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Lady Jennyva Shepherd

My House may no longer be in the care and control of legitimate, highly educated nobles, but why should that bother me? Are most murders committed by legitimate, highly educated assassins? No, they are committed by friends and family!

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Shrewd socialite
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Shepherd
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Mahogany
Eye Color: Cinnamon
Skintone: golden peach

Description: High arched brows over sweet doe eyes give Jennyva a regular expression that seems mildly surprised, or cheerfully inquisitive. She has a warm and earthy mein with her dark auburn hair and deep cinnamon eyes; that smattering of fawn freckles across her golden cheeks, and her pleasantly soft curves. A touch on the tall side but in no way athletic, this lady uses her stature mostly for the expert display of lush fabrics and smart tailoring.

Personality: Jennyva is calculating. She's smarter and faster than most, with better instincts -- and she's far too smart to ever tell anyone that. When she feels like saying something snarky, it's either directed gently at herself (to seem relatable), or gently at someone safe (to win the friendship of her targets). She was never interested in war, or sport, or anything else in particular until she realized she had to step up and be the 'Face' of House Shepherd. And then she discovered something about herself. She liked how it felt to /win/. To win treaties, to win allies, to outmanuever and shore up and secure and charm what her family needed. It's an addictive feeling, and she uses all her considerable natural talents to chase it.

Background: Even when she was very young, Jennyva realized her father wasn't the greatest of rulers. Duke Gregor Shepherd, called 'the Butcher of Graypeak', was certainly widely feared. Respected as an extremely capable battlefield commander, relentless in his warring against shavs... and completely indifferent to politics ("the idle sport of courtiers", he said) or the importance of balancing the demands of different vassals ("they are vassals and I rule, there is nothing more to it", he said). Jennyva's mother Irene was every bit a soldier like Gregor, but understood political realities in a way he never would, and privately confided to her daughter that she was quietly certain she had kept House Shepherd out of senseless wars with other houses at least three times, and encouraged Jennyva to follow in her footsteps. Duchess Irene's tragic death in battle against shavs, a death that almost certainly would have been prevented if Gregor hadn't offended two other houses that had offered support, changed House Shepherd. In Duke Gregor, it hardened his resolve against Abandoned into an unreasoning blood feud beyond all reason. In Jennyva, it made her convinced she had little choice but to master politics or House Shepherd was doomed.

To Jennyva's considerable surprise, she actually enjoyed it. Politics was like a vast puzzle of endless contradictory goals of scores of competing factions, a vast tapestry she could unravel. Her father largely ignored it, but while barely an adult she mended House Shepherd's acrimonous relationship with its vassals, saw the resentful loyalty owed her house turn into something like real comraderie, and started to make inroads to establishing some true resolution of disputes with other noble houses of the Crownlands. She also started to realize she could manage people so deftly it almost became second nature. It was obvious to her what they wanted, and how to reach something mutually satisfactory, how to explain away something belligerent and moronic that her father said, how to play off the biases of different competing factions to get an agreement settled at the table. She was, all agreed, going to be a spectacular ruler.

And then her father ennobled his oldest friend from a long disgraced branch of House Shepherd and made a technically older cousin she had never met heir.

Yes, yes, Jennyva knows her father rambled on and on about house honor and erasing stains and righting a terrible wrong and being the proper reward for a lifetime of service and yada yada yada but it was SO like him to spectacularly screw things up right as he died. But Jennyva ultimately realized it doesn't really matter all that much who has the title- she can work with this. This is fine. Everything's fine.

Name Summary
Ajax A dreamer from the looks of things, seems sweet. A younger me might of swooned at her.
Andry She has infectious good spirit and a questionable judgement of cute. I hope she finds what she's looking for.
Apollo Lady Shepherd is an exceptionally pleasant woman, I look forward to doing business with her again in the future.
Aswin A Shepherd with a streak of fun to her. It will be interesting to see how her life progresses.
Athaur I will admit to having some skeptacism when first it was arranged for us to meet. But she is enchanting, beautiful, witty and charming. I look forward to seeing how things go.
Caspian She seems like a nice enough lady. Makes me wonder what it's like to be elavated to noble status like that
Cirroch Quite friendly and talkative! Not that I mind, it's a good thing!
Domonico Pleasant, inquisitive and yet easily startled just by someone waking up suddenly. I do not fault her though for that.
Draven Dandelion! Very nice! I like her lots! Too bad she had to meet Dog Kicker! And her Ass Wiping companion! Still! She was sweet! And kind!
Duarte A new arrival - wide eyed and bushy tailed. I hope she fares well here. She's certainly excited.
Evaristo Sweet and cheerful, charming and naive. Or is she naive? Either or, she's interesting and intriguing!
Fairen I did not have the pleasure to know Lady Jennyva as much as I would wish to. She seems a wonderful character, from my stance.
Fiora She seemed nice, I would probably maybe even talk to her.
Harlex Very pleasant woman. Suppose that is why she is the face of her House.
Ian Yeah, I remember. She said she liked unraveling sweaters and spider's webs. I stole some of Aethan's rum for her. She spat it out. I was pretty annoyed at the time, but I spat out my first drink of Maelstrom, too. Gods, that was what? Ten years ago?
Jeffeth She caled Lady Bonnie Bon Bons and Lady Bonnie called her kitten. So many cute names! She's very lovely and I'm sure she'll do quite well in Arx!
Jyri Kind and generous and not the least uppity - glad she reached out about a commission. I look forward to making it, it'll be a challenge I will take on with pride.
Kaldur Wields a clipboard like she knows what she is doing with it - which is the key reason to even carry one. Good show!
Katarina A woman to keep an eye on. She seems larger than life and ready to seize hold of the scene at a moment's notice; the kind that makes for great companionship in most social settings. Katarina looks forward to encountering her again soon enough.
Lore A social maven and lovely conversationalist! I will look forward to seeking her out to collaborate on more outfits for the ducal household!
Malcolm Cousin Jenny's my other Voice now an' I know that she'll be a great fit at the job. Everything's going to be fine.
Miranda A lady who has no trouble sliding into a conversation and making excellent jokes: Bon-bons!
Nijah I am glad she did not push the kiss issue, she seems to know that good things come with time, or at least I am hoping. For all those toads she has kissed, I am hoping that she does find her prince.
Preston A well mannered and proper lady who seems to take genuine interest in the Faith - which is always a pleasure to discuss. I hope she will find a place with one of the discipleships, such earnestness in ones Faith, and a need to help, is most welcome.
Reese She seems thoughtful, curious and intelligent. There is something special about her. She is also well spoken and polite. A fine Lady with more to her than meets the eye.
River She seems so open and friendly. I hope to make her aquaintence when under more positive circumstances.
Sabella She seems like she has a wonderful sense of humor and she's so open and honest with people! I can't wait to get to know her better!
Sebastian A complex, interesting woman, introspective and keenly observant both, I find her company pleasing and her viewpoints intriguing.