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Lady Desma Magnotta

What do you mean I have to wait for someone's approval? I'm someone. I approve. So I give myself permission to move forward with my full support!

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Ascerbic Archeress
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Magnotta
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 8/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: mahogany brown
Eye Color: honey brown
Skintone: sun-kissed

Description: A captivating blend of quiet command, confidence and a certain invincible, unconquerable air embraces the essence of this young woman. Standing at a height of around five foot eight, everything about her commands attention; from the set of her brow and shoulders, to the mass of dark hair that falls to the small of her back. Her smile, when shown, is vibrant and alive, and her complexion bears testament to her southern heritage; rich and warm with a smattering of freckles. Military training has blessed her with a frame that's slender yet strong, and she carries herself with sinuous grace.

Personality: Pragmatic and down-to-earth, Desma doesn't suffer fools lightly. If a person needs telling that they're acting the idiot, she'll do so directly, and to their face. That's not to say she's rude, it's more that she doesn't see the point in tip-toeing around a subject when, with a few well-chosen words, that problem can be fixed. If you're in her face, she'll swat you right out of it, and though some can find her manner a little abrasive at times, those with whom friendships are struck tell of a woman that's warm and loyal to a fault. Inquisitive, adventurous, ambitious, she sees her life as a series of goals that must be secured.

Background: Desma came into the world rather unexpectedly to parents who believed their family was complete with their first-born. The second daughter of Darko Blackram and Wendy Malvici, she was born at the Cloudspine where the family had retreated to following the outbreak of the Southport-Tor war. A handful of years younger than her sister, she grew up in Dora's great golden shadow, but whereas her sister had been doted upon as a single child and had duly become somewhat spoiled, her parents were better prepared a second time around.
Despite the heavier hand that her parents took in her raising, it'd be fair to say that Desma lacked for nothing in her formative years. Her tutors saw to it that she was pushed in her in scholastic and physical endeavours, and she enjoyed the love bestowed upon her by parents that all too often despaired of her sister's behaviour. She saw first-hand the misery and embarrassment that her sister visited upon her parents with her reckless behaviour, and she resented her for it. It was a resentment that was, in no small part, due to the fact that Desma also possessed an adventurous soul, but thanks to Dora's wild ways her own adventures were curtailed to days in the forests with huntsmen and wardens. She took what she could however, knowing that her own time would eventually come, and she learned to shoot a bow true, and to track and hunt the animals of the forests that lay around their home. It was on one such trip as she neared her seventeenth birthday that she found a fledgling osprey which she'd go on to take home and raise by hand. It would be difficult to say who is more devoted to who; the bird to Desma or Desma to the bird, but one thing is certain and that is that he is next to useless for hunting anything but fish. She's been told far too many times by her reckoning that she should have found herself a kestrel or a hawk, a bird that'd be useful, but those that suggest such find themselves on the receiving end of her ascerbic wit or subjected to a look that could kill.
So it was with Desma, as with others of the Malvici line, that she enrolled for her military service at the age of eighteen. Her affinity with a bow placed her firmly amongst the ranks of the Southport army archers and she served time on many occasions on the Southport Fleet. It would come as no surprise to anyone that sailing with the fleet would throw her directly into the path of her cousin Domonico, and she naturally held a great depth of respect for him, not only as her cousin, but as Admiral of the fleet.
Gradually she saw where her future would lie.
She wasn't content to wallow as a mostly insignificant and distant relative within House Malvici, so set her sights on being a bigger fish in the smaller pond of House Magnotta. Like her sister before her she pinned her colours to her cousin's house, but whereas Dora hadn't committed herself heart and soul, Desma did. She bears the name of Magnotta with pride and comes to Arx determined to do her utmost to see the small island cluster on the southernmost reaches of Arvum thrive and flourish.

Relationship Summary

  • Darko - Father. The weight of his expectation rests heavy on my shoulders.
  • Wendy - My mother who can no longer fuss over me. I'll make her proud one day
  • Dora - Sister. Resented, envied and despaired of in equal measure. Love? I'll come back to that.
  • Domonico - Esteemed and respected cousin. No regrets on the choice that I've made
  • Thea - Cousin. An almost-sister that Dora never was.
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