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Lady Olivia Ashford

I'm turning over a new leaf - and naming it after myself.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Lady Apothecary
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ashford
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 23
Birthday: 6/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Flaxen blonde
Eye Color: Cornflower Blue
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Voice of Ashford Keep, Minister of Agriculture of Ashford Keep, Master Physician, Whirlwind of Disaster

Description: Hers is a gentle visage, with cornflower blue eyes and a set of dimpled cheeks that flush prettily with every display of emotion. She's soft and feminine, with sweet curves and dainty hands. For all her sugary charm however, there is an occasional hint of mischief in those big blue eyes, a touch of spice to her 'everything nice'.

Personality: Olivia spends as much time under the open sky as any in House Ashford, her love of trees and flowers and the smell of wet earth an almost visceral thing. It's too bad then, that she has such a strong aversion to animals of all sorts, be they tiny insects or vicious predators. People are another story however, Olivia loves to meet and catalog people almost as much as her precious herbs and flowers. She's nosy but generally well-meaning, and a bit of a gossip, though she's fiercely loyal to those she considers true friends.

Background:     As the youngest of Duke Barton's legitimate children, Olivia enjoys something of a privileged status, not expected to lead she's been coddled more than Ashford's usually are. One would expect such treatment to have turned her into a maniacal brat, but somehow it has not. Certainly she is mischievous, and she sneaks around more than one might expect of a young woman with such an innocent face, blending into the shadows of furniture as a child, and moving through the shifting shadows of trees as an adult.

    She's no warrior, stalking the trail of tribal shavs, but rather she's avoiding the animals that plague the forests of her home. She's not scared of them, they are a necessary evil if she's to find the perfect blossom for a bouquet, or that one specific plant she's promised to find for the apothecarist. But she will walk miles out of her way to avoid a family of geese, or avoid an entire part of the forest during mating season. Her love of nature stops at the greenery, for certain. Prickly thorns and poisonous saps are all part of the adventure, but cuddly rabbits are simply loathsome and more than once she's released her cousins' pets into the wild where they'll be free - and no longer underfoot.

    The plight of Alaric IV has drawn Olivia to Arx, his condition sounding quite unlike anything she's ever seen before - and she's seen plenty, from poisonous roots contaminating a march's water supply to stinging beetles blinding infants in a tribe of Ravashari. Surely there is a cause and a cure to be found, and Olivia means to have her name mentioned upon this discovery, and many more.

Relationship Summary

  • Jordan - Brave knight-protector
  • Jan - My best friend in Arx

  • Acquaintance:
  • Dafne - Spooky Duchess with a cat

  • Ally:
  • Leola - Humble Mentor
  • Aldwin - Wise Mentor
  • Brigida - Wise and a little scary!

  • Family:
  • Harlan - Beloved big-brother Duke!
  • Aislin - Knowledgeable big sister
  • Killian - Very heroic cousin
  • Rainier - Another cousin
  • Cara - Married-out Princess
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Came back to Arx a pirate. Will wonders never cease.
    Braelynn The Lady shares my love for flowers. I must visit with her to see all her projects.
    Domonico It seems Lady Olivia still enjoys listening to stories with glee.
    Eurion The voice of my house, she is like a lighthouse always ahead, guiding me down the right path.
    Evander My sister Jan's best friend. She is energetic and without fear, which I am certain will one day get her in trouble.
    Fairen The Duke's sister, she's friendly and very helpful to help him out by taking some of the workload off of his shoulders. I think we'll work together splendidly and ought to talk more often.
    Harlex She has always been kind to me, despite how I appear. It isn't just to seem brave. I think she is genuinely kind. It shows in her work. If she is successful, there will be fewer Harlex Valtyr's to grow from that bitter ache of hunger. Can't imagine a better world.
    Ian More sense than she had. Thank the gods.
    Mabelle She is back in the city and ready to look for trouble. Let the adventure begin.
    Martino A member of the 'Troublemaking Three' - at least that is what I have titled her as. A good friend, dear friend and a fine future Doctor.
    Marzio An Ashford Lady who I had the chance to spar with at one of the Hart's events. While I am not entirely convinced that she is a true combatant, she is certainly brave for being willing to stand in the ring and fight.
    Miranda This Lady of Ashford is very handy to have around when it comes to examining plants. Herbologist, or something.
    Mirk Excitable and undeterred by things like cautions about potential dangers. But determined. And so very, very young.
    Norwood Goodness. She is good at her duties, but also rather... ah, open.
    Reese Charming - beloved by people and by plants both! Her family seems to like her very much too and she is voice now which is impressive.
    Swift She is a kindred spirit, and I feel that had I been born a noble, we would have been best friends. Or worst enemies. Perhaps its best that class divides us, we have no need to compete on anything and can instead enjoy our similarities!
    Talwyn Mischievously sweet. She's smiles and sugar, but danger and flowers. Wicked girl.
    Zoey Intelligent and fun. I like her! Maybe it's time to start working more closely with the Ashfords.