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Princess Roxana Grayson

"Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, like diamonds we are cut with our own dust"

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Treasure of Southport
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 35
Birthday: 6/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: deepest sable
Eye Color: golden green
Skintone: golden tanned

Titles: Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Symonesse, Minister of Civil Welfare, Treasure of Southport

Description: She stands at least a hand taller than most women, though bears that height with pride and strength. Hers is a figure that might be lissome, a fragile bone-structure that is common enough among nobles except instead of a tiny, waiflike frame hers is all lean muscle tapered into perfect curves. The lazy, sensual confidence in her bearing must be some mix of nature and nurture; poise that doesn't seem to require a second thought. Her features are delicate but not fragile, a straight nose and plump, expressive lips claim the gaze easily. High cheekbones betray aristocratic lineage, and highlight the well-sculpted bone structure of her entire face. A fringe of dark lashes frame eyes that seem to shift in color, evoking visions of the southern seas, shifting between aquamarine in some lights and sun-washed green in others. Her hair is thick, rich sable, not quite black but a warmer shade that is almost there, brightened with highlights in russet and occasional crimson. It is not just her beauty or her bearing that captures attention however, it is what seems to be an unshakable confidence. Gold-green eyes are quick to sparkle with mirth and sensual lips to lift into a smile, as if her passions and cravings for beauty are writ in every feature.

Personality: Roxana Grayson was once Roxana Malvici, and this knowledge helps any who are trying to puzzle her out. Whether all of the Lyceum are beautiful and mysterious and potentially deadly or whether those assumptions have been used to carefully craft Roxana's public persona...she is the sultry southern lady personified and then recreated under the trappings of House Grayson. That she is a vain creature is somewhat obvious, she cannot pass by a mirror without seeking her reflection nor a shop without determining that any skilled tailor inside ought be creating their works to be displayed on her form. Her love of intrigue may have been seeded in her birthplace but over time she has honed her craft into an art and used it wisely. She's been called a poisonous beauty, sometimes figuratively and other times...less so. Passion is the source of her drive, singular focus based on her craving for everything life has to offer.

Background: House Malvici is unique in aspects among the other Houses of the Lyceum. They are one of the more powerful families as holders of a duchy as well as the largest and most well trained army in the Lyceum, making them key players on the table at every conclave and often suspected of an eventual plan to crave even more power than they already possess. Yet as ever among the competitive city-states there is no role for military prowess that would not be served well with silk as well as steel. Lady Roxana Malvici was the 'baby' of the family and still enjoys the moniker even at the age of 33. Growing up among so many strong willed individuals all with exceptional talents, Roxana did all she could to show that she was just as exceptional (and more than just as strong-willed). She was never going to be much of a warrior, even when taught by the finest money could by. Though she picked up a few skills, for the most part because of the family's insistence, it was not long until it was apparent that other gifts of Roxana's could serve Malvici just as well as the clash of a blade. Thus she became that gentle touch, working to advance diplomatic meetings and to navigate court intrigue in Malvici's best interests. She also discovered a penchant for espionage, though most are not certain whether that claim has any basis in truth.

Known is some circles as 'The Jewel of Southport", Roxana's reputation for charm and beauty eventually spread beyond the Lyceum and among the nobility within Arx itself. It was this moniker that led Prince Albion Grayson to determine he must make her acquaintance. Roxana had always understood that securing an important alliance such a this was crucial both for Malvici and for herself. Prince Albion wasn't quite as charming as his second cousin the future King, but he was thoughtful and poetic, at times even romantic. So it was that late in her 23rd summer she found herself planning an exclusive and breathtaking wedding.The title 'Highness' certainly suited Roxana beautifully, as did lavish apartments various palaces and a wardrobe filled with the lastest one-of-a-kind fashions that spared no expense. Albion enjoyed spoiling her in the easiest ways he could...with jewels and trinkets that made golden-green eyes dazzle.

Their son Frederic was born after the first three years of marriage, followed shortly after by a stillborn daughter who caused both parents great grief. Yet deeper tragedy would not permanently alter the family until Frederic was 8 years old. Albion Grayson passed away very suddenly one winter morning, with his cause of death sometimes referred to as mysterious and other times quite natural if unexpected. Albion left Roxana a widow. It was through the mercy and generosity of her cousin-in-law King Alaric Greyson (before slipping into his slumber) that she was promised a permanent home among the Grayson family and the title of Princess.

