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Lady Zoey Kennex

Any inconvenience is really just an adventure in a crappy hat, you know.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Bright-eyed Idealist
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 25
Birthday: 8/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: liquid brown
Skintone: light brown

Titles: Minister of Coin for House Kennex, Voice of Stormward

Description: Her warm brown skin and expressive, liquid brown eyes speak nothing of her years, and her round, youthful face is framed by a soft cloud of thick black curls. Her soft, full lips are quick to share a warm smile with new acquaintances as easily as her closest family and friends. In her rare moments of stillness, there is a quiet uncertainty about her.

(Zoey's hair, typically an unconquerable mass of lively, bouncing curls, has been painstakingly pinned back and away from her face. Those ringlets refuse to be tamed beyond that point though, spreading into something mane-like from the ears back.
There is a sort of glow about her, and a small but unmistakable bump on her belly.)

Personality: Zoey is on the verge of adult life with wide open eyes, ready to drink it all in. She is warm, and generally cheerful, full of optimism, this outlook only a little undercut by the tremula of insecurity that come inevitably with that whisper of overachieving perfectionism that can sometimes come to the firstborn of overachievers. She loves music, dancing, attention and pretty things -- because who doesn't. A little shy and uncertain in the adult social world, yet the lure of attention is never entirely possible to turn away. She dreams of adventure, far off places, wild romance -- all as yet unformed, idealized and distant from her grasp.

Background: The eldest daughter of Samael and Sabitha Bisland, Lady Zoey Bisland had the best of education growing up. Her father was one of the finest lawyers in the Compact, which does, of course, mean that he wasn't around very much. For her mother, life was a constant flurry of social occasion and diplomacy. Zoey was an energetic and hopeful child, who worked at her lessons with the vague idea that if only she could achieve everything that anyone ever asked of her, she might be worthy of the hopes of her parents.

There is only so much a childhood can prepare a young woman for a world at war, across between debutante, a baby adventurer, and a neophyte scholar in a number of bookish topics. Hope and fantasy lingered together in her heart, for some future adventure opening up on her horizon. Arriving in Arx on the verge of a siege after her home at Pridehall was racked with the first battle of a horrifying war, Zoey stands on the precipice of a dozen potential futures. It only remains for her to choose.

Relationship Summary

  • Ian - My partner and protector. I'm grateful to have you in my life.

  • Family:
  • Michael - My closest cousin. I'm so glad we're together again!
  • Aethan - I always wanted a brother like you. You're a sweetheart behind all that frowning.
  • Porter - My other brother in law, whom I almost -never- see. I think it's time to fix that.
  • Niklas - Cousin-in-law, Patron, and generally an exasperating, endearing person. She -sings- at me, Nik. She -sings-.
  • Gabriel - The uncle that helped raise me. I wish you would smile more; it's not as bad as all that.
  • Samael - My father. I just wish we had more time together. Messengers aren't the same.
  • Octavia - Cousin, I suppose I should forgive you. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to trust anything you say.

  • Friend:
  • Delilah - A true friend. I am pleased that we're getting more time together.
  • Joslyn - I really don't get to see you often, dear, and that's just a travesty.
  • Luca - You're alright, Nimble. I'm glad to drink with you whenever.
  • Galen - And let that be a reminder to you. If I can get to some cover, it's gonna hurt!

