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Princess Lou Grayson

The best thing about being an explorer is getting confirmation that all your nagging fears about terrible horrors lurking in the world are completely justified!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Pragmatic Explorer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 4/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: average height
Hair Color: rich brown
Eye Color: blue gray
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Ranger of the Gray Forest, Legendary Explorer, The Tenacious Griffon

Description: Her brown waves and curls are rarely tamed or coiffed, lightened at the ends from sun exposure. Her fair skin, likewise, has been thoroughly loved by the sun and it gives her complexion a permanent cocoa hue. Her sky-pale eyes are a stark standout - a flash of crystal in a warm, sun soaked visage. She's on the lean and rangy side; sleek feminine contours often hidden and usually ignored. Her grins are wide and wonderful on her heart-shaped face, revealing the most fetching dimples.

Personality: Most people would call Loucia 'no-nonsense', and while that's not inaccurate, the truth is (usually) more complicated. She tolerates - and even enjoys - all sorts of nonsense. She just has little patience for the nonsense one often encounters at court. Her sense of humor is both sharp and dry, and she says what she thinks or nothing at all. Like many, she struggles internally with the question of what makes a good person, and whether or not she conforms. "Lou knows what to do" is another phrase one might hear from her friends, and she usually does. She just isn't always sure what to feel.

Background: Few of the royal blood could claim to be as pragmatic and down-to-earth as Lou. Lou, who tends to glare at anyone who calls her by her hated pretentious fullname and title of her highness Princess Loucia Grayson, has always been drawn to what, in her opinion, truly makes House Grayson the greatest. When Lou was a child, she read about the boldness of her ancestors, the dauntless courage of Graysons who continually set out to make sure every inch of Arvum was safe for their people, and how many Graysons were among the greatest explorers and pathfinders of all the great houses. Since the carnage and decay of the Crownbreaker Wars, so much of the land of Arvum has grown wild and been ceded to the Abandoned clans that recognize no lord. Lou has observed to her great annoyance many nobles that bemoan the plight of the common people and the state of Arvum, declare that something simply must be done, and then promptly go right back to their salons. The princess that hates being called a princess isn't really capable of the same self-delusion, and follows the proud Grayson tradition of being an adventurer on behalf of her house. Lou rolls up her sleeves and is determined to get it done, exploring old lands so it can be reclaimed by the Compact.

Not that she has to do it alone. While she might internally wince at annoyance whenever anyone calls her Princess Loucia Grayson, and she isn't fond of giant honor guards, she thinks only an idiot would slap away hands trying to offer help or fail to take advantage of the embarrassing good fortune of her high birth. So it was one of her first adventures in the Gray Forest, trying to remap the lands for one of the more minor vassals for House Grayson, when she first met her constant traveling companion Mason who just happened to be running screaming and literally fell into her camp and brought a dozen also-screaming shavs with him. She knows Mason isn't really how he pronounces his name, but she figures saving someone's life gives her the ability to mispronounce his name as much as she damn well pleases, and they've been fast, close friends ever since. Along the way, the fearless pair (well, full of an incredible amount of healthy fear truth be told, but everyone says they are fearless) has established quite a reputation as stalwart Grayson adventurers, in the finest traditions of Grayson courage. More than one bard has sung about 'the beautiful and bold Princess Loucia Grayson.'

Lou, of course, is mortified.

Relationship Summary

  • Khanne - Lady of Halfshav, Explorer at Heart, Expedition Partner
  • Vitalis - Lord of Mazetti, Explorer, Sometime Expedition Partner
  • Ian - Lord and Sword of Kennex, Companion to Brightshore
  • Kedehern - Baron of Fortier, Companion to Brightshore
  • Mirk - Lord of Halfshav, Shamanisic Ritualist, Research Partner, Fellow Explorer, Uanna Linguist
  • Azova - Lady of Darkwater, Mercy of Lagoma, Companion to Brightshore
  • Kalani - Countess of Seliki, Companion to Brightshore, Owned by a Tree Mouse
  • Natasha - Princess of Thrax, Traveling Companion
  • Aleksei - Aleksei Morgan, Godsworn, Liberator, Knower of Weird Things, Traveling Companion

  • Family:
  • Safiyyah - Lou's daughter. Born in May 1005.
  • Melina - Lou's daughter. Born in January 12, 1009.
  • Alarissa - Princess of Thrax, Favored Cousin
  • Wash - Lord of Kennex, Legendary Sailor, Companion to Brightshore
  • Laric - Prince of Grayson, Master of Questions, Fellow Researcher, Sometimes Traveling Companion
  • Tikva - Princess of Grayson, Performer, Sometimes Traveling Companion
  • Liara - High Lord of Grayson, Lou's Boss
  • Aindre - Prince of Grayson. Fellow Traveling Companion. Warrior of Grayson.

