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Prince Niklas Grayson

Life is a story. Write your own ending!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Wild-hearted Dreamer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: ash blonde
Eye Color: pale blue
Skintone: cream

Titles: Grayson Minister of Income, The Playwright

Description: Fair hair falls in light waves around the chiseled sculpt of Niklas's face, with bangs that fall in a fluff across his high brow. His eyes are pale blue, a kind of crystalline bright, with a passionate warmth within the frame of his sootily thick eyelashes. He has high, broad cheekbones and a soft, bowed mouth. A touch of sun has warmed the milky fairness of his skin to a richer cream, beneath the ash crown of his gleaming fluffy hair. He is tall and slender, with a native breadth to a frame more inclined to stockiness that almost makes him appear unfinished.

Personality: Niklas is a restless, adventurous soul, with tremendous creative force within him to channel. Sometimes he flirts with becoming a Devotion of Limerance, because that is how much he finds that he loves writing. Yet sometimes they still fall short of encompassing the broad swath of dream that drives him. Generally warm and good-humored, he struggles sometimes with finding deeper meaning, yet the outlet of his creative work has made him more centered and confident, and there is a great deal of passion behind his use of imagination to create an engaged world. Niklas always wants to do, be and dream more than he does, but looks to the world with a kind of unfailing inner optimism even at his most irresolute.

Background: The heir and the spare is pretty traditional, so it was a relief to get a second son for Stormward. The coffers of the march were not unlimited as to his education, though. While his eldest son was educated on the mainland, his second son primarily had to make do with a series of tutors, particularly an adventuresome seraph, Wallis, who never 100% abandoned his House Ashford leanings, even if he was godsworn. Niklas grew up on tales of adventure and excitement and really wild things, with romantic dreams about traveling the world and discovering vast new places, exploring the far reaches of Cardia and Eurus and who knows where else.

The reality of what was expected of him as future Voice and his brother's second in life didn't really set in for him until Ford Kennex returned better-traveled than he was. Envy led to a rocky tie between them, defined by rivalry as much as loyalty. Niklas struggled generally with wanting to Prove Himself to a world that didn't really require it of him. Though he lacked a lot of the more warrior qualities of the traditional Thrax, his family was not really expecting him to /be/ a traditional Thrax, so rebellion was a little ... not worth it.

What he eventually found solace in was, of all things, pen and ink.

It started when Niklas was in Arx and caught a play at the theater while a little drunk. That night, in the privacy of his room at the inn, he started writing.

Niklas imagined whole adventures in his mind, the ones that had captured him in his boyhood, and wrote them into plays. It started that night, but it grew from there. For years he kept them hoarded in a trunk and never showed them to anyone. It was another irresolute, dissolute night in a tavern in Arx that led him to showing his favorite to someone he was drinking with.

Now, at 25, he is a known playwright of some acclaim for creating wild adventure stories full of thrill and romance and excitement, and the outlet has helped him flower into new confidence. Still not a very political animal, he might at least be a contented one.

Relationship Summary

  • Derovai - Master Voss says I talk too much. I say that's not a vice! But I say it in two thousand words.
  • Bastien - We have a good relationship. I become a celebrated artist, he ODs and falls into a river.

  • Family:
  • Catalana - My favorite cousin. (Sorry, other cousins.)
  • Jan - My most martial cousin. Still, always good for a drink or two.
  • Aethan - Ian's oldest brother and the most practical of that set of cousins.
  • Wash - Catalana's husband and a former Grayson, not that I'd hold that against him. Quick wits and down one banjo. A good friend.
  • Constantine - My little brother has come into his own. There for the family when I no longer am.
  • Christine - My scholarly cousin. Always seems to be a bit ill.
  • Victoria - Auntie Vic! Come home!
  • Porter - Ian's other brother. The one likely to be in trouble.
  • Ford - And he wonders why we aren't closer.
  • Octavia - Too much like mother. Haven't spoken to her in months.
  • Ian - The first Sword of Stormward. I couldn't be prouder.
  • Relara - I hope I can help make this world beautiful for you, my daughter.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Caith - The Princess of Hugs and Puppies.
  • Gareth - The Prince of Hugs (in an iron maiden) and Puppies (which chew your toes off). Apparently a fan of my work, though! Uh! Life justified!
  • Tikva - I see us being best friends once I stop giving her headaches!
  • Monique - She has done a lot for me, and I appreciate it all.

