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Lady Teela Blackram

"Be the unexpected."

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Military Scout
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Blackram
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 20
Birthday: 9/9
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Military scout
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
Skintone: tanned

Description: Long hair is such a dark brown as to appear nearly black when the light does not hit it directly, and is both silky in quality and perfectly straight. It is the type of hair that no matter how long bound up, or how humid the air is, it somehow never seems to even dimple, always remaining so very straight. Her skin is the warm bronze tones of someone who has spent their life outside under the sun. Features are feline-esque, with finely arched brows, eyes slightly pointed at the corners and high, fine cheekbones. While she is the athletic kind of slender, there is an unexpected strength to her body, her hands scarred and calloused by years spent with a bow in her hand.

Personality: Teela has shown to be a woman of adaptability. Before she was politically married to her husband she was outgoing with a love for the outdoors. She spent most of her time among the military scouts and wardens; the caretakers of the lands for House Blackram. It was among these mountain men and women that she found kinship with and where she would find most of her time spent, developing the same kind of steely resolve reflected in the men and women she would join into combat.

During her marriage she adapted to be the kind of Lady that her Grayson born husband wanted her to be. The kind of lady who wore silk and lace and did not put on her furs and leathers unless she absolutely had to. She never had a preference for alcohol and it was he who introduced her to a myriad of wonderful teas that she would always find an enjoyment of. But she was still a stubborn woman and no matter how many silk and lace clothes he could encourage her to wear...never would she put on a corset.

After the death of her husband she processed her trauma by closing herself off. A new personality came out and this one was more circumspect. Less trusting and open, particularly where Prodigals and other Shavs are concerned. Gone was the outgoing woman and someone more pragmatic and logical came to the forefront. Of course she is still just as stubborn as she was and she still hates corsets.

Background: Teela was always something of a typical personality for the Blackram family. She was serious, dedicated, an avid fan of the outdoors, and very inclined towards the martial skills as opposed to the more scholarly pursuits of some. The oldest of five, she was expected to fill several different roles in her life; a warrior amongst the family, a wife, a mother, an older sister, and potentially any number of other things as the situations might demand.

When she was seventeen her father, Rogar Blackram, entered into negotiations with a member of one of the minor fealties of House Grayson, a young man named Eirskeen. The courtship was to be two years long, during which time her intended was to foster at Blackram and she went to stay with his family and learn about them. In addition to this, trade agreements were set in place and things proceeded rather well. The times when they met they found they tolerated each other's company, although there was never any hints of love. Loyalty, understanding, even compassion, but never love.

When the wedding occurred it was a very simple moment, nothing fancy, nothing overly complicated about it. It was then Eirskeen came to be a part of the Blackram family and they proceeded to settle into a rather simple life. By all accounts it was a loveless marriage, but they were at least respectful and fond of each other in a way. Although, that comfortable marriage would soon end when during an encounter with some of the local Shavs, he was killed, and Teela was injured. She survived, although she was stuck recovering both physically and mentally for some time.

Not long after she got back on her feet, she decided that she needed a change of environment. New people, new places, things that didnt remind her of the fact she felt she had failed in that encounter. Thus, she has decided to come to Arx.

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