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Lord Dycard Blackshore

Survival is the ability to swim in strange, shark-infested waters.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Gentleman Reaver
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Blackshore
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Birthday: 5/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Tanned

Description: Lord Dycard Blackshore is a force of nature that just draws the eye when he walks in the room. The few scars he bears do nothing to take away from the chiseled jaw and noble features. Clearly this man spends more time in the sun than indoors because his sun-touch skin glimmers with vitality. His body is lean, muscled and has not a shred of fat. Ladies and men alike will find appeal in this one, as his wandering Cerulean eyes do not discriminate. There's a fine steel to his tone that's layered underneath the demeanor of a courtier as if his survival was hard won.

Personality: Lord Dycard Blackshore has an easy manner that makes others like him. That joking tone and teasing eye flatters everyone. He knows his limits and respects those that do not find his brand of flirtation to their suiting. He just moves on to the next one without any hard feelings. However, underneath that gentlemen courtier's demeanor is an iron will, steadfast heart and tenacious survivor who does /whatever/ he needs to thrive and survive.

Background: Lord Dycard Blackshore was born in between the oldest, Romulius, and his baby sister, Skye. As second born, he was expected to follow in his brother's shadow, knowing that he was a spare to the heir. At least that was his father's ambitions since Baron Oswald Blackshore never married and produced any official heirs. He enjoyed the life of a noble, getting the best education and exposed to many exotic places since his father was always traveling as the Naval Architect to House Thrax. He took his family with him so the young boy spent more time on the rolling planks than in a drawing room. Of course being exposed to so many places, so many different people gave Dycard a chance to observe and read other's motives.

Dycard was close this mother, preferring her gentle ways than the harsh, exacting standards of his father. Nothing was ever good enough for Cornelius, and unlike Romulius, Dycard didn't bother to try to fit into his father's expectations. Instead he adopted a devil-may-care attitude that just infuriated his father. When his father would drag the family to Blackshore Isle to curry favor with their mad uncle, Dycard would turn on his charm even if the face of that vicious brute's callousness. When things would get too difficult, he would let his older brother come in and play the shield. There were many times that Romulius took a belt meant for him and there's guilt there for letting his brother take on so much.

When their mother fell ill, Dycard did his best to help his sister care for her. Skye had the lighter hand but he could bring in the water and help tend to the nastier infections. His skilled hands that could lightly hold a sword were adept at also holding physician's tools of the many doctors that Cornelius sought at the different ports for his ailing wife. Finally, when Florence became too much of a burden, his father dumped his mother and Skye with that mad uncle, Oswald. Dycard was horrified but there was little he could do to help either. He was trapped just as Romulius was to continue on at sea with the cold man he called father. The occasional visits he got with his mother and sister made him angry and even more frustrated because he could tell that Oswald didn't treat them well.

