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Lord Bedivere Whitehawk

The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Maimed Commander
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whitehawk
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 50
Birthday: 1/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: gray-touched black
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: medium

Titles: Marshal of Hawkhold

Description: Long and lean, Bedivere stands tall amongst any crowd, and carries himself in the ramrod-straight military manner. His straight nose is longer than average, perched above a square jaw, which is regularly shaven. His dark hair is of a middling length and touched with hints of silver. When he smiles, one can see how handsome he was in his youth - it's a shame, then, that he rarely does so. Of particular note is the nub where his right hand once was; the scarred arm it belongs to is usually pressed protectively against his body.

Personality:     He is of commoner origin, but it is difficult to tell. Bedivere is a gentleman, a man of honor, and an intelligent man with few vices and considerable patience. Age and experience has tempered his optimism and idealism, but he still believes with skill and courage his men can do anything. He clearly cares about those under his command, but is willing to use them boldly if necessary.

    As a former commander of one of House Bislands most decorated cavalry squadrons, his skill on the battlefield is formidable. He constantly rethinks his plans to offset changes in circumstances, errors made by his commanders, or his orders being disobeyed. He is not rigidly attached to any plan if another will achieve his goal. When the odds are against him, he may make chancy and daring decisions, sometimes breaking with conventional combat tactics when time is against him. He is an attentive and responsible father, and the future of his children is his primary reason behind joining House Grayson.

    Bedivere has a notable distrust of the Shav'arani as a whole, likely due to his traumatic experiences while in captivity.


    Bedivere Tyndall is a retired general known for commanding the 8th Lancer Unit of the Bisland army during many skirmishes against hostile shav'arani tribes in the Crownlands. A son of Sir Harry "the Hotspur" Tyndall, Bedivere was groomed for command at an early age and distinguished himself apart from his peers once he joined the ranks of the Bisland military, at the ripe age of eighteen. He made friends and quickly ascended the ranks, culminating in him becoming one of the youngest generals to ever be appointed. He developed a reputation as an expert horseman and set an equestrian high-jump record that stood for almost 15 years. Ahead of him seemed to be a promising military future -- one likely to be longer than that of his notoriously hot-headed father.

    That is, until he suffered his first true loss on the battlefield and was captured by a particularly vindictive chieftain. For having slaughtered his sons, the chieftain refused to execute Bedivere outright, and instead severed his right hand, killed his men in front of him, and proceeded to torture him for weeks on end. He was saved by another unit, and he recovered physically, but the mental scars were permanent. In anguish, Bedivere retired from the military at the age of thirty and returned to his home in Old Oak, where he married his childhood sweetheart and began a family. He attempted to become a farmer to acquire the income to support his family, but his injury made him heavily reliant on paid help, and the fickleness of the harvest made their financial fortunes precarious at best.

    In early 1006 AR, his wife Lynette fell ill and unexpectedly passed away, leaving him to raise his two children alone. As fortune would have it, his nephew would be ennobled later the same year, and offered him a position as Marshal of Hawkhold -- and with it ennoblement and enough silver to comfortably provide for his family. Bedivere accepted, his mind still sharp as ever, though his reflexes notably less so. Upon visiting the city for the first time in many years, Bedivere accepted a position within the Knights of Solace, seeking a position to re-train his rusty skills and lend his assistance to a worthy cause when his duties at Hawkhold do not overwhelm him.

Relationship Summary

  • Silas - Favorite Nephew!
  • Tabitha - Cabbit's mommy!
  • Jyri - Favorite prodigal!

  • Friend:
  • Natalia - Best protege!

  • Ally:
  • Mirk - Jyri's patron!
  • Name Summary
    Amari A kind and chivalrous man with a handsome tabby cat. I appreciated the steady arm, and the chest thumping in lieu of applause.
    Andromeda A man of strength is not lessened by his wounds.
    Apollo He's strange and quiet. Showed up to a mess hall and... didn't eat, didn't serve. Brought his cat. I wonder if it was hungry.
    Asriel The Marshal of Hawkhold cuts a distinguished figure. He's dignified in conversation and does not waste words when only a few will do. There is wisdom in that, and a man who has survived as much as he has no doubt carries yet more wisdom to be discovered. I'm pleased to have him in my service, if only for a brief time.
    Bhandn I wonder where he got the cat. I've never been outdone by one before. I might have to go looking for a feline twin, in appearance and temperament both.
    Delfina A serious gentleman who appears forthright and dependable. He seems like an excellent addition to help with our upcoming projects.
    Delilah The very best of uncles, the securest of men. Over pie we found wisdom, and I would not have flown so far without his high loft.
    Eshken Although lacking an appendage and displaying hints of his age, he exudes a certain strength that commands to be respected. He seems the type to make a worthy ally, and a scarier foe. I'm glad he's on my side.
    Evonleigh He's not my uncle, but may as well be, for his kindness to, warmth for, and protection of all the Whitehawk clan.
    Giorgio A Lord that I haven't learned much of. He came to help Tremorus with the rumors of shavs banding together against us. We owe him our friendship for this.
    Jyri We lean on him on all things war, the veteran and good friend.
    Mabelle A quiet man with a cat on his shoulder. I do not like cats, but it seems to bring him solace.
    Medeia He has a shoulder cat! Clearly there is more to the man than that, but that's one way to catch attention. I commend his service as a Knight of Solace, he seems a heplful and dutiful sort.
    Mikani A perfect gentleman. Awesome cat. Wait ... is he missing a hand?
    Mirk Passionate and outspoken. There's something to be said for speaking your mind.
    Monique Clearly very witty! He bested Mo in a Tournament qualifying game and earned her respect for having an aeterna cat flap. Such opulence is appreciated by the Minx of the Marches.
    Nigel Nobility of spirit is the only true shield in these times and he shows it well. I only hope that it will be enough.
    Norwood An older lord, and one who have a great deal of respect for. He retains a good humor despite his obvious scars.
    Olivian An upstanding Whitehawk noble. Like a proper knight. I appreciate the cut of his cloth, and I think he is full of excellent ideas!
    Orrin Goodness, he seems to know a lot about all sorts of arcane strangeness. I can't tell if that speaks well or ill of him at all.
    Pharamond He seems to adore Tabitha, and he gave us 12 truffles which means 12 ways I can tell Tabitha I'm sorry before I have to get out of trouble on my own!
    Reese gracious and welcoming. I am happy that he is back in town.
    Ronja A quiet one, isn't he? Listens more than he talks. I hope that it's the good kind of that rather than the bad kind...
    Sabella I absolutely adore this Whitehawk Lord! He's always so upbeat and charming! A delight to have at any party or just to run into in passing on a street!
    Thea A Lord of quick ideas. Who enjoys rum.
    Vitalis I used to wear a pelt across my shoulders. Less lively though.
    Zoey A man with a lot to be proud of, yet does not fall to hubris.