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Vassal of The Crown

Words: "None greater than Grayson"
Sigil: A snarling green griffin on a gray field.
Nicknames: Griffins. Grays. Badgers.

Arguably the most powerful house and without a doubt the proudest, House Grayson has ever justification for their pride. As the founders of the Compact and overwhelming majority of the kings and queens of the Compact of Arvum, they have long grown accustomed to ruling each of the other four great houses as their vassals. For that alone, they might be the proudest, but their greatest heroes are not those who saved the realm from the Reckoning- no, it is the woman who five hundred years ago reunited the Compact once more and shattered the power of the sylv'alfar, Queen Alarice the Great. Most of the culture of Arvum has been dictated by the dominance of Grayson mores throughout the centuries, and Arx has been treated more as a possession than an equal ground between the houses. For House Grayson, few see any reason this state of affairs should change.


Name Rank Title Description
Liara 1 Ruling Princess Princess Liara Grayson;Partium Princessus
Lou 2 Voice Princess *Lou* Grayson;Exploritus Princessus
Aindre 2 Voice
Alaric 3 Noble Family King Alaric Grayson;King of the Compact;No Longer Sleeping Cousin
Sabella 3 Noble Family Princess Sabella Grayson;Dramaticus Princessus
Mason 3 Noble Family Prince Masun'al'ajionij Grayson;Prince From A Far Away Land
Laric 3 Noble Family Prince Laric Grayson;Master of Questions;Most Inquisitorial Prince
Lark 3 Noble Family Princess Lark Grayson
Ainsley 3 Noble Family Prince Ainsley Grayson; Voice of House Grayson;The Swordy One
Tikva 3 Noble Family Princess Tikva Grayson; Voice of House Grayson;The Loud One
Ailys 3 Noble Family Princess Ailys Grayson;Healerus Princessus
Symonesse 3 Noble Family Queen Symonesse Grayson;Elfium Queenus
Roxana 3 Noble Family Jewel of Southport. Grayson Princess. Minister of Civil Welfare
Macda 3 Noble Family Princess Macda Grayson;Punchium Princessus
Niklas 3 Noble Family The Playwright Prince. The Prince Playwright. The pen behind the talent
Keely 3 Noble Family
Elizabetha 3 Noble Family
Jerrica 3 Noble Family
Varan 3 Noble Family
Babette 3 Noble Family
Faye 4 Trusted Allies Loyal Servant. Explorer. Inquisitor
Gabriel 5 Noble Vassals Lion of Pridehall; A Knight of the Compact
Michael 5 Noble Vassals Duke Michael Bisland; Duke of Pridehall
Lailah 5 Noble Vassals Lady Lailah Bisland;Minister of Agriculture
Iona 5 Noble Vassals Duchess Iona Bisland;Duchess-Consort of Pridehall
Samantha 5 Noble Vassals Marquessa Samantha Deepwood;Marquessa of Old Oak
Silas 5 Noble Vassals Baron Silas Whitehawk;Baron of Hawkhold
Harlan 5 Noble Vassals Duke Harlan Ashford;Duke of Ashford Keep
Olivia 5 Noble Vassals Lady Olivia Ashford;Voice of Ashford Keep
Pharamond 5 Noble Vassals Lord Pharamond Ashford;Lord of Ashford Keep
Mia 5 Noble Vassals Countess Mia Riven;Countess of the Twainfort
Thesarin 5 Noble Vassals Count Thesarin Riven;Count-Consort of the Twainfort;Prodigal Warchief