His reckless behavior got him into more than one scrap, but with his brother at his side, he feared nothing. It was them against the world, even their father. When their ship was attacked and their father decided to save his own skin, the two brothers learned to depend on each other even more. Captured by pirates, thrown in the brig, it was a horrible ordeal that the young man refuses to discuss. However, there's a gleam in his eyes when he talks about the last years that Dycard had his lean on his own charm and natural dexterity to avoid death many times. He even took up reaving with his captors, using his skills at the blade to keep his brother's stubborn honor from getting both of them killed. It wasn't until Romulius managed to escape from these bastards that Dycard was no longer blackmailed in serving these pirates. He was able to jump ship and make his way home.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Aedric Smart, driven, and -- like all Blackshore men -- fond of the sea. Dycard has the demeanor and face of a diplomat, but I'm confident he could also hold his own in a drunken brawl.
Alessia Good humored and very generous. Definitely doesn't lack for social graces.
Alexis Lord Dycard Blackshore is a man of many aspects, but the one thing that I've seen sheen through so far, regardless, is his care for the common folk. That's rather hearthy to see in a noble, and promises good things for Blackshore's future. Which is good, given their past.
Anisha Lord Dycard Blackshore is a pleasant man, a man for having quiet drinks and long conversations into the night with. Or, if you're his cousin, giving him a pounding in the sands of the training ring. Different strokes, I suppose!
Arcadia A big man who took a punch to the face and sand to their eyes without complaining. I wonder what he'll do next.
Arcelia Never have I ever seen a man so well composed whilt nearly having his hand bitten off by a giant crab. Did you know crabs have teeth? I've never paid attention...
Arik I met him briefly during a meeting to rescue my cousin. He is a man who knows his place in the world, a rare thing. So many others step out of line so it is refreshing to see propriety.
Asher Throwing oneself in the line of fire - or, line of crab - to ensure that a monstrous creature doesn't get away? That's bravery. I owe the man drinks, I'm sure.
Austen It is good to see Lord Dycard again. He is as carefree as I remember him, though a little more bruised...
Brigid Golden and bold, his easy demeanor and open smiles makes him a person hard to not like. As one who continues to seek out personal revelations and how important aid can be, I aim to be helpful in his quest for answers - especially if he keeps supplying me with this delicious rum.
Brigida Jokes aside, it is clear that he cares and cares deeply. More need to be like that.
Calypso His father really needs to start his sales pitch with how hot Lord Dycard is.
Catalana A charming sailor. A joy to speak to and very knowledgeable about boats. He may give Wash a run for his money.
Charis It's a kind lord who thinks of the comfort of his sworn man, and sees to it personally. Pray the Isles don't rise in fury to hear one of their own described as kind.
Cornelius A boy who must learn how to speak to his father.
Dagon Lord Blackshore. When we met, he seemed to have been going through his own dramas, yet he appears a thoughtful and caring man.
Dianna Danger certainly calls to the one who underestimates a Lycene woman.
Dimitri A Lord of Blackshore and one who reminds me somewhat of myself. A natural conversationalist makes him easy to like and I like forward to speaking with him further.
Domonico Apt student. Already competent but able to identify how he can improve. I approve the attitude.
Drake Friendly, quick-witted, and in the ring losing a fight to a woman...? We may be quite a bit alike.
Esme I'm not sure what I expected when I met him and I'm not sure if he was or was not it. However, the conversation was a delight and perhaps we shall do it again. He shall be a quick friend I think.
Evaristo Though we've been peripheral and actually met a few times in the past, we've never done something more close together. Glad to say that is changing. Remind me not to anger his family though. I like my face scar-free.
Ezra His description on Esme allowed for either a man who teases or shares valued information. He seems close to his cousin, through an antagonistic sort of relationship. Conversations with him might be more valuable if they are considered through a broader relationship rather than on the immediate.
Gaspar Noble, even in defeat. I can see that his tongue got him into this mess and will get him into more. That only means that it will get him out of just as many predicaments as well.
Gerald Revell's patron seems interesting. Polite. And I suspect he'll be a good business associate.
Ian Glad to see him back. Not sure why he keeps doing that thing with his face.
Iseulet I was the wrongest I think I could be about him, and now I hold the deepest of affections for him. I am lucky to have learned the err of my ways.
Jules You came across him at the training yard and he was talking to Lady Lucene. He seems like the sort of fellow you want to spend time with as opposed to just the sort of fellow you want to know.