  • Sibling:
  • Reese - The accomplishments of my baby sister always makes me so proud and sometimes envious of her. Accomplished swordswoman and Knight Templar. She's always busy, but that just means I cherish our stolen moments together all the more.
  • Sabella - I don't always understand Sabella and her motivations, but then I've never been the social butterfly that she is. When she sets her mind to something, people underestimate what she's truly capable of accomplishing. I've always admired her ability to move through any social situation.

  • Friend:
  • Faye - Faye Ruger. Friend and Eurusi Research Partner
  • Lisebet - Duchess of Ashford, Research Partner, Fellow Explorer
  • Cadenza - Lady of Fidante and Fellow Explorer
  • Ian - Lord of Kennex. Explorer. Warrior.

  • Spouse:
  • Mason - Mason fell into my life at a time when I was questioning everything and was on the brink of just plain giving up. If it wasn't for him, I'd probably not still be an explorer. With him at my side, I find joy in everything in the world.

  • Deceased:
  • Gareth - Cousin, Inquisitor, Died During the Lodge of Petrichor Crisis
  • Jordan - Knight & General of House Ashford, Former Protege, Died Saving Duke Harlan During the Lodge of Petrichor Crisis
  • Luca - Former Brother-in-Law, formerly Reese's husband.
  • Sina - Archscholar, friend, frequent research partner.
  • Aislin - Best Friend, Former Pathfinder of the Explorers, Went Missing During Blackshore Expedition
  • Aiden - Cousin, Former First Speaker of the Explorers, Bird Lover
  • Felicia - Felicia Harrow. Friend and Eurusi & Grayson Research Partner. Hero of Grayson.
  • Niklas - Brother-in-Law, Sabella's Husband. Research Partner. You didn't need to die that way.

  • Protege:
  • Tarik - Last Living Morien - Current Protege
  • Mikani - Lady of Crovane, Ambassador of the Marin'alfar, Former Protege
  • Eddard - Lord of Clement, Former Protege
  • Elloise - Lady of Leary, Inventor, Former Protege
  • Mailys - Mailys Cortesina, Merchant, Former Protege
  • Shae - Baroness of Fortier, Companion to Brightshore, Owned by a Tree Mouse and Cat of Brightshore, Current Protege
  • Martino - Duke of Malvici - Former Protege

  • Crownlands:
  • Calaudrin - Deputy Commander of Iron Guard, Explorer, Multi-Expedition & Research Partner, Left to Become Hero
  • Delilah - Lady of Whitehawk, Explorer, Sometime Research Partner
  • Viktarkim - Adventuring Companion, Friend, Off Adventuring

  • Mourning isles:
  • Sparte - Commander of the Iron Guard, Explorer, Sometime Research Partner, Off On Adventures