  • Deceased:
  • Rennatta - Gone, but never forgotten.
  • Elara - Everyone leaves.
  • Titania - Has anyone else noticed that whenever Coraline leaves the city someone dies? That's weird, right?
  • Scholar Oswyn - Probably.

  • Spouse:
  • Sabella - The sun around which I rotate. My beautiful wife.

  • Friend:
  • Margret - Margret and Alessandro are good friends and seeing them together makes me happy.
  • Alessandro - My best friend, no matter what anyone else thinks.
  • Luca - My brother. Sorta. Like me in the ways that matter.

  • Protege:
  • Gianna - Sweet smile, cold eyes. She'll go far.
  • Zoey - My cousin and the glue that holds House Kennex together. Too serious. She benefits from my genial sadism. Or at least that's what I choose to believe!
  • Simone - Marquessa of Greenmarch. Ambitious and political.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A Prince he seems very fond of his wife. I am only hope to be as lucky as they are when I find a husband.
    Adelphie I can't believe I met the famous playwright Bastien's best friend!
    Adora A Prince or something from the way he kept saying "I'm a Prince, pay attention to me, I'm so important! Look at my stupid fucking crown!" Or whatever. He didn't buy anything. I don't like him.
    Aella His marriage is probably in trouble now after dancing with me. Sorry, buster!
    Aethan If any of us deserved to be a Grayson prince, it's Niklas. He'll make a good one.
    Aiden I heard he was uncouth and crass toward my cousin, treating her less of a person and more of an object and he seemed very pleased he was going to be rewarded with a title of Prince for doing so. I'm at least relieved to discover he wasn't doing anything that demeaned my cousin in public from what I saw and was a gentleman, even offering to paint people's dreams.
    Ainsley Sabella's bethrothed and as far as I can tell a very talented playwright. I'm looking forward to having him in the house.
    Aisha An odd prince. Seems to be very into himself.
    Alaric He's not afraid to put himself out there, try something different, and risk failure. As are most theatre sorts, something who those that scoff about 'artists' tend to be oblivious to. Between that and a healthy reserve of sarcasm, you've got the makings of a rather resilient person. I'd rather be surprised to ever see him daunted by anything.
    Alarissa He is a Kennex, and by far my favourite one. Don't tell Christine that. His work at times are controversial but all good playright should have controversial works.
    Aleksei He seems very concerned with my swords!
    Alessandro I look forward to even more great things when Niklas takes his rightful place -- none greater, indeed.
    Alexandre He entertained the children and played a song that made Rosalie happy. I could not stay to see if he would come out of the event with a few new children, however.
    Alexio Prince Niklas is a good sort, it seems. He possesses a confidence that is admirable, and seems to come to him easy.
    Amund Debonair. Husband to the Dreamer Princess. Insightful and informative.
    Arthen Pretty peculiar, even for a prince. He's got himself a real sweet wife though, and so far as I can tell, he's good at what he does. The writin', I mean, not the troublemakin'. Man can't ask for a whole lot more than that, can he? Well, maybe a prince can. Never can tell with them. He's at least charming in his eccentricity, I'll give him that.
    Augustus An Islander that thinks and speaks in full sentences. Will wonders never cease?
    Aurora Almost Patron is a talent in the theater, and easier to work with than others.
    Barric Niklas has always been something of a comedian, even when he is trying to be serious it is hard to get the feeling of anything but humour from him. He makes my Cousin happy, and managed to get himself made a Prince of Grayson in the process. Well done.
    Berenice He doesn't like fireplaces!!!!!!!! I can't even respond to that.
    Bianca I have heard he is a stupendous playwright. He is both polite and congenial with a clear love of his wife.
    Bliss Prince Niklas Grayson - I first met him as Lord Niklas Kennex, and in truth, he seems to be having a bit of a moment with that struggle. Still, this is a man that is full of life and emotion, with an artist's passion. It must be consuming him.
