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Lord Ezra Riven

Leadership isn't really what people make it out to be.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Supportive Soldier
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Riven
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 32
Birthday: 7/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Golden

Description: Ezra is taller than average and doesn't look particularly muscular but like sinew stretched over bone. His dark black hair flows in loose waves but is cut short nearly at the start of his neck. A perpetual stubble finds itself thickly attempting to make itself into a beard. His eyes tend to towards a squint, hiding a bit of the dark blue and tending to present a more intense look. His fingers are long and the entirety of his hands are rough from frequent use in harsh tasks.

(He's looking like he had a little time to clean up but didn't take it seriously enough to shave.)

Personality: Social but nowhere near a butterfly, Ezra prefers to maintain support position. While he finds himself lacking in formal structured settings, he thrives in small groups and in the peace of nature. Maybe it's because of his restless, wandering feet. Or maybe it's simply because there's a certain degree of irresponsibility that's inherent in him, an aversion to taking on any real role requiring strong leadership. It's not to say he can't make decisions so much that he wants a general direction. Whatever is just over that hill may have the answer

Background:     Ezra found his place at a young age, or so he thought. His parents seemed to be cultivating him to help run the Twainfort. No doubt his sister would have needed help and second sons always seemed to find positions of influence and power, if never quite the title. He enjoyed the opportunity to get out with his father, Laveer, on the hunt and relished the closeness of their bond. About the time when Ezra felt that he was really starting to get into the heart of what a man ought to learn and to be, he had the opportunity to visit Pridehall. The intention was to get a feel of the larger world and build what could become important connections with their banner lords before focusing in on the needs of the Twainfort.

    It happened that while he was fostering with the Bislands, the Abandoned slaughtered his family in a brutal attack that left few survivors. Few things really left him feeling alone as hearing his family has been butchered and having no one else, none of his kin, there to comfort him. When it was finally deemed safe to return home, so much had changed that he felt out of place. Newly-made Prodigals seemed to be everywhere and his own sister had married one of them. It's not to say that Thesarin wasn't kind to him but it was the wrong age for him to be deprived of the father that he idolized and unlike his younger brother, he couldn't turn to this stranger to replace him. Though he tried to learn to serve the Twainfort and what was left of the House he knew as best he could, he always felt disconnected, out of place. It wasn't any fault of the people there, but it was a home that he didn't quite feel a part of.

    In the end, Ezra found more comfort in the forest. The woods provided a welcome respite from all of the clashing sounds and strange customs of so many new people where he doesn't quite feel natural, doesn't quite feel like himself. Better yet, he could find some lingering memory of times spent with his lost father there, and so as the boy grew into a man, he more and more his days went to stalking among the trees, seeking... who knows what as often as he was hunting down the night's supper. Peace. Or a sense of home maybe, except that home no longer really exists.

    His wandering uncovered long-abandoned places that left him wondering about what was and what could have been, stumbled into secret hiding spots that left him with more questions than they did answers. But at least those long, solitary days tracking a deer through the brush or scouring the ruins along the County's edge made him a fine explorer and an even finer scout. The latter is finally a role he can fill for his family and his House, a convenient middle-ground where he can rest instead of being torn between his unwavering loyalty to them and feeling as though nothing is ever quite still enough for him to settle into for very long. It hardly helps that Riven is changing still, always rushing on like the rivers they're named for.

Name Summary
Alessia As amicable as I've found the rest of his kin to be. I look forward to future encounters.
Amari He's probably right to be wary. Not that I plan to chop his hands off. That would be extremely impolite, because he seems perfectly agreeable, if rather reserved, and probably prefers having hands to not. Also, I'm sure his sister would disapprove rather strongly - and rightly so.
Anisha Lord Ezra Riven looks enough like his father (and his younger self) that he's identifiable for anyone who religiously studies the Omnibus Edition of Lineages of the Crownlands, especially someone who gets it sent home yearly. He may dress humbly and introduce himself without title, but a Whisper takes pride in knowing her potential clients. He seems very Riven, from what I know of the Rivens. And I mean that in the very best of ways.
Calypso The really bad decisions aren't the kinds of stories you tell.
Dianna Seems a gentle and kind sort of man, if quiet. He's quite observant, though.
Dycard The man is either focused to a fault on his commission, or does not handle crowds well. He does seem more at ease without a veritable horde of people chattering at his back, which is perhaps understandable.
Esme I mean.. I'm not sure. It was okay. I came back and I think he hates me. So, we'll maybe be friends. Curious. Curious things.
Evaristo It's nice to be able to tell someone about Death, who has no idea about her! I hope I was helpful. He was curious and asked questions, so clearly interested in learning. Seems a fun fella. Bit taciturn, but I bet he'd make a great drinking buddy.
Jyri Riven scout that knows what he's doing, far as I can tell. Maybe we'll work more closely together sometime.
Kritr Well met at the training center. Didn't train, but demonstrated some interest in watching, perhaps learning.
Lucita A man about my age. One of the Rivens who prefers his title be omitted. He says he is a wanderer, spending most of the last few years in the wilds but he has some interesting insights worth listening to.
Mabelle A man of few words. I'm not sure I even caught his name.
Mikani A Wanderer and another Small Weapon fighter. I have a feeling we will be friends.
Mirk A reserved man, but one curious about the world around him. If I had to put my finger on it, I'd say...Close to nature. He's spent some time in the wilds, even if he doesn't discuss it much.
Morrighan Newly arrived to Arx, it seems. One of Riven's lot. Quite personable fellow that appears to enjoy the outside world rather than the civilized one, not that I can blame him. Did I mention he keeps a flask of whiskey? I think we can be friends, at least it shows he has good taste.
Ophelia A kindred spirit, this one. He feels at home in the woodlands and that is something I can relate to. If I can convince him to go fishing this spring, perhaps I will have made a new friend.
Rosalind He likes the woods! Like me! I'll have to drag him with me on adventures!
Rysen A lord who seems to favor stealth, mobility and small blades. Seems like a true survivor.
Sabella Lord Ezra seems like a delightful addition to those Riven who are already in Arx and while he might be a bit reserved I'm sure that familiarity will cause him to be more at ease! Perhaps some trips to the theater are in order!
Sunaia ...I haven't said yet? Well, obviously, I like him. He's familiar - which is why, I'd guess, I hadn't said anything before. It's nice to have a friend who seems to understand so much; he's clever, observant, well-spoken - and he prefers the woods. It's comfortable. Almost like being by myself....
Svana Dark, quiet, handsome - and noble. I like his quietness; it means he has more going on upstairs than those who run at the mouth, sometimes. He says he'll only stay in the City two days, but I bet not.
Sydney Truth told, it's enough for me that he's not utterly dismissive about my craft. I'd be lying to say this doesn't immediately endear me to just about anyone on first blush. I don't know many Rivens. I hope they're all of equally open mind.
Torian A friendly sort stumbled upon at the Black Fox. A Lord, by appearance and what I heard, but his friendliness didn't have the feeling that one normally gets at that establishment. So many "friends" thre are anything but after all, but he's not of the Lycene I don't think, so I'd wager it was genuine.
Vayne An interesting fellow, and far keener insight than he'll admit right now. I hope he'll grow more comfortable with his own skills and talents, and run to embrace them.
Veronica Quiet and contained. I'd like to know more about him.
Zoey I know he remembers me as a child, but we are not so familiar as to forget titles.