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Marquis Turo Navegant

Strength of arms leads to peace of mind.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Born Commander
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Navegant
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 3/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Admiral of the Navegant Fleet, Marquis of Escuma

Description: Turo is built thick and solid, giving an impression of stability and deliberation even when in swift motion. His hair is thick and kept cropped close enough to avoid being describable as 'shaggy.' His facial hair he allows to vary between stubbly and magnificently full, depending on his mood and activities, but he seldom bothers to keep it completely shaved. His strong jaw and prominent chin punctuate classically handsome features set within a stern countenance.

Personality: Turo has always been his own best competition, striving to better himself and the troops under his command at every turn. He gives praise sparsely but fairly, making his few words of commendation the most highly prized currency throughout the Navegant fleet. If any visible fault could be plainly attributed to him, it might be pride. But so measured and balanced a sense of pride could as easily be ascribed to perception and realism as to mere arrogance. Turo is bright and insightful but perhaps too keenly aware of his duties. It is only among true friends and in circumstances unlikely to mar his ability to lead that he displays a smiling demeanor and a quick wit that hint of further facets of his personality he has thus far allowed to remain hidden for reasons of his own.

Background: Turo Navegant has been a military man since long before he could fairly even be called a man in the physical sense. The third child and second son of Count Quirin Navegant, he has lived a life of adventure on the high seas thoroughly fitting for a Thrax nobleman. He has served in every capacity on vessels both large and small and truly deserves his place at the Captain's helm. His stolid visage is both a common and a welcome sight on the deck of a fleet ship, often with a sturdy great spear in hand for balance, visual effect and, as necessary, frightful violence.

Turo's older brother, Valors, learned at their father's side how to tend the fires and maintain a system of governance. Turo learned with his uncles and other men of the sea how to support and defend that system. Sadly for all concerned, Valors died young, leaving behind a wife he had taken from the family of a Baron of the Isles and two young sons now placed into the care of the Count's household. There are those who would say that Turo needs to turn from his military pursuits to broaden his learning, his pursuits, and his aims; that Navegant would be better served with a strong and hale Captain at its helm in the next generation than an untried babe with no such record of service. Thus far, those who have said such things to Turo have received no further response than if they had voiced their thoughts to the sea itself.

Relationship Summary

  • Regla - Beloved Sister
  • Estil - Gentle-hearted beloved sister
  • Skye - Ship-loving cousin
  • Dion - World-trotting Uncle
  • Annika - My other mother