Thus Princess Roxana Grayson has determined it time to move to the city of Arx, the better to support both her ancestral family and her married one in all possible endeavors, as well as see that the stage is set for her son's own illustrious future. The boy Frederic is currently being fostered deep in the Crownlands until old enough to begin his role as a courtier in the bustling capital. In the meantime, intrigue and ambition have lured her with their siren song, and she intends to follow.

Relationship Summary

  • Mirari - The young woman is delightful company and very talented at her craft
  • Mayir - Captain. Sweet, doting, amusing, and likable
  • Denica - Princess Denica is a beautiful artist. An artists soul and a model's body, she's not missing out on much.
  • Isabetta - Charming, silly, and fun. I'd like to spend more time with Isabetta, like maybe when we form our world-famous scavenger hunting club.
  • Faruq - Exotic and Lycene all at once, but I like his jokes.
  • Selene - the charming Whisper was delightful company the last few times I spoke with her, and I hope to do more of it. She seems the type who could be a friend.

  • Family:
  • Calypso - ah do not let the Duchess-General fool you. She is still my niece and I could lecture her if I chose (possibly)
  • Appolis - one whose sorrows I know well
  • Frederic - My sweet son the Grayson Prince, he looks so much like his father.
  • Caelis - My memories of my niece Caelis are from so long ago, but she has always been an impressive woman.
  • Lark - cousin through marriage and so very sweet
  • Fiora - She might be my favorite niece, but if I tell her she'll tell the others. Needs to smile more!

  • Sibling:
  • Eirene - Best Big Sister in the Whole World* (*Sometimes, other times a little scary. Still love her though)

  • Deceased:
  • Jordan - an honorable Oathlands knight who died too young.

  • Spouse:
  • Albion - Gone so soon, there is not a day I don't think on it.

  • Friend:
  • Sabella - my cousin is beautiful, hilarious, and clever. I have determined that she is my new best friend. I will inform her at some point.
  • Alaric - His Majesty and I have reconnected and I consider him a dear friend.
  • Symonesse - I've been serving for some time as Lady in Waiting to the Queen and it has been an honor
  • Katarina - Her Highness and I have a good deal of fun together. We accomplish things too, when we can stay focused, but...

