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Lord Teague Charon

Your art is words. My art is blood. Shall we dance?

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Silent Warrior
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Charon
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 38
Birthday: 05/1
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Warrior
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: stormy blue
Skintone: bronze

Description: This man towers at the height of 6'5, with a massive frame, broad shoulders, and thick chest. His hair is midnight black and dense, long enough to reach the middle of his back even when plaited into a metal woven braid. His exposed skin is covered in deep, layered scars and burns, the body of a warrior that has enjoyed the finer points of war and death. His cold stormy blue eyes seem distant, dulled over by years of indifference towards the world. His lips are carved granite, thick but uncurved.

Personality: Cold. Quiet. Watching the world behind his stormy blue eyes. His lips barely moving, a face of cold stone. Down deep, he is a man in conflict with himself as he wishes to connect to the world but not truly understand how one can do so. As he watches others enjoy the world, he finds them weak. At least that is the lie he tells himself. The truth is his jealously at their nature pains him deeply.

Background: The oldest son born to the Merrick of Highrock, brother of the lord of the house. A warrior, cold, trained under the cold hand of his father. From a young age, the boy was put into his paces, broken bones, bloody face, and warrior horned for nothing but the field of war. His purpose is to protect his purpose of killing, honoring his house and his family with his body. Trained, by his cold father told to feel, never to expose his emotion to the world. But his father died in a battle when Teague turned 21, leaving him isolated. His mother was a cold woman that never had time for him or was told never to tend to him. Too busy at parties, too busy with her secret lovers to give the boy the time of day.

As a lord, he was cold, indifferent to the world of political nature. Guided slowly into this art by his advisor. Teaching him to listen, to speak only when needed. To guide others to the truth, expose the lies in their words, with his cold indifference.

Years of battle, now years of watching making him able to find the needle in the shrewdest lie before him. Lords, sending him gifts, sending him woman telling him of the larger cities' wondrous nature. Nothing, drawing home from his home but battles after battle. Leading his men, protecting his land. Ages seem to pass without his cold heart being touched, till he was told it was time to marry. He picked the name at random, sending off the gift. Luckily or unlucky, it was accepted, his bride to be sent to meet him shortly. Not yet, lay eyes on each other, that day will be shortly.

Relationship Summary

  • Ian - I will beat you one day. Till than share a drink, spar, fight, war togther. You have my blade at your side my friend.

  • Protege:
  • Orland - Another youth will not die on the field of war. You will be saved, trained, ready for what is coming. This I promise to do my best, that is all one can do boy.

  • Family:
  • Clarisse - Sister you have returned. I will protect you from the dark.
  • Tigarus - Dear brother you have returned, we have much to do. I'm glad your by my side once more.

  • Spouse:
  • Reagan - My wife to be. So far I have no issue with this political marriage.

