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Lady Lailah Bisland

My family has long been guardians of House Grayson and the Compact. My path in becoming a scholar is not so different, really. While their swordarms guard us all, a scholar guards something equally precious. The scholars of Vellichor guard our stories and guard our knowledge, and without those the Compact ceases to have a soul.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Introverted Scholar
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Bisland
Gender: female
Age: 19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: warm black
Eye Color: Coffee
Skintone: deep brown

Titles: Grayson Minister of Agriculture, Magister of the Academy

Description: Lovely but serious and studious, Lailah has the scholarly visage of an academic. Slight of build, without the honed muscles of a trained combatant, she nonetheless has inherited her parents' natural grace and winsome attractiveness. Her youthful face rarely boasts the brilliant smile she offers to those closest to her, and her serious expressions are enhanced by the old soul reflected in her deep brown eyes. Her ebony hair is often kept shorter than fashionable, in a practical cut, showing off the lovely curve and dark skin of her neck. While she downplays her beauty, she can never hide the enchantment of her heavenly voice. Even in speaking, or whisper, her voice captivates- making it all the more disappointing she rarely uses it.

Personality: On the surface, Lailah seems nothing like her charming and outgoing family. Rarely speaking in large groups, and unconcerned with the opinions of the court, Lailah's strengths shine in subtler ways. Her passion for the truth, and the sharp blade of her intellect can cut as deep as her family's swords. Her words are few, but tend to be as effective as they are succinct. She prefers the company of one or two at a time, never feeling quite at ease in addressing a crowd despite a winsome voice and appearance. Her intellect rules her, rather than her emotions, but she still feels them deeply and intensely. She has a great deal of confidence outside of social settings, trusting in herself and in her work, but she simply feels no need to force feed it upon anyone. The truth is its own power, its own strength, and she simply makes the truth as clear as she can to others.

Background: House Bisland has a proud tradition of being the most steadfast vassals of House Grayson, staunchly supporting them in war and peace. While certainly not every noble follows martial pursuits, Lailah still stunned her parents when she made quietly clear she intended to embrace the Faith of the Pantheon and not just as a priestess, but one of the scholars of Vellichor. While the clergy, including the scholars, is considered a well respected and honorable profession, House Bisland has never been known for its great religious devotion, and her parents clearly expected the charming young woman to follow her mother's footsteps in dealing with courtly politics and diplomacy. Lailah was a gifted singer, after all, but they didn't realize that her appreciation for bardic songs was a deep interest in the history of the Realm and an introvert's fascination for well-crafted stories.

As far as Lailah is concerned, becoming a scholar is by no means neglecting her responsibilities as a noblewoman. Quite the opposite, in fact. She loves a good song more than most, but she never failed to notice the subtle creep of hyperbole and fiction infesting supposedly historical pieces, and she firmly believes that safeguarding the truth for future generations is every bit as vital to the safety and security of the Realm. She is a woman that firmly believes in pursuing the truth for its own sake and harbors more than a passing suspicion that in a snake-pit of deception such as Arx, that is by no means a safe or mild occupation.

Relationship Summary

  • Bianca - The Archscholar of the Scholars of Vellichor, brilliant and a joy to spend time with, I hope to get to know her better.

  • Friend:
  • Cybele - My dearest friend and closest confidante. To say that I adore them would be an understatement.
  • Aldwin - Most Holy Dominus, few ever see the real man behind the title.