  • Protege:
  • Agostino - I've known him since I was a girl in Southport and am delighted to help support his career in Arx.
  • Alessia - a sweet Mazetti dancer with an eye for beauty
  • Name Summary
    Agostino Roxana, it is always so good to see her and get caught up. It is wonderful to hear she has found her way to my home, where I can run into her more oftne.
    Ajax A greyson, as beautiful as they usually come. I find a decent amount of them crazy, though, I suppose, I am not against learning more the next time I see her.
    Alaric To spend any time with the 'Jewel of Southport' is to know immediately why Albion was so taken with her. Elegant and thoughtful, she's always good company and I very much appreciate her assistance to Symonesse.
    Alarissa A very generous woman.
    Aleksei She was certainly interested in learning about Skald, which I always appreciate.
    Alexis Princess Roxana is an extremely impressive woman, what with being the Queen's Protege and all. A woman of obvious wealth and taste - but what Grayson Princess isn't?
    Amund Talkative, courtly. Airs of nobility. Very practiced socialite. Probably usually gets what she wants. Even if it's a change of subject.
    Angelo You can take a Lycene out of the Lyceum, but not the Lyceum out of the Lycene. Roxana is still the ravishing beauty I recall from years ago, and her wit and charm is evidence that there's so much more than a pretty face. I should find a great deal of enjoyment in getting to know her rather well.
    Apollis The Jewel of Southport. My late wife's aunt. She is very beautiful and has been very compassionate and kind to me. She reminds me of Alice, which is both painful and comforting.
    Arianna When last we met I was in a much darker place. It's so good to see another Lycene transplant blossoming so beautifully in Grayson soil.
    Ariella Very friendly. Lots to say. Looks Lycene.
    Arthen I didn't really get a proper measure of this woman, or maybe I ought to say, I didn't get as proper a measure as I would have liked. But I learned enough to know I'd like to learn a little more. She's got a wit to her, don't she? Just a way about her like good weather.
    Astraea Grayson princesses are sprouting up in the city! Though she might have been here before me, I'm happy to be making her acquaiantance. She's awful pretty and very polite, that she has an interest in the spirit of battle is just plain out icing on the cake.
    Barric This one I think presents one face, and is entirely another, which is not uncommon in the world of courtly intrigue. Problem is, I don't know what her real personality and motivations are like yet...
    Berenice She has the kind of wicked humor I most certainly /appreciate/.
    Calandra Likes to read, likes to gossip. Cheerful and bright like a sunbeam. What's not to like?
    Cambria Princess Roxana is always a delight when I see her at the Salon Discussions.
    Catalana One of Wash's cousins and so kind. She is the epitome of grace.
    Cristoph A Grayson princess, seemed like a charming woman for the short time that I was in her company. She seems to have an interest in dueling, perhaps I'll see her again down at the gauntlet.
    Delia Gracious and kind, and clearly one with stories to tell. I hope we can meet again.
    Delilah The very impression of elegance and grace. She stands out like an incandescent light in the darkest of nights, a burning flame. For that, poetry springs to my lips easily enough.
    Domonico A former Malvici, now Grayson, who carries herself with grace and dignity. I have no doubt she is as capable in court as most Malvici are on the battlefield. I approve.
    Drusila Roxana seems to dance between fealties, having the commanding presence of a Grayson while wearing the gown of mystique of the Lycene. She does it very well. Someone so beautiful naturally attracts the attention of Drusila, and the young girl feels that private discussions are in the future.
    Echo A Grayson princess who seems very keen on learning how to read the outcome of a spar. I wonder if she fights too?
    Evelynn The princess turns out to be very charming and playful. We met at the Ambassador Salon where she challenged herself to attempt to steal a wristlet. She raised my spirits most certainly.
    Evonleigh No doubt sharp in mind, the princess seems warm, welcoming, and generous of spirit.
    Fairen Something about her mannerisms, expressions and attractive features has simply uprooted me. Still, I think she is a wonderful woman.
    Faruq A beautiful princess who stands out in a city full of beautiful women. No easy feat that. I hope I am able to come up with an adequate answer to her question sometime, but I will likely be forgotten.
    Fiora Aunt Roxana. Why is it that all the good Malvici's married out. And what does that say about me? Still here.
    Gareth A dear cousin. As bubbly Graysons go I'd place her somewhere between Sabella and Liara.
    Gianna Bold and stylish. I like her attitude.
    Harlex A princess, hard to miss despite our few interactions.
    Hickson Glamorous and energetic, her personality shines as brightly as her jewelry.
    Ian Makes me glad I don't do politics.
    Jace You should be careful when you ask a sailor for a story in mixed company. You never know what might be introduced.
    Jeffeth A very well spoken Princess. She's probably very smart. I didn't understand everything she was saying, but I know it's smart.
    Jordan Princess of House Grayson, married into the family from her history. She's very gorgeous and charming. Maybe we could have a conversation sometime.
    Josephine A lovely Grayson who talks to my jewelry as much as I do.
    Josephine A Grayson Princess, and one of fine taste. Never afraid to wear something daring int he jewelry department. Talks to my pieces as if she were me.
    Joslyn A fellow Lycene, she wants lessons in how to use hairpins more effectively. Lessons that I am more than happy to provide.
    Katarina An exotic Grayson royal. I heard somewhere that she is actually Lycene. Another fish out of water, of sorts, perhaps we'll have something in common.
    Katarina A Grayson princess ruled by whims and moving to the beat of her own drum. Roxana is unapologetic for being who she is, and a constant exercise in patience and steadfast reminder for the need of back up plans.
    Leola Married into Malvici. Is there a reason the family so often marries Graysons? The sense of adventure, perhaps, the relentless push to be better than they are, mixed with the Malvici drive to rule. It's a potent combination