    Caith He has a pelican! That delivers his messages! This is pretty much the best thing ever -- even though this has completely destroyed my room on more than one occasion. Can one get bird shit out of silk? The answer is: no. Not effectively, anyway.
    Calandra About as subtle as a sledgehammer
    Calaudrin Seems alright. I guess someone has to write the plays in this city. Better than hanging around eating grapes and not working at all.
    Cambria I've not seen moves that fine in a long while.
    Caspian First impression of this man? He's quite the jokerster! But I like it! I should figure out if he is a good fighter or would learn to become one, he's got that attitude at least!
    Cedric A mysteriously good, almost spooky magical, pastry catcher.
    Cerdensulathara Playwright. Excitable. Not the King's Son.
    Christine I need to read more of his work... Or drag him to a tavern and make him read it to me!
    Cirroch A fellow loving and doting husband.
    Clara He walked inta The Spirits today talkin' about someone being a butt... can't really be that bad of a person if he's openly usin' the word butt in public. It screams... I give no shits whatya think about me.
    Clover One can see how much he adores his wife with only a glance. The man himself is quite friendly, though I detect a faint note of sarcasm in there.
    Col A playwrite. There must be more to him than that if he managed to marry into Grayson and become a Prince. Maybe one day I will find out.
    Constantine Within my older brother's humor I believe is the birth of his creative inclinations. While our siblings may not always be the best at demonstrating our love for one another, Niklas is unwaveringly loyal to those he cares for. It is through this loyalty I feel the warmth of his love.
    Coraline He seems an excellent match for Princess Sabella, certainly he seems capable of keeping up with her. I hope them nothing but the best together.
    Cristoph What a cheerful, friendly person. Good for him!
    Cullen Playwright and we've never been friendly, since I kind of called him useless and such. But, for the sake of my dear sister, I am trying to be nicer. Really. Thus suggesting dragons, which makes everything better.
    Cullen A playwright with whom I didn't hit it off too well. I've been trying though! I do like his dry wit at least, I can appreciate that. Gods and spirits help us all when he's a prince, though.
    Cullen Never much got along with the man, but I think I needed a couple of months sitting in the woods to reassess how I feel about a lot of people. He's close to the family, he cannot be bad.
    Daemon A Prince of Grayson, a man of many words from what little I've heard. I do hope to hear more of his words. His witty, witty words! Or so I'm told.
    Delilah If there is ever a jot in him that wishes to live quietly, I haven't seen it. Niklas has a zest for living and a joie de vivre that refuses to be limited or gainsayed by such things as limits or barriers. Behind the bombast, though, is considerable brilliance that cuts sharp as a knife. Anyone who forgets it surely does it at their peril.
    Derovai I am beginning to appreciate the virtues of going deaf. I wonder if Lord Kennex can hear his own echo.
    Domonico A fop and one who talks far too much about irrelevant things like the theatre.
    Draven I think he is a prince or something! Fluff! And he has a Wife! He didn't need my help! It's okay! I think he is nice!
    Duarte He remains direct and speaks with a clarity that yet doesn't lack in eloquence. Is it any wonder he is such an accomplish playwright?
    Echo A sailboat. Sometimes life deals us the worst kind of cards. The good news is that he sails westwards, to be better represented as a gryphon or badger.
    Eddard A man of some reputation, plays and acting and the art scene. Unfortunately, he named a female bird Steve.
    Elara My first friend. My best friend. The brother by blood I never had.
    Eleyna Another of these excessively cheerful Graysons. Is it day drinking? Is there something in the water over in House Grayson? I'm dying to know.
    Elgana Charming, witty, and the perfect match to Sabella's warmth and cheerfulness.
    Elora It takes great kindness to look after the happiness of other while in great pain yourself. He is a man of such kindness.
    Ember Not impressed.