  • Acquaintance:
  • Harlan - Alright, so you had your reasons. I still wish that you could see past your hurt pride.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan I'm glad to have her back from Stormward -- she's good for Ian.
    Alarissa As always, she is Zoey kennex, by way of Bisland. A true Bisland.
    Alecstazi A lovely voice, a kind word. She is a good Thraxian woman, and kind about my lack of eyesight.
    Amari She's a surprisingly good archer. She held her own in the Ashford contest and against a giant boar!
    Arcadia A proper Kennex lady. Though, she has a sense of humor. Not many would laugh off a casket of bones.
    Bhandn She can certainly shoot with a bow, which is probably why she did not have any trouble with being alone at night. Still, a bow cannot solve every problem.
    Brigida Protective over others even when the danger has seemed to pass. Her vigilance is to be admired.
    Caith What a delight! She knows so many languages and is such fun to be around. I helped her with some modeling moves but she hardly needed it! She is a natural at attracting the eye.
    Caspian I respect all of the Kennex's, though Lady Zoey is one who I hold a great deal of respect for.
    Catalana Ian's better half. She is a cousin by marriage but as close to a sister and Jan is. I am forever grateful she was brought into our family.
    Corrigan Those dark curls distract me so much, I forgot what I really think.
    Domonico She has some steel to her, that is definite.
    Eurion The Minister of Coin for House Kennex and voice of Stormward. With large and beautiful brown eyes, it was hard to keep my gaze away.
    Evonleigh Clever, strong and patient, she is a perfect match for Ian and a good friend to all who know her.
    Hamish It is not so rare to find people for whom devotion is a sometimes treat.
    Ian I'm glad to have her back in Arx.
    Iseulet Sweet, with the softest looking hair I've ever seen. I've noticed Porter speaks very highly of her - I can't wait to get to know her a bit better.
    Jaerith Seems like a good addition to her house. And where would Lord Ian be without her?
    Juniper She measures her words before she speaks them and they seem to come always from her heart.
    Kaia My dear big (and only) sister! My best friend and confidant! I know I can always count on her. She has offered to help with the wedding planning! Which is AMAZING! Truly the best sister one could ever ask for!
    Korka Something tells me she'd be fun at parties.
    Liara Lady Zoey has always appeared strikingly energetic and full of talk and laughter when I see her. Really altogether delightful.
    Llewella I may be biased, with a distant relationship to her, but Lady Zoey is pleasant company.
    Lucita Talented designer, an archer, and Lord Ian's wife. We have common interests and share troubles, laughs and have a growing friendship.
    Mabelle My talented cousin Zoey is back in the city. She is a feast on the eyes! So fashionable!
    Martino The delightful sister to the Lady Kaia. Older sister, kind. Protective and everything an older sister should be.
    Miranda Amazing feats of sleight of hand! She slipped that rum right into Prince Victus' hands like a pro! Note to self, have rum around in case the High Lord makes a visit.
    Mirk A lady of the Mourning Isles, seemingly comfortable accepting the hospitality of the Spirit Walkers. She's respectful, but reserved. Even when asking questions, she doesn't reveal much of herself.
    Niklas Still the beating heart of House Kennex.
    Olivia Formerly Bisland, currently Kennex. Two houses I like, and she is unbelievably likable.
    Petal A lovely Lady who married into Kennex and seems very good for Lord Ian. She seem well dressed and self-composed, probably is a good person to know.
    Rafael One of my brilliant nieces. She appears content, healthy, and properly appreciated by her new kin -- and that's all I could ever wish for her!
    Reese A lovely Lady of Bisland by Birth and Kennex by marriage. It sounds like her son is doing well and is good she is back in town. I look forward to visiting with her more.
    Rosalind She seems to know things and seems cautious. I wonder what about!
    Rysen Intelligent and capable in every respect.
    Sabella One of my oldest friends! I'm so happy she found happiness with Ian and that we can watch our children grow up together!
    Sigurd It's been a long time but she seems happy with her marriage and her change in house. I look forwards to seeing her at the next Sip and Spar.
    Sirius I hurt her feelings tonight, I think. Not with purpose, but the mistake's made no less. For someone so kind and approachable, she didn't deserve my imprudence. Come chance, I hope there's a chance to right this wrong.
    Sorrel Utterly reasonable. Always the most level headed, she helps to keep the Kennex boys on track. One of Ian's great successes was bringing her to the Mourning Isles. She makes a good friend.
    Talwyn Clapped at all the right moments and I thank her for that. Attentive to so many around her as well. A socialite through-and-through.
    Tescelina Her heart is gold and I was grateful to see it, when I needed such kindness.
    Thea Patient, sociable. I can see how she is the sister to Kaia--which isn't a bad thing.
    Valdemar I was right, she is not nearly as shy as it seemed at first.
    Vanora I'm still not sure what to make of Lady Zoey. I hope she will be good to my son for his own sake.
    Victus Mainlanders don't always adapt well to Mourning Isles living, but Kennex is not exactly a traditional piece of the Isles. I think she fits in just fine there, with soft words and kinder hearts.
    Wash She's found a home in Kennex, a sanctuary. I believe she treasures Kennex as much as I do.