  • Family:
  • Gabriel - A strong, if distant father, he's an important man that cares deeply for the realm and the wellbeing of his family.
  • Iona - My mother, warm and kind, and always willing to lend me an ear or dispense much needed advice.
  • Samantha - Perhaps not by blood or name, but she is my sister in every other sense of the word, and I will let nothing stand between us.
  • Michael - My older brother, quick with a joke but a deeply honorable man.
  • Ainsley - A favorite cousin, I wish we saw each other more often.
  • Name Summary
    Aella I'm not sure if she's bitter or sweet, but she's definitely not very fun. I wonder what I would need to do to get her to look up from those books.
    Aethan A Bisland, and scholarly. Sweet like Zoey -- maybe it runs in the family.
    Aiden My cousin by Uncle Gabriel, it's good to see her again - Michael's sister. She's become the Minsiter of Agriculture for the Grayson family and certainly seems to thrive with responsibility. She's very polite and still has a passion for books, having no hesitation when it came to helping me out.
    Alessia Clearly an intelligent woman with a lot of knowledge to share.
    Ardee Quiet and reserved. The most intelligent of people usually are.
    Armani That's one dry verbose book. You could kill someone with that.
    Berenice An absolutely lovely lady, despite her more moderate interest in fashion. I forgive her! I think her very keen, sharp mind is focused on more scholarly pursuits.
    Constantine Cousin to my cousin-in-law and a woman with a clear interest in scholarly endeavors. She is polite and well-spoken, but I would expect no less from a lady of House Bisland.
    Cosimo An observant intellectual like myself. I find conversation with her tart, but pleasant.
    Cristoph I have a cousin married into House Bisland. So I guess that makes Lailah, Zoey's cousin. Therefore cousin of a cousin? Cousin in law? Family ties get so convoluted. She seemed a graceful sort, which I've come to expect from such a fine upstanding family of the Compact.
    Cullen She has quite the voice and charm, and she seems quite intelligent. I do look forward to working with her in the future, and finding out more about her.
    Delilah Dizzyingly accomplished as an academic, Lailah cuts a narrow swathe sharp as her father's sword. Her reserve is hardly for show. She waits and she watches for her moment to strike with a vivid comment, a sharply witty statement. Let it not be forgotten the huntresses of the pride are the females.
    Domonico Friendly, scholarly Lady. Clearly has good taste in her desire to see Reese's library. Acutely aware of the level of her abilities in regards to fighting prowess but she pays attention and doesn't shirk. Commendable.
    Duarte Give a kid a book and some dogma and sic her on the peerage.
    Eamon A curious one, and one who is willing to at least question and challenge things, and try to find the answers, rather than opine without the backing of that thought. Such women are valuable, and the fact that she is reading is certainly a positive.
    Elora Quiet. Intelligent. Loves books. I would love to get to know her better. Maybe in time.
    Faruq A charming young woman, a lady of Bisland. Has an eye for talent when it comes to tailors and surprisingly fast on her feet when it comes to surprising situations.
    Faye An interesting woman, curious and a good listener. I suspect she picks up a great deal of useful information that way.
    Gabriel My daughter has grown up into a fine Bisland even if I miss the times she could be more carefree. I'll endevour to bring those back.
    Gilroy Lady of a ducal house who still goes out of her way to learn to heal common folk. Certainly seems noble.
    Gloriel Friendly, thoughtful, and kind. She reminds me of my sisters... If I can keep darling Lailah safe, I will. I already failed once.
    Gregory Lady Lailah seems a soul truly dedicated to Vellichor, not just seeking out learning for herself, but freely assisting others in walking the same path. She seems like a good person to keep on friendly terms with, as her knowledge may prove useful down the line.
    Harlex The Lioness cuts a fierce figure, no doubt in my mind, and she has the material to be of equal measure. But is the desire there? Is that hunger? This I'll be lookin' for in the future.
    Iseulet A beautiful and pleasant conversationalist. A woman that I respect a lot for her reputation as generous and scholarly. I can't wait to get to know her a bit better in the future as well as possibly take some etiquette lessons.
    Jeffeth Well. She wasn't very nice. She called me a fool! I don't think I even know her!
    Joslyn The youngest child of Gabriel Bisland, she's as quiet as her reputation would suggest, but with occasional bursts of keen insight. I find myself wondering what's going on inside her head.
    Kaldur I have inferred that Lailah is a Scholar, perhaps she can help me look into Seliki's history...
    Kenna I think that she might have gotten ALL of the sense of humor of the Bisland children. She has a keen wit, is funny as all-be-out, and enjoys torturing her bother. Such a delight!!
    Leif All business and focus. My cousin doing th he hard work.
    Liara A bright, pleasant, if somewhat shy lady, at least where crowds are involved, but she makes for fine company all the same.
    Lou A very informed member of House Bisland. I look forward to working with her in the future.
    Luca I've never had much of a familiar relationship with Lailah, but as I understand it, she's as much a reason for House Grayson to take pride in their vassals as any other Bisland is. That family is something else, isn't it? This one seems to like reading. Polite enough, which is worth quite a bit these days.
    Ludwig Dour. There is a sense of humor in there that is trying to get out, but when she puts her professional face on, at least, it is buried underneath the serious nature of her work. Perhaps she is simply as dry as the parchments she surrounds herself with, and is avoiding mold. Yes, I like to think that. She will be an interesting one to work with.
    Mabelle Seems the type to always gets what she wants, could be useful.
    Macda Clearly and cleverly the brains behind the Bisland siblings. I might actually learn something if only by feeding opportunity to torment her brother.
    Martino A bookish Bisland, unlike Kaia. Shrewd and to the point.
    Miranda Doesn't say a whole lot. Hard to get a read on her. Seems to contradict herself: Mischief is okay except when it's not. Could be deep, don't know.
    Monique A little stoic-seeming, but she wasn't around long enough to plumb those depths deeper. But, she is bound to her duties, so I suppose that's a point in favor.
    Niklas I think she might not like me. But no! That's not possible! I'm so great! Obviously I just need to try harder.
    Nuala A lioness who favors the quill to the claw, by her own admission. Smart woman. She wields her silences as a shield. Her intellect is likely to strike far harder than any weapon.
    Orrin A bright young scholar, focused but willing to help - a credit to her family.
    Petal A thoughtful lady who thinks deeply about the effect of things and seems to care for others.
    Rayne A person that really cares about their family even though i think i bothered her a bit XD
    Reese An elegant, thoughtful and well spoken lady from a great family.
    Renata We have so much in common, though she seems more studious and serious than myself. I hope we meet again.
    Rinel Was I so young when I came to Arx? I certainly was not as determined. She has a bright future ahead of her. Assuming she survives. Assuming any of us do.
    Roxana So charming, and such fine taste. I'll visit with her one on one soon, and thus not overwhelm her with a crowd.
    Sabella She seems so very serious and reserved most of the time, but with a brother like Michael I suppose someone has to counteract his silliness. Still, I am sure there's a great sense of humor in there! Somewhere. She certainly has a giving spirit
    Sabine A pleasant girl, committed to her path possibly to the exclusion of all else. One can empathize with that choice, certainly.
    Samuele Cousin? I think. I am starting to meet a lot of Bislands.
    Tibault She seems to be concerned about the welfare of her family members. That is certainly a good trait to see. Perhaps that speaks something of her nature. I'll have to learn a bit more about her.
    Traherne Lady Lailah certainly seems to be a good sort. She has offered to help me however she might in settling in here in the city. I am likely to take her up on it when I have need, and I have a feeling that she would actually be willing to help, which says a lot.
    Venturo A woman who has wits about her, what must surely pass for a keen intellect, and makes for a fine audience. I'll make a note to pick her brain sometime once more.
    Verity Her mother a diplomat, her father a general of great renown, and Lady Lailah gifted with a keen mind. Bisland surely has good breeding, and good fortune, to continue the legend of their family in this offspring. Still, she could use some work in accepting a compliment.
    Vitalis A nuanced and full-fledged answer to my cousin's prompt on the relationship between diplomacy and war. A fair point about the role of honor in the mix. Well said!