  • Parent:
  • Ahriman - I never really got to know my father well. He disappeared searching for Alaric III when the king disappeared after the Tyde Rebellion. Now that he's back, we really haven't had time to catch up, but I know there's stories behind his own disappearance somewhere. I can only only hope he was not as affected as Alaric III was in his captivity.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn An intrepid adventurer. She speaks of her discoveries with great passion, invoking a desire to simultaneously launch into action and uncover new truths. And she seems to prefer trousers, needing Eddard's fashion assistance when it comes to dresses. A kindred spirit in more ways than one, perhaps?
    Adrienne I had the pleasure of listening to Lou Grayson lecture on the Saffron Chain in Arx. Some of the content fanciful; but if anyone were to not let fancy run away with her, it would be the Pathfinder.
    Aelgar Competent and knowledgable. EShe has earned quick respect by handling my needs easily and effectively. And friendly, which is a bonus. I look forward learning from her and getting to know her.
    Aethan The woman knows more than I ever could hope to learn in what remains of my lifetime. Impressive and well-suited to heading up the Society of Explorers.
    Aiden My cousin is someone that I can idolize and learn from. She has plenty of experience with adventures and shared me some information about her journies. I appreciate what she can show me and know she's definitely a leader in the Grayson family.
    Aislin It's good to see Lou in the city again, to have her back at the Society. I have so few true kindred spirits, especially ones I can rely on as much as I can on her. I look forward to catching up with her about everything that's happened in recent months.
    Alaric Adventurous and always in motion, Lou's bravery, curiosity, and drive has benefitted House Grayson and the Compact time and time again.
    Alarissa One of my favourite cousins.
    Aleksei Mason's other half! She's pretty awesome, too.
    Alexis Princess Lou Grayson. The famed explorer and adventurer who once rescued her Eurusi husband. Even if I didn't recognise her by description, the way she walks in and starts sharing a bold adventure kind of gives her away. In a good way. I imagine she's ever so fun at parties. And even more fun when you're back to back facing the unknown dangers of the wilds.
    Amari She's certainly ambitious in her goals, and realistic about their chances. Seems quite capable and worthy of her sizable reputation.
    Angelo The famous Pathfiner Lou! Definitely without an -ica. Seems rather smart and practical, and has the best romantic story...who can beat that? No one, but I can surely fabricate something. I imagine she has many tales...I should hear them.
    Apollis The Princess is the leader of the Society of Explorers. She seems so very nice and I look forward to getting to know her better. She is very beautiful too.
    Apollo A consummate storyteller.
    Arcadia I can see why so many have said I would like her. The amount of knowledge her head contains!
    Ariella The Pathfinder of the Society. As professional and knowledgeable as one would expect from that position.
    Armand Lou, as Her Highness seems to dislike the title, proved to be a patient, experienced and straight-forward Explorer, and I hope to learn more about her in the upcoming days. Someone I wouldn't mind at my side if stuck in the middle of nowhere, certainly!
    Armani I'm not sure if her husband is lucky or unlucky to be dragged to the north by such a spirited pathfinder.
    Ashur A highly, highly knowledgeable princess with great generosity of spirit.
    Astraea She's adventurous and cool like Aislin but there is a wariness that the Ashford's don't oft possess. I think she's a natural Pathfinder and with bright hopes I look forward to getting to know her and the other Explorers better. Now if only I could ask her about what her thoughts are on swordsmanship versus archery.
    Audgrim Pathfinder Lou. I think I'd happily follow her in finding paths.
    Aurora We met at a duel between Rook and Princess Alarissa. She wished to be called by her given name without titles, which as the owner of the title I assume she can do? She seemed friendly enough and full of stories.
    Bahiya The wife of Masun'uhl'ajionij. When I met her she was raw with emotion, freshly stung from an assassination attempt on her husband's life. I hope we can speak more, as a stranger to this land, eager to learn about it, she may be able to help me avoid any diplomatic disasters I cannot foresee otherwise.
    Bethany She's much more adventurous than I think I would want to be, even if there's so much out there to see.
    Bianca I've always admired her. Her enthusiasm and expertise. When she was announced the new leader of the Society of Explorers I could think of no better to take the role. She continues her work and the work of the Explorers with diligence and when she speaks of her adventures I find myself enthralled every time.