    Liara Roxana's an utter delight to be around. She's smart, witty and quick to laugh.
    Luca Princess Roxana Grayson is a bit of an exotic around the Grayson manor. I know the feeling. Even if we don't speak much, I've always found her to be warm and friendly when our paths cross. Perhaps our place in the family lends us some familiarity.
    Lucita A former Malvici who is now a charming Princess of the Graysons. She likes nice clothing and seems a quite enjoyable conversationalist.
    Mabelle Goodness she's beautiful. No wonder she was chosen as the top designer's muse.
    Magnus A Grayson princess of distinguised taste.
    Martino I'm not sure what she does to maintain it, but she looks far younger than me - even while serving the Court while I remain in Southport having lived a sedentary lifestyle. My utter delight of a second cousin.
    Melody The most daring of thieves with an eye for the most beautiful of jewelery -- Okay, maybe not. But she's certainly the fun kinda' gal and I'm certain we're going to get along very well.
    Miranda Charming princess and with a true understanding of the patience required of being a doting auntie, especially to little nieces. She seemed to want us to call her by her name alone and, while I've done it before, it seems almost 'wrong' to be so familiar with someone I've only just met. I hope she understand if I call her 'Princess' or 'Your Highness' for awhile. She has an easy manner about her, however, that makes meeting her much sweeter.
    Mirari Beautiful and well spoken. She wants to learn something from me, perhaps she can teach me something in return.
    Modi A pretty woman. The pretty likes of which I'd not seen before, until now. Her stare was mystifying in a way. The way I can't say I didn't enjoy, for the smallest moment in time she sent it my way.
    Morrighan Grayson Noblewoman with a good appraising eye when it comes to jewelry. Seems pleasant, was happy to direct her to the two best craftswomen in the city for hairpins and other accessories.
    Niklas Grayson party planner. Seems a lot like Sabella, if Sabella had a whole bunch of Lycene in her background.
    Niklas Grayson by way of the Lyceum and forgetting it is a good way to find oneself quickly in over their head.
    Norwood She came to see our beekeeping business, and spoke amicably enough with Lady Reigna and Princess Katarina. She was polite, even when her escort arrived to take her off.
    Orazio Every bit as sharp as one would expect for a woman of her birth and position. The Queen has chosen wisely in her lady-in-waiting, and Grayson is lucky to have her.
    Petal She seems very friendly and I like her sense of style. Quite gracious for a Princess.
    Pharamond Stunning on the surface and sweet at the center. I don't know the Princess well but if I can be of service I'll gladly help take her young man under my wing for as long as he needs the...behavioral adjustments.
    Raymesin A Princess, born a Lady, without a sword. Seems nice enough, for a Princess. We'll see what the future brings.
    Reese Lovely, happy to help and easy to be around.
    Reigna I thought to myself, she does not really strike me as a Grayson. She seems almost Lycene in nature. And then I remembered she was once Malvici. That explains so much. But in remembering that she is the sister of Lady Eirene, I am only more confused. What must their family have been like, to raise such different daughters?
    Sabella My wonderfully fashionable cousin that I should meet up with more often!
    Sabella My darling cousin who is possibly the most like me in the entire family! Fun, friendly, and talkative, why are there so few Graysons like us!? I adore her!
    Sabella Princess Roxana is by all accounts fashionable and generous, but those accounts often leave out her sharp wit and an inner strength that often takes my breath away! I am always delighted to see her at family gatherings and wish I saw her more often!
    Sanya The princess was welcoming, amicable and all around great company in our first meeting.
    Saoirse She came to the International Relations debate and argued for diplomacy!
    Sorrel She seems totally sweet, and she loves my bright red armor! And she seems interested in learning how sparring is done, if not how to spar itself. She's very girly -- it's very appealing.
    Tescelina Remarkable. Like looking upon the dawn. The princess is a vision of beauty that inspires knightly deeds.
    Thea One of the more talkative former Malvici's. Aunt Roxana is definitely missed in the halls.
    Theron Grayson widower, maybe Lycene by origin. Knows Mirari Corsetina, who most decidedly doesn't like me. I wonder if she's the sort of woman who secretly knows how to use a dagger.
    Valdemar A lovely, talkative woman who was friendlier than I'd have expected of a Grayson princess.
    Venturo The Patron of Vincenzo, who has so graciously offered to help with the carnivals throughout Arvum. Her words will carry weight and I'm thankful for them.
    Verity I can see why Grayson would wish to keep her around, and why the Queen has her as a Lady in Waiting. Princess Roxana is truly a role model for the aspiring....anything.
    Verity Princess Roxana is as clever and generous as she is fashionable. To explain for those with no aesthetic taste, this is high praise. I am thankful to have caught her eye.
    Victus She asks questions and you know, most folk don't do that. Wanna act smart first. That's an alright impression in the first place and she seems nice too. We might have a winner.
    Vincenzo Alaricite, Aeterna, and Diamond. She sparkles and she knows it. There is no one who knows it quite as much as she does. Still, she is glorious in her sparkle, in the lightness, the purity of beauty. Umbra lined, perhaps, for all that golden skin and beauty there is no forgetting she is of the Lyceum. Danger lurks.
    Vitalis I would argue about minimizing the cost of diplomacy as small, negotiations take time and time is a very vital currency. I do apprecite the verve she stated her opinion with, though!
    Zara A Lady in Waiting, a Minister of Civil Welfare and another Princess I feel I have alot in common. I look forward to learning more about her.
    Zeriax Shame sears not the seams of fabrics woven thusly by naturally gifted beauty, nor should they. Immortalized in works of wonder, wrought by gold, her confidence shines and shimmers thusly.
    Zoey Nervous, jumpy thing, the poor dear.