Nigel 5 Noble Vassals Lord Nigel Riven;Lord of the Twainfort
Rey 5 Noble Vassals Lady Rey Laveer;Lady of Brighthold
Fairen 5 Noble Vassals Marquis Fairen Leary;Marquis of Leaholdt
Iliana 5 Noble Vassals Marquessa Iliana Leary;Marquessa-Consort of Leaholdt
Tibault 5 Noble Vassals Count Tibault Laveer;Count of Brighthold
Diego 5 Noble Vassals Lord Diego Leary;Lord of Leaholdt
Tabitha 5 Noble Vassals Lady of Whitehawk. Artist
Samael 5 Noble Vassals Lord Samael Bisland;Voice of Pridehall
Sabitha 5 Noble Vassals Lady Sabitha Bisland;Lady of Pridehall
Peri 5 Noble Vassals Lady Peri Seliki;Voice of the Pearlspire
Oona 5 Noble Vassals Lady Oona Seliki;Grand-dame of the Pearlspire
Malesh 5 Noble Vassals Marquis Malesh Stonewood;Marquis of Stonehearth
Ariel 5 Noble Vassals Marquessa Ariel Stonewood;Marquessa-Consort of Stonehearth
Delilah 5 Noble Vassals Lady Delilah Whitehawk;Lady of Hawkhold
Bedivere 5 Noble Vassals Lord Bedivere Whitehawk;Lord of Hawkhold
Gaius 5 Noble Vassals Lord Gaius Whitehawk;Lord of Hawkhold
Farrah 5 Noble Vassals Baroness Farrah Whitehawk;Baroness-Consort of Hawkhold
Emily 5 Noble Vassals Lady Emily Deepwood;Lady of Old Oak
Grady 5 Noble Vassals Lord Grady Deepwood;Lord of Old Oak
Jessa 5 Noble Vassals Lady Jessa Deepwood;Lady of Old Oak
Rhiannon 5 Noble Vassals Lady Rhiannon Ashford;Lady of Ashford Keep
Eurion 5 Noble Vassals Lord Eurion Ashford;Lord of Ashford Keep
Joxur 5 Noble Vassals
Liam 5 Noble Vassals
Gloriel 5 Noble Vassals
Kalani 5 Noble Vassals Countess Kalani Seliki; Countess of the Pearlspire
Elloise 5 Noble Vassals
Dariel 5 Noble Vassals
Agric 5 Noble Vassals
Jophiel 5 Noble Vassals
Ilmia 5 Noble Vassals
Evonleigh 5 Noble Vassals
Braelynn 5 Noble Vassals
Maddox 5 Noble Vassals
Elias 5 Noble Vassals
Jaufrey 5 Noble Vassals
Sapphira 5 Noble Vassals
Elora 5 Noble Vassals
Malcolm 5 Noble Vassals
Bonnie 5 Noble Vassals
Wyatt 5 Noble Vassals
Jennyva 5 Noble Vassals
Lisebet 5 Noble Vassals
Quintin 5 Noble Vassals
Mihaly 5 Noble Vassals
Asphodel 5 Noble Vassals
Scythia 5 Noble Vassals Lady Scythia Seliki; Lady of the Pearlspire
Ezra 5 Noble Vassals
Thalamina 5 Noble Vassals
Raziel 5 Noble Vassals
Eirene 5 Noble Vassals
Alheri 5 Noble Vassals
Lyra 5 Noble Vassals
Taliene 5 Noble Vassals
Reagan 5 Noble Vassals
Levian 5 Noble Vassals
Bethany 7 Known Commoners
Kerr 7 Known Commoners
Cedric 7 Known Commoners
Ephraim 7 Known Commoners
Raphael 7 Known Commoners
Eshken 7 Known Commoners
Emele 7 Known Commoners
Azhan 7 Known Commoners
Rhue 7 Known Commoners
Shazza 7 Known Commoners
Aaron 7 Known Commoners
Claude 7 Known Commoners
Candace 7 Known Commoners
Javarn 7 Known Commoners
Aonghus 7 Known Commoners
Simon 7 Known Commoners
Talia 7 Known Commoners
Felicia 7 Known Commoners
Amantha 7 Known Commoners
Cufre 7 Known Commoners
Valarian 7 Known Commoners
Scipio 7 Known Commoners
Skaldia 7 Known Commoners
Arion 7 Known Commoners
Asterion 7 Known Commoners
Joel 7 Known Commoners
Vashtalyn 7 Known Commoners
Yael 7 Known Commoners
Rohyn 7 Known Commoners
Calarian 8 Extended Family/Friends Prince Calarian Grayson; Voice of House Grayson;The Charming One