    Emily The Prince has a delightful sense of humor and is quite the match for the Princess. Amusing and rather attentive to his wife there is not a thing I could say ill of him.
    Emmelline he seems a humorous sort. I would like to get to know both him and wife better.
    Enoch Sabella's Husband. He seems to be quite the friendly fellow, if not looking just a little bit on the skiddish side. But all in all? Someone very worthy of calling Sabella his bride.
    Etienne He is as all with passion and talents are to be, young.
    Evonleigh Warm and friendly and a lover of the arts and theatre -- what's not to appreciate about the Grayson Prince? I appreciate his welcome to both the city and the city's cultural scene.
    Fairen Probably has webbed feet, all things considered.
    Faruq Pays for a wedding, for his servants, and apparently likes to invent 'names' for people. What can one expect from a writer?
    Faye An interesting man, knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to, but perhaps too curious for his own good. I hope he takes care where he asks his questions.
    Fiora Eh. No. But a polite no, thank you.
    Ford He's a Grayson now. Married into the biggest house in the realm. He's also dead to me now. RIP, Nik, loved ya.
    Galen He is a friendly Prince - definitely interested in scholarly pursuits and I can appreciate one seeking out knowledge where one can find it.
    Gareth He's back. What a time for elation and celebration.
    Gaston Niklas seems to be one possessed of a quick wit. Many of the things he says are amusing, and he is often times a fun one to run into in the taverns.
    Gianna My patron. He has a fine eye for talent and a clever wit. A fine ally and supporter.
    Giulio The good lord has found himaelf quite the catch. Always a delight.
    Gretchen He has a bard that follows him around and sings. And a beard. And he's a Prince! I'm sure one day I'll learn he has a good quality or two.
    Gwenna Prince Niklas Grayson, formerly Lord Niklas Kennex, is someone I have of course heard of, but never had occasion to really be around much, even at events. The famed playwright, and an exceptionally talented one at that, he has a dry humor that so few can manage well. He also seems to be genuinely warm and friendly with those close to him.
    Hannah A very entertaining and rather charming man, I can see why Princess Sabella is happy to be married to him.
    Harlex The famous playwright. Friendly enough. I've read and enjoyed all his work--now I just need to see it live, I suppose.
    Harper Funny Man, that's definitely his name. Not everyone earns their name this fast, but I read his journals. If more people were as funny as him, I might read more of them!
    Helia Prince! Princess Sabella's husband. Witty fellow, personable enough. I bet his words could cut as deep as a sword if he put his mind to it.
    Ian I still don't understand him.
    Iseulet Could he and Sabella /be/ more adorable? No no no.
    Jamie He seems to genuinely appreciate people and struck me as humble. Rare characteristics in people of his station. I believe he is far more than what is presented to the public.
    Jan A bit darker tempered then I remember. I think it might be good. Once I try to explain what really happened over the past year, he might need a little more brutality in his nature to be honest.
    Jarel Damn! I really thought he was a bard! But I still think he is one, at least in spirit, after all he did founded the Bard College. How would he do that if he wasn't one of the best?
    Jasher A happily married man, even if to a Grayson. A sight not often seen among the peers.
    Jeffeth Don't ever leave again!!!
    Jophiel The playright that wrote the story that stole Sabella's heart. And now he tells his story to the masses - I look forward to working with him in the future.
    Jordan Seems like Lord Niklas is having a pretty good time on his return to the city, or so far has been rather more cordial about things. That's good to see, and hopefully he finds his new home in the Crownlands to be comfortable and conducive to practicing his talents.
    Josephine The young playwright, newly married, newly Grayson. The imagination on this man will bring forth many wonderful things, I am sure, into the compact for us to enjoy.