    Cadenza I'm so happy to see her here. I've missed this woman and I love her dearly. Maybe we'll catch up but she's the new Pathfinder so she might be busy.
    Cahal I can only hope to know half as much as she does one day.
    Calaudrin Esoka strongly suggested that I touch the princess some archery. When I finally met her, I'd just failed /out/ of an archery tournament, which was sad! But she was very gracious about it and seems to have heard good things. I look forward to teaching her some tricks one on one.
    Caspian The princess was very helpful and informative about The Society of Explorers and got me exicted about the prospect of joining.
    Cassiopeia Smart. Organized. Clever. Kind. Humble. A woman with an adventurous spirit, that I admire. I look forward to discovering things with her.
    Catalana Lou is every bit and unapologetically as described. Fierce. Brave. Loyal. Kind. I am glad Wash has found a family member to connect and care for.
    Cerdensulathara Pathfinder. Open-hearted. Brave. Loving.
    Clover Lou Grayson is a legendary adventurer and Princess, Voice of a Great House. A wonderful woman to hopefully call ally or friend.
    Cristoph Lou Grayson seems to be a lovely woman! She mentioned being in the Society of Explorers and being out in the field, so I imagine she has a rather strong interest in exploration. I hope to be able to have her and her husband over sometime soon.
    Cullen Seems very much the intense and dashing sort, exactly who you'd want to lead a group like the Explorers. I am very grateful for her taking me to Stormwall, as this is a personal mission I must do for peace with myself - and she understands it.
    Cullen Our wise and well-traveled Pathfinder, I ought to talk to her more. I think I made a bad impression though with my usual stumbling over words. It's a curse.
    Cybele Is a princess but you're not supposed to tell her. She is like Aislin in some ways, I think. At home when not at home. I like her.
    Delilah The best of us. What she's been able to preserve and further is absolutely monumental, the sort of discoveries that can leave a scholar breathless. Lou is the epitome of a Pathfinder, and moreover, a Grayson to the core.
    Dio The intrepid leader of the Society of Explorers. Her generosity is as far reaching as her knowledge.
    Duarte The princess was very free with the knowledge - a refreshing thing in this city - even if her eagerness to go on superfluous adventures is a tad eccentric.
    Echo Princess Lou Grayson offered a bright smile and warm discussion in an somewhat uneasy and difficult place. The shark couch was pretty neat. She offered answers to my various questions and tried to keep me up to speed. I really appreciate such kindness.
    Edris One never quite knows what to expect, when meeting someone in person rather than through missive. Pathfinder Lou is as gracious and genuine in company as she has been kind in our correspondance. I very much look forward to hearing the tales she wishes to share, and to get to know this intriguing explorer better.
    Eleanor She seems very nice! Not many princesses tell you to use their first name. She was a willing learner. And she cheered for my knights!
    Emily I am not familiar with anyone that is more versed in sailing than the Pathfinder. I look forward to learning from her and to proving my capabilities in the face of adversity.
    Emily The Pathfinder is always full of new and interesting bits of information. Its good to be back. Good to be sharing with her again. I can not express the sense of home the explorers and the pathfinder brings.
    Evaristo Princess Lou Grayson, leader of the Explorers, expert on Whitepeak and many other things. The stories she has to tell!
    Evelynn I am truly awed by her bravery and determination to search through places long forgotten.
    Fairen Her down to earth ways and energy are amazing, especially when paired with her extensive knowledge and readiness for action and exploration. I need to be more like her.
    Faruq She married an Eurusi man who fell in her lap. Literally. Not sure if that's the wisest course of action but she seems happy with it so it must have worked out well. She is friendly but it is hard to make a real connection amongst so many people. Will have to meet again.
    Fianna Lou has shown me great kindness and I am forever grateful for what she and her team found at Stormwall. I will cherish the returned pieces of my homeland and heritage. It's my hope that I can repay the Society some way, somehow.
    Gareth A dear cousin. While I remember her from our youth our interactions as adults have been rare and far apart. Though she as always insists upon being called Lou and appears to have a disdain for her title. Hopefully she grows out of this. Though I am curious at what age 'growing out of it' stops. Any matter, her husband seems fitting of his position and I wish them much fortune on their forthcoming offspring.
    Gerrick I do hope that my results in the playful attempt of the Explorers test doesn't affect my actual chances.
    Gianna The consummate explorer, it seems she always has a new tale to tell of this or that expedition to somewhere marvelous. I don't hold her dislike of bards against her.