  • Spouse:
  • Arcelia - Dearly departed wife, mother of my children

  • Ally:
  • Eshra - A surprising kindred spirit

  • Friend:
  • Skapti - Solid hatchet man

  • Acquaintance:
  • Harald - The Boss's Boss
  • Victus - The Boss's Boss's Boss
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Our houses don't see eye to eye on much, but no one can say he doesn't do what he feels is best for his people, and so he has my respect.
    Alarie Yeah. I can see why Edward respects him. Good man. Good spear. Good threats.
    Alarissa The Count Navegant. A lovely man, with a lovely spring.
    Alexandre I met Count Turo Navegant at the Ebb and Flow Inn, and was pleased to meet both a diplomat and a builder. Not one necessarily devoted to stone masonry, but rather the building of his people's future. I wish him well, and hope to see them all thrive.
    Alrec Your role models will always disappoint you. No reason to take it so hard.
    Ann Good guy. Don't envy him trying to find husbands for both his sisters but we can work together. I think Navegant will flourish under his guidance.
    Ariel A delightful man, sailor it seems and artist to boot. Has Ariel rethinking that whole 'You really don't need another tattoo' line of thought.
    Artorius Damn right he owes me a drink. But I wouldn't have been able to make that shot without his distraction. I owe him as much as he owes me.
    Astraea The Lord-Admiral conducts himself like a true military man. Respectfully and cordially. I can appreciate the amount of class he brings with him, but when among friends I've seen him open up and show a different side to himself. Regardless, he's a good man.
    Athaur A close friend and ally to my family. He has done much and more for us. He asks me to do hard things, but this world is a hard one, is it not?
    Berenice Delicious conversation. I'll be seeing this one again.
    Brigida Made of stern stuff. As Island as they come.
    Cadenza Charming....and a sailor? My type of people!
    Calandra A Count with a deep sense of loyalty, an interest in the arts and Jayus, and also excellent taste in booze. Very promising.
    Carita How often do you get to show people the magic of your turtles? Or the statue of a turtle eating a /shark/?
    Carmen I've known many good leaders, good commanders, good talkers, and good thinkers. Don't often meet all of them in the same person.
    Caspian He seemed like a good man. Treated me with respect even if I at first forgot to give him some. And too flirty? Is there really such a thing?
    Cassima A true friend. They have a lot in common - not all of it good. She wants to continue their friendship but at times she cannot help but push him away for some reason.
    Clara Poor guy lost one of his best friends the night I met him. He was so deep in his cups that I was very truely worried he might make himself horribly sick. Not to mention he was beating up on himself pretty hard taking the blame for her death..
    Dante A fine Count who keeps fine company. Granted, it may be an uphill battle to pry him away from his ale and into the lovelier realm of wines but I like a challenge.
    Delfina Count Navegant is outgoing and pleasant company, an easy drinking companion. He claims not to have time to travel due to other responsibilities. I suspect he is planning the wrong sorts of trips if he cannot make those the most important things he has to do.
    Dominique A perfectly friendly count. I would like to get to know him better and especially meet his wife. Behind a strong man is an even stronger woman afterall.
    Domonico A Thraxian. Boastful about Thraxian's naval power. Well earned? Possibly? Overconfident? Maybe. Apparently has stories of sailors losing parts of their anatomy to fish.
    Eirlys Came into Sleepless Knights and ordered a round for everyone, very nice so far.
    Ember An artist. An appreciator of fine rum. And perhaps a bit of a philosopher with his concepts of 'the ambience of not leering...' I rather wish I hadn't stuck my foot in my mouth, in the face of all of this.
    Evangeline A charming man from the Mourning Isles. I wouldn't have believed it either but they do exist!
    Evaristo The Navegants are famous sailors and this is the count himself. I imagine he has some amazing stories to tell. Pleasant and friendly!
    Flavien The best of sailors seem cut by the same cloth - rough exterior like shark skin, but willing to band together and bring one another up more like a dolphin. Before you laugh, learn about dolphins. Then run.
    Galen Count Navegant is a delight, he is more like me in attitude than others within Thrax and I can respect that. Not to mention the springs.
    Galen A man who wants to sail and conquer in style. The Count and I are destined to be friends.
    Garret My cousin, always the great man I know him to be. It is always a treasure to see him doing so well, it makes it all the more fun to tease him.
    Harald Young and canny, cunning and aggressive in his strategies. The coming war will be won by such as he.
    Jasher You are similar to me.
    Jeffeth A Lord who wants me to kiss princesses with gusto. Or everyone. He seems a nice enough sort.
    Joslyn Once so close, and than torn apart by the years and distance and duty, and than a reuinion and it's like no time at all has passed. He still has the same charm and good humor that I so nearly fell for all those years ago, and it has been amazing reconnecting again, I hope we don't wait so long between visits again.
    Kace A man with a good sense of humour, clever wit, and charming smile. But also one that is serious and dedicated to his people. I look forward to giving his game of Conquest a try, and discussing why Whiskey is far superior to Rum.
    Leonidas He can really hold his liquor.
    Lou A Thraxian Explorer who is more than willing to tend to a mission I've give him of some importance. He's the kind of people I like to have among the Explorers.
    Luca He's talented. I'll give him that. I'll have to remember to commend him on the other side of the battle. It's been some time since I've seen moves like that..
    Mabelle Good conversation. Serious when needed, amusing and pleasant when there's room for it.
    Martino A proud sailor and a fine gentleman along with it. Competitive with the Countess Arcadia. Brave... brave man to be. Brave. Very brave. We met in a bar. Well, it was a tasting. There was lots of tastings.
    Melody Now, isn't Count Navegant a sweetheart? He's so quick to offer gifts and all sorts of fun things and all he got was my name. I kind of envy that about him.
    Mikani Interesting meeting tactics. Yet a man of great advice.
    Miranda He organized a great Regatta and I had a ton of fun as a last minute addition! I especially loved the makeshift rainstorm added to the route! Excellent fun!
    Mirk Friendly, complimentary, and eager to please for a Count of Thrax. A little disturbingly eager to please.
    Niklas The balance between Regla and Estil. A good count, if old fashioned.
    Orrin He's certainly an advocate for his position - well-spoken and composed - even if I find that position fundamentally flawed to the point of abhorrence.
    Petal thoughtful and intelligent. He seems to be doing right by his people.
    Raimon Seems intent on keeping his men trained
    Raja Not bad, for a silk. He seems to appreciate the more practical and simpler things in life like sharing a bottle of liquor and not worrying about dirtying up a glass in the process.
    Reese A polite and well mannered Count who I hear has done great things at sea and at his home.
    Reigna Kael's cousin from the Blackshore side. He seems forgiving and grounded. I wish I had a chance to ask him about what he'd seen. I hope he'll be a good connection for Kael.
    River I can't tell if he is stoic, or just business like, but he is intriguing at least.
    Sanya An amicable man, great company and willing to engage in thoughtful conversation.
    Sheena He seems a decent person. I did not mind his company.
    Skye I love my cousin more like a brother than some distant relative. He has done so much to take care of me since I've arrived at Arx there is nothing I can do to pay him back. He is my rock, my hero.
    Sorrel Count Turo is an excellent host! He understands that newlyweds can't be trusted in the springs, but his words give me hope for a long and happy marriage. I can't wait to meet his wife and to spend more time with the two of them!
    Sparte Count Turo was great. I couldn't help shake the feeling he was, I don't know. Sad? But he didn't want to talk about it, so I left it alone. Maybe if I see him again, we'll talk more.
    Theron Count Turo Navegant. Someone who has good advice for less socially inclined knights and who intends on bringing the fight to the Gyre. I look forward to hearing of his exploits.
    Valdemar Direct and to the point, which I appreciate. I only wish I had more help to give.
    Vanora He's personable enough, and holds my soon-to-be-father-in-law in great esteem. I look forward to learning more of him, and hopefully meeting his wife as well.
    Victus I met Count Turo before he was Count. I could see a dedicated sailor and military man in him. I am happy that he's risen to his potential in his station as a leader. Even with it coming much sooner than anyone expected.
    Viveka Count Turo has been gracious to me since coming to Arx, and I am highly grateful for the trust he has shown me, and in allowing me to assist him with various projects and issues for House Navegant. As well as his willingness to help me develop my knowledge and training in various subjects and theories.
    Wash Still an able captain, but also a personable lord.
    Zoey He might not talk much, but a man who dislikes parties doesn't stay as they get better. Maybe he just needs more rum.