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Lady Armani Gilden

Hold my jewelry. I need to have a 'discussion' with this person about the misconceptions they have.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Scholarly Sea Captain
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Gilden
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: pale green
Skintone: Sunkissed

Description: This woman is an inch or two over five feet and is quite compact. She has dirty blonde hair that bears subtle waves and it frames her face, drawing attention to the pale green of her eyes and the fact that her otherwise ivory hued skin is tanned by the sun. The figure of the woman is quite shapely, she is well blessed with a feminine physique and it is well toned.

Personality: Armani is what many would call a wild child. She often throws caution to the wind and acts on what she thinks would be the best method, both for her own enjoyment and for her family. It might be a surprise that someone so impulsive, if not out of control, would take two things with the utmost seriousness: being on the seas and writing. She may border on being a pirate with her actions but she never fails to assure her crew and her ship are kept safe. Perhaps her love of reading and writing came from the long hours at sea for rarely does a time go by, when not being a captain, that she isn't writing something. She has a massive love for jewelry, it sparkles so prettily, and when she is /angry/ there is quite a proccess about removing it and she is often saying things along the lines of 'Hold my jewelry. I've lessons to teach.' It has coined her the title of 'Captain Gem'

Background: Armani is one of the children of Kordelia Gilden. She was, most assuredly, a child of the seas. Almost before she could walk and talk Armani was making her way onto boats and trying to travel out to the seas, to feel the wind on her face and to taste the salt on her tongue. Her life was devoted to becoming a Captain of the Sea, though, her mother felt the need to assure Armani had a feminine touch to her and built up her interest in shiny things as well as got her into scholarly things. This divided Armani's love into four things: jewelry, the sea, reading, and writing. As she proved to be a skilled seaman she quickly rose through the ranks of the Gilden naval forces to become the Admiral of the fleets.

Name Summary
Adora Spent all her silver on books, but not a bookcase. Typical silk. I don't like her.
Alarissa A delightful Gilden with a passion for the sea.
Alrec Hey, if you want to dump all that silver over the rails for Mangata, lets make a party of it.
Cullen Amazing taste in fashion with a life spent at sea, a book in her hands. I understand this, and appreciate it greatly. Learning from her and teaching her? A most excellent way to talk more.
Domonico The most enthralling woman in all of Arvum? I'm not convinced yet.
Duarte As amusing as ever. I'm happy to see that a year at sea did nothing to repress her sense of humor.
Evaristo A lovely event by a lovely lady. I have admiration for the dedication of that goal of hers - and I will be happy to join it!
Fiora She unsettled Domonico. I like her.
Harlex I only ever find trouble when it comes to the sea.
Jeffeth Lady Gilden, she was nice enough to help with my exercises. Need to push harder, move forward! She seems lovely though, with some wit. Unfortunately I didn't have a whole lot of wit back with trying to breathe the cold air so hard.
Kaldur Quite a collection of storied coins. I wish I could have stayed to learn all their stories. Another time.
Lailah A treasure hunter, seems outgoing and perhaps a little bit flirty. Nice enough, at least.
Lilia I know so little about her, other than to think she might make a fine companion on an expedition. Possibly as its self-proclaimed leader and chief distraction. Otherwise, she seems like a solid contender for a bar companion, if I ever wanted to go out drinking.
Lou An adventurous sort who has an affinity for the water. I imagine she'll be commandeering our cog for some voyages here and there.
Meriah Oh. I think I'm going to get in trouble. Or let her get me in trouble. Or let her...
Miranda Love her introduction! Explorer, scholar, and connoisseur of beautiful things. This Admiral's already piqued my interest! Should be a delight to get to know her better.
Monique A book lover and that makes her good in my books. She is an avid study and obviously has knowledge of her own and a thirst for adventure. I wouldn't mind taking a trip with the Lady Gilden at the helm.
Nuala Someone so playful and easy in spirit is certainly a Gilden. She has all the ease of a sea otter in a social environment, and equal amounts of compelling charm. I like her.
Ophelia The Gilden family's sea captain! I will keep an eye out for her around the Estate so that I can pester her about sailing lessons. She's such a dear! I'm certain we will be good friends!
Oswyn A bright and shining young woman whose taste for adventure and knowledge is perhaps only matched by her inclination toward mischief.
Petal She is a bit of impish spirit to her. Seems to be the sort who is likely never bored and that is a good thing!
Quenia I was quite surprised when she wanted to write a book about my adventures in saving a Knight of Solace. Of course, that tale isn't complete so I've asked her to hold off. She offered to come along on any further journeys to seek down the bandits who captured the knight, and I've offered my thanks. I've also put her on the list of people I'll consider taking along when journeying back to Granato to take care of these miscreants.
Reese friendly, has a ship and tried to ship a horse! I think she likes jewelry. Seems like a decent lady.
Renata A lively and gregarious young woman, but given her vocation, one for whom I'll now worry and fret.
Rinel She was reading Wynna's books. That's good. How I reacted... not good. I hope she enjoys them.
Sabella A Gilden Lady and sailor who has her own ship! She must have a very loyal crew based on the things I heard her say she asked of them. She seems quite lovely and a friend of Reese is always a future friend of mine!
Seymour A numismatist from Gilden, I do look forward to seeing her collection.
Venturo Always a pleasure to know one who buys my brews for her crew out on sea. Those stories are owed, whenever she wishes them!