    Josephine A prince of Grayson though he was not always such. Much like his wife, I find delight when they enter my shop for I know that the pieces we collaborate upon, will be lovely.
    Jyri That is some impressive talking. I feel like he could sell water to fish.
    Kaia The renowned playwright of controversial names! An amazing dance partner, and great conversationalist! He absolutely /loves/ the terribly awful coffee of 'The Spirits'.
    Karadoc Who? Oh, yes, him. Niklas Kennex. I heard he married into Grayson and became a prince -- is that true? Well, they're screwed, aren't they?
    Katarina A playwright of critical acclaim and social powerhouse that married into House Grayson. He and Princess Sabella seem to have quite an admirable marriage.
    Kenna I admire Lord Niklas to NO END. Of course, he's marring Sablla, so he couldn't POSSIBLY come with better recommendations!
    Klaus A member of a great house, a prince, who I believe is much like I am. How can I not but respect him?
    Liara Funny and a tad on the irreverent side, but he knows well enough when to be serious.
    Lilith First I met Gianna and now I meet her patron. A playwright! I can't wait to see one of his plays. I look forward to enjoying all the theater that Arx has to offer.
    Lorenzo Newest Grayson prince, and he seems to be taking well to the title, even though he still need to remember to use his new name. I'm not really sure what he was talking about losing his pants in public regularly, but Princess Sabella didn't seem to mind. Good fellow, we should share a drink sometime.
    Lottie Clearly a man in love. He bubbles over with energy and has been nothing but real sweet to me.
    Lou Lord Niklas Kennex, very soon to be my brother-in-law. I know his mettle as an explorer. We'll see how he'll do as family.
    Luca Another tolerable Kennex. Imagine my surprise. I don't even give them points anymore for being the sort of people I can get along with. This one's just different enough to keep it interesting, though. Maybe someone dipped the wrong quill, if you know what I mean.
    Lucita Sabella's fiance, another of the Kennex. He seems quite amusing and charming during the time we interacted and will be nice to get to know he and his wife to be better.
    Lumen *blinks twice*
    Lys An interesting man who has an interest in my dreams. Without being pushy or strange about it.
    Macda He is a Grayson's Grayson. Not a Kennexy Kennex. Got it. Oh, and he has a voice I could listen to for hours, such expressionism and alliteration.
    Maddox A man that is very focused on his wife and child righ tnow. As any man s hould be. He seems sharp.
    Marian He's a lucky man. His fiance is obviously devoted to him. And he has the favor of the king since His Majesty is lending his venue for the wedding.
    Marius Niklas is a man of many talents and a wonderful ally of the Greenmarch. I've not had the opportunity to get to know him as well as the others, but he comes across as amiable and enjoyable alike.
    Melody Was that a touch of concern? Perhaps pity? Either way, he seems like exciting, even though he /did/ dial back some of my fun...
    Mercedes A staunch defender of the role of the peerage within society. It is always good to see those who bear the responsibility of rank take it seriously.
    Merek A man who was recently married to Sabella. I think he is quite the respectful man, though I don't know too much about him! I hope to learn more sometime!
    Meriah Playwright Prince. A likable fancy-pants. Seems on the level!
    Miella He's very loud. And a Prince. You're right, that is rather redundant.
    Miranda Niklas' retainer Isabelle made a beautiful blushing bride!
    Mirari I've heard a lot of rumors about this man in the various circles that I run in. Luca has very nice things to say about him, something something about gnomes and bath robes. It might make more sense if I paid more attention to the story. He seems nice though.
    Mirella He seems to think I don't enjoy food because I'm content to eat simple, rustic fare as well as that of a more refined palate. But I suppose I can't blame him for being born to privilege and having resultingly particular standards. I doubt his words were designed to offend.
    Modi Husband of Princess Sabella and a fine dresser. Unfortunate we could not speak more, but I have a feeling I'll be hearing all about him in the months to come anyhow. Celebrities.