    Gilroy Leader of the Society of Explorers. Very Serious.
    Giulio Oh, how aaabsolutely wonderful. Intelligent, competent, lovely and a talented teacher. I do believe I will like this Grayson princess.
    Haakon Half a scholar, half an explorer. Knowledgeable sort. Tends to run off on a subject, in the way knowledgeable folk often do.
    Hamish One of the Compact's great explorers. Clearly has a genuine sense of compassion for the subjects of her journeys.
    Helena Welcoming and full of knowledge. I envy her calm and poise.
    Ian If she's doing something, it's usually something that needs doing.
    Imi Pathfinder Lou is extremely knowledgeable, clearly passionate about her work, and a friend of the Compact. I'd guard her missions any day.
    Ingrid I was surprised to learn that she was a Princess. Nevertheless, the Pathfinder of the Explorers is a fascinating one who has experienced far more things than I believe I ever will.
    Ingvar Lou, a Princess who abhors being a Princess, apparently, and is also the leader of the Explorer's society, something they call the Pathfinder. She seems nice enough, though she's carrying far too many weapons for a proper lady. If she were Thrax, I'd tell her to leave the fighting to the menfolk, and focus on more proper, scholarly things to further the Society!
    Insaya A good sport, even in the midst of a lost bet!
    Isabeau A lively Grayson adventuress. She must have many stories to tell.
    Isidora We met randomly at The Spirits and Princess Lou is lovely. We discussed an upcoming expedition for Stormwall. It sounds like an adventure!
    Jacque Princess Lou Grayson. She likes to be addressed as Lou, so that's how I'll call her. I like the way she tells stories - it gets you involved in them, and she's leading the Explorers' Society. I'd like to become a close associate and maybe chronicle her adventures, though that's a departure from my aspirations to become a battle chronicler.
    Jael The elusive Grayson explorer Princess. It's good to see her back in the city, and she seems like a lovely non-fussy sort of person.
    Jaenelle A woman who is never afraid to find answer, chase after the unknown, and be herself without question. The few times we have met, I have always been impressed with her.
    Jasher To shepherd as diverse a crew as the Society of Explorers is no small task. Princess Lou has my respect for rising to the task as Pathfinder, and her extensive experience in exploring. I look forward to working with her more.
    Jeffeth Her Louness, brave leader of the explorers! I don't know much about her yet, but she's the type of princess that wishes everyone would forget she's a princess. Unfortunately, this is very hard for me to do.
    Jordan My patron! I hope I can be of great help to her adventures in the future. She dispenses with titles and prefers that people address her by her first name, which is appreciated.
    Jules A delightful princess, but aren't they all! She does seem a little disturbing to seek out adventures with dangers and more disturbingly dislikes being called her highness or princess but she is the sister of your friend.
    Jyri Lou Grayson is just as impressive as I have heard.
    Kaia Pathfinder Lou is a wonderful woman of great insight. A boon to Grayson and the Society of Explorers alike. I am always honored to work with her. My husband is certainly lucky to have her as a patron.
    Karadoc She seems to have an AMAZING Eurusi accent. (Or, you know, so I would guess.) Speaks just like a NATIVE. It's awe-inspiring. Makes a fellow wish that he weren't lazy enough (but -- I am --) to learn it for myself.
    Katarina I've heard a great many good things about this Grayson princess. I'm happy I was able to finally meet her in person. She hates the use of her own titles just as much as I do, which is always pleasantly surprising.
    Katarina Few are as well-traveled as Lou Grayson, who has served as First Seeker of the Explorer's Society for some time. While Katarina's personal interactions with this princess in particular have been limited to circling the same social groups now and then, she's been keenly aware that their goals are more often than not similar. One of these days, she really ought to speak to the First Seeker.
    Keely Older cousin, fearsome adventurer. She has seen so much and still carries herself with Grayson confidence and a warrior's spirit. I am mystified and inspired whenever we are in the same room
    Khanne We've shared some interesting adventures! Not talked much, but when we have, I always found her interesting and kind. I am fascinated by her travels.
    Killian I haven't had as much opportunity to meet Lou before, but she strikes me as shockingly similar to Aislin..though perhaps without the Ashford tendency to run afoul of every single bad thing that exists along any given path.
    Kritr The leader of the Explorer's guild has a great deal of patience with large gatherings.