Jyri He did well during those riots. I kept focus on my own, but I noticed him.
Kaldur A voice of reason in a difficult situation - no salve to raw nerves, though, however welcome the support.
Kastelon This lord was fine company at the tavern one cold eve. All the same, dark waters run deep.
Katherine He is polite and good-humored despite bearing a heavy burden. I hope that I can be of assistance to him in some small way. We all must work together when faced with what feel like insurmountable challenges.
Kenna He has a very... outgoing protege, but he seems to be attempting to control the reigh well enough.
Kritr If I were a younger man, in an established house, I hope I'd be like this man. I feel like I am behind in every way compared.
Leola He can't be all bad. I mean, he shops with Valardin. And he seems charmingly taken with everyone present. Either a very nice person or a fantastic noble.
Lottie What a nice noble and despite not being the victor of the duel I watched, he carried himself with grace and a congenial demeanor. Can't say the same for all who lose a duel so how he reacted speaks very well to his character in my opinion.
Lucene I'm as dense as a doorknob, but even I can tell that Lord Dycard is a bit of a flirt. Fortunately, he is also fun company and takes my lighthearted bullying on the chin.
Lucene My cousin, always a teaser. I have to watch him to make sure he doesn't get the best of me next time.
Mabelle Full of smiles and good manners, seems to bounce bank well from awkward situations.
Martino Well fought Lord! Learning his way through the city and, well, I remember being just that when I started. She won't catch you enxt time. Fine man.
Marzio A Blackshore Lord. He seems to be a nice enough fellow. Easy conversation. I'll have to see how he fights someday.
Mikani I'm glad that he has an even keel. It helps in stressful situations.
Miranda A worthy student of my fave cousin, Domonico. Worthy and willing. Always a good combination. And, if it were a better day for me, he'd become victim of my teasing! But, I'll save that for another time, I suppose.
Nanette Lord Dycard Blackshore, a man who wishes he could rid his veins of the blood tainting the coffee that flows through them, and a man who injured himself by punching his very own reflection. I wonder if he is aware of all that could imply about him, and his character?
Norwood He thinks that I would be the kind of man who would swear at a parrot. What kind of man is HE!?
Orelia Needs to stand up for himself, especially where family is concerned.
Petal The lord is well dressed, charming, socialable and patrons a gardener! He seems to notice everyone around him and speaks if alerta nd intelligent.
Poppy From his letters I expected a cynical jaded man with a certain hardness. Instead, I find a simple kindness and easy warmth that radiates from him. I can understand the infatuation that he casts over women.
Porter I've never met Lord Dycard before in my life but if we're going to hold swordfighting games on boats then he's my new best friend.
Ras Threw sand in the sparring ring, even though he's a silk. Didn't get pissed off about his cousin beatin the shit outta him, and his mouth bled all over his fancy shirt but he didn't care. Seemed friendly.
Revell Nice smile, and he sure knows how to flatter others. Not me, but others certainly. He nowhere near as stuffy as I expected a Lord in Arx to be, either. He even took the time to look at my flowers.
Rorik The man can steer a ship! Strong in the face of adversity, he seems to be a solid leader and a good sailor.
Rosalind He seems pretty at ease, though he looks pretty tired! And beat up! Usually I'd ask if he wrestled a bear, but I don't think that's the it! Mystery!
Samira Honour, swords, boats, rum - this apparently sums up his interests. An interesting man, he seems to have a decent sense of humor and the ability to trade barbs without getting too bent out of shape. It's a quality lots of people lack in this city, so that's something.
Siegward A tall man of dark aspect and noble bearing that doesn't quite... mesh. Too much time amongst sailors, and judging by the carefree approach to one of my own station I, too, imagine he's a common sight in the Lowers.
Sirius A man of noble bearing and perceptive attitude, most likely perhaps of the nobility as well. Or a knight- I'll learn, come time, perhaps.
Stygia Not as bad as he's been made out to be, apparently.
Sydney I had my reservations, but it seems as though he has little to do with the portion of his family that I met first. He is thoughtful, has a backbone, and looks to know his way around a fight... he also has a nice ship.
Tanith Appreciates dirty fighting and practical fashion. A heretic in the belief of nobility and manners.
Tatienne A lord of the mourning isles, and a liberator. An interesting contradiction, but a welcome one.
Thea No one can say he cant take a hit to the face.
Valdemar I was pleased to catch up with Lord Dycard. His grasp of etiquette might have surprised some present, but not I.
Vanora The Blackshore family has always interested me, their history is so unique. Lord Dycard is no different, and I find his conversation amusing and engaging.
Zoey Oh, I'm certain this one has some tales to tell! I should throw a dinner party and invite him to join.