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Sister Julia

No one makes it out of this life alive. You might as well make your peace with that thought.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Justicar
Fealty: Crown
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 38
Birthday: 12/3
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Bounty hunter
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: golden tan

Description: Were there not mirth left in abundance in the dark brown eyes of this woman, then world-weary might begin to describe her. Instead, her thirty-something years come across as experienced; a life where enjoyment was found in the long years that got her from A to B. There's an odd mix of weightiness and joviality to the curl of her lips as if she were judging something and thinking of a joke at the same time.

At 5'6", this woman who wears her dark brown hair halfway down her back, carries herself with grace and has a way of taking up space generally reserved for larger people. She's lithely built and hearty, reaching maturity instead of middle age.

Personality: Gallows humor can lead to grim determination. Grim determination to guttural laughter and enjoyment of the moment. To try to pin down Julia's personality with one word might leave a person only with: mercurial. Yet that doesn't encompass all of it either. She's steadfast; if she's promised she's going to do something she will. She's true to her word in all things. And she's fast to come to the defense of friends, and equally quick to let them know their failings as she would anyone else.

Background: Around Bastion and in the Grayson manor, she's known as Aunt Julia. No one can quite remember how exactly they're related to her, and most just assume it's so far out on the fringe as to not matter. And so this older Grayson has simply taken on the name of Aunt Julia. Most of the younger generation can probably remember a time when they've sat with her around a fire, eating sweets and listening to harrowing tails of ghost stories or of her adventures throughout the Gray Forest and Beyond.

And do no be fooled into thinking that the stories she weaves do not have at least some measure of truth to them. Julia has spent her life working as a kind of bounty hunter, feeling drawn to the work. It's not escaped prisoners she looks for though, but the requests of towns who have nowhere else to turn for assistance. It's the strange adds in taverns advertising a basilisk in a nearby swamp; the village that claims to be haunted by the damned undead; or the hamlet that's known no sleep since the banshee wail begins.

Most folks would tell you those things are fictional. The ghosts were just prospectors trying to run off the locals from a silver mine. The basilisk was some large lizard. And most of the time Julia would just smile and say, "Of course, but the work needed doing."

Most of the time.

Then, a few years back, Julia surprised the family by announcing one day she was taking her Godsworn vows. Since then she's been in service to the Pantheon, mostly hanging out with the Harlequins and the other Death Priests. She had a real calling for it. When asked she'd mostly joke it was all the years she'd spent ghost hunting, only now she got to do it in the service of a goddess.

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