  • Ally:
  • Cirroch - He has a family that is amazing, I will make sure he always gets back to them.
  • Neve - You are the sister from outside of the house. Togther, we will protect everything we cherish.
  • Name Summary
    Achard I like the way he does things. A kind of story-typical Redrain Lord. I will want to learn more of him. Maybe we can spar and swap stories.
    Audgrim A giant that suggested we spar one day and bought a stranger an ale - but maybe he was sizing me up?
    Bhandn He's a large man. I wonder how long he'd last at any training schemes I'd devise for him? Regardless, I think he'd do well, which is a point to remember.
    Bianca An intimidating man at first glance, but after only a few moments of conversation a subtle undertone of warmth shines beyond the appearance. A diligent student of war, his craft taken quite seriously.
    Cirroch Tall. And that's saying a bit. Great fighter.
    Cristoph A new arrival to the city. Bit worried about his opinions on tea, but I suppose that can't be helped. Maybe he'll find something that he likes!
    Damiana A man born from the ice and hardship of the frozen north. He may seem gruff and cold outside, but that's a northern defense that hides the warm treasure of mirth and easy laughter below. He has a focus on duty to his family, and that's commendable.
    Delilah The sword, wound in duty, chased by a northern sensibility, cuts as swift and sharp as any courtier's word and in far fewer strokes at that. Taciturn, and for all that, refreshingly direct. I wonder if his quarry knows the character of the huntsman, but either way, it will be a merry chase.
    Domonico A big man, clearly a warrior, and one with a clear reason for fighting. I cannot fault him for that.
    Ember Big. Strong. But he needs to work on his grappling or he's going to get choked out again.
    Georgine I want nothing more than to give him a book, some whiskey, and some quiet.
    Graziella The summer sun isn't warm enough to lambast the chill of certain winter winds.. they blow without warning and irregardless of reason.
    Gwenna One would be tempted to paint Lord Teague as chilled and rather intimidating at first glance. Second glance as well. Meeting with him, however, betrays the passion he surely has for House Charon, as well as those he holds dear. I suspect he is as fierce in battle as he may be at politics - which will surely serve his House very well.
    Ian Blocks high. Footwork's decent. I'd like to see him with a smaller weapon than he was using.
    Kaia Oooh! He is marrying a Crownlander! Despite his fearsome and somewhat scary appearance --befitting of a warrior, which I gather he must be. Lord Teague's choice for a wife already tells me he is a smart man with good taste. You see, Lady Reagan is so lovely and proper!
    Katarina Lord Teague carries powerful enthusiasm within him. He charges forward and then wonders to ask if he had charged too fast. It is that last bit that marks a conscientious mind... even if it's a mind that would best be served by a few more seconds' thought, in some cases.
    Korka A really warm individual who treasures his possibly-to-be-wife so much he lets her know when she can eat. A real charmer.
    Kritr As boisterous as any among the North and a mand of second and third thoughts when necessary.
    Lore Seems a good sort. A lord from a House I'm unfamiliar with. We should get along just fine, a shared interest in fighting and drinking is a great equalizer.
    Lustry Fun to watch spar and curious to see what sort of drinking partner they are.
    Mabelle Interesting man. I think I met him in a dire hour, I hope to try again in a better time.
    Maris A mountain of a man. The kind of Lord that you think about when you picture the 'stoic Northern warrior'... Seems decent enough. I wonder if he's any good with that sword.
    Medeia Nice to see another Charon in the city. This one has a healthy respect for physicians and an eager sort of honor.
    Orland Teague, I think, is serious in trying to help me, though he talks like many of my other teachers, over my head. It's what oldies do. He's okay! Though words of lewd topics seem to befuddle him and distract him.
    Piccola Lord Charon embodies everything I admire and enjoy about the Northlands: he is of few words, speaks directly, and would rather engage in a fight than words. Were all men like this I might find better company among them; until then I am content with knowing there is at least one who would rather punch than woo me.
    Romulius Lord Teague, by his own reckoning, is singularly of a martial mind, and he has the prowess to prove it a worthwhile focus. For one of his size, he might as well be a blur with how quickly he moves. The sort that's easy to find a friend in.
    Samira A towering man, quiet and calculating. Says his home is on the battlefield. I'll hope to cross blades with him sometime soon and witness his martial prowess for myself.
    Sasha A Lord of Charon who is determined with a sword, I enjoy watching him spar and am curious about meeting his wife to be.
    Savio A ferocious opponent even in training, and one I'd much rather have as an ally than an enemy!
    Scylla Lord Teague is a man possessing strength in more ways than one. He is the honorable convergence of physical prowess, familial duty, and strength of character. House Charon is the better for his presence.
    Sydney Unusual enough to see a Lord at the murder, and even more so for him not to be visibly slumming it - was putting back drinks like any other. He's confident in his martial abilities, but recognizes the gaps in his expertise, and seems willing to improve upon them. A fine enough combination, to my eyes.
    Venturo man of many words and of knowing to avoid foot juice! I'll happily help him restock his cellar.
    Yrsa Bold, loud, definitely not the kind of noble Arx is used to. I like his style, and his skill with the axe. Together, we can grow each others' skills.
    Zakhar A tall soldier that is trying to balance both voice and soldiering. Would love to see their procs, are they clean or full of soldiering words?
    Zara Quite pleasant company and open to new (superior) beverages.
    Zoey Cold and Stoney so much of the time, but with the right prompt he becomes warm and lively. I understand the former, but I would like to see more of the latter.