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Lord Dariel Bisland

I know, I know. I have the kind of personality that makes it really hard to survive.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Tempestuous Thespian
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Bisland
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unwed
Age: 21
Birthday: 8/3
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Actor
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Sable
Eye Color: Carob
Skintone: Earthy Brown

Titles: Legendary Actor

Description: Dariel's hands have never seen a hard day's work. They are neither marred by callous nor scar. They've certainly never wielded a sword. Fact of the matter is, it'd be pretty difficult to get a grip on one while wearing all of those dazzling rings! His overall dark features are masculine and influenced by a lifetime of pampering. The young man's firm, narrow jawline works to offset the soft curvature of his full lips, the loveliness of his eyelashes, and that ever feeling gaze of his -- forever lost in a whirl of abstract emotion.

Personality: Lord Dariel Bisland's concerns are mainly aesthetic in nature. This might come off as very silly or trivial when compared to the dutiful glory-hounding of the rest of his kin... which is an incredibly hurtful thing to say and exactly why he's locked himself away in his rooms and refuses to come out ever again!

Background: Dariel is the progeny of Lady Kimbrielle Bisland -- cousin to the Regent Emeritus and Duke of Pridehall -- and Lord Darius Bisland nee Melaeris. The match was one quietly established as a means of funneling support into the isolated House Melaeris in recognition of their longstanding resistance to the practice of thralldom ...and probably also just another way of getting some jabs in at Donrai.

Far removed from the ducal line of succession, Lord Dariel has had the privilege of riding the coattails of Bislands greater than himself ...and it shows. The only sense of duty he's ever felt obligated to fulfill has been that of his beauty regimen, which he (very selfishly) refuses to share with anybody else. If there is a flower blooming in the gardens that are House Bisland... it's Lord Dariel.

Dariel's flock of admirers and penchant for catering to an audience came on fast. As such, 'celebrity' has always been the name of the game. Being a big fish in a little pond has been fun and all, but -- bored now, the serial headliner has set out from his childhood home of Pridehall. You're welcome, Arx.

Name Summary
Adalyn An actor, which is an intriguing hobby to have and one I know little about. A life of dramatics must surely keep things entertaining.
Aedin An actor, intelligent and passionate about his craft. A kindly and refined young man. I truly enjoyed making his acquaintance!
Amir It's always a pleasant experience to have a moment with cousin Dariel. He's easy to talk to and...GODS DAMMIT! Why is there STILL GLITTER EVERYWHERE?
Anisha While a bit more subdued than Lady Kaia, Lord Dariel strikes me as a thoughtful man with a lot to offer in a friendly conversation.
Arcadia Handsome, interesting and free. I look forward to seeing how swollen his ego is.
Artur Dariel makes quite the impression! He's got a reputation as a beauty and I'm hardly one to argue. We ended up having fun teasing Lord Domonico at the baths.
Artur A performer, artist, and carrier of glitter! He seems friendly and forward, I look forward to seeing him perform sometime!
Artur Lord Dariel is always so charming! He brings any room to life. A most excellent person to have around.
Astrid A most charming Lord of Bisland, a talented actor. It is the sincerity with which he approaches his own life that I am most impressed by.
Austen Impressively stylish, very polite.
Cahal Surprisingly quiet for an actor. I could see the pride he has in his fame as a performer though.
Caspian He seems like a nice enough sort. Hope I get to know him better.
Catalana An actor. And he's just gorgeous. An absolute gentleman through and through.
Dante Apparently the finest actor in Arx who makes all of the ladies swoon. That's a talent either enviable or a lot of trouble. Both, likely. Pleasant company though, and understands what it is like to be the Sword with a sword.
Delfina A charming young man to share a coffee with and some conversation. He seems to have a wicked sense of humor, which usually makes for entertaining company.
Delilah A poet's heart and an actor's spirit inside the refined, leonine exterior of a Bisland. Properly motivated, he is going to be a force to reckon with.
Dianna Handsome, charming, easy-going. I can't say exactly why, but I like him. It must be his confidence.
Domonico A slender young man who professes not to know how to fight and claims to be an actor. Currently I'm not quite sure what use he can be.
Fairen Lord Bisland claims to be the greatest actor in the Compact - he has the manners and way of speaking to back it up, but I do hope to see for myself sometime.
Grazia A pleasant young man with a taste for the arts and some affection for my Sword, Lady Miranda Rubino. I shall watch to see what sort of promise he may have.
Gregory As far as I can see he is a calm and pleasent man given to playfulness. As an actor cast in a main role, he must be quite skilled. I should see him perform.
Jasher Not many men can accept their fate with dignity. Lord Dariel seems to be one of those few.
Kaia My celebrity cousin; I'm so glad to have him with us in Arx!
Korka A man who claims to have an impressive collection of gifted wine he never drinks. Someone should clearly gift him a corkscrew.
Lilia A charming man. I've not met many who admit to being actors, especially those of noble blood.
Lucita An amusing actor who is betrothed to my friend. He seems amicable, confident and dotes on Miranda, which makes several points toward a good impression on me.
Lysander Unwaivering in dedication to culture is exactly as a man should be.
Mabelle An actor of many faces, none are dull. I'm looking to find his real one still.
Malcolm Lord Dariel's some kind of really well-known actor. He's got it all - looks, charisma, and a good sense of humor. Seems like good folk.
Martino He's still learning to really apply that charm, but you know he has it. Raw, Young lad is certainly one to keep an eye on - and stylish
Michael My cousin. The actor. I am glad that someone in Bisland has strayed from the "Military Officer" motif of our lineage. We are more than that.
Miranda Could be that he shall be my new partner-in-crime! An actor to boot. Could be an interesting person to know!
Ophne I've not met many actors, and I've certainly never seen anyone deal with a hedgepig the way he dealt with the one in his lap. Delicately!
Peri He seems very impish. I wish I had the wit for his clever pranks. Mine are so simple by contrast.
Petal Thought, charming and interested in fine clothing
Poppy He's well dressed but a little skittish.
Quintin A very hard-working Lord with an interest in theatre.
Rafael Cousin Dariel is a dichotomy of casual and elegant. It's no wonder audiences are drawn to him. An untapped Bisland resource, for sure.
Reese interesting, from an interesting family and has a lovely name. I hope to hear him sing or act one day. He is charming and has a nice way of speaking. Sounds intelligent.
Renata Eloquent, and with a keen sense of humour. I would probably have found him easy to talk to, had I not needed to leave quite as soon as I did.
Renata It was lovely to run across a familiar face in Bold Espressions. His career seems to have taken off, and I hope very much to catch one of his plays. Sooner, rather than later.
Rosalind He's a acTOR! He was telling me all about his play and the difference between that and lying! The way he described it, I'd be the best actor EVER! He's a friend of Cadern's, so that must mean he's alright. Also..He KILLED my muffin! Wasted perfectly good food all in the name of--acting!
Sabella A theatrical Bisland! It's about time! I mean, Lumen is a Whisper so she doesn't count. I look forward to seeing him in one of Nik's productions!
Sabella Lord Dariel is not only an amazing actor, but he has a sharp mind and is just a lovely conversationalist! I always look forward to seeing him whether it's on stage or in a coffee shop!
Thea An actor. He sounds smart. I admit I'm somewhat curious about him. Time will tell I'm sure.
Trueth Baby brother turned actor. Where did the time go? I missed him so much and I'm so happy to be near him once more. Cheers to getting to know him now.
Vicente He's an interesting character, can catch the intention of jokes but does his abilities may be limited to performance based.
Zoey My dear cousin, so used to getting his way. I love you, but you're spoiled.