    Leola Another noble wanting to deny the title she was born with. I understand, I do - how could I not, when half the city calls me Paladin? - but I explained that it is not only herself we honor by the title, but her family and all. She'll understand, in time, I hope. A fine archer, clearly, and skilled with the land by the way she talks. I hope she will grow and find more than herself
    Liara An adventurous sort of cousin. There was a lot of bustle when we got to speak, so it wasn't a whole lot of talk, but she was very amiably disposed.
    Lilia Well-traveled, well-educated, well-informed, and well inclined toward sharing her passion for all of these things. Almost a kind of magic.
    Llewella Sometimes it takes only a moment to make an impression. Only a phrase or two to change an opinion or bolster a quavering ally. Lou seems to understand this. She certainly helped set my resolve.
    Lore The Pathfinder is someone I truly admire and respect. More, she is someone whose respect I want to earn, and will work to earn.
    Luca Crossbow problems, Princess Lou? I'd rather see them stuck in your weapon than lodged in my ass. Still. You've done well, for all the chaos and horror that comes with a sea-joined battle between man and evil.
    Lucita Pleasant, goal oriented, good teacher, well spoken. I like her and am glad she is willing to share information and continue to grant me access to the SoE archives when I need it.
    Macda She's horrible. Lou threw me under an oncoming carriage and is making me LEAD something. At least she gets it that fulfilling my life's purpose doesn't involve taffeta.
    Macda She's simply fantastic. An inspiration. And she's one of the few that could talk me into just about anything- because adventure.
    Malcolm Princess Lou - no, just Lou. Sister of Reese. Another Grayson. Pathfinder of the Explorers. Adventurous, bright. Worth knowing. Good folk.
    Martino The Pathfinder and delightful explorer. Had aided my wife and I so much through the dear year and for that truly grateful. Adds a wise voice to the room.
    Merek The one who handles the Explorers. She hosted a Gauntlet for people to do, and it was quite the experience.
    Meriah If she wasn't so captivating, I'd have her head examined. Dwarves!
    Mia I've met Grayson ladies who have apoplectic fits if I address them as anything less than 'Your Highness' in a singular greeting meant solely for them, even when greeting a room full of noblewomen. Meanwhile, she scowls at anyone who dares to call her anything more than 'Lou'. Given the choice, I decidedly prefer the latter.
    Michael An absolutely splendid Grayson. I get to not stand on formality with her.
    Mikani Princess turned explorer. She is my Patron and I look forward to going in many adventures.
    Miranda Pathfinder and Princess! I admire her more than she knows. She's fair and knowledgeable and inspirational.
    Mirk The Pathfinder of the Society of Explorers. She embodies her role, I think, in a way that many cannot: Her eyes are always on new horizons, but she knows more than anyone else about how to translate the impulse into a plan of action.
    Monique Not Princess. Just Lou. She's a little intimidating, to be honest. The beauty, the brains, the capability... she's a triple threat!
    Mydas An explorer dedicated to her duties, the Crown and Compact. I expect Freja would be happy to see her so active as their Pathfinder.
    Naka Met at a Scholars discussion. Thoughtful and experienced and willing to share both.
    Neilda Absolute goals.
    Niklas No less impressive than her sisters, each in their own way. An explorer, legend and, one hopes, raconteur.
    Niklas Sabella's older sister and the Pathfinder of the Society of Explorers. She's more serious than Sabella, but none can deny she's excellent at her job.
    Niklas As brave an explorer as anyone I have ever met, and a perfect compliment to her two sisters. I consider Lou to be a good friend as well as family.
    Nina An explorer! She must know so many stories and legends of fanciful places... But even in telling a ghost story, she seems very practical about it all.
    Nisaa She seems to always look at me with an expression being of wariness, but I am understanding why. With her husband on the same list as I, I would be being suspicious of everyone too. She seems very knowledgeable about the world and a great many things, and despite her worry, is very helpful.
    Noah Always Princess Loucia. Always. None Greater Than Grayson, including messing with one's cousins.
    Olivia Prince Mason's wife, and a good friend of Aislin, thus obviously a wonderful person! Beyond this, she seemed very kind and caring, working Olivia through her sometimes unreasonable fears while discussing dark things in the forest, as well as potential solutions. It's not surprising her sister keeps the company of people of such quality.
    Orelia Intelligent, brave, proactive, and a kindred spirit where titles are concerned. I wonder if we'll ever get to adventure together.
    Orvyn A Princess that does not wish to go by such a title. Still she does command the Society of Explorers, which means she has likely seen as much of the sea as I have. Perhaps with the proposals to come, we shall find some common ground by which we can foster a more substantial business relationship.
