstress that is to marry a Prince. Spritely. Fast. And confident in her abilities to make her Prince sing for her.
    Turo The new Princess is gracious and, frankly, a delight. I look forward to her meeting Arcelia - they'll get along well, I suspect.
    Tyrus Bladesong and an expert of the Metallics. Cousin Galen certainly found quite a wife for himself, and I'm most interested to spend more time with her and discuss, for a keen mind was spied during our first meeting.
    Valdemar She seems an honorable sort, and moves well in armor.
    Valerius Wife to Galen. Very happy that I was able to introduce them. And still a lovely singing voice. family is more important in these coming days.
    Vayne She seems an earnest Princess, intent on trying to help others. I hope she finds the outlet for that desire. It can so quickly overrule our judgement, and I would hate to see her miss the opportunities that balance can bring.
    Vercyn Princess Sorrel is unlike most of the princesses I know. She is an administrator and planner, not one of those, in her words, "Idle princes and princesses with nothing better to do". Then again, she is not a princess born into that role, but still quite a refreshing perspective.
    Verity It is reinvigorating to hear such honest and plain talk from one so gifted.
    Victus She loves Galen. Galen loves her. I ain't seen much besides her singing skills, but that one time she danced with my wife with the... butterflies was it? It was nice. She ain't so bad.
    Videl The bladesong, I've heard her name be mentioned before, but what I'd heard tells only of her work; not about how pleasant she is to be around.
    Vincenzo Umbra over seasilk and aquamarine. Bubbles. There is an airiness to this one, but substance underneath. She projects joy, but she is clearly a scholar and a bard of some sort. Born to be a Princess, clearly, surprisingly unobnoxious despite claiming an Oathland's heritage.
    Vitalis The Bladesong mute?! Gods above...
    Volcica A fine taste in armor! I wouldn't mind getting to know her better.
    Volcica She'll free the world, I think.
    Willow Her mentoring Ysabel has made a huge and positive impact on my friend.
    Wylla Truly gifted, perhaps even in the spiritual sense! She has the loveliest poems and songs, though she seems far too kind a soul to make a very frightening dragon.
    Zalika A woman with a good sense of mind. I don't blame her hesistance to swimming in the ocean with Gyre lurking about now.
    Zara While Sorrel may have ridden as Champion for Lord Cahal, she did a marvelous job. It was a pleasure to have all parties so well represented in a challenge.
    Zara My songbird cousin, though I imagine she prefers the more impressive 'bladesong' over songbird.
    Zoey She's passionate, knowledgable, and dedicated. Thrax is lucky to have her.
    Zoey She seems a joyful sort, which means that on the field of battle she is either untested or resilient. I choose to believe the latter.
    Zyanya Forthright and passionate with a desire for greater understanding once corrected. I do not think she meant to give offense as some have.