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Lady Lilia Grimhall

Can I quote you on that?

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Social Pundit
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 20
Birthday: 9/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Ash Blonde
Eye Color: Steel Grey
Skintone: Lightly Tanned

Description: "She's got her father's eyes." Lilia's grey gaze is every bit as steely as Arn's, it's true. Unlike her grizzled old father however, she wins hearts with every bat of her sweetly curling lashes. Her features are classically pretty, as if painted on by a master of the craft, with bow shaped lips and a feminine jawline. Her figure is slight, graced with eye-catching curves, and she moves with an absolute certainty that eyes are riveted on her, as they should be. Her voice is effervescent, and her hands move along with her words, making her quite the lively, impassioned speaker.

Personality: Lady Lilia Telmar is a know it all. She prides herself on her information gathering skills, collecting tidbits that might prove useful to this or that person. Who is courting whom, what scandal is the talk of the town, who spent how much on what. For all the time she spends offering commentary on what's going on socially, Lilia is a surprisingly private person, almost as if she talks about others to avoid talking about herself. That's not to say she's shy - far from it, Lilia is easily the life of a party, always sharing this or that story with details that grow more grandiose with each retelling.

Background: Vying for her father's attention with older siblings is a never ending war, and between a brother with a reluctance for knighthood and a sister whose marriage raised more than a few brows, Lilia's had to put in real effort to remain relevant without drawing her father's ire. Compiling reports on everything from troop movements to idle gossip, she acts as a diplomatic appendage to her father, saying the right thing after he's said something caustic, offering a smile of encouragement from behind his shoulder as he's telling someone off yet again. She's not undermining him, oh no, she's simply undoing little bits of the irreparable harm Arn would do if someone wasn't going behind him putting bandages on the gaping diplomatic wounds he leaves in his wake.

Arriving in Arx for the first time was eye-opening for Lilia. Gossip in The Telmarch was nothing compared to the capital, where secrets are deadly and information is currency as legitimately as silver, sometimes more so. After the king's wedding, Lilia returned home to The Telmarch, but it wasn't the same - she yearned for the flow of excitement and information in Arx, and though she returned after the tragedy at King's Rest, she laments her absence. Surely had she been in the city at the time, the mystery of what befell King Alaric's party would have been solved immediately. She's decided to stay in the city for the time being, collecting what information she can for the good of her dysfunctional family.

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