    Oswyn The Pathfinder is thoughtful and approachable. I look forward to working with her.
    Peri She is tough and tenacious.
    Petal She is very wonderful and always notices the little people.
    Pharamond Always the impressive organizer and leader. Whether the explorers or the family, I'm always eager to aid in her plans.
    Piccola The Pathfinder of the Society of Explorers is a woman with experience and a thirst for adventure. I envy her life in many ways, but we cannot all become adventurers at the edge of civilization.
    Porter Thank the Gods someone was able to explain to me what was going on. I'm a little dense sometimes, so I definitely appreciated the concise explanation of complicated events.
    Quintin The Pathfinder is the consummate explorer and goes on incredible adventures. I could probably listen to her all day.
    Quintin Her flair for explorations is almost enough to make her an honorary Ashford. I don't think there are any who could have been as successful in getting us access to Brightshore as she was.
    Raimon Interesting Gryphon and seems knowledgable about such magical devices.
    Raimon I'd gone to the Explorers' Hall in search of maps and nautical charts in advance of our voyage, whereupon the Princess Lou Grayson proved not only knowledgable and supporting but also quite an impressive artist, sketching out a map -- as we talked -- of known routes and unknown. Formidable; Commendable.
    Raja I've heard tales of the great adventurer. Finally got to meet her. It was at the tail end of some new years festivities and everyone was in good spirits. She showed charity towards me. At first, I thought to turn it down. I should have. But, hey.. it's new years.
    Ras Tanned, in leather - can't tell if she's a silk or not. Knows so much about the world and shit goin on that if you wanna ask somethin, you gotta be real specific. But it ain't everyday that someone'll will let you walk into their library and sit on their couch and ask questions, I get that. Her'n'Mason are good folk.
    Raymesin She's good at exploring and good at leading. Maybe not so good at princessing, but who'd want to do that anyway?
    Reese I am glad to have my sister back in town. She seems to be doing well. I hope to visit with her more coming up. She is cheerful and positive and pleasant to be around.
    Remy An explorer and scholar in whose presence I feel the sparks of wonder and inspiration.
    Rook The Princess who is not a Princess. A superb ranger, explorer and fountain of knowledge. If you have a question, and Lou's favour, I am certain she knows the answer.
    Rosalind A great leader! Always ready to step up, no matter the dangers!
    Rowenova Not only is she a competent archer, but she is also an expert teacher with a good heart as well as the leading figure within the Society of Explorers.
    Rukhnis A woman with a vast enthusiasm for wonders past and present. And no wonder, with the sorts of things she has discovered.
    Sabella She's just a little stodgy and probably won't like the liberties I take with my historical accounts (alternative facts, anyone?) but she's strong and smart. And patient. Not that I need anyone's patience; I'm a delight.
    Sabella My amazing older sister who confirms things like unicorns exist in a sentence like its no big deal. She's the best!
    Sabella My favorite older sister (don't mind that she's my ONLY older sister) who is mother to my favorite niece (don't mind that I only have one as of right this moment!) who is so incredibly fearless and inspires me to maybe want to get my slippers dirty every once and awhile. I am in awe of everything she is able to juggle and accomplish!
    Sabella I should just write down the life story of my sister and people would think I was the best, most imaginative adventure writer ever! I can only aspire to be as brave and capable as she is.
    Saedrus Lou Grayson, as she seemed terribly against my calling her by title, is a unique young woman; so well-versed and pragmatic. I met her properly at the dinner I hosted for Princess Tikva -- she arrived in what looked to be explorer's leathers. Having spent more time with her, I do not think I will be surprised in future.
    Sanya An intelligent woman and she certainly made our evening memorable with that wonderful piece of craftsmanship.
    Sasha I wish I have been able to meet this Princess sooner, I feel she is a wealth of knowledge. I do hope we can bond on our journey.
    Savio The fearless and formidable leader of the Explorer's Guild, well deserving of her reputation for knowledge, insight, and investigation. I have a feeling our paths will cross more than once before we see the end of certain journeys now set in motion.
    Scipio A Princess who does not wish to be addressed by her title. It is a conundrum. I hope other gestures of respect for her position suffice.
