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Prince Donaldo Velenosa

What's the use of going someplace somebody's already been?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Risk-Taking Adventurer
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Velenosa
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 29
Birthday: 4/7
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: honey
Skintone: caramel

Description: Tall, dark and handsome, he presents the temptation trifecta. His shape is lean with muscles built in the wild, not unlike a big cat in his build and graceful nature. His eyes, a shade near honey in nature, only add to his feline appearance the way they move to observe everything but seem to care about nothing. His dark hair is kept short, his beard the same, so that he doesn't have to style them since he apparently cannot be bothered. His voice bucks the trend, his volume usually soft though his tone is a powerful low rumble that seems to carry throughout a room despite normally escaping in a hush.

Personality: Cheerful and attentive, if quiet, one minute his mood can also be somehow disinterested, even here in the greatest and most exciting city in all the land. Also quick to smile and laugh, nearly as quick to ask a question or explore a cabinet that isn't his, this is a man with some issues focusing on any one thing if there's something else to fancy within earshot.

Background: Blessed, or cursed, with being one of many cousins from a great big old family, there's little fear Donaldo will ever have any real responsibility. Or Power. There's a name and a title, sure, but there are more siblings and cousins than there are crowns and ministers. Bounced around from task to task as a youth, never really finding something that held his heart long enough to make a life with. Former Apprentice Cartographer, Former Apprentice Botanist, Former Apprentice Scribe, the list goes on and on. Somehow after wearing so many hats, he finally found a hat he could keep on for more than a year. For some years now, he's made his way as an explorer.

Having gotten quite good at this, path-finding and plotting out things and discovering other things, he has come to Arx to expand his network. It's an interesting hobby, some will whisper, but if the specimens he manages to collect and the artifacts and tomes he uncovers keep his travel accounts full, then for once at least he can commit to being one thing for once.

Name Summary
Arianna Outgoing and adventurous, he seems to be quite like his Velenosan cousins in that Tehom-may-care way. I sincerely hope he doesn't wander off onto an expedition and get eaten, but the chances are high these days. I'll have to catch him for more conversation sometime and ask him what his relations are. He is so handsome.
Astraea He called Princess Sparta a cat snake and it was kind of funny. I should never ever recount the tale lest the little dear be cross with me. He's charming in a Velenosan kind of way and he likes axes, so he can't be all that bad. The man is quite handsome and I can imagine he is used to getting what he wants from the ladies. Still, a gentleman none the less, albeit a roguish one.
Delilah A friend of Arianna's, rather quiet but likely too busy soaking in the atmosphere with a good drink and company at his side.
Isolde My cousin is a true gentleman. He showed both composure and a willingness to help when I was challenged--something I'll remember.
Reese A new cousin in law, I hope to meet him better one day. He seems friendly and pleasant.
River Flirt? I think? I don't know but he's certainly a character. Would love to have him about for conversation at the house. Do you think he's always that charismatic?