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Lady Cordelia Grimhall

So many nobles sit in their high chairs and adamantly believe they know a world they've only learned about from others. No tutor or advisor is a better substitute for the wisdom and insight of experience.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Adventurous Noble Champion
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 18
Birthday: 3/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark ash brown
Eye Color: brilliant violet
Skintone: sunkissed fair

    Striking violet eyes, brilliant and wide, greedily draw all the attention, so clear and deep as to almost appear surreal. Dark ash brown tresses frequently obscure youthful and pretty features, so she keeps those recalcitrant locks carefully secured elsewhere. Once pale skin has long since darkened under the sun, developing into a luxuriously light bronze tone. The very peak of agile athleticism, elegant lines trace her short stature and slim hourglass figure. The high, clear, and gently airy timbre of her voice compliments her free and passionate demeanor.

    Extremely independent and dreadfully stubborn, stringent Thraxians gave up on trying to induce their ideals of womanhood in her ages ago. Just as happy to annoy said oppressors as to go her own way, depending on whom one talks to, she's been either blessed or cursed with seemingly inexhaustible energy and curiosity. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she feels no remorse for crying or glaring or speaking her mind in public. A natural adventurer, she thrives in experiencing something new or learning a little-known fact.

    Born in the Hall of the Grim, Cordelia understood at an early age two very important things. Firstly, she never subscribed to the strict and punishing patriarchal beliefs pervading most of the Mourning Isles. Secondly, if she was ever going to enjoy life, she would have to find entertainment on her own. Not so much comprehending as reacting to the expressions on her neglectful mother's face after a visit with the Duke, she strove to conduct little rebellions against authority. One day, she might dodge her tutors or ruin her clothes. Another day, she'd soap up the floors and secretly watch her elders trip.

    More guards were hired for the simple dual purposes of keeping an eye on Cordelia, and patrolling for childish traps. At first, she was just trying to gain attention, but her disobedience evolved into outright unshakable independence. After managing to convince a combat instructor to train her, a brother eventually goaded her into a duel, to once and for all prove the reason and superiority of traditional Thraxian values. Scarred and incensed by the loss, it only drove her further away. At just fifteen, she ran off to join a group of adventurers allegedly seeking fame and fortune. Buoyed by others with a similar perspective, she felt wonderfully liberated.

    The band of explorers journeyed from one end of the Compact to the other, hoping to find lost articles from before the Reckoning in all sorts of strange and enigmatic places. Ultimately, the Duke's men found her and returned her home, but she responded with the announcement that she would become a Champion. They retorted with a short list of likely betrothals, and so she was sent to the center of the Compact to meet her future husband.

Relationship Summary

  • Margot - Snooty 'Diplomat'

  • Acquaintance:
  • Aislin - The Chieftess of Adventure

  • Ally:
  • Leo - Trading Partner

  • Family:
  • Harald - Best Shrewd And Warm-Hearted Uncle

  • Friend:
  • Nadia - Warrioress and Kindred Spirit
  • Max - Clever Count Of Coins
  • Name Summary