    Monique The Lord Kennex, soon to be Grayson, is committed to his family, even though he's leaving it soon. I find this impressive, as I've been in such a situation in the past. It's not easy.
    Morrighan A Grayson Prince I've heard about on occasion with a shared acquaintance. Hear he's a decent sort with painting, so much that his masterpieces have this rather dazzling sparkle to them. I'm not overly familiar with the man, but seems to be a good, friendly sort.
    Norwood He seems like a good man, if a bit spacey at times. I have heard his plays are very good, but I am not much of a fan of art.
    Nuala More a peacock than a fish with that sparkle and ways of drawing attention to himself. Not sure I'd ever find boiled squid tasteful though.
    Olivia Well, it was very gentlemanly of him to offer me a quick sit on the throne at the gala.
    Orelia I do enjoy people who make me chuckle. Even moreso those that make me snort in a most unladylike fashion. And who knew there was a quota for the misplacing of one's pants? Entertainment and education, in one newlywed package.
    Oswyn A clever playwright and all too cunning man. His heart is in the right place.
    Peri A very friendly and noble mien.
    Petal Very social, uses my shop alot, wears clothing well, seems like a creative guy.
    Pharamond The Prince has a sense of humor I am fairly certain I can support entirely.
    Prisila A Grayson Prince and a socialite at that. The man comports himself like royalty should in my humble opinion. Good on him.
    Quenia Yet another ravaged by so many projects, as I. Though perhaps one day we will get to sit down and finally have that chat. And maybe I'll managed to get from him who from Granato he admires so much that's a supposed historical figure.
    Reese Marrying Sabella. Seems like a decent guy who loves her and is smart.
    Reigna A charming man of wit, befitting his passion of play writing. That he is going to be wed to that most theatrical of Grayson Princesses is also rather fitting. While I have not had an opportunity to know either of them well, he seems like someone we should most certainly invite to a Keaton dinner soon.
    Renata Seemed to be genuinely interested in helping me, and since Sir Jeffeth trusts him, then I probably should too.
    Rinel He's a nice man. I'm glad he makes Sabella happy. But his BIRD! Oh, I could go on about Steve for /ages/. She's so funny! And clever, too. Everyone thinks pelicans are dumb, but Steve gets what she wants...
    Rook Oh I've heard so many things about this one, Niklas the Playwright, but now he's to be married to Sabella Grayson. Interesting development there!
    Rowenova I first saw Prince Niklas with his lovely wife, Princess Sabella, at The Spirit (not long after their wedding ceremony). Then, I also saw them at his birthday party of 25 years (or so he says and his wife confirms)! They both make a great couple and incredibly approachable/appreciative, and he is not afraid to speak up and let out a mighty shout when he needs to! A good sign!
    Roxana This charming playwright is a welcome addition to the family, especially since he makes Sabella so very happy.
    Sabella Brilliant and handsome and witty and as if Jayus himself decided to create a perfect match for me! He wields a quill better than most warriors do a sword and there is so much more to him than anyone sees. He is an inspiration, I adore every aspect of him, and I love him more than I love the stars. Or dragons! I truly do love him with all my heart and cannot wait until we get to write the rest of our story together!
    Sable He quite possibly has an odd sense of humour, but... so do most people in this city.
    Salena A Prince of the Land. First week on the streets and we've already been introduced to royalty. If I was disgruntled by the presence of so many regal airs, his suave introduction cut that dung in half. I'm not one for the arts but with the way this man talks, I have to catch a play of his.
    Sanya A famed writer and fellow member of the Bard's College. He's good company and our common interests should make future encounters enjoyable.
    Saoirse He has a stork or something. It delivers messages. This is insane.
    Sasha A playwright I happened upon at my cousin's birthday. I am excited to see his perform and also to read his work.
