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Lady Scythia Redreef

A sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows keener with constant use.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Fiery Beauty
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redreef
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 21
Birthday: 8/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: amber-flecked brown
Skintone: fair

Description: Loose curls of deep black frame an animated face, a pretty face, and Scythia is well aware of it. Kohl frames her amber-flecked brown eyes, but from there it's not easy to tell what cosmetics are helping along her beauty, it's all subtle and layered in mystery. Her body is as sculpted as her features, sinuous curves and long lean lines, and despite her diminutive height, she manages to move with a swaying step, flaunting her hourglass figure. She is aware that she is looked at, and often her movements are over the top, just to draw that attention further.

Personality: Scythia's mother always told her that she was pretty, and she taught her how to use that to her advantage. She, like the rest of her kin, can be stubborn and fierce, but she is many other things as well, when it is needed. Some might say that she is a talented actress, and she is, able to cry at the drop of a coin or laugh and inspire laughter with jokes and wit. What is real with Lady Scythia Redreef? That is a question that might never find an answer. She may smile to your face, but always be aware that she might be cutting you to shreds when you're gone.

Background: Once upon a time there was a beautiful Redreef lady who was born to a cousin that nobody really remembered. She spent her time learning how to be a lady, and she did a damn fine job of it. Her cousin became the Baroness and Scythia's mother saw an opportunity.

Scythia went through extra training. She studied with a few seamstresses and learned about different fashions and materials. She got educated on the various bits of gossip and events going on in Arx. She studied different Houses and how they react to all and sundry. She basically studied herself into a courtier role.

Armed with the knowledge she needs to make a difference, if not in her own life then the lives of her Redreef Family, the time had come. Her mother helped her pack the few pretty gowns that she owned, and sent her off to be of aid to her cousin.

She'll forge herself into whatever she needs to be to help her family thrive. Fashionita. Social Powerhouse. Witty Conversationalist. She can do it all, and more.

Name Summary
Aethan She came out to the party, despite having received some poor news. Whatever it was, did not deter her from being rather polite. It takes a steadfast individual to carry on when something would anchor them down from doing so.
Arman A stunning and fiery woman. Full of youthful energy and warmth. She was kind enough to share a drink with this old man.
Cirroch Unsure if I would be as easy to talk to if I was in the same position of a sudden loss. there would be many that would be protecting the buildings that were favored from being burnt to the ground if I were in this position of loss. The Lady of Pearlspire holds herself well.
Evaristo A pleasure to meet Lady Scythia Redreef, whom I hope to meet many times more! Very humble, I am sure she is an amazing actress.
Everett The Lady Scythia Redreef graced us with her august presence, and yet we we were unable to sufficiently tempt her taste buds. Not even the strawberry rhubarb pie did the trick! I will have to make inquiries, to see what kinds of food she favors...
Giorgio Lady Scythia Seliki. Now she is an interesting one. Refreshing, given how many in this city seem to be the same. I hope to learn more of her in the near future. Perhaps we might work together.
Haakon Purrs like a velvet cat.
Mabelle Always a pleasure to meet a fashionable peer. She seems quiet yet fun. Might need to pull the latter out of her.
Martino The Distraction in the Badger. The delightful Seliki. My always a captivating Lady who's grace and social charms can capture any room. She draws you in, she hooks you in and holds you there to engage in refined conversations. My... the Count is truly lucky.
Medeia Elegant, even in tragedy. Smart, even in a bar. And full of the kinds of surprises that I can only hope keep coming.
Orland She wears the most fabulous clothes! Though, she has a story and like many stories, they have their sad parts and I'm glad that I get to know her during new hopeful beginnings.
Raimon First seen at the Badger Boardinghouse, the Countess Seliki was born a Redreef, had her daughter at the Pearlspire, and is now in Arx proper, stunning all who happen upon her dusky beauty and amber-flecked eyes!
Roran A beautiful lady who is a diplomat and dancer, which makes sense as she can weave words and herself through any difficult situation.
Savio Impossible not to be impressed by her regard for the people of Tremorus, and her willingness to make effort on their behalf. I am pleased to count her as a friend and ally, no matter what she might ultimately choose for her future.
Sedna My dear cousin isn't the first Mourning Isles woman to lose a lover at sea, and she won't be the last. My heart goes where she goes. ...probably no more pool parties for a while, though, yeah?
Thea A strong woman who I feel has her own stories to tell. We seem to have some common interests and I can't wait until our paths cross again.
Varan I will forever think of the color red whenever I encounter Lady Scythia. I'm sure our paths will cross again soon, perhaps within the Bard's College while en route to a ballroom.
Zakhar An interesting one. running and hiding when the fighting starts, though amazing with their dancing
Zoey One must admire her resilience, and her drive. I hope she remembers how to be happy again.
Zoya I hope she uses that pain to prolong her own endurance.