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Lady Neilda Saik

Better off buried? You've got to be kidding me. Lost just means it's waiting for someone worse than you to find.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Relic Hunter
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Saik
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 23
Birthday: 3/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Skintone: Tan

Description: Some might call Neilda a willowy girl, for she is both tall and slender. That's probably because she cuts a lean, athletic figure, of one who keeps herself in great shape, the better to adventure with. Her sky blue eyes are often full of amused mirth, as though she holds the answer to some unsolved riddle. She has a heart shape face, which dimples sweetly when she smiles. And, though she's an adventurer by trade, that does not mean she's out of fashion, for she loves to dress in the latest trends the city has to offer when she is home.

Personality: Neilda is generally affable and easy going. She loves digging into research, especially if that research brings her closer to something old that she might later have a chance to discover in some grand adventure. Ironically enough, in spite of the fact that she's a relic-hunter, she's very fastidious and hates being dirty. The first thing she wants to do, once a good hunt is over, is to hit the baths, get clean, and just relax. She's also not afraid to speak her mind or let out a curse, if the situation should call for it, but she typically doesn't let things phase her too much.

Background: Adventure, of one sort or another, has always been in Neilda's blood. Though humble for nobility, her family comes from a long line of warriors and knights, and she grew up on stories of their grand adventures and courageous deeds. She also grew up on stories of those from her family who strayed from the warrior path, and got into exploration.

Her uncle Carmello told her about how he got stuck in a cave on an island for several months, surviving only on the edible mosses and mushrooms inside, and then before he fuond his way out he found the buried treasure of a pirate. Inside that treasure he found an tiny stone that glowed that made him feel stronger for touching it, along with a journal that suggested the stone might have other unusual properties. He's long since lost the stone and the journal, and often grumbles about having his ship boarded by pirates and how they stole it back from him. What was the stone? Why did it glow? And, more importantly, why was it stolen back from him?

Of course, the family passed his stories about the stone and the theft of it off as tall tales and superstition. Stones don't just glow. But, her uncle hasn't stopped thinking about it, and neither has Neilda. So no one was really surprised when a 10 year old Neilda one day declared that she was going to be an explorer herself, obsessed with the story of the stone, and other stories like it she's discovered since the tale her uncle told her.

She put everything she had into learning how to be the best and brightest adventurer she could be, and while this may have dismayed some, hoping for another fighter in the family, no one ever tried to quell her adventurous spirit. She would often bug her brother Estaban, or her cousin Kima, begging them until they'd give in and teach her the skills she needed to survive. She thrived under their training, and as soon as she was old enough and able, she set off on the first boat she could to Arx where she heard about the Society of Explorers in Arx. She's been busy doing expeditions and missions for them for the last year and a half, and has finally decided to stop and take a bit of a break and check on how her family is doing.

Relationship Summary

  • Lucita - Sister-in-law. The guiding hand.
  • Luis - Brother-in-law. The blunt instrument.
  • Medeia - Twin sister. The missing piece.

