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Lord Rafael Bisland

Fire is excellent for warding off lions. Just not this one.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Pride's Mercy
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Bisland
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 37
Birthday: 7/10
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: brown

Titles: Mercy of Lagoma

Description: Dark hair kept at its shortest and closest to his scalp, in certain light Rafael's head appears completely shorn. His aristocratic bone structure is intensely curved and accented with deliberate patches of tidy black facial hair and his physique, although trim and towering, is far from athletically formidable. His most noticeable features, his eyes, stand out as glimmers of crystalline blue against a complexion the color of clean rich soil.

Personality: Many expect Rafael, a Mercy, to be a gentler alternative to his more prominent militant and academic brothers but that isn't necessarily a guarantee. Rafael is self-righteous and unapologetically vain. What he brings in bedside manner, he makes up for in a kind of icy ruthlessness. He willfully ignores those of life's trivialities, such as certain human variables, that do not serve his goals, inevitably making those rare displays of sincere warmth all the more impactful.

Rafael is often spoken of as having heroically attended the sickbeds (and prior to the Compact's re-introduction to the Queen of Endings, the birthing beds) of high born and highly privileged alike. Much rarer are stories in which Rafael bloodies his robes mending and tending to the common folk. Whispers of this perhaps being unbecoming of him have not as of yet carried far through the insulation that his family's notoriety affords him.

Background: Healer to the Crownlands elite, Rafael's reputation for quality care often precedes him. Unfortunately, so does knowledge of his great lacking when it comes to matters paternal. A noblewoman and warrior of rank, Rafael's wife bravely fell during the Battle of Pridehall and left him to see to the upbringing of their young children. This mostly translated into governesses, various tutors of repute, and the affection of family members better equipped than he, creating the type of cavernous distance that Rafael still works to mend now that they begin to reach adulthood.

While serving in his capacity as a Mercy, Rafael was accompanying an incapacitated nobleman along the newly minted Great Road to Arx when their traveling party was attacked. Made overly confident by the vocal dissents of House Grayreeve at the time, assailants surrounded them and their protectors. There was a scuffle before the assailants fled, leaving Rafael with injuries of his own that saw any return to Pridehall delayed. By Rafael's own account, he made the terrible mistake of appearing at all useful during his stay and was consequently asked to remain in Arx by House Bisland's leadership.

Relationship Summary

  • Gabriel - Duke Brother
  • Samael - Barrister Brother
  • Nathaniel - Bastard Bearing Brother
  • Daniela - Grayson Princess Sister

  • Spouse:
  • Aiomir (Deceased) - Brave Lady Knight

  • Family:
  • Selah - Inquisitor Daughter
  • Zion - (Adoptable NPC) Militaristic Daughter

  • Protege:
  • Silas - Badged Baron
  • Name Summary
    Arcadia Like all older Crownlanders. They never step outside of their comfort zone and only ever see themselves as right.
    Bhandn I'm still not entirely certain just how seriously I should treat his words. Still, we at least agree that weeds have no place in the Shrine of Lagoma.
    Brigida A bit too nervous for my liking. Don't think I'm not keeping my eye on you.
    Dariel My cousin seems so calm and composed. Is he hiding something? Or just a secret talent for acting? Still, I like this one. Maybe even admire him a bit. Secretly
    Fiora Just a little nudge on the Sovereign and we'll see how much he can talk.... He was charming. I GUESS.
    Kaldur Though clearly suffering his own injuries, he offered succor to us in a dark time. A credit to Bisland and to his calling.
    Liara Quite composed, considering where a toast he offered could have gone. Polite. Has a quiet, understated sense of humour, or so it seemed.
    Martino The Mercy of Pridehall, a kind and gentle man who's fine presence around his brother must have helped in the times of great test
    Niklas A calm and collected lord. Lord Michael would do well to follow his lead. He will do his family well.
    Sabella I find him to be a calming presence and very leveled headed, with a wit that I think most people don't catch. But I do! I think.
    Selah I'd say he looks older, but my childhood image of him is too fuzzy for comparison.
    Videl A mercy, and mysteriously one who knows discretion. It's heartening to see they do exist.
    Zoey My favorite uncle for his great heart. Don't tell the Duke.