    Scipio Princess Lou Grayson. Lou, as she informed me that she preferred to be called. She is certainly an interesting one. Different from the other princesses and princes that I have met in my time in this city, it does nothing to detract from my opinion of her. Rather, it is refreshing to see one so comfortable in who she is and what she does. I like her. Hopefully we might become friends one day.
    Scipio The woman who shines. Ironic for a Ranger, no? But when she wants to be seen, she is seen. And when she wants to be heard, she is heard.%r%rShe's also likely to be one of the most influential people in the room. And it's clear she knows it. She strikes me as fearless, insomuch as that word can be truth. But perhaps most importantly, she's my best link to the belated Sina Godsworn.
    Seren Pathfind Lou (not Princess, not Highness) is a wealth of knowledge. Even on my obscure topics she was able to add a few nuggets of information. I bet Vellichor likes her.
    Sergei Tough for a Princess, and I reckon she could see a fly fart on a mountain top. Perceptive as the abyss, but I can't say she's a real fan of wolves.
    Shard An archer. Grayson. An explorer too, apparently. She seems reasonable, no airs, no expectations--I'd not be able to pick her out as nobility from behavior alone. Can keep her head in a bad situation. I never saw a hint of panic.
    Sira The Pathfinder is one of the most interesting of Grayson, even if her ability to utterly rumple a dress is unmatched - and horrific.
    Skye She is who I want to be when I grow up. She's so self-assured, well-traveled and gone places that I have never even dreamed of. I really respect how she's managed the Society of Explorers. This is my second meeting that I've attended. Maybe someday I'll be a member too. I would love to work with her on an expedition.
    Snow If she is noble, she is another one of the nicer ones. I think she doesn't view me as dumb or barbarous so that is nice as well.
    Sorrel The sister of Reese and Sabella, Lou is a fierce supporter of her sisters and her family. She's intelligent, kind, and pleasant, and she's got a real sense of adventure. I hope that I can become as good friends with her as I am with her sisters!
    Sparte A capable explorer, and my reason for trying to join the Society. I fall far short of her example, too short, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. Perhaps something I'm good at will rub off in turn, like not getting shot with arrows.
    Sylvie An explorer that lives up to such a title, she is a fine successor to Lady Aislin as Pathfinder. I look forward to working with her.
    Tamsin I've long looked-up to Lou. When I was camping three miles away from the castle, with a dozen guards, she was out in the wilds of the Everwinter.
    Terese A skilled multitasker among other things, not much betrayed by her manners, quite a teacher to be had. I am excited to get the chance to work with her and possibly learn from her as well.
    Theron She likes to be called just 'Lou', not Princess or Your Highness. I appreciate that more than she knows, and she's willing to lend a ear and provide help she can to those that ask it of her. I enjoyed my first talk with Lou Grayson, and hope we have many more in the future.
    Thesarin Every bit of the Grayson wander-lust, but seems she's grown to her role with the Society.
    Thorley I have never met a Princess that prefers her first name over title. Perhaps that is what makes it so refreshing to share information with her - she has vast knowledge that I can only hope to begin to touch, and I am pleased to have her assisting me with the investigation into Westrock Reach.
    Turo What's not to like about this woman? She's adventurous and has to deal with paperwork more than I think she'd like. I can see why she's the Pathfinder, and I'm glad I don't have to be.
    Tynan A scholar and explorer and teacher. A lady of many hats, but seems pleasant and knowledgable in all of it. I may have to pick her brain some at a later time.
    Valarian Pathfinder Lou is one of those rare examples of someone who inspires through word and deed, and is clearly devoted to the Society. I have been quite pleased as a member of the Society, as she is very much hands on, well-learned and thoughtful.
    Valdemar The Pathfinder of the Society of Explorers is a competent, well-organized, and gracious leader.
    Venturo 'Mistress' Grayson is a wealth of stories. It is tempting to think of the evenings one might lose listening to them. I 'lllook forward to further pursuing interest in the Society.
    Vitalis The Pathfinder. I have yet to speak with her that I don't learn of some preposterous and intriguing discovery she's made or witnessed. I begind to wonder if she sleeps. Or is perhaps much older than she appears. Curious.
    Wash In one word: Fearless. In more appropriate terms: She doesn't just explore the world around us, she leads others out into it, restoring to the Abandoned and Lost what has been missing for so long.
    Zakhar A tiny flying...impressive... An amazing explorer to have found this.
    Zeriax Tome of tales unending, how many pages flutter between the beginning and the end?
    Zoey She speaks of magic with enviable confidence. Either she is used to being believed, or doesn't care if people think her mad.