    Sebastian He has an artist's soul, and for that I can't help but be admiring. It's a difficult life to lead.
    Selene Quick to tell a joke about just about anything, though I can see how it might get him in a spot of bother now and then. He seems about as easy-going as people come.
    Selene Any man who questions a library's authenticity based on party invitations is endowed with a rare sense of humor. Prince Niklas has that in spades, though I may require Whisper House to issue him a classic novel or play by way of RSVP for any event we sponsor.
    Seth From what I've overheard, he's some sort of playwright? Storyteller? I'm not completely positive. He does like a good drink and to shout every so often.
    Sheena He is rather scary to me. His exuberant and informal behavior is hard to understand. IS that how all princes behave?
    Simone A friend to my cousins, Alessandro and Margret, Lord Niklas is a charming and entertaining gentleman. His assistance to our family has also been noted and is quite deeply appreciated. I look forward to getting to know him better, and in time perhaps even becoming friends.
    Skapti Ford's brother. Not sure if that's a good thing. Though if what he says about him getting all the wit is accurate, explains some things.
    Sorrel A talented playwright with a way with words. His art never fails to please, and he's quite good at knowing exactly how to entertain. An excellent person to work with.
    Tabitha He seems to make Princess Sabella very happy. That alone is worthy of respect. I find him likeable, and it has been a pleasure to contribute my artwork to his plays.
    Talen Niklas Grayson now, formerly Kennex, he married Sabella. With a playwright writing dramatics and a Grayson princess dramatising everything around her they'll be a match made in heaven. Assuming, of course, neither of them suffer punches to the genitals enough they can't breed either.
    Talwyn Boundlessly energetic, Prince Niklas seems to have found even more to occupy himself with less time at hand. Where he finds the drive is a mystery to the scholars.
    Terese A man of charm and wit though we only ever seem to pass at gatherings. One might think he was born a Grayson and shall undoubtedly be a boon to their family.
    Theo An amusing playwright to be married to one of my favorite Graysons. What's not to like?
    Thorley Princess Sabella's husband and a playwright. They're made for each other - knowing that Sabella loves tales of lore, I know that Niklas will provide more stories to her and their children.
    Tynan Lord Niklas' reputation precedes him, but the man seems to be everything that one can expect and more. Charming and entertaining, yet seemingly reliable.
    Valdemar Seems friendly enough, though I've spoken with him very little so far. Perhaps someday I will take in one of his plays.
    Vanora Always a friend, no matter where our paths take us.
    Venturo A playwright and a conveyor of booze, a perfect combination! I'll have to add onto my list of places to see the theater that he and Princess Grayson put on their productions.
    Victus Once a Kennex, now a Grayson. From 'My Lord' to 'Your Highness'. That's a nice way to ramp on up and he's done so besides an awful pretty girl too. Happy for 'em.
    Violet He is nothing like his brother. I honestly don't know what to make of him, but he comes off a little full of himself. As I understand it, though, that's to be expected of anyone involved in theater.
    Vitalis Charming and witty. And he doesn't seem to hold being related to Theron against me.
    Wash The man is like an oyster. Slimy yet delectable. Unpleasant yet easy to abide. If you cut him open, you'd find the pearl inside, but lose a more priceless treasure.
    Wilhelmina Easygoing prince and quite the joker. He always has a good joke up in his sleeves.
    Willow Seemingly of a like mind about our current diplomatic situation. Reasonable and intriguing.
    Yasmine Talented with a pen and much more friendly than his once primary competitor. It's best not to get too taken in by the easy manners, though. He's still a Prince.
    Ysabel Oh Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella! They're so famous and so nice and while I'm not sure I understood all the jokes he made I'm sure they were /very funny/.
    Zoey Intelligent, yet emotional, I'm glad he got what he wanted. I like Nik.