Zoey 8 Extended Family/Friends Lady Zoey Bisland;Lady of Pridehall
Noah 8 Extended Family/Friends
Julia 8 Extended Family/Friends
Wolbrand 9 Away from Arx
Calain 9 Away from Arx (Away) Prince Calain Grayson;Wandering Prince
Rainier 9 Away from Arx (Away) Sir Rainier Ashford;King's Own
Viktarkim 9 Away from Arx
Cara 9 Away from Arx Princess Cara Grayson; Voice of House Grayson;The Scary One
Augustus 9 Away from Arx (Away)Prince Agustus Grayson;Oldest Prince
Aelius 9 Away from Arx
Caerdroc 9 Away from Arx
Maude 9 Away from Arx (Away) Lady Maude Ashford;Lady of Ashford Keep
Vaeldan 9 Away from Arx
Damaris 9 Away from Arx
Tristan 9 Away from Arx Tristan;Master of Stables and Kennels
Sen 9 Away from Arx Lord Sen Laveer;Lord of Brighthold
Luna 9 Away from Arx
Rhys 9 Away from Arx
Edda 9 Away from Arx
Rickard 9 Away from Arx
Saira 9 Away from Arx (Away) Princess Saira Grayson;Shyius Princessus
Lanei 9 Away from Arx
Cutlin 9 Away from Arx
Nikola 9 Away from Arx (Away) Lord Nikola Stonewood;Lord of Stonehearth
Donovan 9 Away from Arx (Away) Prince Donovan Grayson;Lawyerium Princium
Arta 9 Away from Arx
Jurn 9 Away from Arx
Jei 9 Away from Arx
Nicholaus 9 Away from Arx
Lorna 9 Away from Arx
Kaine 9 Away from Arx
Minka 9 Away from Arx
Aibek 9 Away from Arx
Enoch 9 Away from Arx
Corbit 9 Away from Arx
Mina 9 Away from Arx
Mevo 9 Away from Arx
Morwythia 9 Away from Arx
Nico 9 Away from Arx
John 9 Away from Arx
Corrala 9 Away from Arx
Elsa 9 Away from Arx
Ahriman 9 Away from Arx Princus Vintigus. Aged Like Fine Wine. Sin to Griffon
Ulysses 9 Away from Arx
Othuze 9 Away from Arx
Kaiden 9 Away from Arx
Haven 9 Away from Arx
Alberic 9 Away from Arx
Ludwig 9 Away from Arx
Gertrude 9 Away from Arx
Astor 9 Away from Arx
Lise 9 Away from Arx
Rafael 9 Away from Arx
Glenn 9 Away from Arx
Selah 9 Away from Arx
Siegward 9 Away from Arx
Kutazer 9 Away from Arx
Aldwulf 9 Away from Arx
Zoriah 9 Away from Arx
Versillis 9 Away from Arx
Janora 9 Away from Arx
Aery 9 Away from Arx
Tamsin 9 Away from Arx
Wighard 9 Away from Arx
Lumen 10 Fallen/Missing

Ruler: Liara

Minister Category Title
Roxana Population Minister of Civil Welfare
Ailys Upkeep Minister of Infrastructure
Sabella Loyalty Minister of Loyalty
Lark Income None

Land Holdings


Description: The ancestral home of House Grayson is not nearly as forbidding as the name suggests, but the great fortress has acted as a summer palace for the kings and queens of the Grayson dynasty for generations. Many of the Grayson kin less close to the line of succession reside within its great walls, but with the wealth and splendor of Bastion few are likely to complain about being kept far from court at Arx. On occasion, the King or Queen of the Compact will decide to pass their secondary title of Prince or Princess of Bastion onto one of their kin, typically the crown prince or princess so they might act as high lord in their stead and gain experience before they ascend to the throne of the entire Compact.

Landmarks: The Great Road

The Bastion Lodge of Petrichor has been built, providing agricultural development and survival training.