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Lady Rey Laveer

If I say only one prayer a day, may it be "Thank you."

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Moon-touched Mercy of Lagoma
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Laveer
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: 5'1"
Hair Color: White Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Fair

Description: She's a slip of a thing at a glance, pale as milk with the look of someone who takes to their bed more than leaves it. In movement though, in speech and action, Rey's a vibrant young woman. Lambent sea-green eyes shine in a heart-shaped face. Her features are finely sketched and well-defined, framed by the white gold splendor of thick hair. She keeps those heavy waves tamed in pinned braids against her head most of the time, with only loose strands teased free to set off the soft curves of cheeks and lips. Though small and slight, she holds herself like a taller creature, and is as quick and dextrous as might be expected from someone her size.

Personality: Rey is as fluid as the ocean that birthed her. Raised by a family that chooses its members, she's confident through knowing that she is wanted and loved; deeply loyal as a result, she is devoted to duty and the ideals of fidelity. Encouraged in her studies, she is bright and perceptive, curious as the day is long, and dedicated to the improvement of her skills in the healer's arts. Too much like water to manage stubbornness, she fights only to save lives. In those moments there is no more dangerous a warrior, as fierce and true in her devotion to life as she is to her faith.

But are times when she drifts and seems to hear a call no one else can detect. In these moments she's pulled to seashore and surf, becoming distant, inconstant as the ever-changing moon.

Background: One of Laveer's foundlings, she was adopted into the county's ruling family after being castaway from a shipwreck, washing up on their shores clinging to a scrap of wood with her mother. Her mother did not survive but Rey, then only 7, did pull through and was dubbed Laveer when a cursory search didn't turn up any other family. She flourished in the garden of the family's faith and dedication to duty and learning. Early on she developed her passion for the healing arts and they encouraged her in these studies, and her own dedication to the Mercies of Lagoma. The local chapter accepted the girl as soon as she came of age, as she had already served an apprenticeship under their senior members and knew her craft well. Since that time, she has served her patron and adopted "father", the Count, with all of the fierce devotion she can muster... a surprising amount, given that she be but small.

Relationship Summary

  • Sen - Sword of Brighthold
  • Tibault - Count of Brighthold
  • Tikva - Voice of Brighthold
  • Name Summary
    Berenice Positively dreamy! A curious wisp of a woman.
    Col A dog lover, for certain, and a medic and healer. Perhaps a Mercy of Lagoma? Startlingly attractive.
    Coraline Sweet, kind, and I am certain will knock an unruly patient flat before you can blink. I am so glad I know this wonderful woman and consider her a dear friend.
    Cybele Mercy Rey is respectful and kind to old teachers.
    Domonico A moon-touched Lady who I seemed to frighten somehow. Perhaps it is the martial stance that my Southport training instilled in me. Hopefully she will realise there is nothing to fear if she doesn't warrant it.
    Emily The Lady Rey is rather different and seems to carry some manner of sensitivty to her. Not a bad thing but a curious one. I enjoyed her company and would like to seek her out again.
    Eurion Gave me that necklace more than a decade ago, and I still have it - it's been my good luck charm, reminding me of my goals over the years. She is a lovely woman and I am amazed we met again.
    Faruq Talks to the Moon. Beautiful. But.. she talks to the Moon.
    Jasher Someone similar to me, yearning for something she has yet to grasp. Perhaps she will find her own fulfillment. Time will tell.
    Jophiel One of the first people I met when I arrived in Arx. The moon has touched her, and around her I feel a sense of serenity even deeper than that I usually carry. Odd, that. But enjoyable.
    Kaldur A very gifted Mercy. Dangerously striking.
    Lucilia Hard to say. Prudent. Close to Coraline-- I didn't have time for chat.
    Quenia Lady Rey Laveer is a generous woman who is full of knowledge about the goings in within the world, and isn't afraid to share that knowledge. She has my respect and admiration, and I hope be able to speak to her again given she and Lucita are also friends.
    Reese She is very caring and helped to save Denica!
    Reigna She possesses the lambent light of the stars found in the night sky, and radiates it out as a beacon of hope and sweetness into the world. She is a perfect Mercy.
    Sheena Pleasant company and kind. I enjoy helping her get things she needs from the market.
    Thesarin Kin to my kin, blood to my blood. Strange but kind, and a calling to heal is a fine thing.