  • Friend:
  • Thea - Best friend. Mischief and medicine.
  • Pasquale - Confidante. Throws no stones.
  • Name Summary
    Agostino She seems brave, and certainly demonstrated both panache and wisdom in approaching danger. Her willingness to help strangers is admirable.
    Alarissa What a quaint little octopus tamer.
    Bethany A tea lover with a keen sense of pointing things as they are. Have mercy!
    Calypso I would have removed her from her position until she understood her place, but Lucita's a lot more understanding than I am.
    Delilah A dreamer with a sensibility rooted in reality about her, carried by a lively tide that makes me wonder what goes on in her thoughts. Surely someone to ask questions of.
    Domonico Good to see my former protege back in the City. Hopefully we will be able to work closely together again.
    Drake A woman of quick wit. She knows how to pair food with alcohol, but it seems her primary thirst is for adventure. Who could resist it?
    Ember Her introduction to the brief, even though she claimed to love to talk. But she hit the important note: that further conversation would involve drinks. If she chooses to use few words, she knows exactly which to use.
    Evaristo She's smart, funny and is a sailor and adventurer. I like her.
    Gaspar An adventurous spirit is infectious, and Lady Neilda has that in spades. Should I even need a ruin ransacked, she will be the one I call upon.
    Haakon She's an odd one. The sort of odd that goes for a swim and comes back up looking like she seduced a cheese grater. Successfully.
    Ian Reminds me of Lady Dianna. I should probably give her distance.
    Ilira Sweet, fiery, quirky--what a doll.
    Iseulet An eager advenuress with a positive air about her. I expect her to accomplish much.
    Jyri Screams adventurer. Some of them aren't that bad, but some of them just cause way too much trouble for the Iron Guard. She probably ain't one of them.
    Kaia A good woman and friend to have by your side on any adventure or sparring match. Our days of training under Lord Domonico's wing have paid off. She has become one of my dearest southern friends and a trustworthy confidant. I am glad to have her back in the city!
    Lena Talks... like a commoner. Isn't. Good to study for a slumming or down-to-earth silk.
    Lianne Earnest and interesting. Effortlessly invokes nostalgia for so many others I held dear, my younger self among them. May she shine brighter and endure longer than the rest of us.
    Lisebet Perhaps as lost as I am! I think we best both go with some other explorers if we're out on adventures.
    Lora An absolute delight. Perhaps it's a quality common to the Saiks, but she is uncommonly clever and quick on her toes. Even when she's dancing.
    Lou Lady Neilda was front and center at the map making event, and took to it with gusto. I can only imagine she has an adventurous spirit to match and can't wait to hear the stories she has to tell.
    Lucita Estaban's little sister, one who thrives on new places, new things, finding relics and exploring. Thank goodness she is making time in her life for Saik and House matters and spending a bit of time at home. Lively personality, cooperative, and I can not help but like and love her.
    Mabelle Met her at the bar, a little tipsy. I think she was trying to make a point but I'm not sure who of us drank more to miss it.
    Martino Exploring adventuress who's a dear old friend of my now wife. Training partner of hers and, well, someone you'd ask to get you out of a tight hole somewhere.
    Medeia The other side of this mischievous, beautiful, damaged coin. I couldn't ask for a better sister.
    Mirk A relic hunter is how she described herself. An interesting choice, that, albeit not always the safest of pursuits.
    Pasquale It is not often that I drink to much and allow myself to be impulsive, without thought of the consequences, but Neilda seems to have managed to inspire just that. I just hope I dont wake up with a headache every time.
    Piccola Her introduction for House Saik was succinct and to the point. Brevity is as important in military matters as it is in politics, which leads me to believe she is an effective Voice.
    Poppy Why can't she just tell me the whole story?! I NEED to know!
    Quenia Neilda seems to be settling in at House Saik finally. I think she seems to be finding her footing nicely. I'm sincerely grateful for all of the hard work she and her sister have been putting in of late helping Lucita and very much look forward to getting to know them better. It is my hope that perhaps we can have a few joint ventures sometime in the future.
    Reese Very agile and seems quite hard to hit! She is going to give many quite the work out in the training field. I look forward to learning more about her.
    Rosalind She has an awesome throw! I wonder if I can shoot an apple off her head!
    Rukhnis She has stumbled into something unfortunate, that much is certain. I hope that at least some portion of my recommendations can help her. It is pleasant to have a patient who seems willing to listen.
    Sasha I am curious to catch up over tea with this one.
    Thea She hasn't changed. At all. She's back in one piece. On my off time, I look foward to dragging her with me or vice versa. There are more adventures to be had. And someone needs to stitch her up along the way..
    Venturo While we didn't get to actually speak much, there is one thing I know for certain about Neilda: She is, without doubt, the best high diver I have ever seen. 10/10.
    Vitalis Fastidious about her maps. Good trait for an explorer.
    Vittorio Feisty, flirty. Just as Lycene goes. Perhaps if I won't run from her, I'll run towards her.
    Zoey An inquisitive one with a long memory.